Replace Magnetron in GE Microwave (Spacemaker)

Replacing magnetron tube in Microwave

Recently my GE Space-maker Microwave (7 years old, model JVM1631BB) stopped heating food. When I start it works as if it is heating food, but it was not heating food. After doing some research online I found that it is mostly fault of magnetron tube inside Microwave. And also found that there is extended warranty on that one part for a total of 10 years.This I found in the user manual which I downloaded from GE website (see the link below).

Initially I scheduled service appointment with GE service department. When I started to dig around how much it would cost for GE guys to fix the problem, I found that it would cost me more than $220. Wow !! I was shocked, brand new Over the Range Microwave can be bought for $200 and above. After some more research over the web I called GE parts department (888-239-6832) they took serial number of the Microwave and were happy to ship me the magnetron tube part. Part arrived within 2 business days.

After the part came I was not sure what it takes to replace the part in Microwave. I have decided take a shot at replacing the part myself, with help from a friend. I am happy to report that we have successfully replaced magnetron tube in the Microwave. It was not easy, it took about 2 hours to take down Microwave, open everything replace it and put it back. If you are not motivated to save some bucks then you should not attempt this.

Here are the steps we took to replace it

Warning: I am not an electrician or repairman, following steps are from my experience. You should be careful while handling capacitor and other parts.

  1. Unplug Microwave at least few hours before
  2. Remove Microwave from above oven range by somebody holding Microwave from ground unscrew the screws from cabinet
  3. Remove top cover of Microwave
  4. Make sure to keep screws correctly in a place you remember what goes where
  5. Make sure capacitor is discharged, GE manual inside Microwave says capacitor will discharge within 30 seconds once it is off. As a precaution check the voltage in capacitor to make sure there is no electricity
  6. Remove other panels around magnetron part
  7. You need to remove lot of connecting wires, should be careful to note down what goes where
  8. If possible take digital photos to refer back when you put everything back together
  9. You may need to remove transformer to easily remove and replace Magnetron. If you can't remove Magnetron easily then remove bottom panel of the Microwave and remove transformer
  10. Now it should be easy to remove magnetron
  11. Replace new magnetron and screw it. We had to put one outside part from old magnetron to new one because new one was missing that. Check to make sure both old and new one are exactly the same
  12. Make sure put all wires properly back
  13. Now put transformer back and screw it
  14. Put capacitor panel in place and screw it
  15. This might be a good time to test the Microwave to make sure it works fine now
  16. Now cover the top panels and start to screw everything
  17. Once everything assembled put the Microwave back above range put screws from top

Update 06/10/2010 - Please read the following important thoughts from Bigluke...

(1) First, the GE repairman was extremely nice and helpful, and told me that when the magnetron goes out, the diode almost always goes out too. So, go ahead and replace the diode, which is not covered by warranty. As others said, it is a black wire that goes into the capacitor and connects at the other end to the frame.

(2) BE CAREFUL when putting everything back together... Stuff all the wires well inside the microwave. I did the repair myself, and it worked for about five minutes, then started making the same noise. Turns out I did not stuff the wires that run from the magnetron to the capacitor and the other equipment in far enough, and they touched the microwave frame when I put it back together. When I used the microwave, the wire actually burned through it's own insulation bc it was sending current through the microwave frame. Luckily, no one was hurt. So, stuff your wires in there far. It amazes me that they would use such thin insulation that this could happen...

Update on 09/06/2012

It appears GE is not sending magnetron lately to the callers and insisting that GE technician come to repair the broken microwave. As some of readers have suggested you can still buy magnetron from outside which fits your model and you can replace it yourself. This will still save hundreds of dollars on new microwave.

Photos of Microwave inside

Microwave Front and inside
Microwave Front and inside

Magnetron and transformer

Magnetron cover

Top portion of Magnetron
Top portion of Magnetron

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SA 7 years ago

Manju - Thanks for the detail that magnetron is under warranty for 10 years. Never knew that and you just saved my ~$400.00 :-)


Big Yiddy 7 years ago

Microwave stopped heating on Saturday. We found this site after shopping for a new unit...would have cost $400.+...called GE Monday, part came Tuesday, back in business by Friday! It took us about 2 hours. Saved us $400. Thank You!!!!!

