How to Dress like a Diva on a Budget

How to dress like a diva, on a budget

How to dress like a diva, on a budget

By: Felicia Carrillo

Have you ever wanted to shop like Beyonce, or have jewelry like a princess? I am a stay-at-home mom who has a wardrobe that looks like it costs a fortune! I have many tips and tricks on how to save money when it comes to fashion. If you’re like me you do not have thousands to spend on clothes. Well I am going to teach you in a short article how to shop like a rock star with 20$ in your purse.

I live in a small town, it is not very big at all yet, lucky for me they still have the weekly flea market! You will be amazed at the deals you will find! There are deals from new and used items, and if you have a eye you might spot out a diamond or two for just a few dollars. The flea market is my favorite place to get name brand clothes for less than the name brand price. I have even scored a few Louis Vitton purses too, many people sell authentic name brand purses for a great deal! However, there are still a few places that do not have flea markets, and that is ok there is a lot more ways to get great fashion on a few dollars.

My next favorite place to shop is clothing stores; believe it or not you can find some really great deals on clothes in everyday clothing stores. One really important tip, for those who like to shop in stores, shop at the end of season for next seasons clothes. I have gotten racks of clothes for the summer for amazing prices, in the winter, and vice a versa for the winter. There are a few really good stores that also offer awesome deals year round too. One on my favorites is Rue 21, if you are looking for a nice pair of shoes definitely look into that store. But the most important tip I have on store shopping, is clearance! I never go to any store without raiding the clearance rack.

Clearance is a great way to save when looking for good deals, now imagine combining that with coupons. Now that is a deal. Some store offer coupons, you can find them in the mail or online, the coupons stores offer are endless. For most stores you just need a computer and printer to print the coupon. Most stores also offer coupons on your receipt, they can be good ones too so keep a look out for those great specials. Some department stores also offer coupon books for daily deals and coupons, i once got a pair of brand new Nike’s for one dollar! Talk about a deal! So remember when shopping for fashion nothing is hotter than a great bargain. Now that is fashion!

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You're a wiz on this!

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