Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers

Finding cheap car insurance for young drivers isn't difficult, you just need to know what your options are.  Smart buying decisions and setting simple driving rules can significantly reduce the amount you pay in insurance premiums.  Driver's Education classes are a great method to teach young people how to drive, and they also save the person paying for the insurance lots of money as well.

The cheapest car insurance for young drivers is going to be through your plan (assuming you have insurance as well).  If you are planning on insuring them on their own, or if you are young and insuring yourself, you will pay much more than sharing a policy.  While sharing a policy, all driving incidents will affect both people.  Accidents by one person risks the policy on the other, and the total premium will rise after.

Read on to learn how to get cheap car insurance for young drivers.

Image courtesy of Kyle May via Flickr.
Image courtesy of Kyle May via Flickr.

Shop Smart

When buying a teens first car safety is usually the primary objective.  Many parents buy large trucks and SUV's and think that this is the best method to keep their child safe.  Their size may be an advantage, but their difficulty to drive can make them expensive to insure.  Sports cars and coupes are going to expensive as well.  The best bet for finding the best car to get cheap insurance is to look at family cars.  Family sedans that are 8-10 years old are going to be cheaper to insure than most other cars.  A four-cylinder 1999 Toyota Camry is going to be both safe and cheap to insure.


Getting cheap car insurance for young drivers can begin in the classroom. Driver's Education classes are offered at most high schools. Having a teen take this class and pass it will get you a break on their insurance premium. For an even better discount, invest in a defensive driving course that will have hands-on and advanced training. These classes will set you back a few hundred bucks, but will save you much more money in premiums because of a discount and they will begin driving with more skill.

Also, learning what the long term ramifications of being a bad driver can be will help prevent accidents. Explain to your teen what happens after car accidents and speeding tickets take their toll on insurance premiums.

Good grades can also get discounts on young driver car insurance. Check with your insurance company for more details, but if I remember correctly my good grades knocked $50 or so off of my monthly premium.

Drive Less

Insurance premiums are usually lower if restrictions are placed on what times a teen can drive.  Many states have laws on the books that already do this, but if you live somewhere that doesn't talk with your insurance agent to see if this discount is available.

Lower mileage can also reduce insurance premiums.  Encourage your teen to drive less and carpool, which will help the planet and help you get cheap car insurance for young drivers.  The idea is that the less you (or your teen) is on the road, the less likely you are to be in an accident or get a ticket.  This method may not reduce your premiums right away, but is a great long-term plan to get your premiums lower.  The best thing you can do is speak with your insurance agent to see what kinds of uncommon discount they have like this.

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hey i want ed to know i got more than like 8 tickets will you still approve me with kind of a low rate if so plz can you email me back and let me know at

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Excellent hub well worth the read. I wish that mine were as good as yours, cause im only a novice.

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