PrasadC 7 years ago

Thanks a bunch for this useful post. I just fixed my GE Profile - SpaceMaker XL1860SF. It just stopped working and the symptom was - change in heating sound. My wife also noticed a few sparks inside the microwave only once... We were not sure if it is Magnetron. But after coming across this post, confidence level went up. We replace the Magnetron Assembly and replacement worked nice! cost - $0. Thannks to MANJU, this post saved us a lot of money!!

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 7 years ago from USA Author

Mike, If it is in your Microwave manual that Magnetron is covered for 10 years then they have to and will send you the part. I recommend you read the manual about warranty.

Good luck.

Wes 7 years ago

Thanks! Saved me the price of a new microwave.

GE will try and give you the run around on the part, just be persistent, don't give up! Once they realized I wasn't going away they stated if I was willing to void the warranty on the new magnetron they'd connect me with the person who could send me one. Simply told them, what have I got to lose, the microwave doesn't work now. Magnetron arrived four days later and the microwave is working perfect.

Thanks again!

Phuoc 7 years ago


Thanks for the info. However, after replace the megnetron microwave still not heating up food. The turn table still not turn. I don't remember whether the round glass dish have to be moving in order the heating part working. I would appreciates for any helps. please post response or send to ton_world_wide @ hot mail dot com.

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 7 years ago from USA Author

Hi, In my case Microwave was working as normal but was not heating food. So only culprit for that was Magnetron, so after replacing Magnetron it started to heat food again. In your case it appears there could be other parts gone bad maybe that's why turn glass is not rotating. I don't know what else could be gone wrong. You may have to contact some local repairmen to diagnoze the problem. Sorry.

Robert 7 years ago

We have a GE dual system combo with lower oven. This created a problem, Cause the controls for both are in same panel...So we had to pay to have our Magnetron tube replaced. $225. I could buy a new microwave right...but it has to fit and the control panel part??? Anyway, I would try myself next time if this ever goes out. Oh... this was 23 years warrantey...but not bad for 23 years...Thx for your info I will use it next time. Bob

mobymarc 7 years ago

Thanks, your my hero man ! GE sent me the kit and i'm fixed and cooking again. Cost = $0 . Although i did avoid taking out the transformer by taking two more screws off the back of the microwave and with a little pushing down on the plate that holds the transformer and a little pulling up on the top plate, i scooted the magnatron by. Also, don't think you can avoid replacing the diode wire, i tried to skip that and it was no cook'in. Watch you don't get zapped when you do that. Thanks again, the pics were helpful.

profile image

Bigmac55 7 years ago

Replaced Magnetron still not heating, there is still a faint elecrical smell, which one is the diode wire?

chris09 7 years ago

The pics and instructions ae first rate. Thanks Manjuvreddy. Thanks also to Mobymarc for the extra detail on those two extra screws - worked very well. All in all, I called GE and told them I needed a new magnatron and it arrived the next day. Following these instructions, it took about 2 hrs to take in down, unscrew everything, replace the magnatron and diode, put it all back together and then up under the cabinet. Saved me a good $300-$400 on a new one. Thanks again.

Shawn 7 years ago

Awesome instructions... It took me a little less than 2 hours to finish the whole thing -- starting from dismounting it from the wall, changing the magnetron, and finally mounting the microwave back. Feeling good about saving close to $200 that GE would charge me if I asked them to service it.

I had little bit of difficulty in placing the magnetron in the plastic housing. Requires a lot of patience.

Gary 7 years ago

These instructions are awsome! My microwave stopped working just after Thanksgiving. I did the ususal internet research and felt it was probably the magnetron based on the symptoms. Then I found this posting. Called the number you gave for GE parts. Here is how the conversation whent: ME: "Hi, I have a GE SpaceMaker XL 1800 Microwave." GE: "You need a Magnetron?" It was too funny. Part came in two days. Finally installed it today (we had a spare microwave). It works perfectly again!

jv 7 years ago

Gary: My GE space saver microwave just went and I have begun to follow your directions. I received the parts today: Magnatron. spinning plate, and some sort of diode (i believe). When I took my microwave apart it looks identical to your pictures above, however the magnatron they sent me does not have the 2 connectors up top like the ones originally installed in the microwave. I checked the part numbers (old and new and they are identical) Now I have 2 black wires and no idea what to do with them. Also where does this black diode go? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 7 years ago from USA Author


If you see instruction # 11, I had problem of missing outer ring in new Magnetron. I took it from old Magnetron and put it on new one and everything worked fine. I don't know where those 2 black wires go. I would call GE service department and ask them about the differences in new and old parts.

