Chart of The Day - Guilty by Association?

Navigant Consulting, Inc. (NCI) - $9.20 

Analyst target: $15.00 - $18.00 Mean: $16.25

Navigant Consulting, Inc., a specialty consulting firm, provides services to companies in addressing the challenges of uncertainty, risk, distress, and significant change. NCI has been dropping like a rock due to recent reporting by FTI consulting inc (FCN). Navigant Consulting has market cap of 0.47Bil which is considered small cap. All technical indicator paints negative picture. RSI(14) is at 21.54, MACD is in sloping downtrend, Sto is at low 2.61. This stock will bounce, but the question is when? No one will know for sure. Selling volume is still huge. I think when we see low volume of selling, then you can buy this stock or wait till NCI reports their second quarter of 2010 on July 29th.

Disclaimer: I have no position on NCI

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