Best Thrift Stores In Atlanta, Georgia

5 Best Thrift Stores in Georgia

The following is a list of the 5 best thrift stores in Georgia. All are located within the metro Atlanta area.

1. Goodwill of North Georgia

2. Mama Earth Thrift Store

3 Fayetteville Thrift Store

4. Last Chance Thrift Store Riverdale

5. Last Chance Thrift Store in Decatur Georgia

Why These Thrift Stores

All the Goodwill stores are great thrift stores in the state of Georgia. I have shopped at several Goodwill Stores in the metro Atlanta area. Every one of them has been clean, neat and organized. The selection of products is large. The prices are average on all items. Some of the electronic items are a little pricey considering there is a no return policy, All in all I consider the Goodwill stores and excellent place to shop for bargains. The prices on clothing is very reasonable. The average used sweater can be about $4.59. They usually have a large selection of books for sale The store is clean and neatly organized

The Mama Earth Thrift Store is a small thrift store located in Fayetteville, Georgia across the street from City Hall near the Fayetteville Square. This thrift store is great because the owner operates the store primarily on her own and donates all proceeds to a women and childrens shelter. The prices in the thrift store are set so that an individual really in need can afford items. Most of the women and children clothing are priced at $2.00 or less. They have a large selection of women clothing. They have some collectible items, books, jewelry as well as accessories for sale at reasonable prices. If you have the opportunity, please visit this thrift store. I think you will find your shopping experience a great one. .

The Fayetteville Thrift Store located in Fayetteville Georgia is a great thrift store to shop at if you are looking for books or women clothing. The prices of the books are really good A hardback book costs $1.00 and a paper back runs about 35 cents Most of the time the books are on sale 2 for 1. The price of the clothing is really but there is a no return policy. They often have a sale on clothing where particular color tags are only 50 cents each piece. The only drawback to this thrift store is the limited space. There is no room for furniture and large appliances as there are in the first two thrift stores on this list.

The Last Chance Thrift Store in Riverdale and Decatur Georgia is a great thrift store in Georgia because it is conveniently located on Hwy 85 in Riverdale and North Decatur Road in the Surburban Shopping Center respectively. This thrift store is very organized. However, the clothing is really overpriced. The selection of clothing and accessories such as handbags is great This is also a great place to buy toys for children.

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Michelle 6 years ago

Family Thrift Store in Jonesboro has closed their doors as of 1/09. No idea what the issue was. One week it was there, the next it wasn't.

karen 6 years ago

does anyone know if the family thrift store that was in Jonesboro moved to another location ?

barbarabarth profile image

barbarabarth 6 years ago from Decatur, Georgia

Just found this. I love Last Chance Thrift Store in Decatur. Their new location is on my path everywhere I go! The kids who work there are great and I find myself stopping in several times a week for treasures.

phyllis 5 years ago

hi, diese anyone know where the new location of last chance thrift store is ?? was in mt. zion i think.. thanks

vmassey120 5 years ago from Fayetteville GA Author

The last chance thrift store is located in Riverdale on HWY 85 in the Big Lot Shopping Center across the street from Walmart

ola 3 years ago

pls does anyone know any thrif stores that does different prices on each day up to 50 cent or 25 cents?

pls i need such store. my email is incase you can help me send their address

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