Hope this helps.


Tony 7 years ago


You have to take the part with the two black wires off the old magnetron and put it on the new one. Just install it the same way.

MarkO 7 years ago

Was gearing up for a verbal battle with GE to get the magnetron replaced. Thanks to your post and service department phone number, the gal who answered couldn't of been nicer and had the part ordered in less that two minutes at no charge. Can't wait to get to use the repair info when the part arrives. Manjuvreddy, you made my day!

Steve D 7 years ago

Thanks for your help- I did as you instructed-called GE ect.-They were professional and helpful. Your efforts to teach and help others will come back to you ten-fold.NICE!

Mark  7 years ago

Thank you so much for posting this great information!!! I got the part under warranty (which I would have never known if you wouldn't have posted it.) , without any problems. Installation was easy. The hardest part for me was mounting the microwave... especially the second time after I realized the fan was now not working. I had just forgotten to plug in one wire. Microwave works like great now.. thank you again!

profile image

Noorzaie 7 years ago

I had the magnatron replaced two times on my Profile Spacemaker XL 1800...

It burned up again, and I got a new magnatron from GE and replaced it myself. It was very easy. Less than one hour total time. The microwave runs now, but is NOT heating.

Any ideas as to what is wrong?


manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 7 years ago from USA Author

Hi Noorzaie,

If you have replaced Magnetron properly and if it is still not heating then something else could be broke. I am not sure what it might me, talk to GE guys and see if they can point you in right direction.


etgreece 7 years ago

Thank you very much. The XL1800 was even easier than this, and it only took me about 40 minutes. The microwave works fine now, and it cost me nothing. I appreciate you taking the time to post these instructions to give people the confidence to attempt the repair on their own. We couldn't afford to purchase even a small replacement microwave right now, so this was a big blessing.

Malvin 6 years ago

I have GE model XL1800 microwave and one day it stop heating the food but everyting else works. I called GE as manjuvreddy suggested and told them that I need a new magnetron. I got the magnetron after 3 days. Replaced the old one and still not heating the food. I check around the component and found out one of the fuse is blown and the H.V. diode is reading 6.1 ohms on both ways. Then I was not sure if the capacitor is holding charge so I order both part (H.V. Cap and H.V. diode). Cost me about $120.00. I got the parts today and installed it and it works. This would be my 3rd GE appliances that I have to fix with in 2 - 2 1/2 years, it would be 4th appliances if Kennmore is owned by GE. And they are about 3yrs old, except for the frigde(5yrs). Now I'm afraid my gas stove will be next to breakdown cuz it's also Thanks manjuvreddy for doing this and helping others.

Richard Castro 6 years ago

Thanks, Paid $52.50 for a company to come out and tell me what the problem was, went ahead and called GE found out that the piece was still under warranty until 2-17-10.called on 2-1-10 received piece on 2-3-10 installed it works fine. saved $281.00

sydharling 6 years ago

Malvin you guys in US seem to pay a lot for parts. $120 for a cap and diode? In SA Rands that is R840! I just bought the same things here for R48. Yep the equivalent of $6.50.


Oh by the way, putting in a new cap and diode didn't solve the problem. The fuse no longer blows but it still doesn't heat up.

Seth 6 years ago

Thanks for all the info. GE sent the replacement magnetron, but it was dented in the end near the connector, so I RMA'd for a replacement.

I'm a bit intimidated with the capacitor after visiting different websites. I don't have access to a voltmeter. How can I safely ensure it is discharged? How do I do that (which wires. connector to short). Did it arc when you did that? What should I expect? Thanks again!

