Day Trading Robot Review - What They Don't Tell You In The Sales Letter

Day Trading Robot is a recently-released product which supplies stock trading tips. In this Day Trading Robot Review, I am going to talk about some of the things which are NOT mentioned in the sales letter for Day Trading Robot.

Day Trading Robot is not the first, nor will it be the last, to offer this type of information. Stock tips via newsletter were a viable industry long before computers were invented.

People have always wanted to get ahead, to double their money in the markets in the short term, and Day Trading Robot is only the latest product to come along and meet that insatiable need.

Each day, the robot downloads data from the stock market to construct a chart of each stock... over the past 7 days.   These charts are then referenced against the encrypted trading patterns...
Each day, the robot downloads data from the stock market to construct a chart of each stock... over the past 7 days. These charts are then referenced against the encrypted trading patterns...

Day Trading Robot Review - Is It Real?

Can Day Trading Robot do what it promises?

Cutting through the inevitable gloss, backstory and hype one finds in a sales letter, we get to the nub of the matter - Day Trading Robot is a tool for performing technical analysis of stocks.

Technical analysis is not proprietary to Day Trading Robot. Technical analysis is used by share traders, options traders, day traders and even conservative mutual fund managers to help decide where to invest their money.

Day Trading Robot's claim to uniqueness, or at least superiority, is its ability to learn from its mistakes and improve over time, based on checking its own predictions against the outcomes.

The idea is tha Day Trading Robot will be developing ever more sophisticated rules for choosing stocks.

There is certainly no reason to doubt that computer software could do what is described in the Day Trading Robot sales letter. Without looking at the source code for the software, of course, nobody could say for certain how it actually works, but the process described in the Day Trading Robot sales letter is logically valid and technically feasible.

On the plus side for Day Trading Robot, the company has a bricks-and-mortar office in Miami, and welcomes both visits and phone calls - a reassuring factor when so many of these online offers are from fly-by-night scammers.

Day Trading Robot Review - Does It Work?

This is the big question, of course.

Day Trading Robot targets penny stocks, which means that a small number of buyers can have a significant effect on their price.

Day Trading Robot sends out email tips to clients - probably hundreds of clients within a few weeks of launch - which means that a Day Trading Robot tip is likely to go up just from all the Day Trading Robot clients buying the share, even if it wasn't going to go up otherwise!

Now, cynics among you may well decide that it's worth signing on for the stock tips, just to benefit from the market distortions caused by Day Trading Robot itself. After all, if you know it's going to happen anyway, why not make a profit, right?

Those who think it's wrong to profit from market distortions may find it morally uncomfortable to share in the Day Trading Robot empire.

The promoters of Day Trading Robot are so confident that it works that they are offering a risk-free eight week trial.

Of course, during that time, all the great gains those stocks make may well be artifacts of being Day Trading Robot stock picks, rather than evidence of sheer programming brilliance. It would be impossible to evaluate the actual software's performance unless you got access to stock tips that weren't emailed out to hundreds of keen traders each week.

Mind you, the cynical among us might say, do we really care whether the jump in the share price was accurately predicted by the software or actually caused by the release of the tip? A gain is a gain - let's grab it while it's there.

Day Trading Robot Review - What's The Catch?

There is always a down side to everything, and Day Trading Robot is no exception.

Nobody has a crystal ball, and nobody can control everything.

Some of the stock tips produced by Day Trading Robot will be dogs. They will lose money, perhaps every penny of their value, because these are penny stocks and penny stocks do that.

You may lose the money you invest in stocks after a tip from Day Trading Robot. You may lose all of it.

Even the best traders lose almost as many trades as they win - they just cut their losses earlier and ride their winners longer, so they come out ahead.

If you are going to invest in stocks based on tips from Day Trading Robot (or any other system), take the following safety precautions:

1. Trade only with spare money you can afford to lose.

2. Don't trade with borrowed money.

3. Set a trading strategy and stick to it, no matter what.

4. If the prospect of losing money on a trade causes you stress and emotional pain, find another way to build your wealth. 

Day Trading Robot Review - Conclusion

Is the Day Trading Robot offer worth it?

I guess the question is - can you make more money from this than it costs you?

Given the eight-week free trial system, this is a question each user can answer for themselves.

If you have a bit of money and time you can invest in trading penny stocks, you have nothing to lose in signing up for the free trial offer. If you don't make at least $100 in your first 8 weeks, quit the program, and it has cost you nothing but some time and possibly a few trading losses.

And if you don't have any spare cash to invest in trading stocks, you shouldn't even be thinking about buying products like this one!

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Lissie profile image

Lissie 8 years ago from New Zealand

How nice to see a genuine review rather than just a rah rrah sales letter! You might want to target "day trader robot scam" because many people will search for that if they are looking for a review of the product

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Thanks, Lissie - if I am moved to do anything more on the subject, I'll do that.

Misha profile image

Misha 8 years ago from DC Area

I just took an open option on your poll Jenny :P

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Troublemaker .... :P

I can't delete the open option or I lose all the votes, unfortunately ...

Misha profile image

Misha 8 years ago from DC Area

hit me on msn for advice :)

zac 8 years ago

I bought into it. If it sounds to good to be true it may very well be but i just had to find out the money back guarantee should settle any fears I liked the survey and insight to trading thank you.

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

My pleasure, Zac - let us know how it turns out!

profile image

Ardubya 8 years ago

I'm gonna go ahead and give it a shot (paper-trading of course). I'll keep you posted on how it's working out. Maybe if a few others post their results we can all learn something. Ardubya

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Good thought to trade on paper first, Ardubya - keep us posted!

lsjimm 8 years ago

What really throws up a red flag for me is the "beta testing" part. For $197 you can be a beta tester for a $112000 product. Oh, and there is only 3 positions left. Better hurry.

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Yes, lsjimm, there is always another product - especially when the opening offer is a freebie.

