Dismiss the Indian Bank CMD Immediately

Sewage Is Running in Bhasin’s Veins

Sewage Is Running in Bhasin’s Veins
Sewage Is Running in Bhasin’s Veins | Source

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Car Locked Accidentally With Luggage and Keys Inside

Car Locked Accidentally With Luggage and Keys Inside

Recently there was news about the CMD of Indian Bank T M Bhasin. Bhasin landed at the Mumbai airport for some official visit. The Indian Bank Zonal Manager, Mumbai was waiting at the airport to receive him. The Zonal Manager collected all the luggage of the Indian Bank CMD Bhasin and tried to load them into a waiting car outside. But the car got locked accidentally with the keys inside at the ignition hole. Bhasin’s luggage got trapped inside the car.

Sewage Is Running in Bhasin’s Veins

This was of course an ordinary incident. The Zonal Manager Banabihari Panda and the driver of the car could have been careful. But such minor lapses take place everyday, however careful you are. If you are in the position of the Indian Bank CMD, what you would have done? Just imagine. If I were the CMD, I would have joked about it with the Zonal Manager and travelled to my hotel room in another car or taxi. Probably you would have done the same thing. But Bhasin is made of different stuff. Blood flows in my veins and your veins also. But in Bhasin’s veins, sewage flows perhaps. He scolded the Zonal Manager on the spot and went on to suspend him from the job. Poor Zonal Manager, I pity with him.

Zonal Manager Was Suspended For Failing to Show Minimum Courtesy

If an employee is suspended, some valid reason should be shown for it. What was the reason Bhasin showed in the suspension order? Well, you may not believe it, but it is true. Banabihari Panda, Indian Bank Zonal Manager Mumbai was suspended for failing to provide “minimum basic courtesies” to the CMD T M Bhasin. The charge levelled against Panda was that he kept the CMD waiting at the airport for over an hour as the keys got locked in when luggage was being loaded into the car.

Panda Ran Errands to the CMD

Panda duly apologised for the incident. In the detailed reply, Panda also mentioned that he made alternative arrangements, hiring a taxi and arranging two sets of new towels and dhotis for Bhasin through his friend, and later running around till late in the night for fetching a duplicate key. Finally, Panda was able to hand over Bhasin’s luggage at his guest-house by one hour after midnight.

Panda Pleaded Mercy

Panda also mentioned his 34 years of experience as an officer and pleaded his sincerity and hard work. Panda had gone to the airport along with a junior executive to receive the Bhasin on that fateful day. The vehicle got locked while they were overseeing loading of Bhasin’s luggage. The keys were in the ignition as the air-conditioning was on.

Executive Director Signed the Suspension Order

The suspension order stated that the CMD was unable to enter the vehicle and travel to his guest house. The letter also stated that the CMD was made to wait for more than of hour at the airport and finally had to leave in another taxi arranged without baggage. The suspension letter was signed by V Rama Gopal, Executive Director of the bank.

Illegal Suspension Order

The suspension letter also chided Panda for failing to extend “minimum usual basic courtesies” to the CMD. By doing so, the suspension letter stated that Panda had “failed to discharge” his duty. The letter also accused Panda of not handling things properly and exhibiting behaviour “unbecoming of a responsible official in the Top Management cadre of the Bank”.

Panda Invokes His Dead Wife to Defend Himself

Things did not stop with that. Panda wrote another letter to the CMD. He recalled how the latter had asked for a two-minute silence at a meeting of general managers and Zonal managers earlier as respect for Panda’s dead wife. “When the same CMD Bhasin ordered for my suspension, I could understand the gravity of the situation leading to the decision.”

T Valliappan Was another Corrupt and Worst Executive in Indian Bank

T Valliappan Was another Corrupt and Worst Executive in Indian Bank
T Valliappan Was another Corrupt and Worst Executive in Indian Bank | Source

Dismiss the Indian Bank CMD Immediately

Even A Street Dog Will Not Respect Bhasin after His Tenure

One is at a loss to understand that such an obnoxious thing has happened in the twentieth century in a democratic country. Even a Prime Minister or a Chief Minister or a President would not have behaved in the same fashion as Bhasin did. What does Bhasin think himself of? Is he thinking that he is the owner of Indian Bank? I like to remind Bhasin that he is only an ordinary employee of Indian Bank and as soon as his tenure is over, he has to walk out. He will not be allowed to overstay even one minute after his tenure is over and even a dog will not salute at him or wag its tail at him.

