How To Find The Best Debt Consolidator

Finding a debt consolidator is a total crapshoot.  You can reference their paid testimonials and the huge claims that they all make.  How do you determine which one is right for you?  You have to dig a little deeper!

You have to find a debt consolidator that will negotiate your debt as low as possible and will work directly with you to determine what your monthly payment should be.  Some companies have better relationships with the creditor and banks than others do.  The strength of this relationship can directly affect the amount that you owe.  There also are stories of debt consolidators making their customers pay monthly payments that they cannot afford to make.  This may be the fault of the customer as well, but had the debt consolidator worked more closely with their client there would not have been an issue.

Read on to learn where to do research to find the best debt consolidator.

Image courtesy of SqueakyMarmot via Flickr.
Image courtesy of SqueakyMarmot via Flickr.

My Experience With A Debt Consolidator

I was lucky enough to not have to do any research to find a fair and experienced debt consolidator.  Another member of my family had already been burned by one company and chose another one that worked great for her.  She recommended them to me, and I've been happy with them ever since.  I'm leaving this at experience, as to prevent this Hub from becoming spammy and promotional.

The lesson, then, is to ask people who are close to you of their experiences.  They will have first hand and honest feedback for you.  Some of the debt consolidator companies also have a referral program that can help your family member out.  Trust the experience of the people close to you over what could be a paid testimonial on TV or the internet.

Researching A Debt Consolidator

Doing research to find the best debt consolidator is a two-prong approach.  You have to find legitimate testimonials and check out a bunch of different companies to see what they offer.  The services that consolidation companies offer vary wildly, so you have to determine which one is the best for your situation.

A user created review site, like Yelp!, is a great place to start your research if you are looking for a local company.  A search of "debt" near San Francisco brought up 235 companies.  The reviews that you read should be weighed all together for a particular company.  Even the best companies will have a few unhappy customers.

To find a larger debt consolidator, it's best to hit the search engines.  Research at least ten different companies before you make your mind up.  As stated above, they all offer different services, so you have to find the one that aligns the closest to your needs.  Find their fees and terms of service to compare them to the others.

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