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 6 years ago from USA Author

Seth, When I replaced magnetron my friend brought voltmeter. I am not very familiar with using this device. I suggest you to read the manual for Voltmeter before using it. Sorry for not being more helpful.

Kirk 6 years ago

Just got off the phone with GE my part should arrive in about 2-3 days. I'll let you know how things work out.. thanks for all the information..

Quick note when I first called GE they insisted on sending someone out to fix my M-wave ( just to come out to my house was $79 which does not include labor) you just have to be upfront and direct while being polite and say I would like to order a magnetron for my GE M-wave model # and serial # which is currently under warranty..

Chris 6 years ago

Thanks so much for the info on replacing the magnatron in my GE Profile Spacemaker XL1800. You were right on with the advice. I called GE and they sent me a replacement magnatron in 2 days. I installed the parn in about an hour. My microwave is only 3 years old and not used heavily. I was dissapointed it broke down so soon. Thanks for the advice again.

Jeff 6 years ago

Just got off the phone with GE the magnatron is being shipped. This Information is awesome. This is what the internet is for :)

Gary 6 years ago

What information does GE need to know if your microwave is under Warranty or not?

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 6 years ago from USA Author

Gary, They just need to know model and serial # of your Microwave. Actually you can download manual you self if you have these 2 information and you can read Warranty section in the manual to see what is covered and how long.

Gary 6 years ago

My GE Spacemaker Eterna Series microwave has the "reboot" problem. It keeps wanting me to reset the clock and when I hit start it runs for a second, then stops. In researching this, it looks like the magnetron is leaking and is disrupting the control panel. Would this be enough reason for them to send me a new part if it is covered under warranty?

joshua kozel 6 years ago

I just installed the new Magnetron i received from GE yesterday and when I checked the microwave (before shutting up all of the housing) it worked fine on a bowl of water; however, i smelled a faint electrical smell after opening the microwave and just chalked it up to a new part since I saw no smoke or smelled anything inside where all the wires are. After I shut everything up and put it back up above the range it isn't working all that well - it took 3 minutes to cook a frozen breakfast sausage on a stick only halfway. I'm not sure where to check from here. It sounds like it could be the diode wire, but I'm not sure which one that is. Could someone please post pictures of the diode wire and advise if I can get this from GE under warranty? Thanks for all of the help and I just hope you guys can continue to save me bucks!

Gary 6 years ago

Manjuvreddy, thank you so much for your help. I will let you know how things turn out.

marchelene 6 years ago

After reading your page, we called GE for a replacement magnetron for our 2003 Space maker XL1800 that just stopped heating. After installation it was not working. Reading the comments, I did like Malvin, and ordered a new capacitor and diode ($30 for both) No luck. Then a transfo ($55) no more luck… We were about to buy a new microwave when we took out the new magnetron and notice a strange noise. We call GE and without question send us a second one. Now it's finally working. Thanks a lot Manju and Malvin.

VR 6 years ago

My Microwave is not heating food. Called for GE. They said we have to have a service technician verify that its Magnetron. Otherwise we do not give the part. Scheduled the visit and that guy tells me yah, its Magentron. Its costs 225 to replace it. He would not give the part to me. Had to pay 90$. for the visit.

I called again, call gets routend 2-3 times. Finally i got some rep. who ordered the part for me. I will wait for the part and let you know.

My advise for everybody who gets here.. be persistant. Do not but it for service visit. Keep calling, if the REP is good, they will order it for you.

Otherwise, ask if they technician confirms its Magentran, will they refund the service visit fee ?

Mike 6 years ago

I was able to remove the old magnetron (with difficulty) without removing the transformer. One other bit of advice: the new magnetron did NOT have the part that the black wires slide onto screwed onto it (the part that is right above the yellow "magnetron" text in the first photo - the part is circular and black with two flat blade-type slide on connectors). I unscrewed this part from the original, burned out magnetron and screwed it onto the new magnetron - bottom line: don't throw your old magnetron away until you do this. I do not know the function of this part, but I'm guessing it has one.......

