Earth Mama Thrift Store

Thrift Store Name

I looked up the term Earth Mama before I wrote this article because I was curious to see why someone would name a thrift store Earth Mama. When I realized the term Earth Mama was synonymous with organic baby products I knew why this thrift store was named Earth Mama thrift store. When you walk into the store one side of the entire store is decorated as though it was a day care center. There are children books, toys and clothing for sale on this side of the store. The furniture and displays are all very colorful and bright. When I spoke with the owner, which by the way, is unaware that I am writing this article, she indicated that Earth Mama Thrift Store donates all the proceeds to a women shelter in Georgia. This was the most interesting name for a thrift store I had ever heard and it is quite appropriate.

Donations Needed for This Thrift Store

If you have items that are no longer being used by your family, please donate the items to this store. They take donations of all children clothing, women clothing, small electronics, books, and furniture. if you have any of these items or you have garage sale and want to donate your unsold items, please check out this thrift store located in Fayetteville, Georgia. The store is located next to Stacey's Outdoor Furniture store behind Hotlanta Wings. Earth Mama Thrift Store is open Monday through Saturday.

Earth Mama Thrift Store

If you love thrift stores and yard sales, you are sure to love shopping at Earth Mama Thrift Store in Fayetteville Georgia. The store is extremely well organized. The children section is decorated as though it is inside a department store. The display shelves are all decorated with bright colors. The clothing is sorted by size and type. The display window is beautifully done according to what the nearest holiday will be or the time of year it is.

The other side of the store has women clothing, books, video tapes, games, miscellaneous household decorations and shoes. The clothing is separated by size and types. There are evening gowns for as little as $5.00. Most of the other women clothing is $1.99 each piece. The shoes and handbags are between $1.00 and $5.00. Belts are as low as 75 cents. Video tapes are 50 cents and books are 50 cents to $1.00. As you can see the prices are great and the money goes toward a worthy cause.

Since this thrift store is fairly new and wants as much of the proceeds as possible to go toward the women shelter, they do not get much publicity. I am writing this article because this is my way of trying to help. Please pass this information on to others who may want to help

If you are shopping for Christmas gifts please check out Earth Mama Thrift Store for an excellent bargain.  For other information on thrift stores in Georgia see my blog at

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Camilo Serafin 4 years ago

Dear , I would like to buy all your rejects and over stock

clothes, shoes and products by truck load or by the pound

so please give a call if you are interested on it, my phone

is 770-355-2648, my e-mail

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