Five Ways To Save On Your Cable or Satellite Bill

Times are hard and because of this a lot of people are looking for new ways to cut back and save money. One way to do this is by opting to forgo cable/satellite.

But even if you’re reluctant to completely cancel your service there are several different ways that you can cut back and still be able to afford your cable/satellite .

Cut Back On Channels

Just cutting back on your channels is a good way to help lower cable bills. And there’s probably a good chance that you don’t even watch most of those channels anyway. If you want to watch a movie, using a service like Redbox that lets you rent a DVD for only $1 a day can save quite a bit on your monthly cable bills.

Check Out The Competition

Call the completion and ask what kind of offers they have available for new customers. Make a list of each place and the details of each offer. This will allow you to pick the best possible choice. They are going to want to get your business so the offers will most likely be very attractive. This will work even if you’re already locked into a contract, because some satellite providers like Directv for example will offer to pay your early termination fee up to $200 in order to get your business.


Your next step is to negotiate your way to a better deal.  Let your cable/satellite provider know what the competition is offering and ask what they will do to keep your business.  Most of the time this work. A company like Comcast can sometimes be a little tougher but just telling them that you can no longer afford their services will usually do the trick.

Don't Forget To Call Back

This is one place where a lot of people forget to follow through, but when prices start to go back up. Just give your cable/satellite provider a call and go back through the negotiating process with them. It doesn’t take all that much time and the savings is well worth it.

Cancel Your Service

While this might not be an option for everyone you can save quite a bit of money by just by canceling the cable or satellite and watching tv on your computer using a website like Hulu or Fancast.  For newer movies websites like Amazon and Netflix both offer video on demand service.


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