Create lists of e-mails (Bulk email)

Create lists of e-mails

The first step to E-Mail Marketing is a list of addresses that wish to receive our e-mails. Buy, steal or "find" the list is not an option! Users need to express their desire to receive our messages (opt-in).

It is not very difficult to build a list of e-mail, but of course that gives some work and takes time. Let's see some options.

Create a community

When we signed up a forum, a social network or any type of online community, we give our e-mail without thinking twice.

If you create a community and put on the registration page to indicate that users may receive a newsletter, you are building a list of e-mails.

You must have a way out of the newsletter for users that get enough of receiving the messages can go out without having to leave the community.

Offering products

A very simple and effective way to build a list of e-mails is to offer the download of any product, by registering for your newsletter.

You can offer an e-book, wallpapers, plugins, templates, etc... Then you soon should follow the offer more related content to keep subscribers interested.

The difficulty is in making (or buying) an appealing product. You could then disclose the offer and see the list grow.

Enjoy affiliation campaigns

If you do not have any items to your offer, you can take advantage of affiliate marketing for a similar effect.

For example, you can "offer" a cheap car insurance using some affiliation platform.

Thus, the combined business with pleasure. In addition to finishing the list, earned commissions for leads generated. The disadvantage is that you will have a high rate of cancellations.

These are just some ideas to start creating lists, which can be used in many different contexts. If you are creative, surely can you apply them to your sites and find ways to grow your opt-in lists.

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