Earn money online by writing reviews - Ciao vs DooYoo

Earn money from writing opinions

A different way to earn money

Both Ciao and DooYoo are opinion sites which will pay you to write reviews on just about anything reviews can be written about. Both have communities, and pay based on how well your review was rated.

Many people seem to find a friendlier community with DooYoo than they do with Ciao. Both sites also contain a section for non-product related reviews and discussions. Ciao's is called the Cafe, and DooYoo's is called Speakers Corner. DooYoo's Speakers Corner is more focused, and seems to have more serious debates and discussions, while Ciao's is far more random, fun, and less useful perhaps.

The payout


Ciao pays you on certain reviews when other members find your reviews helpful. They can offer you a rating of "helpful", "very helpful" or "exceptional". For these ratings you receive .5p (UK pence), 1p or 2p, each time someone rates your review. However, it does depend on what you are reviewing, and how much weight Ciao puts on that product. When you choose a product to review, you will see no pound sign for non-remunerated products, one pound sign for a 0.5p per rating, and two pound signs 1p and three pound signs 2p. (This is perhaps dollar signs for other countries?)

Ciao also has a 'Premium Fund' of £2000 which is divided among the best authors.


DooYoo works in Miles. You earn dooyooMiles, and these can be converted into cash, Amazon vouchers, or donated to charity. 1000 dooyooMiles are worth £1. Each review of more than 150 words receives 500 dooyooMiles, and each time someone reads your review, you receive 15 dooyooMiles.

You need 20 000 dooyooMiles to redeem them for Amazon vouchers, and 50 000 to receive a cash payout.

Ciao or DooYoo - Which to choose?

There are clear benefits to each website. DooYoo offers a pay out just for writing the review, however Ciao's minimum payout amount is much lower than DooYoo's.

Which to choose? Why not both! Put your reviews on both websites, and you can see for yourself which website you prefer.  Though - be sure not to post exact copies of the reviews to avoid any copy right infringements.

After I have more experience with these sites, I will provide more of my first hand experiences.

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Haunty profile image

Haunty 7 years ago from Hungary

Yes, I used to participate in the Ciao community, but I like Hubpages a lot better. But Ciao can be a good as a money making option. Thanks for introducing me to DooYoo. DooYoo write write reviews for DooYoo, anyway?

ForTheInterim profile image

ForTheInterim 7 years ago from Montreal Author

I'm just learing about these two myself. I've read DooYoo has a nicer community than Ciao.  I have a fair bit of travelling in the near future, so I'm preemptively joining under the assumption I'll have something to review shortly.  I much prefer the HubPages idea, but I feel for some things, like very specific reviews, DooYoo may have more potential.  But for a complete travel experience I would choose Hub Pages.

nazim 7 years ago

DooYoo is fantastic site, but Ciao is better.

cannotbeserious 7 years ago

Some people are being banned from dooyoo for pasting their same reviews in ciao.es.

Please, rectify your article because it can make damage.

profile image

Nonauthorityfigur 7 years ago

Are these sites only for England

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