MagnaMan 6 years ago

I just had the same problem as did my next door nieghbor (same model). At about 5 to 7 Years they are DONE! Mine is right at 5 yrs. The intresting thing is I have an off brand cheap Microwave AND that one is 15- 18 years and HEATING strong had it collage AND even cooked a small turkey in it YUCK!. I suspect GE knows the spacemaker Mic oven Magna has a short burn life. Also suspect depending on HOW often you use it you will see them burn out at the same time. In my mind the Magntron in the GE Space maker should last 10 Years with normal use. Calling GE today as My nieghbor di a few months back.

carol 6 years ago

Thanks a lot, my Microwave is not heating and i will call GE Monday. They wouldn't tell me how much a tech would cost $$$$$$$$ lol, sounded fishy to me. Thank God 4 people such as yourself hope everything go well.

Kannan 6 years ago

Thanks Manju and VR. I was going to buy a new Microwave.

After reading your page, called GE and requested new Magnetron. They shipped it right away and I received it in 3 days. I replaced it. But it is not heeting food still. My friend checked Fuse and it looks good.

I suspect, something else is gone bad.

milan 6 years ago

The toll free number was a good help. I was planning to by a after market magnetron for $80, turns out my GE oven was under warranty for it and they will ship it to me in 2 days.

CL 6 years ago

Replaced the magnatron, still no heat & still the awful smell. Let it run with water long enough to see smoke. Something is shorting out, how to find out what? Where can I get wires/fuses etc if that is what the problem is?

CL 6 years ago

Well, our problem would seemingly be the diode, looked singed, removed it & the top broke apart. New one on the way. This board is GREAT - THANKS!

MagnaMan 6 years ago

One more tip ON THE METAL RACK.. If you have the "metal like" rack I would not use it even if it does come with the Microwave. Not 100% postive but if you leave that in and are heating up small items that metal like rack may cause the Magnatron to go out sooner or the thermostat to go out if gets too hot. Was talking to some one with Décor microwave and he indicated the Décor support told him to take it out. Indicating if you have something to heat up then it would be ok , but if doing coffee or tea warm up and or using as timer and accidentally turn it on it may burn out the magnatron faster then expected. Funny how they have no indiction or tip on the unit not to use or use rack only if heating on RACK. Turns out that Samsung makes the Magnatron for Décor as well. TOO FUNNY. I hwat food in the Micro and always put the the food item BELOW the rack on the Glass Turn Table. Have to wonder. I will leave up to you. Just a tip I heard form Décor owner.

MagnaMan 6 years ago

Yep ..It was the magnatron on minelike Mike said before keep the Magnatron, you need the thermostat type connector . In the picture above you can see the connector with 2 prongs if you comapre the old and new one easy to see. So if light comes on turn table works ONLY NO HEAT it is prob the Magnatron. Thanks for the post

Valerie Onorato 6 years ago

I have the same m-wave - almost exactly 5 years old

just quit working this am - no light, no turntable turn, no noise

electrical connection is ok as well as house fuse

do you think it may be an inside fuse? if so, is it replaceable?

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 6 years ago from USA Author


Problem maybe something other than Magnetron. Please check if your home fuse for Microwave is tripped. Otherwise talk to GE customer service and see what could be the problem.

Dennis 6 years ago

Nemeste, Unbelievable! I googled my hum and 8 yr old spacesaver problem, see your page and wow- I did just as you posted, called the number, gave serial and model, they sent it, i followed your perfect directions and my micro works again! taking a pic was a nice touch. best part, at no cost! saved me hundreds, Thank you,

Ron Asar 6 years ago

Manju, would you mind elaborating on how to unscrew or unclamp the microwave from under the cabinet? Is the microwave being held in place by screws on top of it or on the back? I don't see them in the cabinet so I'm thinking if the screws are on top, then there might be another board in the shelf that's covering the screws.

Also, any hints on how to lower it by yourself once it's undone? I'm going to try this by myself so I'm wondering if I can just put a box or something underneath it to hold it and then once unscrewed just slide out the box and the microwave.

Thanks very much.

fun4reffis 6 years ago

Absolutely amazing!!!!! i should have read the complete instructions before starting and I wouldn't have freaked out when the black part was missing off of the new part. Took about 2hrs and saved me $$$$, GE service tech alone was quoted at $89 just to come to the idea how much the 'job-rate' would have been. Thanks again!!!