Just as McDonalds maintains a fine network of clean, free public toilets which anyone can use - whether they buy the burgers or not, internet marketers offer a range of free and cheap offers to everyone - whether they buy the big-ticket items or not.

The food in Vegas is cheap as long as you don't gamble, and the opening offers are cheap (or free) as long as you don't buy the back-end products.

Nat 8 years ago

I was interested in subscribing but decided to do some preliminary research. The preliminary research already raised a lot of red flags right off the bat.Here's what I found :1) Does the Foremost professor of Artificial Intelligence they mentioned, Dr. Robert Finn exist at Stanford University ? Googling his name and Stanford gets me nothing. Surely a foremost authority in this field would yield a result such as papers he had written in the field, prominent mention in artificial intelligence. The result --- ZIP, ZERO, NADA. Does this Professor Finn even exist ? Any reputable business that uses a 'famous' name would refer you to his papers, work, etc, or even a website in Stanford that mentions him.2) Their website has a contact number. I decided to call them to ask a few questions. Try calling their contact number : 641-715-3900 (Extension: 5737152#). Good luck getting a live person to talk to. All I got was an automatic voice system that asks me to enter some code.This is an indicator of what will happen to you should you want your money back.3) Try e-mailing them to see if you get a response. I e-mailed them asking some simple questions ( e.g. Does the Beta Test version of the product run on Windows Vista, what other operating system does it run on ?)

Try this email they gave : support@daytradingrobot.comor this : jason@daytradingrobot.comAll I got was a form response saying they'd get back to me within 12 hours.It's been days and I got no response at all.This is already an indication that the business is operating fly by night.A company that really provides a product they're confident in would not operate in a bizzare, secretive manner. It would want to engage preliminary customers and talk to them to answer their questions. Don't be fooled by the video on their website, legitimate businesses don't operate like that.Jason Kelly's Day Trading Robot, based on my initial attempts at even communicating with them does not fit the profile of a legitimate business you can trust.

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 8 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Well, that's a thorough job you have done there, Nat!

I believe this product is sold through Clickbank, which means you can get your money back directly from Clickbank within 60 days of purchase for any reason or even no reason. Clickbank will deal with the merchant later.

Also, if you're wanting to try it out, and you want double insurance, pay by credit card. That way, if you don't get what was promised, you can get a refund through your credit card provider, too.

Belt and braces, as it were!

NAT 8 years ago


Thanks for the tip. There is another person named : Quentan Pribble who shares his experience with the DAY TRADING ROBOT here ( you can watch) :

He has a website and an e-mail address where you can ask questions :

His e-mail address is on that website. I tried contacting him via e-mail last night before posting this. I am hoping he responds. I basically asked the same questions I asked Jason Kelly ( who failed to respond ). Here are my questions :

Regarding being a BETA Tester ( $197), I have a few questions for you regarding becoming a Beta Tester for the Day Trading Robot :1) Does it run on a Windows VISTA Platform ?2) What is the difference between being a Beta Tester and subscribing to the newsletter ? 3) Does the Beta Version we get have an expiration date ? Does it disable itself after a certain number of days of use ?Hope to hear from you regarding my questions.

I'll share with everyone on this website whether or not I hear from him.


Nat 8 years ago

I just found out who Dr. James Holt ( the co-designer of the robot with Jason Kelly ) is. He was with the famed trading company TOWNSEND ANALYTICS. The Company's website is here :

At least in 2005 ( I don't know today ), Dr. James Holt was Vice President for Server Development at Townsend Analytics. His work was featured by Microsoft when they were touting the performance of their SQL Server platform.

See here :

Well, at least we have a legitimate , real person who is being refered to.

The next step is to call up Townsend Analytics to ask about his reputation.

Justin 8 years ago

Thanks for the post Inspirepub. And to re-iterate, ClickBank does offer your money back, and purchasing with a credit card is almost always a good idea (if you pay your balance in full monthly!).

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Thanks for following this up, Nat - I am sure all the readers of this page are very interested in your research. Keep us posted on your progress!


Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Update: Nat has been researching affiliates who sell the program and add on their own "unique value". Apparently one claims that he is the only person who knows how to trade using the information provided by the software.

The secret is no secret - any gains will be short-lived. Don't hold penny stocks for the long term!! Get in, get a quick lift, and get out. If it doesn't lift the day you buy it, write it off as a dog and get out.

This whole program works on creating quick gains in lightly-traded small cap stocks by having a bunch of people buy in at once. Take your profits right away - or they will evaporate, nine times out of ten.

To find out which stocks are being targeted each week, register here:

pickles 7 years ago

I purchased the newsletter through Q. I have yet to recieve a response from him after 2 emails. I emailed Jason and have been waiting over a week for a response.


Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Sorry to hear it, Pickles. Keep us posted on your progress.

NAT 7 years ago

If there is one thing we should all know by now from our initial experiences it is these :

1) It is a ONE WAY communication. They initiate the e-mail and DON'T RESPOND to any questions. In other words --- ZERO customer support.

2) You don't know if anyone is really there. Their e-mails are auto-responses, their phones don't work, and now I am not even sure if their bricks and mortars address has anyone in it.

profile image

orionsky60403 7 years ago

Is this for real? I've seen so many of these robots. Has anyone had long term success?

Nat 7 years ago


As you know, I am not yet a subscriber to Jason Kelly's Day Trading Robot Newsletter for all the reasons I outlined above, but I am still an interested observer. I am on Jason Kelly's e-mail list though.

Well, I just got an e-mail from Jason Kelly ( Programmer of the Day Trading Robot ).

Here's what he said :


If you live in the US, Canadaor UK...Put your full address in theform on the link below...And I'll send you my nextstock pick via FedEx!


I'll also send you aconfirmation letter injust a few days.You'll recognise it becauseit'll have a dollar bill inthe envelope!Best Regards,Jason Kelly


I responded to the e-mail and gave him my address. We'll see what happens.

Although I am puzzled as to why he would spend money having to Fed-Ex a stock pick when e-mailing us the symbol would have been infinitely cheaper and faster...

