Making Extra Money as a Family

Ways to Make Extra Cash

I know from time to time we all need some extra money that we do not have. I, like so many others, tried many different ways to earn money from home only to find out I got ripped off by a company trying to teach me to rip off others. I lost some money because I could not trick another person to buy the same "crap" I did. Along the way I did learn a few ways to earn some real extra money without having to spend the extra money I was trying to earn. We also have ways that include our children's help and puts some money in their pockets as well.

I am a stay-at-home mom but I try to earn extra income to support my fiance's full-time income. It is not easy, especially with having the four kids but we do manage to get through the months.  Here are a few of the ways we earn our extra cash.

Recycling or Scraping

 Scraping is my 6 year old's new favorite thing to do.  My fiance will take him and the two 9 year olds up the mountains behind our house with our wagon.  They will walk through the paths collecting all the junk metal that other people dumped over the years.  They bring the wagon filled over the top home and store it in the shed until they have a nice truck load to cash in.  Also anything that has copper inside of it is ripped apart because copper pays more.  We save all our aluminum cans also.  One truck load of mixed scrap metal will usually pay us anywhere from $60 to $100.  But if you seen the joy on my son's face you would know it pays more because it is his favorite thing to do and he is always looking to see what is made of metal or if it might have copper inside.

Start Your Own Business

 Now this one isn't as hard as it sounds depending on what you like to do, or what you are already skilled at doing.  For myself, I am an Independent Avon Sales Representative.  The start up fee is quite low and you have all the support you need from your upline.  You get back what you put into it.  So if you are out everyday trying to find new customers or new representives you will have a great income.  Even if you are not looking to find customers it pays off by giving you a discount on personal care items, ex. Shampoo, nail polish, etc.  But you just have to remember, you will not earn money if you are not working for it!!!!

Selling on Ebay

 You can also try selling out-grown or no longer used items in home for some extra cash.  Instead of having everything sitting around collecting dust try posting them on Ebay and see what happens.  We had just cleaned out our basement a few weeks ago and I found about 40 items that I listed on Ebay.  Out of the 40 items I have sold so far 32 of them for about $419.00.  Now I have my Christmas shopping money for the kids and we don't have to dip into our regular income money. 

Curb Surfing

I read this hub by Sweetsusieg a couple months ago and it stuck in my head because what she wrote about is exactly what we have been doing in some regards. We usually go to yard sales but there is a whole lot of stuff people just throw away and with permission alot of time people will allow you to take what you want. Hence "Another man's junk is another man's treasure". What someone else is just throwing away can wind up as cash in your pocket. You can sell it on Ebay or scrap it for cash.

Just remember to allows gain permission from the person throwing it away because taking without permission is considered stealing!!!

So no matter what type of income you are looking for I hope that this hub helps you find a way to suit your money needs, in regards to extra cash.

Also here is the link to Sweetsusieg's hub on Curb Surfing.

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john000 profile image

john000 6 years ago from Superior, Arizona

I really enjoyed the article. Even though I already do most of what you have suggested (save the Avon) it was so good to see another resourceful person seeing what I see. Nicely written article. Much thanks.

JillKostow profile image

JillKostow 6 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

john000 Thank you for reading, I know there are many more of us who do the things I listed and more to earn money, but it does make you feel good in a sense that your not the only one doing it!!! I guess also in this economy we could use all the extra cash we can get!!!

Victoria Stephens profile image

Victoria Stephens 6 years ago from London

Some nice tips there, thanks for

InfoFinder profile image

InfoFinder 6 years ago

Thank you for the on-target hub. Especially during hard times, it is helpful to generate additional ways to bring money into the household. Thanks for the tips.

JillKostow profile image

JillKostow 6 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

Victoria Stephens and InfoFinder - Thanks for reading and commenting. I just thought I would share some of the things my family does for the extra money. It is alot easier that trying to figure out what online jobs are legit or scams!!! And it also cleans up the junk laying around.

dinesh8252 profile image

dinesh8252 6 years ago

this articles very attract me

JillKostow profile image

JillKostow 6 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

dinesh8252--Thanks for stopping by!!!

G Miah profile image

G Miah 6 years ago from Muslim Nation

Some very good, simple and enjoyable tips there. I usually go to car boot sales and buy things for really cheap and sell them on ebay. I really enjoy getting up early and browsing all the aisles with items new and old.

Thanks for sharing!

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