Cyber Monday Outshines Black Friday

Cyber Monday Deals

Popular websites like: Amazon, Groupon, Ebay and Walmart all saw significant rises in their online activity. From toys and clothes, to smart phones and tablets, online shopping has truly his it's stride with the 2013 holiday shopping season. Not surprisingly the number one department was without a doubt the technology/electronics section.

Technology Rules the Day

With new gadgets emerging specifically for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday shopping seasons, there's not a doubt in many people's minds that technology gadgets such as the newest Iphone, Ipad, Ipad mini, Android Tablet and gaming systems will sit under most peoples trees this year.

Both Microsoft and Sony launched brand new, technologically advanced gaming systems just in time for Thanksgiving, making it virtually impossible to get your hands on one during the busy Black Friday hours at stores like GameStop. Cyber Monday comes along and completely sweeps the rug from under Black Friday's feet with sales sitting at or close to a record $2.29 million USD. And with record sales like that, it's very probable that many happy customers will wake up to a joyous Christmas morning.

With the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One vying for top spot on the game system market, shoppers had plenty to do on Cyber Monday as they ordered everything they'd need to fill out their holiday shopping lists.

Mobile Devices Make Cyber Monday Success Possible

With the introduction of gadgets like the Ipad, Ipod, Tablet and Iphone, Cyber Monday launched it's after Thanksgiving sales with a great amount of anticipation. That anticipation it turns out, was duly shared by consumers, as records were met and broken, during the 24 hour shopping spree.

More shoppers used their mobile devices to define their shopping orders and fill out their holiday wish lists, than ever before. And combined with consumers who used laptops and desktop computers, sales continued to climb through the roof, as people purchased devices like the Iphone 5, the newest Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX, new Android tablets and Ipads topped the list of hottest selling electronics.

As more and more people switch to mobile smart phones and tablets there's no doubt that mobile shopping will continue to be an integral part of Cyber Monday's gigantic success. And with sales of those types of mobile devices continuing to rise, there will be plenty of new consumers to come, when next year's Cyber Monday comes calling.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One's Battle Royale

Most notably among the toys, clothes and other frippery of online sales; two corporations emerged victorious on Cyber Monday. Through all the hype of the Thanksgiving weekend, there were two items that fought for first place among the electronics buying frenzy that spurred a record breaking Cyber Monday shopping spree.

Sony and Microsoft both introduced brand new gaming systems to the public close to Thanksgiving, which gave shoppers plenty of fodder on Cyber Monday. With the systems impossible to find during the busiest shopping day of the year, Black Friday; consumers turned to the internet to fulfill their system requirements before Christmas comes.

Reports already in, claim a whopping 1million consoles sold in North America during the first 24 hours on the public market. Not that it was much of a surprise to the Sony franchise or their customer fan base. Even with reports of defective consoles, the Sony corporation was just as enthusiastic about their Europe and Latin America releases for their newest game system.

The Microsoft Corporation was also scaling record mountains even as far out as 11 days after the new debut of their new Xbox one game system. Pushing the envelope of digital interfacing, the Xbox One is boasting about its ability to recognize owner faces and automatically turn on when the user says simply, “Xbox on.” Also boasting a capability to stream regular TV, the newest Microsoft installment is pushing the envelope of gaming and TV interfacing options.

With the two companies competing closely in the same market, and adding untold thousands to sales on Cyber Monday, it's no wonder the busiest internet shopping day of the year saw its best sales day yet. And as companies continue to hone in on mobile and online consumers, the favors and rewards for shopping on the Monday after Thanksgiving, and saving you the early hours of Black Friday, will only continue to get better and better as time goes on.

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