Common Mistakes in Investing

Common Mistakes in Investing

  • No Diversification - an ideal portfolio is structured around your risk appetite.  for simplicity sake you could work with your age as a grouping factor.  the younger you are the more risk appetite you might have, as the number of working years are more.  There is no ideal formula, but experts suggest that you should always have a mix of equity, debt, movable and immovable assets.  what percentage of your portfolio should be what, is listed here.  check out the hub 'How To Diversify Your Portfolio' 

  • Not checking the paper-work
  • Want instant results
  • Herd mentality
  • Not knowing your risk level or appetite
  • Borrowing to invest
  • Not reading/ learning
  • Not using professionals
  • Blindly believing professionals
  • using public information - too late baby - if its in the papers, its all priced into the price
  • using insider information
  • not studying financial reports
  • not setting up thumb rules for yourself
  • not following your investment philosophy or targets
  • not keeping a tab on your investments

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