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 6 years ago from USA Author

Ron Asar, In my case I unscrewed from cabinet above the microwave. And then removed microwave by lifting it off of the plates on the wall. I suggest that you download manual on how to install your microwave, that will give you clues for how to remove it.

Be careful if you are doing alone, as soon you unscrew from top microwave will drop. Putting box underneath it will definitely help, but use caution as the microwave will be very heavy. Even if you are successful in removing, once you replace magnetron putting microwave back by yourself will be very difficult. Think about it.

All the best.

Mike 6 years ago

Part arrived quickly, but microwave case has Torx TX bit screws along the top in the back. These are five-sided star bits with a hole in the middle to prevent "tampering". I don't think I can find any locally, so I'm probably going to have to drill these out. What a pain!

Mike 6 years ago

I was wrong--the security torx screws were regular six-pointed torx security screws and the bits were available at Lowes. Once I got the top off, the magnetron was right on the side with nothing in the way. Unscrewed one part and one side brace attached to the old one, unplugged the magnetron, and took out the four screws, then reversed the process. Once I had the torx bit, it was a 20 minute job.

Frank 6 years ago

Thanks Manu. $40 trip charge by a non-GE tech who told me the mag was out and it wasn't work repairing since it would run $375 parts and labor. Googled and found you. Called GE (with model and serial #) and after 5 calls to different departments, had the mag in 2 days. Install was EXACTLY as you laid it out. 1 hour of time to save $375. Thanks bigtime.

Dan 6 years ago

Question, How did you everyone get GE to send you the part? I called and they said they would only send it out with a Technician! Just keep calling back until someone says yes?


manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 6 years ago from USA Author

Dan, Some people are telling that GE sometimes does not agree to ship Magnetron easily. You may have to try few times calling them and tell them that others are getting this part shipped easily why can't you ship me also. All the best !!

trumpet man 6 years ago

Thanks Manu... called the Tech support line at GE.. Nice lady sent the part to me in 3 days.. Turned on some good jazz looked over your pics and instructions and knocked it out in about an hour. My wife says thanks..

Scott 6 years ago

Ordered part, got it in two days and installed. All is now well with the microwave. Coffee is hot! Labeling screws were helpful in putting back together. Thanks for info

manu 6 years ago


i am in India, and have a bajaj microwave, it now doesn't heats much, however its starts heating with kirr sound, then it keeps on rotating the inner glass plate, but it won't heat.

sometimes i play with temp. knob and it gives kirr sound,i turn knob back off, and then turn it ON, once this is done 10-12 times it heats up

Any idea what could be wrong

I can think of 3 things,

1). Bad Magnetron

2). Low voltage

3). Bad capacitor

th MV is 8 yrs old, sparingly used

so what are the options I am Left with.

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 6 years ago from USA Author

Looks like Magnetron seems ok to me. If it is gone bad it will not heat food at all. Could be some other problem as you have mentioned. Take it to some local repair shop they will tell you what's gone bad.

Dennis of groveland 6 years ago

Just replaced magnetron tube .had to tilt left side down to squeez out without moveing transformer. Did not change diode . Runs great, Wen reinstalling big outer cover move plastic above door{which alows air to come out on unites not hooked up to vent out side } to the left 1/4 inch ,to allow top to fit in place then slide back to right to aligen bolt on top. May not need to do this but worked well for me.

Thanks for the good info. Dennis

Bruce 6 years ago

Thanks for the great pics and help.1/2 hr and good to go.Far all who run into this problem.The new mag tube does not come with theTemp sensor(black round thing with 2 wires hooked to it). You need to take your old one off of mag tube(2 screws) and replace it on your new tube.

Dale in Minnesota 6 years ago

Thank You! for all the great pictures and detailed instructions. It took a little time to complete the task. I just finished and it works great again. You helped so much, now we can heat things up again.

Donny 6 years ago

Used this post to assist in replacing the Magnatron. Unfortunately this didn't resolve the issue. There is a strange humm coming from the microwave. No ozone smell, no smoke, just a strange humm. Any ideas what else to try?

