Do Not Use J K Harris & Co., LLC To Solve Any Tax Problems Of Yours

JK Harris Just Steals Your Money From You And Then Screws You

JK Harris & Co., LLC is a terrible, cheating company. Besides this they are a fine company. That last sentence was called sarcasm.

Do not use them to use to help solve your Internal Revenue Service or state tax problems.

I paid them $15,000 to resolve my tax problems. I gave them all this money up front 6 years ago. I still have nothing at all done. They still have not done a thing for me.

I have tried for years to talk to them. Yet I have gotten not one response yet. I am still waiting.

My main problem with this company is that their responses are very slow. Not that it slowed them down from taking my money instantly. It was also strange how they cashed the check the very same day!

I just saw a click ad for JK Harris on my blog. How funny is that! They are idiots just like the IRS told me over the phone. I then asked him to send me that in writing saying how he would never use JK Harris.

I have much documentation about this and much more. I have volumes of correspondence between JK Harris, IRS, State Tax Boards, and myself. I will be taking photos of many of these documents and posting them here.

JK Harris tried to have me charged for harrassment about me asking for them to either do their job or give me a refund. I was not asking for the world!

They called the FBI in South Carolina.  They then called me to say I had to stop harassing JK Harris, because they had given me a full refund and had plan to file all my offer in compromises.  I then told this agent they said they would never, ever give me back one penny or do anything else for me.  That was the reason for me calling them.

He then said he would check with them and get back to me on that.  He still has not called or contacted me in any way.

Now I have had to contact a lawyer to try to get some of my money back.  He and other lawyers have told me that it would cost too much to get my money back.   

They had told me they have heard this happening to other people.  JK harris is famous for doing this according to multiple attorneys.

Jk Harris has beat me, but not fair and square.  They did rip me and others off totally.

I am only mentioning this so the next people might go somewhere else besides JK Harris.  I had heard before I paid them all my money that they were known for doing this to people, but the person I talked to at their back rented by the hour office that JK Harris is a changed company.

He lied.


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