Anyway, IF INDEED I receive the stock pick, I intend to paper trade ( monitor ) it on my trading account to see if his picks are as good as advertised.

Just sharing this with you.

profile image

Flyport 7 years ago

Hello all. I purchased day trading robot 2 days ago and have since sent an email to Jason Kelly and received an response in less then 12 hours. I asked him how long till I will receive a stock pick and he told me it would take max 3-4 weeks. Good luck to you all.

WannabeTrader 7 years ago

I agree with 'Nat'. I have been researching the robot for a couple weeks and I'm still very apprehensive. I HAVE, however, found the the infamous Dr Finn, and phone number. I called and left a message - no return call yet :(

Find his info here:

I get the same run-around when emailing support with a simple question.


Nat 7 years ago


I just found out the comments of an actual subscriber of the DayTrading Robot.

To make a long story short, he says it is a rip-off. Read his experience here :

Wannabe Trader 7 years ago

I guess this wraps up the question of DayTradingRobot being a scam or not. I got a reply back from Robert Finn at Stanford:

"I have no connection at all with any stock trading schemes. Nor have I done any of the things attributed to me on the website. Robert Finn"

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Well, Wannabe Trader, that certainly confirms our suspicions about the sales letter.

I guess the next question is whether the stock picks are any good - Nat and Flyport will keep us informed on that front, I hope.

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author


I have read this guy's complaint on - he hasn't used the software, he is just complaining that he doesn't know how to get a refund on a Clickbank product (which is, of course, click the Customer Service link in your sales confirmation email and ask for one ...).

I have posted the information he needs as a comment on his report - hopefully he reads it in time to get his refund within the 60 days, because it's a little harder if you leave it longer than that.

Lance P. 7 years ago

I am a veteran trader of 21 years -- trading stocks, commodities, futures and options. I am a survivor and still trade every day, week and month. I don't know Jason Kelly or his system, but I do know that he probably makes more money selling his Day Trading Robot stock sytem and Newsletter than he does trading his own system. Why would he make a business out of his trading system and newsletter when he can simply become a very rich man (and easily) tading his own system?

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author


I rather suspect it is because his "system" relies on a large number of people buying into the same stock on the same day ...


Nat 7 years ago


If as you say, this "system" relies on a large number of people buying into the same stock on the same day, then this isn't a robot at all but a ploy to get as many people to buy into their stock picks so that they can quickly dump it once the price goes up.

If so, this isn't artificial intelligence ( as they advertise ). It is the oldest game in town where

Promoters are compensated with cash andand free shares of the companies they promote.Just when a stock gains momentum, they dump theirshares with disregard as to how low it will drive thestock price. Couple that with the fact that the featured company will also be feverishly dumping shares (to raise capital) into all the buyingvolume....and you have a disaster on your hands for mostregular folks who purchased shares with their hard earnedmoney.You now know that the bottom line with a pennystock promo is not to provide value to investors. It isto raise capital through massive selling which obliteratesstock value.

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Yes, Nat, if that is the basis of the Day Trading Robot system, then the average punter who buys the system needs to be aware that they MUST take their profits IMMEDIATELY.

Greed will be your undoing in that case. Take the first uptick, sell immediately and run, because if you are still holding the stock when the big boys dump it you will be the big loser.

Don't hold on hoping a 10% gain will become a 20%, or a 20% gain will end up doubling the share price. It is better to make a dozen small, quick gains and keep your capital than to play "double or nothing" with a thinly-traded stock.

Nat 7 years ago

Just wanted to update everyone on the promise given to me by Jason Kelly when he sent an e-mail telling me he was going to send his stock pick via Fed-Ex ( that was 7 days ago ). I posted the contents of the e-mail above.

I responded to the e-mail and gave him my home address.

Just wanted to inform everyone that it has been 7 days and still on Fed-Ex mail.

This is FYI. You can make whatever you want of it ( he isn't obligated to send me anything, but he did promise. If he can't keep it, why bother ? ).

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Thanks for keeping us posted, Nat. Let us know if and when it turns up!

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Wannabe, it seems Dr Finn has posted a disclaimer saying he is definitely not involved:

What's the bet the other guy mentioned on the Doubling Stocks website would react exactly the same way if he knew what was being said about him there?

Nat 7 years ago

The complaints about this business are now increasing.

See here for the latest one :

At this point in time, after personally dealing with them and investigating all the information they provided plus the complaints of actual people who have subscribed, here is my personal recommendation :


This will probably be my last post in this thread as I have enough information to tell me it isn't worth my time anymore.

nick 7 years ago

hey guys,

I bought into the newsletter and the beta testing. I have the robot on my computer and jason did send me the pdf but its very confusing. Also nat i know you gave your address to jason and didn't recieve your fed ex. I got my fed ex package saying the pick would be sent in atleast 4 weeks. I don't know if that helps anyone or anything but I want the truth too about this.


Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Nat, thanks for posting this link - looks like this person did the right thing and got a full refund, no questions asked.

Fundamentally, since this product has a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee for 60 days, I don't see how anyone could waste money on it. Time, possibly, but you are guaranteed to get your money back if you find you have wasted some time.

If everyone found it a waste of time, then everyone would ask for their money back. If more than a certain percentage ask for refunds, Clickbank is going to pull the product.

So, if the product is still selling on Clickbank, it means that for every one person complaining and wanting their money back, there are several happy customers who think it was worthwhile. They won't be hanging around in forums making posts about it, though.

I am interested in hearing from people who have actually used the stock tips - did you make money? How long did you hold the stock? What was your trading strategy?

Raymond 7 years ago

I happened to chance upon this site and read all the complaints about Jason Kelly's failed promises.

