Fast and easy credit

Fast and Easy Credit

You have noticed the marketing campaigns for fast and easy credit that invaded our daily lives? If you live in this world, certainly yes. You've probably already bought or been tempted to buy a vacation, a plasma, an electrical and benefits, making it a credit to the place you purchased the product.

Probably not done the accounts to interest that will pay, perhaps because it did not had that purchase at least that claim. If I had done the bills would come to the conclusion that would save a lot of money being brought, instead, a bank loan. Obviously, this would not be a quick and easy credit, as banks are more demanding and take longer to approve the claims as they are much more cautious in risk analysis related to the granting of credit.

These business credit quickly and easily, are mandated to practice high interest rates because it can be said that grant credit, is called subprime. Not require many consumer guarantees, and thus have no assurance that some day return to recover the money lent, what happens in many cases. It is true that many of the people who consume this type of credit fast, only to sink their financial situation even more, so his image is denigrated within the company. But it is also true that these companies normally lend money to people who already have credit with the banks, and so are forced to have to rely on these companies. This creates a vicious circle here: when a group of people who have a history of bad payers are forced to resort to loans with high interest rates attached, hardly the result will be something nice and hard, these consumers will speak wonders these companies. I'm not defending this in any way these companies, but trying to give a more realistic view of the various players in this market.

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