Choose the Right Domain for Your Site

Choose the Right Domain for Your Site

If you have a child or know someone who has, knows that the choice of the name of the child often takes months and involves a lot of discussion. And the child will stay with that name for the rest of his life. It is therefore very important.

To make money with a website should not be different, the choice of domain should also involve some important criteria, as it will keep while your site is online.

This is one of the most despised of an online business. But it is the first step to ensure your success on the Internet.

The domain is the name of your website, your internet address. It is the "www" that you type to find any site online.

A good command will determine two important aspects of your business:

The Interest of Users

The name of your domain will be stamped on all pieces of communication and the results of the search pages of Google. If it does not attract attention, probably the User will not submit. And if it does not click, you do not sell.

Google Ranking

When someone types a keyword search for information within Google, it searches its database the sites most relevant to that word. One of the criteria for deciding whether the site is relevant is the domain.

For example, if you sell shoes via the Internet and the name of your site does not include the keyword "shoes", it will seem less relevant to Google.

The secrets involved in choosing and registering a domain are not the most important aspect of your business online, but strong influences.

Here are some of tips to get you started on the right foot:

  • The name must be interesting and memorable to attract the attention of users. Remember that the Internet people are just a click of your competitor.
  • The area should preferably contain a keyword related to your business. Especially if you're getting on the Internet and your brand is not established.
  • Try to create a domain that is related to your market as soon as your users will know what your website is about. This is fundamental to your site make money.
  • Always record the endings. "" and ".Com". Imagine if you start doing well, your domain is known and you only have registered in Brazil. Any sucker can register ".com" and take a ride on your success.
  • Make a "brainstorming" with several different areas, because often the most interesting names have been registered and you will not waste time registering one that already exists.
  • With some names in hand ask people within your target audience what they think and what they understand. You will be surprised with some interpretations.
  • Browse to pay as little as possible by area. Do not pay more than $10.

There are also other important aspects, but now you already know the basics can avoid common mistakes in choosing a domain.

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