I happen to be on eof those who susbcribed to his newsletter last January and like a lot of people, waited for over a month with NOTHING from him or any picks. I have been losing confidence and was ready to tell CLICKBANK to withdraw my subscription and return my $97.00, when lo and behold, today ( March 13, 2009 ), I got this e-mail from Jason Kelly :


It's been around 6 months since I last released a stock pick. And this isn't because I've just been incredibly lazy... Every day I continue to scourge the markets for a new stock pick. You' see in this market... It's important I wait for an absolute "sure bet". And I think I've found one... I'll be sending more details about this unusual company in a few days time. Keep watching your inbox, this one could make you rich! Best Regards, Jason Kelly


Now, I realize this is another promise like so many others he gave. I am not sure if this promise will be kept ( I realize that the poster, Nat never got the so-called Fedex stock pick he was promised ).

Just wanted to inform everyone that this is the latest we got from him. Can Other subscribers can verify that they got this e-mail as well ?

Raymond 7 years ago

Here's the latest e-mail I got from Jason Kelly, with his usual boast and as usual NO DETAILS ON THE STOCK he says is going to make you rich... This is FYI.


Last week, I sent you an email about my latest stock pick that read... "This one could make you rich!" How can I be so bold? Let me explain... When a company, with a stock trading at $1 receives mass media attention... Usually, the stock will gain in price. Maybe for a penny stock it'll move to $1.40 or $1.50. My subscribers have enjoyed similar sized gains. And it's been great, right? Yes, but it could be better... Imagine the stock instead trades for just $0.30 per share. When a stock, priced that low receives media attention they almost always make huge gains. Maybe, our $0.30 stock will move to $0.60 or even higher! Not too bad, huh? A 100% gain, and usually these are made within a few days, surrounding the media attention. In fact, this is... The type of thing, that could "make you rich". On this type of trade, $10k turns into $20k... try and find a mutual fund which can beat those returns! But it can be better... Imagine, like my next stock pick... The stock trades at under $0.10! On any kind of media attention, penny stocks trading this low can rocket to $0.40, $0.50 or even $0.70! In fact, if my next stock pick does NOT triple in price... I'm going to retire as a stock picker! Best Regards, Jason Kelly

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Thanks, Raymond - keep us posted ... this is fascinating ...

anon 7 years ago

I'm reading into the FedEx delivery as a delay tactic to eat four weeks or so out of the Clickbank refund cycle. The longer they keep you at bay, the less likely you are to request a refund.

Thanks for all the comments. This blog has confirmed what I was thinking and they will not be getting my business. It's just a shame there are countless unethical people willing to take advantage of others. This is nothing more than a pump and dump scheme which he can easily control among those that sign up.

Raymond 7 years ago

More e-mail promises from Jason Kelly I received today. Here it is :


Get ready for our next stockpick on Monday, the 6th ofApril.Because of market conditions,this is my first stock pick inalmost 3 months...This one is going to be BIG...Due to the price level of thestock and the excitingdevelopments unfolding...I stated last week, I willRETIRE as a stock pickerif this stock doesn't triplein price.... And I stand by thatstatement.Get ready, for the 6th ofApril...Jason Kelly

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Thanks Raymond - I got that one, too, but from Doubling

I wonder if it will be the same stock in both cases?

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author


That link you posted was broken, so I haven't approved your comment. Do you want to try again?

Adam 7 years ago

I bought into the beta testing ($197) and cannot figure out how to use it. I've email Jason 3 times with no response in 4 days for a sense of direction and am beginning to become very frustrated. Has anyone had any good experiences with this beta?

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Did anyone get the promised stock tip on April 6th?

profile image

daneault23 7 years ago

I also didn't receive the promised stock tip on April 6th. It was going to be my first stock pick, since I purchased this program over a month ago. I also signed up for the beta testing, but never received any videos of how to use it to make money, like it says on the site. I emailed the support team at least 3 different times and have no answers yet. I was really looking forward to the stock pick since it would have been my first one, and I think I'm just going to cancel my beta testing since it was $197 and I can't even use it. I'll keep you updated with my results.

daneault23 7 years ago

I got an answer today. This is what the e-mail said about the stock pick not being released: "We haven't made recommendations yet because we havebeen looking for the best entry point into a very time specific trade. When the stock is released however we are expecting a great rise in price. All members of the newsletter will receive stock picksas soon as they are released."

I also asked about the videos for the beta testing and he gave me a link but when I tried to go to it, it was locked and said I needed to enter a username and password to access it, so I emailed him back again and asked him what that's about. So far I'm not very happy with the program.

Susan 7 years ago

I have been doing some searching for the 'secrets' that help you succeed with the DTR.

Someone mentioned Quenton Pribble. He has a review on sqidoo. He says the same thing:

not to use money that you do not have, to track the tip you get on paper first and not to g=be to greedy and try and make more money. He seems like hi heart in in the right place!

Another blog I think it was called 'guru crusher' This fellow says that the DTR needs to be on all the time so that the robot can monitor the stock exchanges 24/7...makes sense!

Susan 7 years ago

Hey everyone, I had entered my name and email at Quentin Pribbles website. and he sent info about what the secrets are to using the program. i.e. that people hold on to their stock too long. It is supposed to be a DAY trading robot. If you buy through his site, he will send you the 'secret' information that he uses to use the DTR. He also gives the same 60 day MBG for his site that Jason Kelly gives. You only get this info if you buy through his site.

I also noticed that there are free trial downloads, search 'free download day trading robot'. There are a number of sites that you can download from. The robot seems to only work on windows systems (I have a mac, harumff!) Does anyone know if I can install the windows operating system on a mac?

Raymond 7 years ago

I'll tray again.

Here is the link warning people that this is a scam :

Raymond 7 years ago

Regarding the promise to send his stock pick on April 6, let me tell everyone, all I got was another e-mail on April 10 with MORE PROMISES.

It started with the following :


NOTE: I'm still looking for theabsolute best entry point onthis new stock pick.It shouldn't be more than aweek or two away, now.And for various reasons(I'll explain in a moment)I believe this will be mybiggest pick yet.Let me explain...


BLAH BLAH BLAH. I won't post the rest.

More delays, more high falutin' words but the bottom line is --- NO STOCK PICK AS PROMISED.