Will Bhasin Supply Tissue Papers To The Finance Minister In The Lavatory?

Under what rules does Bhasin expect the Zonal Manager to be present at the airport to receive him? Why should the Zonal Manager load Bhasin’s luggage into the car? Why should the Zonal Manager be subservient to Bhasin? Will Bhasin be subservient to his boss say the RBI Governor or the Finance Minister? Will Bhasin supply tissue paper when the RBI Governor is passing stools in the lavatory? Will Bhasin consider it a honour to do so? Why did Bhasin call for a two minute condolence meeting only for the death of Panda’s wife? There are so many relatives of staff of Indian Bank who die. Even day before yesterday, a friend of me working as officer in Richmond Circle branch Bangalore said his grandmother expired. Why did Bhasin not call for a condolence meeting in this case? Why has Panda’s wife become something special for Bhasin? Bhasin may say it is his personal matter. But it is not the personal matter. Indian Bank is a public sector bank running on taxpayer’s money. Public has every right to know things happening in the Indian Bank.

T Valliappan Was another Corrupt and Worst Executive in Indian Bank

One has never seen a worst executive like Bhasin before. Indian Bank is actually famous for petty executives who expect their subordinate officers to run errands for them. Indian Bank is also the most corrupt bank and the executives make money in most of the deals. Once not long back, the entire net worth of Indian Bank was wiped out because of corruption. One executive T Valliappan was famous for making money in writing off the NPAs. Valliappan expected every officer under him to bow before him and run errands for him. He was close to the then Finance Minister Chidambaram.

Bhasin Should Be Dismissed Immediately

The government of India and the Finance Ministry should immediately dismiss T M Bhasin, the CMD of Indian Bank for illegally suspending an officer for what happened as an accident at the airport. RBI cannot be expected to do this as RBI itself is corrupt. Indian Bank’s Executive Director V Rama Gopal should be dismissed from his job for issuing an illegal suspension order at the behest of the CMD.

Panda Degraded the Office of the Zonal Manager

The government should also take action against Panda for degrading the office of the Zonal Manager of the bank. Panda made it to look as though visiting the airport, receiving the CMD and loading the CMD’s luggage inside the car are all the duties of a Zonal Manager. The salary that is paid to Panda is a waste. He should be summarily dismissed from his post. Panda takes pride in the fact that Bhasin conducted a condolence meeting for his dead wife. Such executives are leeches sucking the blood of the taxpaying public and deserve no sympathy.

RBI Governor Subba Rao Is Afraid Of Bhasin

But will all these things happen? I do not think it will happen. RBI will come to the protection of Bhasin as otherwise Bhasin will expose the corruption of the RBI officials. Traditionally RBI officials including the RBI Governor were afraid of Indian Bank CMD in the past. When Gopalakrishnan sanctioned more than Rs.100 crore loan to the then East West Airlines against the sanctioned limit of Rs.5crore, the RBI representative in the Board was instructed by the RBI Governor to keep mum and endorse the decision. Similarly the present RBI Governor Subba Rao is afraid of T M Bhasin as Bhasin knows all the ‘deals’ of Subba Rao. Nothing will happen to Bhasin and he will continue to behave in the same fashion in future also. After his retirement, Bhasin may be given some high post in the RBI or government of India where also he will dominate others under him as a petty bourgeoisie. Bhasins can never be reformed in India. They continue to flourish and suck the blood of others. If I am the dictator of India, I will make Bhasin stand in the street and whip him with lash hundred times before the full public view.

Public Should Boycott Indian Bank

Public should boycott such an obnoxious bank. There are so many good banks in India like State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, Punjab National Bank etc to bank upon. The public should withdraw their deposits from Indian Bank to another good bank. Investors should not subscribe any capital issues coming from Indian Bank.

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jeremiah 4 years ago

The comments about Valliappan are cent per cent true. He made money from many npa accounts when he was the zonal manager of Chennai region. He was unusually kept for a long time of five years as zonal manager by the head office in collusion with rbi officials.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

I thank Jeremiah for his comments

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