Dealing with financial crisis from a spiritual standpoint

For many of us the, the recent economic downturn came completely by surprise. We were going about our lives as usual and making all kinds of plans for ourselves and our families. Then suddenly, it feels as if the rug was pulled out from beneath us with no warning, and a lot of us have fallen very hard. We face losing our homes, and our cars, and our retirement incomes, everything that we feel is critical and important to our lives.

But what are we going to do? When you have a spouse to give emotional support to, and children who look to you for stability and guidance, can you really afford to lose your mind? “How can I not lose my mind?’ you ask.

When this economic crisis began, two things happened to me immediately. I found myself pregnant with my third child, and I lost my job. I woke up everyday faced with a reality that I had no power over. I tried to look for a job before I started showing, but that did not work out as hoped. I was sick to my stomach through most of my interviews, and no one called me back with an offer. After about the second month of desperation and depression, I saw the effect that my response to the problems we faced, was affecting my husband and children, and I began to think very seriously about the impact of my emotional and mental state on my unborn child. I had a choice to make, and that was, find a better way to deal with this problem.

I’ve always been a very spiritual person, and I believe that the universe (God) takes care of you, but you have to let it (Him). It suddenly dawned on me that I was trying to do this my way, and that I was not allowing the Universe to function naturally. Negative thinking and worry, block the natural healing and corrective work that the Universe does. I began to meditate (pray)about the situation. I did not ask for a job or for money to suddenly rain down from the sky, so our bills wouldn’t fall behind. I asked for a new mindset and about a quiet acceptance of the situation in my life.

I began to focus on the many things I still had to be thankful and happy for: My husband, who is a classic edition, and my marriage which is stronger every day.

I started to give thanks for my healthy children, and the fact that there was still an income even if it was half of what we were accustomed to.

I began to take one day at a time and not worry about a week or a month down the road.

I took the bills each week, paid what I could, and chose not to worry about what I couldn’t pay until the next time my husband got paid. (I called to make payment arrangements on any and everything I could)

I just took the attitude that if a situation wasn’t going to take our lives, we would get through it when it came, and I chose not to think about it till it was time to think about it because if I did it would spoil the present moment.

The gloom and sadness in my heart and my home began to disappear, as I poured myself into living in the present moment, and the best part about it, was that every time a need arose, the money came. It didn’t fall from the sky but the room was created for us to meet that payment or unexpected expense. Lenience came from everywhere; and it gave us the ability to prioritize the most urgent things first.

All in all, it comes down very simply to this, and its not rocket science. When you are faced with any kind of challenge in your life. If you don’t have any power over it, don’t let it overpower you because it will spoil your life. Your power comes through looking it dead in the eye, recognizing and accepting it for what it is, and start being thankful for everything else that’s going great in your life. Look at the problem through your mind’s eye as just a fraction of who you are and what makes up the totality of your life. You’ll find that by de-magnifying it, it slowly begins to correct itself, not as you plan it but as the great Universe that supports you, works it out.

Today, we can look back at a tough time, and smile as well as take comfort in the knowledge that we know the secret to getting through it, should it happen again.


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Tim Blackstone profile image

Tim Blackstone 5 years ago

I am full of admiration that you were able to change your way of thinking into a more positive approach. A great hub and a lesson for us all. Thank you for publishing your story.

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