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 6 years ago from USA Author

Donny, Some others have posted here saying that they had to replace diode or capacitor to make it work. Why don't you try replacing diode first and see if that fixes the problem.

Alex 6 years ago

Anyone can show me the picture of diode? I just replaced magnetron, still not heating.

No smell, nothing unusual is going on with microwave

Christine Neal 6 years ago

How did we survive this long without google!!!! This is great, even GE didn't give me this information on their site...which is chicken shit.....thanks so very very much...I've already called and the part is on the way!!!!!

audioman 6 years ago

thanks, this just saved me $400-$500 for a new mic. Called GE

explain the problem I was having(not heating food), they sent the part out free of charge. took and 1.5hrs from start to finish today.It worked, popping popcorn and heating food again. so if you have problems with microwave heating, call the number above and give this a try. It worked for me.

profile image

Bigluke 6 years ago

ADDITIONAL INFO: just had the same occurrence and wanted to share my lessons learned.

(1) First, the GE repairman was extremely nice and helpful, and told me that when the magnetron goes out, the diode almost always goes out too. So, go ahead and replace the diode, which is not covered by warranty. As others said, it is a black wire that goes into the capacitor and connects at the other end to the frame.

(2) BE CAREFUL when putting everything back together... Stuff all the wires well inside the microwave. I did the repair myself, and it worked for about five minutes, then started making the same noise. Turns out I did not stuff the wires that run from the magnetron to the capacitor and the other equipment in far enough, and they touched the microwave frame when I put it back together. When I used the microwave, the wire actually burned through it's own insulation bc it was sending current through the microwave frame. Luckily, no one was hurt. So, stuff your wires in there far. It amazes me that they would use such thin insulation that this could happen...

Manju and all ... Thank you for the posts and info. Manju, if you are able to cut and paste my info to your original post, I hope it will help future readers.

Alex 6 years ago

Magnetron I received looks like used one. Does GE repair them? After replacing, microwave still not heating. Ordered another one with no problems, hope it will fix it.

BK 6 years ago

Alex, here's a picture of the one that failed in ours. It failed and started a small lightshow and crackling while we were trying to make popcorn three nights ago. As noted above, I called GE and had the part in two days. Thanks to Manju and everyone else here, I had it replaced in about 45 minutes.

Hope this helps.


BK 6 years ago

The picture didn't post the first time.

Chad 6 years ago

First off, I want to say thanks for this excellent site!

I am posting because I replaced the magnetron on my XL1800 to no avail, so I am moving on to try to replace the diode now. The GE replacement diode (AP2026385) is listed for around $50, which seems high for a part that may or may not solve the problem. That said, I was wondering if anyone knows if it would be possible to use a universal replacement on this machine? I am posting a link to one that I found online. Would a replacement part like the HVD236 model work? Alternatively, do local appliance stores tend to carry universal replacement diodes that could work?

Thanks in advance for any direction you could provide!

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manjuvreddy 6 years ago from USA Author

Chad, I heard from a friend that you don't need to buy diode at $50. You should be able to buy from some other place for lot less and use it in your microwave. I don't have much information to recommend you where and what kind to buy. Why don't you talk to people in local appliance stores to see universal diodes they carry work for you.

Hope this helps.

Andrew 6 years ago

On the GE site, the diode part number I came across was WB27X1160. Will this work as a replacement for AP2026385. I did not find the AP2026385 part number on the GE site. I will be calling to try and get my magnatron tomorrow.

jca_rey 6 years ago

Many Thanks manjuvreddy! The magnetron replacement seems to have done the trick for me!

Just so that I can add value to this forum... I wanted to narrate my 'warranty expired' situation! The GE Profile Spacemaker XL 1400 hood microwave came with the house I bought & I had no receipts of any kind! GE service center rep would not give me a free replacement magnetron (part #WB27X10017). However, they did offer me the part for a (shipped) total of $50. The part was listed for $154.75 on the GE website & so I gladly took their heavily discounted offer. Magnetron arrived in 2 business days & we're back in business now.