If you are still holding up high hopes from this business you are really being naive.

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Thanks, Raymond, that link works now.

At the time of writing, I have had two people say they made money with Day Trading Robot - if you're still following the conversation, would you mind adding a comment about how that worked?

The five people who haven't made money with it - did you get bad tips that didn't make money, or have you just never received a tip yet?

Raymond 7 years ago

Here is Jason Kelly's latest e-mail sent to me today : April 19,2009


Over the past 24 hours, I've received 283 emails asking for the date of our next stock pick. ... And keep watching your emails, because I'll be sending you a date in just a few days. Here's a few snippets of the emails I've received: "What's the holdup?..." "I'm on pins and needles waiting for this..." Well... The holdup is because this stock pick is "a fox in sheep's clothing". By studying the company carefully... I've seen something no other investor has. And when I spill the beans on this... It's going to be HUGE!



By now you should be on to this guy... he's trying to keep as many people from cancelling their subscriptions as possible by reving up your aniticpation. Remember, he sent an e-mail promising a stock pick on April 6 and DID NOT KEEP HIS PROMISE. I have no doubts that this latest e-mail I just shared with everyone is a delaying tactic to keep already disappointed payers from asking Clickbank for a refund.

I am simply sharing this latest info here so that those who are using due dilligence and be warned as to what you will experience when you decide to part with your $97.00

Raymond 7 years ago

This is the nth e-mail I gor from Jason Kelly promising to send a stock pick ( and again not delivering ). This is getting tiresome ( but amusing to those who still want to follow his sage ).

Let me post his latest promise ( which he still has not kept ) for you to ponder :


In just a few weeks, I'llbe sending my first stockpick in 6 months!I personally made $6kon the last stock pick.I invested $2k and tripledit to $6k within 24 hours.(And I bought my shares,AFTER I told my list aboutit... So you guys had theexact same opportunityas I did!).Don't believe me?Watch it all on video:http://daytradingrobot.comThanks,Jason Kelly

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

I am still waiting for the promised free stock tips - and I am not even getting as many "rah rah" emails as you, Raymond.

It would be interesting to know how Ivan made his money.

Raymond 7 years ago

OK, for those who still want to follow the ongoing saga of Jason Kelly and his Day Trading Robot, here is his latest e-mail PROMISE. This time, he gives a DEFINITE DATE :


In roughly 3 weeks on the: Tuesday the 19th of May... I will be sending you my next (much anticipated) stock pick. It has been 6 months since I last sent a stock pick... On that subject, my last stock pick rose 126% in under 24 hours. Three weeks later, I picked the stock again and it promptly rallied from $0.60 to $1.31 making a 118% gain. But this time... Since telling my 344,000 email subscribers about my new pick... The response has been HUGE! (Bigger than ever.) Over the past month, I've received literally thousands of emails. What's more... This specific stock is currently trading at a very low price. And... There has been such a high amount of interest... Other websites which pick stocks have asked if they can pick this stock too! (But they'll be sending out their emails, after you've all received my pick!) All of this adds to the momentum, that will make this a monumental stock pick. And it is this... Which has given me the confidence to state: "If this stock pick, does not triple in price... I will RETIRE as a stock picker!". Thanks Jason Kelly

Henry 7 years ago

I found this hub page only today. Would have been interesting for me to have read it before I made contact with the DTR.

But still time to share my experiences.

I signed up as a beta tester end of Jan. The sales page at that time pushed the well known urgency button by claiming that only 6 people would get access and only 2 spots would be left. So I took the offer but I checked back several times since then and as of today there are still 2 spots left.

The sales page promised exceptional support for the beta testers but like several of the posters here I got short answers to my 1st 3 support emails and then I simply was ignored.

It took 4 weeks after my signup until Jason Kelly (or his team if he has one) managed to produce a manual for the robot. Until then there was not even a help file. I don't think that anybody can use this software without a manual.

Once the manuall was finally out I found it quite complicated but further questions were not answered anymore. At the end I had no other choice than asking CB for a refund.

For me the most troublesome point using the robot was that one has to create a so called model for every single stock one likes to watch. That is download the stock data from some database like Yahoo finance, adjust some parameters within the software and let it learn the model. My most important but never answered question was: "What stocks should I pick to create a model with?" You can't possibly do it with hundreds or thousands because it takes some time to do it for one. Also I haven't seen a sample update feature. So when you have 1000 models you need to update them one by one every week.

Basically I am still interested in this thing and wondering if it works. I have searched to find this information somewhere else and contacted some DTR affiliates. But they seem to have the same business policy that Jason Kelly; "never answer any questions about the DTR."

Re the newsletter: I have subscribed to Michael Cohen's Doubling Stocks newsletter since 2 years and until 1/2 year ago I got his picks regularly about every 2 weeks. Now it seems that Michael has teamed up with Jason Kelly. Michael is promoting the DTR heavily and Jason hopped on Michael's announced next stockpick which is supposed to be released on May 19th. Both are promoting the same stuff. Would be interesting to learn more about this connection.

larry  7 years ago

Did alot of research on this, Found a video of someone who actually purchased the software. Looks legit but may not be, you can judge for yourself.

larry 7 years ago

Found another video on youtube by searching for marl robot. The link is below. This individual didnt have a good experience and others left negative comments as well.

Larry 7 years ago

Just found this link , deals in penny stocks, Looks good and unlike daytradingrobot its free. I signed up so hopefully something good will come of it. Check it out for yourself and see if it interests you.

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

LMAO Larry - at least those guys don't try to hide what they are doing behind "neural algorithms" technobabble!

They are openly promoting "pump and dump" stocks.

You can bet the "big boys" have their money in before those tips go out, and those subscribers are the "pigs" who push the price up so the big boys can make their profits.

If you're a quick pig, you can still make some money riding the last gasp of the pump, but if you open the email six trading hours too late, the gravy train will have left the station.

