Debt And Bill Consolidation

When the pressures of debt have become to large, it's time to turn to debt and bill consolidation.  Almost every American carries some amount of debt (and don't forget the national debt) at some time during their life, and the stress of dealing with it is tremendous.  I assume that if you're reading this, you are trying to decide which method is best for reducing your debt.  Debt and bill consolidation is the easiest way to reduce your debt and work towards paying it off.

Put simply, debt and bill consolidation is the process of negotiating with banks and creditors to lower the amount you owe and lumping it into one monthly payment.  There are tons of for-profit and non-profit debt and bill consolidation companies.  All of them have their own personalized services and fees, but all will do essentially the same thing.

Another option is to do it yourself with a debt consolidation loan.  These are harder to get because your credit score is probably already damaged from the debt you have already have amassed.  If your credit score is still strong this is the DIY route.

Let's take a closer look at debt and bill consolidation.

Image courtesy of Andres Rueda via Flickr.
Image courtesy of Andres Rueda via Flickr.

Relieve Stress With Debt And Bill Consolidation

Debt and bill consolidation will help you get your debt under control, your credit score back up, and get you financially on your feet again.  The stress will begin to go away as soon as you finish reading this article and go find a consolidation company that will help you.  

The debt and bill consolidation company will pull up your credit report to see what outstanding debts you have.  Once you agree to work with them, they will contact each company that you have debt with and negotiate the amount you owe to as low as possible.  They will work to remove late fees, penalties, and some of the interest.  After this has been done with all of the banks and creditors your debt will be reduced by as much as 50%.  

Debt and Bill Consolidation in Action

After you agree to work with the consolidation company you will make a single monthly payment directly to the company.  Most of them will set up a recurring deduction from your checking account every month.  Usually, you will still get statements from credit card companies, but you won't do anything with them.  It's really cool to see the amount of debt go down every month without you having to send each one of them payments.

Depending on your financial situation going into consolidation your terms will vary.  It will usually take 5-7 years to complete the payments.  This obviously depends on how much money you make and how much debt you have.  The only way to figure out how long it will take is to contact a debt and bill consolidation company.

After the Fact

After you have signed up with a debt and bill consolidation company, you will have to take measures to not fall back into the same problem.  Don't sign up for new credit cards or take out loans.  Make a budget and stick to it.

Taking action as soon as possible will keep the amount you owe from growing any more.  So get out there and do it!!

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