Ebid to Rival Ebay?

I have been a member of Ebay for some time mostly selling, but as like a lot of people I have become disallusioned with the escalating fees, but to my own annoyance, had not done anything about it.

I stumbled upon Ebid quite by accident after reading some forums by people maddened by Ebay, so I went to the site and had a quick look around. There are no selling fees, no final value fees in some cases but if you do have to pay, the most is 3% compared to ebays 10%.

Registration was very simple compared to Ebay who nearly want your blood group before you can sign up. I also signed up for PPPay.com which is ebid's official payment partner. You can also use your PayPal account if you have one.

Now, you do have to pay a charge if you want to become a seller, but there are five options so you can manage it even on the tightest of budgets.

  • 7 days €1.99
  • 30 days €6.99
  • 90 days €16.99
  • 365 days €49.99
  • Lifetime €74.99 (if you choose this option you will not pay any fees as long as you are a member) They also occasionaly have an offer for €49,99 so watch out for that.

There is also $0.00 fee for a seller but you are very restricted as to what you are able to insert etc., so it is better to choose one payable option and the more days you buy the more you can save. You will make the money back in no time if you can sell your items.

There are no restrictions on how many Designer labels you can list either unlike Ebay where I was restricted to 10 a month.

You can also import all your listings from Ebay or any other online marketplace by using Ebid Ninja Lister though how hard or easy this is I do not know but there is a step by step guide in the FAQ's section.

I decided to just to go for the €1.99 option to start with, list a few items and see how things go. When you go to the "create Listing" page it is very straightforward, very similar to ebay, except you can only submit five photographs but i found that completely adequate. You also have the option of putting in a Reserve Price and a Buy It Now price at no extra charge. Ebay charges 30c for placing a Buy It Now price. I found uploading photographs a lot quicker than Ebay but you have to make sure that the photograph you want as the Gallery picture is uploaded last. I found this out the hard way when I listed my first item which happened to be a skirt and the Gallery picture was of the frill at the bottom but that was easily remedied. If you happen to miss any piece of information a little alert comes up when you try to list the item and you can quickly go back and enter details. Editing was a lot faster than Ebay too.

Seemingly bidding wars are very rare on Ebid, so you are better off putting the price you actually want as the auction price and not set a reserve because apparently buyers are put off when they see a low starting price and then when they go to bid it says "reserve not met". (found this out in the forums)

After I had listed my first item I went on to the forum and left a thread, explaining that I was new to Ebid and would anybody mind taking a look at the listing just to see if it was up to scratch. I got a few replies and I found them of great help so I think that is well worth a shot if you are deciding to become a seller.

Your summary page is nicely laid out with your picture, title, prices etc. The only thing it doesn't show is if anybody is watching your item which I think is needed. It is nice to know if somebody is actually interested in the item you are selling and that it might actually sell at the end of the auction.

The only thing that is a big negative is that they are not advertising themselves. People are coming across the site purely by accident so it is left to the sellers to try to drive people to the site to view their items by leaving links on websites and blogs etc. In saying that, maybe that is the whole idea as far as they are concerned, why pay for advertising when you know your sellers are going to do it for you? Now isn't that a thought.

They also have an "Ebid Buddy Points" program which is like a loyalty card system You earn points for referring family, friends etc., purchasing a Buy It Now item and a few other actions. You can then use these points to bid on the "Buddy Auctions" which have things like coffee machines, digital cameras, nintendo wii and even plasma TV's

I have yet to buy anything on Ebid but I think I will just buy something small just so I know the process of checkout etc.

All in all I think it is a very good site and with time and patience could come close to rivalling Ebay. All it needs are people and as far as I can see a lot are abandoning Ebay and looking for alternatives. Gone are the days when the little sellers ruled on Ebay, it is purely on the side of the buyers now and the big Power Sellers. They seem to forget that it was the little seller that got them as big as they are now.

Sorry, couldn't resist having an Ebay moan:-)

Don't forget to keep checking back as I will be adding my experiences and any other info I obtain as I continue on my Ebid journey.

Please don't hesitate to leave a comment and maybe share your experience with Ebid. Every little bit of information and advice is always welcome.

