Credit Cards will break you

Manage them wisely

You know that saying, what doesn't make you will break you.
Ok, so this may be totally irrelevant to what I'm talking about but I wanted to sound "cool".

So at the age of 18, I got my first credit card with Capital One. It was one of those student credit cards that starts your limit out with like $100. It's for students that are just starting out and want to start building their credit.

I loved having a credit card, All I had to do was swipe, sign, and be on my way.

Months went by, I had a really good job, I was paying my bill off.

My credit limit then went to $500, then $1,000, then $1,500, and now $1,900.


Read carefully

I wasn't satisfied with just having one credit card so then I signed up for a Dillards American Express credit card.

My credit limit was about the same. Until a few months ago I decided to expand my credit limit. Big mistake! My credit limit is now 3,900. Are you kiddin' me? I am a student in school with $18,000 in school loans. It's a trap. The credit card companies want you to max out your credit card then hurt you with the interest.

Not happenin' to this girl.

So now that I'm 21, I have two credit cards. I'm not in debt but I'm also not to far from it.

I've stopped using my capital one credit card. I use my dillards card for when I need to buy groceries. Which has started to add up. My job doesn't pay a lot. I get paid once a month and by the time I pay rent and my other bills like (hospital, doctor, etc.) I have no money.

I wouldn't say I'm broke but I have no room to have a high credit-card bill.

So if you don't learn anything else from me. Learn NOT to get a credit card.

If you do. Make sure you have the money to pay it off. Right then and there, or else you will find yourself in a tough situation that you may not be able to get out of.

I know and I pray that one day I will be out of this situation. When I get my credit cards down I am going to cut them up, and not use them ever again. I just pray that one day God allows me to get to that point.

But until then, I have to keep on keepin' on.

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frugalfamily profile image

frugalfamily 5 years ago from Houston, TX

Great hub: If you haven't already done so cut up the Capital One card! Establishing credit is a good thing especially when you are young and its a credit to you that you are vowing now to stay debt free. Another reason you don't want to have too many credit cards is that it can negatively affect your credit rating! Welcome to hubpages and good luck with your degree!

shemiahl profile image

shemiahl 5 years ago from Arkansas Author

Thank you so much!! I will definitely do that :)

feenix profile image

feenix 5 years ago

Hello, shemiahl,

This post is a very good "cautionary tale." I have credit cards but I stopped using them nearly two years ago and, as a result, my life has really improved.

shemiahl profile image

shemiahl 5 years ago from Arkansas Author

I'm glad feenix. I have completely stopped using one of them so I'm getting there.

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