Credit Card Holder

Being a credit card holder gives one the seemingly unlimited purchasing power; that is, that feeling of having no one to answer to for an item or service taken now. The reality only sets in when the bills arrive a month after and the overspending has resulted to the payoff of minimum amounts that eventually, with additional spending, drag on larger to incur higher interest.

The hidden darkness behind the power

Having a credit card does not entitle one to buy like there is no tomorrow, contrary to what most people think. Whatever you buy, you will have to pay for at a certain time. While it allows a person to splurge at a particular moment, nothing you buy or obtain using it is free. For some, it even comes with a small charge that does not look threatening until you see your bills pile up and discover that you've been spending more than what you're actually earning.

Credit card companies' goal is to place at least one credit card in every person's hand -- this thought of not having to pay now is what attracts so many people to have not just one but two or three cards. Some even go as far as having all the credit cards offered by all companies -- only to find out in the end that they're knee-deep in debt. Being a credit card holder seems to afford you all the spending freedom in the world -- and those who do not know any better and get blinded by its pay-later scheme are bound to have lots of problems.

Beating the system

Some say one should just shun credit cards altogether and always operate in cash. However, you never really know when a credit card would come in handy, especially in emergency situations, like when you suddenly need to go to the hospital or find that you need the make the deadline for your child's tuition fees. Again, credit cards are recommended for special spending purposes and are great to have in spur of the moment situations -- it is not something you use to buy everything off the racks in times of non-necessity.

Being a credit card holder entails a lot of responsibility because the truth is you will just be creating debt for yourself. While debt is not entirely a bad thing and is sometimes used for an immediate good, you need to understand that nothing in the world is free and that whatever you purchase should be something that is commensurate to your regular income. Do not be that credit card holder who splurges and then lands himself in jail for being unable to pay. Be that responsible card owner and spend only on needs -- not wants.


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