If you want to go and have a look around for yourself please click link:-


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Dave 2 years ago

Great site thanks. I have been an ebay'r for about 6 months now. Just selling small unwanted stuff that I don't need anymore. Have learnt a lot about selling but have been surprised at how much they charge. Recently found they were charging a % for postage as well ! what.

So have looked around for an alternative and found ebid.net

Found this website and have found it very helpful.

So thanks, will give ebid.net a try and see how it goes.

Mick123 2 years ago

Well I hope you have more luck than me any many many others. The questions asked on eBid about attracting more sellers, and what is the reason for lack of sales can be seen going back over 10 years. Yes 10 years and the same question keep cropping up on in the forums. I am not an eBay lover, far from it since all the changes since I joined and used a shop there for over six years. I don't have a shop at this moment in time because of the costs involved in selling. I have tried eBid and I am still there. I have paid a lifetime membership so it cost me nothing to list, but after 12 months I get the same return, nothing. In fact I have made one sale in 12 months. I have gone through the forums and there are many sellers with the same problem. There are the odd ones who claim they are making sales and that sales are on the rise. I remember when ebid was first formed years ago. It was started to be an alternative to eBay. Now that was years ago when eBay was strong with happy sellers and buyers. When it was said that you could sell a piece of string on eBay, remember those good old days on eBay? I could understand any one trying to compete with eBay in those days having problems but, over ten years on and with the decline and unsettled sellers on Ebay they are still not getting any further. In fact if that was my business with such low sales, lack of sellers and buyers I would have either gone under or closed it down. So how does it keep going? I mean if sellers pay, like I did, £49.99 for life time membership then get no further revenue from them because the seller gets no sales what does that add up to?

It is being said now by unsettled eBay sellers that they like the site and how easy it is. I like it, but I can not afford to rely on it. They even say if it is advertised it would be a rival to eBay. Now I can definitely inform you that this is not going to happen, why? Only this last two weeks I was placing comments on their forums asking the reason why eBid did not advertise. I then got a PM from one of the long term members. He sent an example of what he tried on eBid. He must have spent hours drawing up his plan that involved finding out where to advertise and when to advertise, it was really good. He the emailed eBid asking if he would be allowed to place posts within eBids forums asking if eBid sellers would be willing to donate to the advertisements. He got an answer that refused to allow him making any comments for that purpose. Now if you or meI run a business and all our work force offered to pay for the companies advertisements that would obviously help the business to grow, would we jump to that chance and say a big yes? Now what is the reason for that? It does make me ask was eBid started for the purpose of attracting sellers that leave eBay and trying to force them back with the lack of sales? Could this have been planned years ago with plans of putting eBay in the direction it is going today? Is eBid run at loss for this purpose? Giving and helping eBay to be the big auction site that controls the web? Are plants placed within the forums to supply positive comments about eBid? My last but not least is eBid owned by eBay? Makes one think.

Henry 2 years ago

Mick123 you make a whole lot of sense. What if Ebid is run buy ebay?

Johnk493 2 years ago

Definitely pent topic matter, appreciate it for selective information. eaegdccbekgf

Mick123 2 years ago

I think eBay not only have some holding on eBid, I think they are involved in more sites alike. We all know they own PayPal and Gumtree. I think when an auction site comes alive that may threaten eBay they buy it out. They then run it a way that keeps eBay the king of auctions. I just can not think how eBid after ten years in business is able to bluff sellers in to using the site. In my opinion eBid must be subsidised to keep going, and there is only one site that would benefit from that. Of course my comments can only be my opinions, and opinions can be wrong, but till someone can give me reason to change those opinions I will have to stick by them. I just hope that no one else gets carried away and waste their cash. If someone can put thought in my mind the reason why eBid is a failed site when there is so many eBay members looking for an alternative and with eBid fees being so low is just beyond me, what is the real reason for this? I am also, like many others, think that is possibly many plants to give false comments in the forums, but that is the same with every site. All I can say is please read the forum comments and try and sort them out. I would just love to find out the truth about these sites. Take care.

DELLRECYCLERS 15 months ago


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