Churches that Help Pay Bills

I Need Financial Assistance

There are many churches that help pay bills out there. The types of assistance offered will vary by location. Whether Christian, Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, or almost any other denomination, you are sure to find some assistance if you are willing to look for it and ask for it. Listed in this article will be places you can look to find them, what types of programs they generally offer, and some other pertinent information that you may find of value.

Where to Look

It’s pretty easy to find the list of churches in your area, some of which will help you pay your bills. You can simply check out the yellow pages in your area to find a good list. If you want to keep within your own personal views, stick with the same denomination that matches your beliefs.

To make matters easier, it may be wise to first start with your own place of worship. Where do you go to church? If you are a good standing, respected member, they are likely to help you pay your bills if you are in need of financial assistance.

What Programs are Offered?

There are tons of different programs out there, which will vary by church group. Some will offer assistance with rent, utility/electric costs, water bills, mortgage assistance, gas assistance, and just about anything else you can imagine.

Some will offer alternative programs as well. For example, in my area, one in particular will put low income families up in a hotel if they are in danger of losing their home or apartment, so they don’t end up homeless. Others will hold attractions like benefit sales, bake sales, and just about anything else you can imagine to offer assistance to those in need. Churches are well known to help people.

Form Of Emergency Aid for Needy Families

Alternative Programs

Some churches don’t directly help to pay bills, but they offer other forms of assistance to the poor or those in need. Some offer emergency aid in different forms. Listed below are some of the alternative programs to assist people with their payments.

Gas Cards: Makes it easy to get to and from work and frees up money to pay for other monthly expenses. It’s a good alternative.

Cash Payments: Some will offer a one-time payment of cash to assist the member with any type of bills they need help paying.

Food: It’s not at all uncommon for people of the church to cook up a huge, massive, delicious meal and surprise a member of their congregation in need.

Christmas Gifts: Christmas assistance for low income families is offered by local churches all the time. While it’s not a direct payment of bills, it does ease the mind knowing children will be taken care of for the holidays. These are just one of the ways that churches help pay bills for people in need.

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Michelle Hasty 5 years ago

I have not had a steady income since school let out. I truly need help with my light(198.83) and gas bill(143.63). I`m so far behind. I applied for unemployment however the school is nonprofitting they turned me down. Will you please call me if your able to help me.

sam johnson 5 years ago

hello my lights are due to be turned off today 9-19-2011 and my bill is 302.00 i have 110.00 i need help i have 4 kids in my house in school please help

joyce england 5 years ago

my light are due to be turn off on the 1st the bill 247.00 my husband just walked off and left he went to the street to do drugs and i am afraid of him but i really need help.

HAROLD1600 4 years ago

I need help paying my water bill. it is very high

glenda 4 years ago

yes I am asking for help w/ lights and heating gas bill

i am on ss disbilty and another most needed is just found out my grandson is 20 yrs old and has a spot on the back side of his brain and was told to see an surgeron w/in 2 weeks that was july 2011 and we haven't been able to find help yet and here it is november 2011 he has no ins so can some one please us he is only 20 yrs old and I am on disabilty please help us

worried grand mother

glenda 4 years ago

worried grand mother email addy if you can help me please I forgot to leave conttact

imformation thank you

Nabunnya Patricia Luyombo 4 years ago

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ; my name is Nabunnya Patricia, Iam 6 years old, studying at Joy Nursery & Primary school in Wakiso District in Uganda, with my two sisters. Our father can't afford to pay for our school fees, He is a low income earn, we really need you help to study, Please , We need you help to study and prayers, so that we can get financial assistance to study and so that in future we can be able to help our parents. We shall appreciate you help and prayers; Contact us at our aunt's Email;

God Bless in the Lords work.

Bobby Robinson 4 years ago

I am behind with my lights and rent.I have tried every place I know.and nobody will help me.I am on disability and 62yrs old.if I was so abel to do for myself I would.I am so ashame to even for help because some people make you feel so bad if anyone can help me please let me know.407 668 7516

p herzne 4 years ago

please help me I have a 100 for my electric and I need 175.00 to save my electric from beening turned off on the dec 10th please I have kids and I am doing the best I can i get paid once a month i would even pay u back on jan 1 if you help me please call me if you can please thanks so much 513-446-1732

Mary Sunday 4 years ago

I'm in need of money to help finish my teeth work I need 8 teeth pulled and my ins. leaves me with a bill of 307. andmy husband is on disablity. My teethhurt really bad.

