How to Find Cheap Loans

Let's face it, getting money when you need it is not quick and painless. On the contrary, getting the kind of cash you may need immediately usually ends up costing you way more cash than ever down the road. But there are lenders willing to finance any type of loan you could need- from mortgage to payday- at a substantially lower price than banks you come to know. This page will help you find out ways to find those loans, and secure them so you won't be left out in the cold when trying to get a car, house, or even simply trying to keep up to date on credit card charges in today's tough economy.

Thrifty School Loans

If your an underclassmen, then you have the chance to simply attend a communitiy college and cut out the high tuition prices and other expenses associated with private schools. However, for underclassmen that want to start off with private schools and upperclassmen, the road to paying for college is long and winding.

The best place to start to find a quick loan would be the feds. Every student should fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. All full time students who do so can get up to $5,500 through the Stafford loan program. It's even better if you're over 24 or your parents have bad credit, because you are eligble for an additional $4,000-$7,000 over that! A real life saver when you consider average tuition costs are over $10,000.

Stafford loans for the fall of 2009 will charge an average annual rate of 7.1 percent interest. That may sound like a lot, but these federal loans offer lots of benefits such as the income based repayment that will allow one to pay a certain percentage below their income on bill dates.

For more info on getting loans, visit: Getting a Personal Loan Without Any Credit.

Low Finance Charge Payday Loans

Sometimes unexpected instances of debt occur that we can cover if only we got paid sooner. Walking into your home to find out that your lights are off? Too bad you barely have neough after covering other bills. Situations like these are all too common, and it's necessary to put in for a payday loan when these happen. The best place to get these types of loans is by using the one resource everyone who reads this must have access too. That's right, the internet!

Make no mistake; the finance charges payday lenders put in make it very hard to call these loans "cheap", but instead you should look at these as simply cheaper options over other payday lenders.

Check out these websites for low finance charge loans:

Cheap Car Loans

Gas prices aren't the only thing that make transportation expensive; the vehicles themselves are getting harder and harder to come buy if they are at all fuel efficient. Getting car loans has been difficult before, but it's tougher now than ever, unless you're willing to settle with huge interest rates. But there are places that are cutting loan to borrowers with significantly lower interest rates than banks.

Credit Unions are offering used car loans at 6.65% interest rates as compared to banks, which are charging almost a full percent higher at 7.45%. New car loans can be pulled in for slightly cheaper at a Credit Union- 6.4% compared to banks' 6.7%- but the real beauty of buying even a new car with a Credit Union is the fact that you may get a substantial discount when financing through Credit Unions!

Inexpensive Home Loans

Home loans are attached with tons of hassles, the least of which are getting the loan for cheap. To even qualify you'll need stable credit, income, and money for a downpayment. But if you're here then you've probably got all that, right? So the best thing to do is jump straight into looking for a thriftier home loan. And the truth is, they're surprisingly easy to find. Join a Credit Union and get a loan that you'll only pay an average of 5% interest on vs. banks, which will charge you 5.5% interest rate for a 30 year mortgage.

Lines of credit also average 4% as compared to a bank's 5.7%. If you're trying to get a home, then it may be time to consult a Credit Union. If you're already a member, then you've got it made, if not, then you can see if you're applicable to join based on location at:


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