Cleaning Up At The Dollar Store

Keeping More Money Where It Belongs
Keeping More Money Where It Belongs

What You Didn't Know You Could Find There.

Who doesn't want to find things much cheaper? Almost everywhere you turn prices are going up. The cost of meat, gas, interest rates, and bills. Americans are trying to find ways to save money in a world that doesn't produce as many coupons as they did in the 80's. Almost every city has a Dollar Store, 99 cent store, or something along those lines. Much like the five and ten cent stores of the 60's, the dollar stores of today have not only raised the quality of their products but also have remained consistent with their prices. I mean it is a "Dollar Store".

There a a couple different types of these said Dollar Stores. There are the kinds that truly sell everything for $1.00 or less and there are others that a heavily discounted stores that sell many things over $1.00 but still much cheaper than other stores. Now-a-days you can decorate your home, buy little gifts, fill your pantry, and get the kids ready for their return to school all in one trip. So just what can you find in the many aisles? The real question is, "What can't you find?!" Don't get me wrong, not every Dollar Store is a good use of your money, but you can almost always find something that is going to save you money in the end. So before heading out to the larger stores, take a trip there first and see if you can't find even some of the items listed here.

Please feel free to leave your comments as well with the things that you may have found as well!

  • Arts and Craft Supplies- If you are looking for things to do with the kids or have hobbies yourself, you can truly save money by shopping here. Some Dollar Stores carry scrapbooking supplies, floral arrangement items, paint, and other crafts
  • Automotive - You'd be surprised what you can find if your local Dollar Store has an automotive section.
  • Baby Items - In a pinch you can often pick up things like diapers, wipes, sippy cups, bottles, pacifiers, and even baby clothes and blankets. You can also find baby grooming items, ointment and many other little treasures.
  • Balloons - Foil / Mylar- When you have an upcoming occasion or are looking for celebration balloons, how hard is it to find the balloon that you need and for the right price? Many places charge as little as $3.00 for the decorative foil ballons but many Dollar Stores carry these decorative balloons and will fill them with helium as well.
  • Bath & Beauty Products - Depending on the Dollar Store, you can get lost in the selections of body wash, bath salts, bubble bath, shower puffs, scented lotions, powders, body sprays etc. You can sometimes even find name brand items such as soap and toothpaste as well. What a wonderful way to put together a little gift basket.
  • Bathroom Rug Sets - Other stores may charge as little as $9.00 for just one rug, but you may be able to find a complete color coordinated set here.
  • Batteries- How expensive are batteries now-a-days? Stock up at the Dollar Store and save a bundle. This is especially helpful for things around the house such as flashlights, your childs Nintendo WII remote, remote control cars, television remotes and more. Even if you are in a store such as Dollar General where products cost more than $1.00, you still save on the heavily discounted items.
  • Books - If you are going on a trip or just looking for something new and exciting to do, they may just have a nice book section where you can find small books and even novels. If reading isn't your style, perhaps picking up a few puzzle books for yourself or some coloring books for the kids might make more sense to you.
  • Bread - This could have been listed under food, but I wanted to make a special point. How much is bread in your area, especially if you prefer wheat bread? Sometimes almost $3.00 for one loaf. This is a large savings when you can find it at your local Dollar Store.
  • Can Goods - Though also a food item, very much worth mentioning.
  • Candles- Planning a candlelit dinner for that special loved one? You just might be able to find the tall candles and candle holders here as well. If it's not dinner that you're planning, you can also find the votives to match your decor or scent preference as well as packs of tea lights for your oil burners or wall sconce.
  • Cell Phone Chargers - You may have to do a little searching, but the Dollar Stores sometimes sell home and car cell phone chargers. In a pinch this can save you from having to pay the $19.95 or more that most places charge.
  • Christmas Supplies - Christmas is a wonderful time to go to the Dollar Store. Not only can you find everything for all of your wrapping needs, but you can also decorate your tree and entire home with the things you find here.
  • Cleaning Supplies - You can find many products (some even name brand) that are just as good as the ones you pay a lot more for. You'll likely find floor cleaner, toilet and bathroom cleaner, glass spray, bleach, clothing & dishwasher detergent, brushes, sponges, mops, brooms etc...
  • Curtain Rods - You may not be able to find these in your $1.00 and under stores, but in other stores that specialize in things being much cheaper, you can find curtain rods, extra mounting kits, as well as the curtains to go on them. If you are like me and worried about people being able to see through the curtains you may even be able to find basic mini blinds.
  • Dishes - Yes, that's right, from glassware to dishes and silverware, you just might be able to replace a set in a pinch. You can also find small and large plastic cup sets for the kiddies.
  • Figurines - These seem to become more plentiful around the holidays. You can find animals, people and loads of other things to display around your home or use as little gifts or party favors.
  • Floral Items - Ever want to tackle making your own flower arrangements, but don't want to spend the high prices of your local craft and fabric stores? You can sometimes find not only a large array of silk or silk like flowers, but also vases and the green base for holding your plants upright.
  • Food - Not only can you find soda and juice, you can also find many other food items that will save you a trip to the grocery store. A lot of Dollar Stores have freezer and cooler sections now. You'll find things such as butter or margarine, frozen vegetables, frozen fish, TV dinners, breakfast items, imitation crab meat and more. These items are almost always good quality.
  • Framed Art - Once you grow past buying posters to tape to your walls, you may find that you can find some beautiful pieces of art at some of the dollar discount type stores.
  • Gardening Items - In the spring, you can often find things from little shovels and garden decorations, to planters and flower seeds.