I was hoping you can help meout.

michael 4 years ago

i need help paying my rent

devon 4 years ago

my name is devon and i need help with all my bills so can you help me pl

HAROLD 4 years ago


peter a 4 years ago

my name is pete,i need help with rent and utilities,can anyone tell me were to find real help.thanks and godbless

robert clark 4 years ago

i need help i have had my son on my oun sense he was two m old his mom has other thangs to do like (drugs) i am a tile setter i have been out of work now for three years i dont no what to do my truck has broke down i live in a area where the closest store is five miles away now that it is winter my pg@e is getting to where i cant pay it if you can help in any way i would be verry greatful thank you for reading this if anythang my email address is thankyou and GOD BLESS YOU

robert clark 4 years ago

my son is now six

rclark101 4 years ago

i need help ihave had my son on my oun sence he two m old he is now six his mom has other thangs to do like (drugs)i am a tile setter i have been out of work for three years i dont no what to do my truck is broke down i live in a area where the closest store is five miles away now that it is winter my pg@e bill is getting to where i cant pay it if you can help in anyway i would be verry greatful thank you for reading this if anythang my email address is thankyou and god bless you

jgrobinson 4 years ago

I was recently in an auto accident and had no money coming in while I was off work, I need money paying my bills

rajib hossain 4 years ago

i need a laptop for my study but i have no ability to buy it.

mark hofmann 4 years ago

question I am struggling with finding work I feel God wants me to move by my kids and I dont really like were they live. I cant afford liveing were I am now please I want to do the right thing and struggle I am praying for a chevuy silverodo exstended cab so I can take family to church. my email address if you have any ideas is

marsha 4 years ago

i really need help write now im sturgeing to make ends meet my bills are pilling up and a got 3 daughters and granddaughter to support

fniblett 4 years ago from newark de

I am a mother of three who lives in a hotel. We have been here for about four months. On Friday i paid my last dollars to provide a roof over our heads. Now im being told that we must go because rates will raise due to events going on. I live in Newark De and there seems to be nothing that can help me. I am struggling to make these weekly payments. I have been looking for homes but either the people showing the properties dont show up or im asked to send money before seeing the home. If there is anyone who can help me please contact me via email

Libby 4 years ago

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RAY HUIE 4 years ago


Wilbur Holloway 4 years ago

hi my name is Wilbur Holloway, i represent a non-profit organisation, we help clients pay their online bills by operating on a cost-recovery basis, we are out to help mostly single parents pay online bills: rent, electric, medicine, utility and more… as soon as the bill has been paid we will expect that you confirm the payment and as soon as the bill has been confirmed we expect that you return back %50 of the bill to the organisation, which will be reinvested and the proceed used to help another person in need of help

Contact us via email

N.B: only when the bill is paid and confirmed by you that is when we will request %50 of the bill from you

millie and tommy salyers 4 years ago

hi we have family of seven and our youngest daughter has cancer we our behind on this months rent and our being evicted unless we can come up with the rental payment and the late charges we dont have the money to move and will end up with no place to go if we cannot come up with the rent if some one could please help contact us at nine three seven two eight three eight thanks and have a blessed day

Robert McIntosh 4 years ago

I need help paying rent next month. My rent is 750.00. Can someone help me? I don't wnt to homeless. I need help right away.

Robert McIntosh 4 years ago

My number is 707-342-1197. I live in Vallejo, California moving to Fairfield, California. My rent is 750.00. Needed by 7-29-2012. Would you please contact me ASAP. I really need your assistants. I really really need your help. In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost.

christine 3 years ago

hi im a 25 year old woman i have a boyfriend and we are homeless and dont have money for a motal and we stay on the streets i my be haveing a baby and no plaalse will hep me and him out he has be looking for a job but no luck if he find a motal to say at he is will to work a room off if he can.piz help

harry 3 years ago

Good day,

My name is Mr.Joe harry have been arranging loans for many years.

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me today

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william 3 years ago

i am in need of assistance in paying my start up deposit for electric where can i get help?

