Making Money Online - Is it Fantasy or an Inspiring Reality?

Making Money Online in Today's Poor Economy

From blogs to regular web sites, people are establishing ways to earn money online. Some are becoming members of affiliate programs, some are setting up businesses of their own, while some are doing such things as writing to earn a living. No matter how you choose to view it, the Internet is now bursting with more activity than ever before. Most of it is directly geared towards generating some sort of income.

Regretfully, however, many soon discover that all is not as advertised. There is no instant road to success or bucket of gold waiting to be picked up. To the contrary, they find that success making money online calls for hard and often difficult work. Nothing comes free online. They also discover that every type of crook and thief is online waiting for them, ready and willing to give them a million dollars for a small donation or handling fee. They come face to face with the scam artist whose only product is the deceit he packages and sells to steal money from the unsuspecting on a daily basis.

After settling in, a great many see Affiliate Programs as a viable means of earning an income. Here, they are absolutely correct. The commissions that can be earned by way of affiliate programs can certainly provide one with a meaningful income. For instance, there are web hosting programs that pay a $100 commission for the sale of one advance hosting plan. If you sell just one of these plans a day, you'll bring in $3,000 per month. It should be kept in mind that $100 commissions on one item is not usually the norm. Most companies pay less than this. However, the above is nonetheless illustrative of the fact that you can indeed make money online.

For those of you who may be unaware of what an affiliate program is, let me explain it this way: Most companies today are willing to pay you a fee for sending them customers who purchase their products. For each purchase the customer you sent them makes, the company pays you a percentage of that sale, which is referred to as a commission. The amount that you receive varies from company to company. Some will pay you a $10 commission, while another will pay you $20 for the purchase of the same exact items.

While profitable, this road can be rough. There are hundreds of thousands of people right now trying to make money online. Thus, competition is steep. If you decide to sell brooms online, you can bet your bottom dollar that there are literally thousands of other people out there selling the same product. Doing well online means that you have to learn how to compete with multimillion dollar companies all over the world. In short, you'll have to learn how to compete effectively against the odds. Is this doable? You bet!

This article was written to advise you that earning an income online is indeed possible and probably more so than you might believe. However, one of the foremost factors that helps create failure are unrealistic expectations. The internet is a market place just like any other and most of the rules apply. There is no such thing up here as a free ride. This only exist in the minds of the scam artist and the gullible who are their prey.

Your ability to make money online will be heavily dependent upon your willingness to apply yourself to learning your craft. If you join an affiliate program, it is important that you learn exactly how that program works, what features it has to help you make sales, and more. If you want to succeed, you must reach out for knowledge and assistance where ever a real and trusted opportunity presents itself. You must always keep in mind that your online business is your ship; it will go where you lead it. You must develop the strength and expertise to lead it in the direction that leads to economic prosperity for you. And, once again, beware the scam artist who will offer you your wildest dreams for only $29.99 or some other such figure. One thing is certain, if you buy into their scams, they'll make money, you won't.

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Michelle Tukachinsky 5 years ago

Great hub, with good info. Making money online is not easy, but it can be done. It is definitely not get rich quick online, but a slow build if you find the right niche and right type of online biz. :)

ThePeeDeeWildcat 5 years ago from Just Across The State Line

Mike1404----This is a timely, informative and common sense Hub. I look forward to reading and learning more from your future work. Welcome aboard!

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