Doing Keyword Research

How To Do Keyword Research

If you are looking to do keyword research for your hubs, WebPages or blogs then the best place to start is with low competition phrases using long tail keywords.  Long tail keywords are simply keywords (or phrases) that have two or more words in them.  Usually I look for keywords of three or more words but you can also choose words with two words or more. 

Let's look at an example

  • Bad Breath
  • How To Get Rid of Bad Breath in Dogs

Using the term 'bad breath' as an example our root keyword bad breath (even though it is two words) is not considered a long tail keyword simply because it is too short and has way too much competition.  (At last look you'd be competing against nearly 3 million other websites for that term).  However if you add a few more words that people might still be searching for then you won't have as much competition.

 'How to get rid of bad breath in dogs' only competes with 4 other pages.  You could easily get all the traffic for this term as you virtually have no competition!  - It isn't much easier to get a #1 spot in Google.

Finding Long Tail Keywords

So how do you find long tail keywords for your topic?

There are both free and paid ways to find good keywords.

The free way is to use the Google Keyword Tool, enter your term and look for longer versions.

An easier way to find keywords is to use paid tools like Micro Niche Finder or Market Samurai which are both great software programs that will not only find great keywords for you, but also let you know which ones have only a small amount of competition so that you'll be able to dominate that keyword.

How To Choose Good Keywords

Ok.  Let's move on.

First you want to find keywords that have some decent searches (at least 500 per month but 2000 per month and above is better).  Make a list of them.

Next go to Google and so a search for each of your long tail keywords using quotes.  Ideally you are looking for phrases that have less than 500,000 other sites.  The less sites that you are competing against the easier it will be for you to rank highly for that term.

This research should narrow your keywords down quite a bit until you have a handful of really good long tail keywords with low competition.

Start by going after the keyword with the lowest competition and work your way upwards with each new hub/post/lens.  And then of course link them together for even more search engine juice.


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