Jennifer KOLANO 3 years ago


My name is Jennifer KOLANO , and under veery bad health. I have 3 children my oldest mike will be 17 in dec my second oldest she just turned 14, then the little princess of our house her sister and brother such named her that sge is turning 5 in now. After a 17 year marriage of broken bones being locked up and forced to turn over my shoes purse and keys to the car upon any return to the family home and await my inspection. I was beaten before I married him in my mothers home and her in her fathers home I didn't see anything wrong with the controlling ..I ended up broken more then I can remb er ,,, and trying to keep this small and keep me from having to relive to much right now. I got cance the last few years my ex husband and I were living together,, the beating didn't stop just lightened so the docs couldn't point the blame on him... I've spent the 17 years we were married keeping him from hitting our kids so I did take a lot.. I got bad news from my doc that I was and had been living with lupus that had done seriouse damage to both my liver and my kidneys and my joints in my body not to mention the all the cyst growing inside and out on my kidneys... Then the meds for the pain in my body... I'm in an out the hospital all the time I still work.. I'm letting my family Down they have to cut me open dec 4 I pay all my bills send my baby's to school give then a good start in live a good start with God... But I feel so alone

Julie Gordon 3 years ago

Can someone please help me I got a divorce with 3 kids he paid at first, but he has a girl friend he moved in with he quit 2 months ago he kept telling me he sent the money to payment center never got it so i have turned him in, but it takes time to collect it. I need a month rent or i will be kicked out no place to go with my kids, 875.00 is the rent please help you will be blessed!! Thank you!!!! 3163904057

waine 3 years ago

my name is wainel i live in Canada when my boyfriend let me because of a little girl that work with him i never knew that the girl was dating my man till i meet than in a hotel center i try to as my man what is happily he told me that is over between us i though it was a joke till my man drove me away from the house i cried and cried but nobody to help me out i went and stay with my friend that introduce me and said i should contact dr odudu that is a great man that he can help me out when i contacted him on he said all my problems is over that he will cast a spell on me so that my man can come back to me in just three day it was like joke in my eyes to cute the story short after the casting of the spell my man came to my house and knedown and start begging that he dose not know what came over him that he need me back to his life that is when i know that dr odudu is a real spell caster without any side effect am happily married to my man with two kids,if you are having any problem present it to dr odudu to help you out with it.via or call +2348051913076

lashabby 3 years ago

hello my name is lashabby i am behing on my lightbill and i need help it wil be cut off on the 19th if i dont pay it i dont have the money. I have 3 small kids in my home under 5 i cant let my light get cut off someone please help

moses kibirango 3 years ago

Hi, my names are moses kibirango, I need your help ,i have stayed for a long time without a job ( three years ) Please i ask you kindly to sponser my children so that they can go back to school ,to help out with it,call +256776399713 ,God bless you. please help.

Eric Preze 3 years ago

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trish 3 years ago

hey i need to come up with 1500.00 in a week for lawyer to take my case my son said he was touching him i need help i try to do everything by myself . i'm asking for help i dont have alot of money i just have ssi and dpw .. my number is 412 498-2082 i need help i'm trying to keep my son safe

mandy louise 3 years ago

im needing help l have written of my car coming home from work on a newstart payments with 2 kids need 500 dollars to get a rwc and rego so i can return to work if you can help my ph no is 0477662736 i live in vic australia

Fallon Latham 3 years ago

My 4 children and I come to New York to care for my ill mother, I am stranded here with not enough gas to get back to Texarkana Arkansas where I have a job and recourses to help me get back on my feet, any help with gas vouchers or gas gift cards are in desperate need, my number is 903-826-1974 I have tried everything I can think of please any help would be greatly appreciated by myself and kids

eddie williams 3 years ago

hello my name eddie.times for me have been very hard.i am a 52 year old elderly disable who need assistant help your far I haven't been day my prayers will be answered.thank you.

