Earnings and More After Nearly One Month on WebAnswers

How much have I earned so far on WebAnswers?

In another 3 days I will have been a member at WebAnswers for one full month. It was only on the first of June 2012 that I linked up my Adsense account to begin earning on WebAnswers. In 27 days I have earned about $17.

Although I spent about 7 hours on WebAnswers on my first day, after that I have been visiting the site only in my spare time - although I do try and pop in every day. This $17 has been made only in my spare time.

In this same time (27 days) on HubPages I have earned a little under $7. I've been a member at HubPages for 24 months.

Am I saying that WebAnswers is better than HubPages?

No, I am not saying that WebAnswers is better than HubPages. WebAnswers and HubPages are two different sites, and I'm still here aren't I? - writing this new hub.

WebAnswers is for those who like to answer questions, questions asked by other members or by members of the public. WebAnswers is for those who like to be helpful. Anything earned for your efforts made at answering questions and being helpful is just a bonus. I'm pleased with my bonus!

Hubbers or others who like to be helpful and need a little extra income at the same time, may enjoy joining and being active on WebAnswers. Those who want to join WebAnswers to make a fortune, will be disappointed.

People say you have to be active on WebAnswers to earn anything

People say that true passive income is made on HubPages, and that on WebAnswers one has to be active on the site almost every day to earn anything. People say that if your aim is to make passive income, or to increase your passive income earnings, then WebAnswers is not the site for you.

I'm not going to deny that this seems to be true.

If I skip a day or two of answering questions on WebAnswers, I'm lucky if I make $0.20 that day. I also suspect that if I skipped visiting the site for the whole of next month, that I may very well make less than $5 next month, compared to my $17 so far this month.

- UPDATE (5 July 2012): Hm... Skipped 3 days very recently, and still made about $1.80. Just lucky? I don't know.

On the other hand, in April I added 12 new hubs to HubPages and earned $14 that month. In May I added only one new hub, and at the end of May had earned a little over $8 for May. I've added 6 (with this one) new hubs in this month, June, and my earnings are sitting on a little over $7 for this month so far.

It's a lot of work writing and adding new hubs, and being active on HubPages through commenting and sharing, to earn only $7 or $8 in one month. It's not that much work to regularly answer questions (with answers containing only 5 to 10 lines of content) compared to spending a lot of time on writing lengthy hubs and being active on HubPages.

I understand that things take time, and that I can't expect to still earn $14 on HubPages the next month if I don't add any new hubs the next month (or add only one new hub in my case for the month of May) but it's still disappointing to then add 6 new hubs in June, be active on the site with commenting and sharing, and earn only half of what I did in April. Adding more hubs and being more active on HubPages is supposed to increase my earnings, not make my earnings less. Maybe I'm not doing it enough - but doing it more would mean heaps more work at it, time I don't have. And when my earnings drop with more activity instead of increase, there's no inspiration to feel more motivated.

What I do enjoy about HubPages (besides the amazing and friendly community) is that should I not add any new hubs in July, I'll likely still earn at least $7 from HubPages, whereas if I add nothing new to WebAnswers in July, I'd be lucky to make $5.

Unfortunately I'm not going to do an experiment to find out for sure! Both WebAnswers and HubPages are addictive, and I'll be adding more content to both during the month of July.

Visit WebAnswers to learn How WebAnswers Works

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kelleyward 4 years ago

Sounds interesting. I'll try this out when I get some free time. Thanks! Kelley

writerjj profile image

writerjj 4 years ago

thanks for the informative hub!

I must be missing something as I have been in Hubpages for 17 months with 85 hubs yet my average is only between $4 to $5...

Guess I have to revisit my hubs :)

xstatic profile image

xstatic 4 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

Interesting and onformative Hub! I knew nothing about Webanswers, but will check it out. Up!

hawaiianodysseus profile image

hawaiianodysseus 4 years ago from Southeast Washington state

Voted up, useful, and interesting! Hi, Teresa! With my work on eBay taking up 80-90% of my day, I totally identify with your "compare and contrast" points regarding the quantitative results of one versus the other. Yet, like you, the passion for writing definitely keeps me going on HubPages.

Still, you piqued my curiosity about WebAnswers. If it helps you monetarily to refer someone, please send me a link to join up. Several years ago, I signed up for something similar, but if it turns out that what I signed up for was indeed WebAnswers, then I'll be one embarrassed senior citizen having reinforced the notion that my brain cells are short-circuiting. LOL! Aloha to you and your guy!

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 4 years ago from East London, in South Africa Author

Thanks for the comments, kellyward, writerjj and xstatic - my earnings on WebAnswers have moved up another dollar since I write this hub earlier today!

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 4 years ago from East London, in South Africa Author

@ hawaiianodysseys - thanks! and hi to you too - thanks for saying Aloha to my guy too :) he's back in South Africa from his trip to the UK for his brother's funeral, but staying at his daughter for two nights in another town before he travels back to me. I don't mind if you use my referral link or not, but if you want to, it's at the bottom of my hub in the "How WebAnswers Works" link. Don't be embarrassed if you've already joined and forget about it - I'm "only" 43 and forget things all the time already!

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Chris Hugh 4 years ago


pythian2 profile image

pythian2 4 years ago from UK

I too I'm signed up with web answers. I started my web writing journey end of March this year. So far I have answered around 90 questions and my earnings are around 5 dollars.

I have been with webanswers and hubpages roughly about the same and my earnings with hubpages is less than 1 dollar.

Despite this I'm still here.

I think hubpages are for people who love writing and get the opportunity to publish to the wide world. As writers we're not at the mercy of editors. We are almost in total control.

We get feedback on what we write and if none is forthcoming we can even ask for it.

The biggest draw of hubpages is that we are a member of a community, with webanswers you are not.

Join webanswers if you want to see more immediate albeit small earnings. There is a qualifying threshold of 50 answers before you can claim your Adsense earnings.

liesl5858 profile image

liesl5858 3 years ago from United Kingdom

Thank you for sharing this interesting and useful hub, Teresa. I haven't heard of this site before. I might give it a go.

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