Don't say I didn't warn you ... ;)

EasyLearn profile image

EasyLearn 7 years ago from Washington State

Ah Inspire, you stole my glory..that was just the comment I was going to post.

george 7 years ago

I am surprise on you vote poll very little people have used the day trading robot . I suppose because of the down stock market people are staying away from the market all together.

Raymond 7 years ago

Good Old Jason Kelly just tried to convince people not to be impatient again ( inspite of the fact that he has proven NOTHING for over 6 months that his subscription is worth the price or that his robot does anything for anyone ).

Anyway, for those interested in his ongoing saga, and if you are still following for the sheer amusement of it, here is his latest e-mail to me ( dated May 8, 2009 ) :


Did you miss my last stock pick? It was over 6 months ago... But just 24 hours after I picked it... It rocketed by 126% in under 24 hours. My next stock pick... is on: Tuesday the 19th of May! And with my latest stock pick, I'm so confident that if it does not TRIPLE in price... Then I will retire as a stock picker. Thanks, Jason Kelly P.S. Have you been watching the markets this week? They're rebounding in spectacular fashion! Yet another factor that will serve to make this stock pick my greatest of 2009!

Raymond 7 years ago

I just go a PROMO video link from Jason Kelly regarding his (ahem) SURE BET stock pick for May 19. Here it is for those who are interested :

(NOTE : This is NOT an endorsement of his service. Do your own DUE DILLIGENCE ).

kal 7 years ago

Hey Larry,

You mentioned that MARL is a news letter with the option to buy the robot on the inside. Do you know what the cost of the robot is? What operation system is needed to run it, and if it you computer needs to be left on all the time?

The videao is the same one that is on the sales page of the MARL. As with the DTR they only show one video with a big profit. Hmmmm.

Smart Dad profile image

Smart Dad 7 years ago from Northampton

Really good hub thanks. just what I was looking for

Raymond 7 years ago


OK, Here is Jason Kelly's sure bet stock ( that's the word he used ).

It is 9:20 AM EST May 19,2009. Jason Kelly DID send his so called greatest stock pick and the ticker symbol is -- UOMO. The name is UOMO MEDIA INC.

I looked at the stock screens and as at this time it is trading at 0.81/share

We shall see if this stock performs as he says it will ( he says he will retire from this business if he's wrong ).


Raymond 7 years ago

BTW folks,

As part of my due dilligence, I went and checked what other Stock market forums and message boards are saying about UOMO ( the stock recommended by Jason Kelly ), and here's one message that should bring caution to all ( date May 18, 2009 2:27 PM) :

See here :


Jason Kelly at the is going to be touting shares of UOMO on Tuesday. I received an e-mail this morning, and it is the exact same e-mail that sent out yesterday. These people have a scam going! And, no one can do anything about it. Look at the volume today in shares of UOMO. The stock isn't even supposed to trade 100,000 shares on a given day. Volume today is over 18 million shares traded! Then Jason Kelly at the is going to be releasing UOMO as his stock pick tomorrow. The stock price will head even higher tomorrow morning, and then can unload their shares of UOMO if they want to. What a scam these people have going!

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

As I said in the Hub, not everyone is comfortable with the ethics of this situation, but those who are can make some money if they are careful - but don't invest money you can't afford to lose. These things do go wrong on a regular basis.

My bet is that in a few months there will another stock picking robot program launched, and those people will get the email a day afer the Day Trading Robot people get it ... and so on, and so on ...

Eric 7 years ago

So the best thing to do is get in on the "origional" newsletter to get the largest jump in price! lol Moreover the Marl newsletter is half the price of DTR.

It might be wise to beta test/paper trade multiple of these systems. If you are serious about making some money it would be logical to get say Marl AND whisper newsletters and compair them at the end of a decent time span (2 months +/-). With this you can see if there is a trend between them (using the same algorithims/strats) or are completely off the wall.

Also never forget proper money management. The old addige "Pay yourself first" is a huge statement with this stuff. Start small... trade small... take your origional capital off the table and play with market money. If you cant do this; either a) The strategy sucks or b) You cant follow rules and have no business trading anything besides marbles.


Raymond 7 years ago

Well folks,

It is close to market close Friday ( end of the week, 5/22/2009 ), 3 trading days after Jason Kelly and his ( non-existent according to my understanding) robot recommended the stock --- UOMO.

Had you followed his recommendation when he first sent out his mass e-mail ( and it traded at $0.81 when it first came out), you would be UNDER WATER BY OVER 100%. Which means you would be losing BIG. The stock is trading as at this posting time at $0.33/share !!

I noticed that a few hours after Jason Kelly recommended it, it briefly touched $1.06. It then went DOWNWARDS from there. Had you failed to put a limit order to stop loss on this stock, you would now be HUMONGOUSLY poorer than you were before.

And note -- The man does not give you any advice as to when you should sell and at what stop price. Is this the kind of service you want for your $97.00 ? If so, be my guest.


Would you again trust Jason Kelly and his "robot" after this experience ? If so, you must either be a masochist or someone who still believes in the tooth fairy.

The man is in cahoots with Michael Cohen of the other peddler of robots -- DoublingStocks who simultaneously recommended this stock. They aren't looking out for anyone but themselves.

Read all the irate posts from people who are on to their game here :

IN CONCLUSION, After all these months of experience with Jason Kelly and following his scam ( I can't find a kinder word to use ), I have to say this -- THE ROBOT IS NON-EXISTENT, HIS STORY IS A NICE FAIRY TALE and if you still want to believe him and others like him, you deserve everything you get -- including losing your hard earned money.

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Thanks for this Raymond - I hope everyone is now aware that the window for making money on these shares, such as it is, is very, very small.

If you don't open the email until a few hours or a day after it was sent, you have probably missed the boat.

These stock tips are only for those with quick reflexes, a high tolerance for moral ambiguity, and cash they can afford to lose.

Dan 7 years ago

Jason Kelly is 100% a scam artist. He is paid to manipulate penny stocks by the major shareholders.

Look at their last pick UOMO, as it was plummeting he & his robot kept recommending it.