Binchen 3 years ago

Den pisteuo oti egine kati toetio ean nai minisi stin stefanidou dia bima logou se paranomo alla kai amesi apelasi tou mou....ou piso sta xorafia tou. Ante ...POU EINAI O EISAGGELEAS NA TOU SKISEI TON PATO SE AUTO TO KOLOPAIDO KAI TIN FAKLANOVA

Soledad 3 years ago

the underlying asuomptisn is that you treat people good, people will treat you good in return. yet, that's not always the case. so more importantly, it is to educate tolerance, forgiveness, and optimism.

greg helman 2 years ago

hello, my name greg and in need for some cash to catch up with my house payments . was layed off and bills were getting out of hand. need money for our car insurance and house payments. i am back to work but so far behind in bills. just had cancer few years thanks

jimmy lumpford 2 years ago

hello my name is jimmy i really need help paying my bills i have no job are cell phone and i stay from place to place i need help to pay for rent and a job so i can have a place to stay.anything help please if you can help me because i need to go to the doctor really bad i dont have the money its been 3 year and i have not been yet. so please if you can help contact me jimmyrich31 at yahoo dot com for all the info to help and plus my birthday is coming up dec 18 and dont have nothing .thank you and may god bless everyone that read this.

angelita ortiz 2 years ago

I need help with paying my utilities .I'm on a fix income.I tried to get help but nobody don't have any funds.I have two kids so if u can help ($274.00) thank you so much

My email is

Ruth hamilton 2 years ago

I'm 63 yrs old I need help getting my medicine. I've been sick for about 3months with a bronchitis an asthma. I've been going to doctor an hospital every other week I went to hospital Wednesday he gave me 4 preps. One of them is 53$ an I got 3 others I don't have the money to get my preps. I've been real sick an can't keep anything on my stomach vouching until I throw upi only get 730$ a month if u could help me get my meds please call rut Hamilton at 9806435153. An I understand if u can't. Please let me no something god bless y'all ruth hamilton

Steven Uitenham 2 years ago

Hello my name is Steve I have ben looking for help to pay my utilities bill I also need help with my medicine if you can me phone number is 8042532018 my email Thank you so much.

hilda lopez 2 years ago

Hello my name is hilda lopez im am a mother of 6 children my husband and i lost our jobs and the house we were living in we rented from out boss. He went bankrupt and did not tell us until the day the bank came to close us out after we paid rent he the disappeared. We have been living in a motel for a month we have ran out of resources plase help us our cildren r 13,8,7,5,2 and 4 months anyone with any kond of help will do we have no food no diapers no formula for or infant have have been wearing the same cloths for a month SOMEONE PLEASE HELP US

karen Ross 2 years ago

I need help for my fiance that has a terminal illness. Where both on disability pensions.

kelly kellner 2 years ago

We have been without power for 4 weeks. Daughter has asthma (machine). And I have sleep apnea. On a machine. Bge turned it off. Both me and my husband out of work. I had a interview last week. I am praying. I have contacted so many resources to help. Can't get help anywhere.

Dwayne Oglesby 2 years ago

Im in need of food and gas in my truck I'm from Arizona here on family business I lost my dad to cancer a few years back my grandma last year and now my mom is fixin to pass due to 4 stage of lung cancer the last parent I have and all at an early age I'm really stressed out no help no friends or family to help I called multiple churches for help and I've been turned down every time please if anyone can help it would be very much appreciated I e always had a job always helped my fellow man and it seems during my small time of need that I don't exist Ive been living out of my truck it seems going back and forth to the hospital medications ect I'm not asking for much just so

E compassion for your fellow man if you could donate some money where I can keep some gas in my truck and a little food in my belly well god bless you and may you be blessed ten fold my number is 817-771-9701 and i mean what if I was the lord testing who will give from there heart or not where is the compassion this country once had god blesses all thanks sincerely Dwayne.

carla 23 months ago

I need help with my mom in getting gas to heat her house the winter.. She disabled from having caner in 07... She does not have any family that can help... We just need help with gas..

christina summar 22 months ago

I need help with a water deposit to get water turned on at my new place

Terry B 17 months ago

Please can someone help me to arrange loan I need it very urgently. Thank you. God Bless You

Dache Marlow 14 months ago

I have now lost my home...i was 16 yr old son 19. Just got out of prison....lost my car..i have my job...thank god.....we are now temporarily living at my x husband house.....AGAINST my better judgment...have no where else to go....NO WHERE....its so drug infested that we have been talking about leaving...but we have no where to go...can't even sleep in a car.......we are totally surrounded by drugs...meth....we have to get out of here....can someone please help us..we can't do this anymore...i have tried 5 times to ask for help....EVERYONE TURNS AWAY....and people wonder why I'm dying inside because of my kids...mIS ANYONE OUT there THAT HERE'S Me??????

KENNEDY 11 months ago


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