Discount Coupons are Great

Credit Card Size Discount Coupons

If you have a child that is away at college you need to save money on almost everything you can. I have found this great idea for a Christmas gift. We all know that college students get tired of eating the cafeteria food which they are required to purchase in the form of a meal plan. An alternative to this would be eating out at restaurants close to campus. In order to save money the child should use some form of discount coupon. Coupon books can be rather cumbersome for most students so they really do not use these very well. But what if you could get the same coupons in the size of a credit card. Guys especially would love this because they can just stick the card in their wallet along with their drivers license. The girls of course can carry the card in their purse, wallet or jean pocket. It is much more convenient than a bulky coupon book.

Discount Coupons for Family Activities

In this economy it is hard to find recreational activities for families because everyone is on a tight budget. One way to help with this is to use a discount coupon. Several stores carry these discount coupon books. Most of them cost between $25.00 to $35.00 The coupons can be used to get discounts at bowling alleys, skating rinks and some local amusement parks. While these coupon books are very good, it is often inconvenient to remember to cut out the coupon or even remember where you put the coupon book. I know I have bought some of these coupon books from organizations having fundraising activities.  When I get ready to use the coupon, I have either forgotten I have the book or can't remember where I put the book. iAt any rate most of the coupons expire before I have the chance to use them.  I have found a great way to get the same savings without the coupon book. You can purchase a discount card the size of a credit card which you can always have with you. Coupon books are okay if you know exactly where you are going when you leave the house and cut out that specific coupon.  However most people do not know what they are going to do regarding eating out at a restaurant until they are already out and about. Since the coupon card is so easy to carry, a spur of the moment decision does not present a problem.  Also if you are getting something to eat for all family members to bring home you will have a choice of multiple coupons at all times.

Places to Use Discount Coupons or Cards

Some of the restaurants in my neighborhood that accept discount coupons are O'Charleys and Applebees.  Some examples of family activities that accept discount coupons or card are the local amusement park and movie theater.  Most of the national pizza chains also accept these discounts.  From personal experience I can say that I routinely use coupons when eating out. This really does save money. I have also used coupons for movie tickets. If you are like most other Americans you too need to save money but you also want to have fun. This is a great way to do both. You should include a discount card in your wallet or purse just as though it was a credit card.  If you have student away at college give them this discount card to save money also.


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