  • Greeting Cards - No more spending a bundle on a greeting card. You can often find any occasion, birthdays, mother and father's day, sympathy, graduation and more. You can also find packs of party invitations and thank you cards.
  • Hair Accessories - We all know how expensive it can get when you want to buy those cute little scrunchies, hair bands or colorful barretts for your little girls, here is a great place to save and still find the things you like.
  • Head Phones - Why pay more for a set of headphones if you don't have to? This is a great place to pick up an extra pair to go to the gym, to wear at work or for a nice day in the park.
  • Kitchen Items - Some Dollar Stores will sell more than dishes and glassware. You can sometimes even find little pots and pans that are wonderful for a student going off to college or a first apartment, as well as all of the utensils you can think of. Large serving spoons, potato mashers, can openers, oven mits and pot holders, tooth picks, serving bowls and storage containers are only some of the things you'll find but definately worth the trip to take a peek.
  • Laundry Items- Many Dollar Stores carry things like fold up laundry baskets that tuck away nicely or make for an easier trip to the laundry mat, detergent liquid fabric softner and fabric softner sheets as well.
  • Medicine - In a pinch, you can pick up some head ache medicine to keep in the car or purse or even at work for those unexpected head aches.
  • Office Supplies - Now you don't have to break the bank re-filling your personal or office supplies. You'll find a ton of things including: Pens, pencils, highlighters, markers, whiteout, paperclips, staples and staplers, tape, poster board and more.
  • Office Organizers - You can't truly appreciate having loads of new office supplies without a way to organize them. You can often find not only room organizers, but tons of desk organizers too. Things to store pens, paper, post it notes, paper clips etc...
  • Party Favor Items- Tired of giving away candy at your childs birthday party. At the Dollar Store you can buy enough items to make fun-filled favors with more than candy. Little toys, knick knacks, etc and because many of these items come in multi-packs, you can manage to buy enough favors for about 25 children for about $30.00. That's $1.20 per child so imagine if you have a much smaller party of about 10 children!!! You can also find things for baby showers, wedding showers, bachelorette parties and more!
  • Pet Food and Supplies - You can find dry and wet food, kitty litter, toys, bird seed and more. Tired of putting a ton of money into pet chew toys that they only destory? Here's a more cost effective way to keep your furry friend happy.
  • Phone Cords - Even though much of the world is going digital for those who still need phone cords this is the way to go. There are countless times where cords become destroyed either because of our own carelessness or our pets. No need to overpay when you can find them here.
  • Picture Frames - Picture frames can be expensive, especially if you need quite a few of them. Rather you need them for your home or would like to add them to a gift, you can often find some that will catch your eye and please your wallet.
  • Pill Holders - For those who love the one week pill holders either for your medication or vitamin needs, you can almost bet that you will find one here.
  • Pregnancy Test - Now we all know that this is an item where quality counts, but if you can't afford the high prices of other stores, sometimes you can find one here as well though these items are often kept behind the counter though it's always best to see your Physician.
  • Sandals - Crocs are becoming quite popular especially for those who are on their feet all day. You can also find other flip flop type sandals which are great for being out in the yard, showering with at the gym, or leaving the nail salon after a pedicure.
  • School Supplies - Many dollar stores have become conscious of the fact that parents would like to save an extra dollar during back to school time. School supplies shopping used to top over $100.00 for one child leaving many children without all of the things they needed. Now you can find most if not all of their supplies for under $25.
  • Seasonings - There are some seasonings that only get used when a very specific recipe calls for it and then there are others that we have to buy often because we use them everyday. Seasonings in your local grocery store can be very expensive but here you may be able to luck up on even two for a dollar.
  • Shoe Boxes - What a great thing this is! For women and children's shoes these are wonderful. No more shoes all over the room or home. These shoe boxes are often clear with lids to make for easy stacking. Not only can you see which shoe is inside, but now you can see them in a nice organize fashion as well! For a children's room you can also use these to help store things such as match box cars, leggos, barbie clothes & accessories and other small toys. For adult closets, these are great for storing accessories that won't fit in a jewelry box, nail polish, scarves, and anything else that comes to mind.
  • Socks - This is especially helpful when you have children who generally destroy their socks very quickly.
  • Tools- This is a great place to grab a couple tools in a pinch especially for a first apartment, or when you dont have the extra funds to grab the more expensive ones from a hardware store. You may even be able to find some screws and nails to keep around as well.
  • Towels - Surprisingly you may find not only washcloths, but hand towels and bath towels as well.
  • Toys - Most dollar stores will have a ton of toys to choose from. What a way to reward the little ones while still staying within your budget. Not only can you find indoor toys but often once the warmer weather grows near, you can find things for the outdoors as well. Sandbox toys, pool floats, goggles and squirting toys just to name a few.
  • Wrapping Paper & Gift Bags- No more expensive rolls of wrapping paper or gift bags. Often just a dollar a roll or a dollar a gift bag, you can put more thought into your gift rather than having to save enough for your wrapping materials. You'll also find packs of tissue paper, bows, and ribbon.


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Raheem The Dream  7 years ago

That is so very true about the products getting better good work and keep it going

Vicky 4 years ago

I find that most things in these types of store to be very poor quality and ther food brands are aweful. give me chooses but give me quality too not junk. SOrry I think money spent in dollar stores and dollar generals Is not your best deal. You get what you pay for and you don't get much in dollar stores

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