Earning Passive Income in Your Spare Time

Generating Passive Income Online

There is no reason why you could not be earning a passive incomeonline right now. I'm not an internet guru, nor do I have anything to sell you. I'm purely writing this to get you motivated to better yourself. We could all use more money each month to pay bills, save for retirement or go on that vacation. I'm guessing you fit into one of these categories otherwise you wouldn't be searching for "how to make money online" just a few minutes before reading this article.

For years I have researched how to make extra money with hopes to one day make enough so I can do away with my day job. For years all I have done is search, read about ideas and do nothing. That's right, I did nothing. For some reason I am still shocked that I have not been able to make any money. I finally realized that opportunity waits for no man. If I really want this I actually have to get off my butt and do something.

Taking action whether big or small is a step in the right direction. In the past I continually had projects in mind but would never start them because I felt I did not have the time to finish them. Now I started working on these projects one step at a time and slowly things are moving in my favor.

To get to this point I started out small, with things I could finish and see results with fairly quickly. I'm going to go through some passive income ideas that can help you get started with little or no money and minimum time.

Passive Income Ideas

Here is a quick list of ideas you can use to generate passive income online.

  1. Write articles on sites like Hupages, Squidoo, Info Barrel and Bukisa. Much like I am doing right now, these sites let you post content and share revenue from any ad clicks or affiliate sales that are made from your article. All you need to start are some ideas and 15 minutes of spare time.
  2. Create a gig on Fiverr. If you have never been to Fiverr.com you need to check this out now. You can sell a service, ebook, advice, coding, create videos, etc. You can only charge $5 per gig of which Fiverr keeps $1 for themselves. Money from your sales will go into your PayPal account.
  3. Build a blog about something you are interested in or know lots about. Monetize this blog with ads (Google Adsense, Text Links and Konterra). Keep adding content to this site until it receives decent traffic. If you are not making any money with ads or affiliate links, sell the site on Flippa.com
  4. Go to Clickbank.com and find a product that has high gravity and something you feel you can generate content about. Get an Aweber account for 1$. Use Aweber to host your squeeze page and build an auto-responder for the Clickabnk product. Write articles and publish them to Ezine Articles with a back link to your squeeze page. When people optin to your squeeze page they will receive your auto-responder series sprinkled with affiliate links. You should begin receiving sales once you have between 10-20 people on your email list. If you are not receiving sales tweak your squeeze page and auto-responder series.

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LucidDreams profile image

LucidDreams 5 years ago from St Petersburg, Florida

Nice Hub.....honest and to the point. Getting started is where so many fail. You have to take the first step even if you dont think you know enough yet beacuse you will never know enough..Just get started....Good advice.

taviasylum profile image

taviasylum 5 years ago from India

Good hub, blogging and affiliate marketing are the best ways to make passive income online but Hubpages is also a good option

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