He has stated that if the stock didn't triple he would quit. Well it didn't and he is still trying to steal money from people.

Avoid him like the plague

Mitch King profile image

Mitch King 7 years ago from Wilsoville, OR, USA

That last point is, as was stated, key to the success of the investment, but it should probably be stressed a lot more than it is since, most people probably will not recognize that fact. Another note, about the money bak guarantee - besides using the credit card companies insurance, there are a lot of people out there very, very dissapointed with a "money back guarantee!!" I would still be cautious with it.

joey 7 years ago

aussie aussie aussie oi oi oihey guys thanks 4 the review, I am trying to learn trading and finding a program. after i seen this review u guys r saying this's good 2 use???

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

joey, only if you have nerves of steel and don't mind being somewhat morally ambiguous.

Nathan 7 years ago

what an interesting read after I stumbled across this DTR today. a link was posted on a discussion board in google finance where I keep an eye on my stocks. I guess by doing that on stock discussion boards he will be touting for more subscribers to become a part of his scam.

However, I will look into these other newsletters mentioned as I have no problem morally with pumping and dumping to make some cash :) thanks all for commenting here, saving me time and money, emailing to no avail and getting my money back.

Raymond 7 years ago

Well folks, Jason Kelly does not quit. A week after he recommended UOMO, he not only ignores the fact that the stock TANKED just a day after he mass e-mailed his recommendation, he had the nerve to send this e-mail to me today ( ONE HUGE LIE ). Read this :


Prior to emailing you my lateststock pick (UOMO)... I told you:"If this stock pick, does not triplein price... I would RETIRE as astock picker".Well, lucky for me... UOMO ranfrom $0.35 to $1.06 in the spanof just 48 hours!This allowed anyone who listened,to more than triple their money!$5,000 invested when you received the stock pick email,would have turned into roughly$15,000 (taking account of tradingfee's).But, as I've said before. What differentiated this stock pickfrom most others is that it didnot just tickle $1+ and thencrash back down...The stock stayed at over $1for hours and hours, on theTuesday.What's more, it traded at over$1 on HEAVY VOLUME.This is very important... You' seeit means anyone invested hadample time to sell their sharesand take profit.But...If you happened to miss out onUOMO... Don't worry.I'm hoping to release my nextstock pick just 6 weeks from now.And I think, it will be bigger thanever.Keep watching your emails, asmore details of this new stockpick will be coming over thenext few weeks.Thanks,Jason Kelly


Folks, the fact is I was watching my e-mail VERY CLOSELY and I received his e-mail when UOMO was already trading at $0.81. The e-mail he sent arrived on my in box at 9:20 AM, May 19, 2009. It did stay above $1.00 as he mentioned, but promptly crashed after that. In other words, the stock is being manipulated to be pumped and then dumped quickly. It is now trading at $0.209.

The point is e-mail recipients DID NOT get his recommendation in a timely manner. Be on the lookout because Jason Kelly is promising to repeat this SCAM as seen in his latest mass e-mail.

Raymond 7 years ago

For those who want to read more irate reports made by people who got ripped off by Jason Kelly's outfit, here are the most recent links... ( these were written AFTER he made his stock recommendation -- UOMO ).

Follow the following links :

Here is just a snippet of one of the complaints from Columbus, Ohio ( very similar to mine ) :


After weeks of hype, Jason released his recommendation to buy UOMO on 5/19/09 stating it would easily triple in price. The opening price that day was $ .81. I believe most bought in at $ .85 - $ .95 per share. The intraday high was $1.06, but most did not sell because they were expecting the stock to triple off their buy price. Since the stock had been artificially bid up, it dropped like a rock (it is now $ .16), especially since Jason and his buddies dumped their shares knowing what their manipulation had done.)This is unethical, and should be illegal. I will be pursuing this aspect.Also, as I learned painfully, the OTC/Penny stock market is not efficient. Buy orders are not executed in a timely manner and the price can change dramatically causing costs to go up. Buy limits and Stop limits are not honored.Finally, Jason Kelly is at it again. He is sending notifications that he is on the verge of sending his next recommendation. Do not fall prey to his lack of ethics. It is too late for me, but if I can keep one fellow investor from being victimized then I will have succeeded.

Chris 7 years ago

Thank you all for giving me these posts on Jason. These posts were most informitive. By doing a little reseach into a possible scam. The trueth does reveal itself. Thank again.

Fivestar profile image

Fivestar 7 years ago

Thanks Inspire, I am on this bloke's mailing list, have been wary. Thought you were Nicola roxon at first glance!! LOL thanks for the Hub

Jimmy 7 years ago

Hi, I purchased the product actually, first off when you do, he sends you an email, thanking you for buying the product, after you put in your credit card for $49 and yada yada, it takes you to another page asking you if you want to be a beta tester for like and additional of $94 or something,

i decline, then it takes you to another page, saying there this guy who was in the pit, and he developed these videos, and apparently, these videos are going for like $60,000 us but he's giving them away for like $100 us and it was sold on the black market from traders for about $5,000 us, but he's letting you see it.

then when you check your email, he says you;ll get this email on teching you how to get started using day trading robot.

When you check your email, it's this rather lame, i mean lame, in a nutshell it how to set up an account with e trade, i mean you can go on e trade's web site and read how to set up an account,


guess email's none, zilch, 2 weeks pass, 3 weeks pass 4 weeks pass, no emails, no stock picks, nothing, by this time i ask for a refund, yup risk free if you don't like the product, just ask for a refund 0 risk. I email asking for a refund, no reply, i email again, no reply, i'm 7 weeks in, no reply. I guess he's waiting until it reaches 8 weeks to give a reply to say I passed the limit.

DON'T BUY. DON'T BUY. i'm now going to give the reviews, to every single website that i can.

Bearcat 7 years ago

Well... this was an interesting forum to have stumbled across! I can't believe I just read the whole darn thing! But it was the mention of UOMO that really got my attention.

