Four tips to save on insurance

Four tips to save on insurance

The market soared in number of insurance companies in recent years, much thanks to the "phenomenon" of those who operate solely via the Internet and telephone. The private sector not only increased the "eyes" as he gave a significant boost to competition, because they can provide lower prices since they have lower costs than an entity with balconies and physical structures more complex.

The new healthy "rivalry" carries obvious advantages for customers who can now benefit from insurance values more account than a few years ago. The amount to be awarded the prize of this fallen, and with a "simple" search can get the best service at the most unbeatable price. However, for this task to be (even more) easier, here are four steps to take to achieve success in prospecting the market, seeking the highest bidder.

  1. Ask for information from the desks of insurers, about which factors most influence the values of the policy. Do not mind losing some time and show an interest in acquiring an insurance company that, because this way those who attend will do so with utmost dedication, explaining everything in detail. Take advantage of this attitude and get to know what causes the largest fluctuations in prices;
  2. Before signing the contract, search for pretty much all market alternatives. Realize this task with as much notice as possible, evaluating all proposals and then some. Make simulations on several insurers, changing the criteria and coverage, noting the amounts that each company has for a particular service, then analyzing the results of a comparative way. Thus you will know exactly which entity provides the policy that best matches the needs to meet demand, pleasing to your wallet;
  3. Always be alert to deals that arise over time. If there is any that is really advantageous, weigh the pros and cons of this with other alternatives that has, by examining what is the best. This gesture should not be done only at the time preceding the purchase of insurance, but during the life of him who to hire. Demand for better service is an ongoing task and not only punctual and performed at the beginning;
  4. If you want to pay as little as possible by a policy, choose the annual payment plan and no tuition. Although an effort softest settle a small amount every 30 days at the end of the year, insurance will leave you substantially more expensive. There are companies that exhibit oscillations mere percentage points and in this case, it is worth considering. However, most have quite disparate numbers, so it must inform the amount payable if you choose the annual and monthly module, checking which one fits best in your economic possibilities.

When you're looking for the best insurance, we are not talking necessarily one that's cheaper. It is necessary to acquire more affordable for our pocket, of course, but essentially by deciding to present the best value for money. There are occasions when both traits beautifully, but there are others in which the lower price is misleading and will eventually leave too expensive. Therefore, weigh well all the scales before the final determination, not to mention the economic factor, but not taking as the only one considered for the final choice.

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