Emergency Aid for Gas Bill

Help Paying Heating Costs

If you’re looking for emergency aid for a gas bill, you will have plenty of programs that can assist you in paying. Each year many low income families and others are put in the tough position of keeping their homes heated, making rent, or affording the necessities in life. Fortunately, there are many programs out there that you can get assistance with heating costs. Let’s dig in and explore some of the options you have to consider.


The Low Income Housing and Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP, is designed for low income families and households that need help making ends meet. Luckily for many, low income restrictions are moderate, so even those near 150% of the poverty level are able to get benefits when they apply for help. If you are looking for emergency aid for gas bills, the LIHEAP program is a good one to consider that’s offered nationwide.

  • Local Options

Many states and even some counties have their own programs that offer help with heating costs and emergency aid for gas bill payment. To find out what programs are available in your area, call your local gas or utilities companies to see what’s out there. In addition, a quick call to the courthouse will help steer you in the right directions.

  • If Your Income is too High

Some people just won’t qualify for government assistance. If this is the case for you, it might be a good idea to explore some other avenues to save money on your obligations for heating costs. Here are just a few things you can do with little money that will make a big difference.

Free Home Energy Audits: These are available by more utility companies than you may think. Call the company you deal with for electricity or gas to see if they offer a free home energy audit. If so, use the data you get to make cheap, effective improvements in your home’s efficiency and lower your bills.

Insulate: All out insulating is expensive and may not be an option for you if you’re struggling. Still, hitting the main areas that need attention, especially those that are very cost effective can really pay off big time. Simply hit the main areas pointed out in energy audits, or hit common easy to fix areas, like caulking around windows, the attic, and doorways.

Apply for Additional Programs: If you make too much for assistance with heating expenses, try to qualify for other government programs. If you do, it will free up some money that can be used to make your heating payments.

You do have some options as you look at emergency aid for gas bill.

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