That ticker was in my eTrade posting from a friend in Nashville back last year some time... before Xmas anyway. There was nothing going on with it after it flat lined in late JAN09 at under 10c until MAR19 when really small penny jumps started appearing. Then on APR24 from 9c to started to climb and didn't stop until it peaked at 106c on MAY19 and then came back to it's original pre-APR24 values but in just a matter of hours.

I don't know who this Kelly guy is or the others y'all have mentioned here, and really don't have the time to go off on another tangent, but there have been some very good points noted in this thread. I know that the market can be manipulated and is done so daily by those that can. To be fair to Kelly he did get his 300% in... I dare say he probably got 1000%+ cuz I betchya he was already manipulating that stock when it was between 10-14c. From what I've read here, when he sent out his email at the 81c lhike, he was already on the way out. I'm sure whatever he showed in his video was residue left over from his fluff profit. The real money had already been made.

Someone mentioned the grace period to hit&cut was slim. In this case it was between the 81c-93c margin. And I suspect that time period was bareley enough time to log on to your trading account.

Watching 2-3-4 of these guys might work, probably would, but for the time you end up spending gutting over it, you'd probably do just as well with something a lot safer over the long time. As I get it from this thread, Kelly's stock pick at once a 2Q isn't going to provide anybody with a sustainable income no matter how much his stock jumps - unless you're ready to put down some really REALLY serious cash. I remember wishing I had put my house on RED HAT years ago instead of just the shed.... There's a rags-to-riches-rags story to search out for those of you not old enough to remember the stock!

Anyway, it's been fun... but I really need to get back to work!

Ta Ta

Inspirepub profile image

Inspirepub 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia Author

Jimmy, you can get your money back from Clickbank - 60 days, unconditional. If you are past that window, then go to PayPal or your credit card provider and lodge an "item not provided" or "item not as advertised" claim.

You should never be out of pocket if you buy through Clickbank, or if you pay by PayPal or credit card.

Pap45murF 7 years ago

Are you guys sure this is actually Jason Kelly? The other guy claimed on the site had never heard of this, and Jason Kelly otherwise is a great stock advisor. His book is fantastic and his website only offers articles, nothing about a robot.

And strangely enough, I tried to find the easy way out with sports betting as well. There's a John Morrison "betting system" that sounds oddly familiar. Started at 198 bucks, now at 98, fake praise all over the net, proven scam, picks given via email with pdf "system", and run through Clickbank.

jimmy 7 years ago

yes i would also like to add that I did get my refund you have to yes actually do it though clikback and not jaosn keely himself, it's not for me i'm sorry.

profile image

stewart_dent 7 years ago from Northampton

I've written a hub myself on my own trading experiences, you can find it through my profile if your interested. Clickbank products are invariably scams, take back control of your inbox by canceling all that aweber spam and get your money back. Institutions pay BIG bucks for successful stock trading algorithms, Goldman reportedly paid 120 million for theirs. If this could do that then why is he selling it on clickbank to any Tom, Dick or Harry for a few bucks?

Frank 7 years ago

I have found the program for free and it is just an stock analysis program with you telling it what kind of pattern you are looking for. And as for the email subscription Jason is only looking at stocks patterns and getting into the stock then sending out the pick to all his members and they are buying he is selling. Ask yourself how can he know what the robot is going to pick. The robot picks a stock, does not talk to him. I have paid $29.00 about 2 or 3 years ago for his picks but they do not come every week like he had promise. Be smart and do not spend your money on this program when I am giving it to you for free, but I will take donation to my paypal account

Oh yeah by the way, the other link is for getting the data you need because his is from 2008. It will take you some time to gather the data it needs and if you want data then I have the last 7 months for you....just email me

Colette Morris profile image

Colette Morris 6 years ago from UK

Great information in this hub page, thanks for your honesty..

liam 6 years ago

if you want a proven system which cant go wrong I sugest you go to grace land updates(no idea about the day trading robot but it sounds good) subscribe to the newsleter do what he says and you will make money. i made money with him before i subscribed because i was reading him on 321gold. guy is a workaholic. honest and tells you there is no easy money. but his system works. I made a lot of cash the first few weeks of reading his work. but he has a pyramid generator go to the site and check it out. its the same thing the bankers use. there is no easy money. Just hard graft and a real system

wizardseye profile image

wizardseye 6 years ago

Very interesting thread. Came across it when I googled the DTR. It's May 13, 2010, and I just checked UOMO, and it's at about $.03. Hasn't done anything since the "pump and dump" one year sgo. So that should tell anyone that, that's what's happening. I knew it sounded too good to be true. I'm glad I have a years worth of data to reflect on. Feel bad for those who got duped. So here's a tip for anyone interested. At this time millions of gallons of oil are leaking into the Gulf of Mexico due to the BP explosion last week. I learned a tip a few years back that when there's a gold rush, it's easier to sell shovels than to look for the gold. Applying the same principle here, there's a company called ACT Clean Technologies, Inc. On Monday, 5/10/2010 they released the specs for a product designed to remove oil from just about anything. On Wednesday, 5/12/2010, BP requested field tests of their product. With oil and BP shares dropping, and a huge mess to clean up in the Gulf, one can see how it may be easier to make money on the cleanup than on the oil itself. In essence selling shovels instead of digging for gold. All of the above info is readily available to anyone who wants it. As of today ACT Clean Technologies, Inc. (ACLH) shares are between $.04 and $.05. Someone's going to have to clean up the mess. The thing about this product is that you get to keep the oil. Whereas, current methods either burn it off or break up the oil into small particles with no oil recovery. You can see why BP is very interested in this cost effective, and environmentally safe product. So there's my tip. No hype, just a problem that needs a solution. These are the things you need to look for to make money. The 7,000 shares I bought have made me about $140.00 so far. Good luck, and trade smart.

mark 6 years ago


Paul 6 years ago

Suckers !!!

Ryan 6 years ago and

have both made me over $3,523.23 in the past couple weeks, and best of all they're free!

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