Credit Card Judgements

Has Chase been freezing bank accounts?

 I have done research about the credit card companies filing judgements for unpaid credit card debt. I see that Chase and Capital One have been the primary lenders, moving forward in an attempt to collect their debt, which usually when filed is thousands more than the original debt.

Writ Of Execution

I have not been able to find too much information about the writ of execution, and if many people have had their bank accounts frozen. I do know that the writ of execution needs to be filed to the court, and the writ should stipulate garnishment, bank levy and so forth.  I do not find much information regarding the amount of people affected by the bank levy. I wonder if the Banks are using the judgements to inflate their debt for a write off.

Judgement Proof

I also read that the Banks will do a asset search, to evaluate if the person has any money or assets worth trying to seize. I am considered to be judgement proof, and execution proof because I am broke. It is a sad thing to admit, but for the time being it is a fact. I have seen  online that some of the lenders cases were thrown out by the court, and I never knew that I had any actions taken against me. There were no notices sent to me, and I am not hiding.

Will The Banks Follow Through?

It appears that it is only certain lenders like Chase and Capital One, that have been filing the massive amounts of judgements. I heard from a person on the website that GMAC has been giving all their mortgage holders a real hard time.

I fell into the financial black hole when a large telephone company, closed down their call center, with little notice to the employees. I beieve, by law they only had to give 30 day notice.

I know one thing:

Being broke insulates you from the execution of collecting the judgement. I would love to find a job, in my area that paid me enough to pay all my debts, I will keep wishing.

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what happens when you die to your judgemenfs

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