Best of Luck to everybody else in a similar situation!

jca_rey 6 years ago

One last comment: The black round part that has to be transferred from the old magnetron to the new one is a 'Thermal Fuse' or Thermostat-160/60 for my microwave JVM1460. Anybody with a multimeter might want to check it's continuity (from either end) before doing the transfer to a new one. No continuity would mean replacement is needed.

Thanks again!

Paula 6 years ago

Sooo happy I found this site. Printed off this entire post, and will call to get the magnetron. Will hand it all off of to dear hubby, whom I am sure will be sceptical. If so, I will make him take it down for me, and I will fix it!!! It sounds easy enough a girl can do it! Hey I if I deliver twins, and change my own oil...(not at the same time) I am sure I can replace a magnetron if needed!! I will let you know how it goes! Thanks again... pay it forward!!!

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 6 years ago from USA Author

JCA_Rey, Thanks for additional tips about Thermal Fuse.

Mark M 6 years ago

Hey Paula, if you can deliver twins you can do anything you set your mind to. Thanks to all of you that have added to this forum. I made the magnetron replacement and when I did my test to see if it worked I heard a crackling sound around the capacitor. It turns out I hadn't pushed the new diode firmly up into the capacitor. Once I did that it works great. Total time from out of the cabinets to back in was 2 hours. Special thanks to Manjuvreddy for keeping up with this forum. You are the 'Man of the Match'.

Rod  6 years ago

You don't need a receipt. Just call the warrenty dept, and tell them the serial no of your microwave, and they send you a new microwave.

I have had 5 new magnetrons in 7 years. They do not make the things easy to take apart. The first time, I watched the technician do it under warrenty, and took notes. Taking pictures would have been better.

The technician said "If the fuse blows, and blows again when replaced, it is a bad capacitor. If the fuse does not blow, it is probably the magnetron. The high voltage diode blows usually when the magnetron goes." GE charges over $40 for the diode. You can get a replacement on the web for about $3.50 (plus a ridiculous shipping and handling fee). I bought 3 of them and put them inside the cabinet holding the oven microwave combination.

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 6 years ago from USA Author

Rod, Thanks for some very useful tips.

Rup 6 years ago

Guys, where do i find a serial number on GE profile Spacemaker XL 1800 satinless steel microwave.

Rup 6 years ago

NVM, guys. I just found it. Its inside the microwave on left hand side there is a sticker which has the model # serial # and MFG date. I will be calling the GE support tomorrow to get me a new magnetron since my microwave doesn't heat up the foods while everything else seems to be working fine!!!

Dan 6 years ago

Thanks for great directions. We just finished replacing magnetron according to directions and everything went well. The magnetron we received fronm GE did not have anywhere to reconnect the two slotted wires described above so we ignored them. After putting averything back together we have no power whatsoever. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.

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manjuvreddy 6 years ago from USA Author

Dan, Why don't you connect slotted wires onto the magnetron and try to see if that works. If that doesn't work then try what Rod has suggested above.

Hope your microwave works very soon.

Dan 6 years ago

Manju, You're the best!! Many thanks for your assistance. It looked to me like the thermal fuse was integrated in the old magnetron. After your reply above I looked at it again and took the screw driver to it. It came off and easily went onto the new magnetron. We plugged in the slotted wires and everything works once again. You really saved me thousands of dollars since we were leaning towards replacing these ten year old bisque appliances if we couldn't get the microwave fixed. GE was great too in that they were very easy to deal with and the replacement magnetron was here in a couple of days. This was also a great father and son project completed with a happy ending thanks to you. Thanks again!!

Joe 6 years ago

I have a GE Profile Performance microwave oven (model JEB1095BB) which had the same problem - did not heat the food and everything else seemed to work fine. I thought I would need a new one (model PSB1000NBB) which runs for about $1,200. This is the price that I don't want to pay so I searched more online and found out about the 9-10 year warranty on the magnetron and then called GE for a new magnetron. Before it arrived in about 3 days via FedEx, I came across this site and felt strongly that it is the magnetron problem after reading all the comments. It took me about 10 minutes to replace it as I had already unscrewed the box and everything in the way. I thought they sent a wrong one as the new one does not have the terminal on the top for two wires connected to it. I went back to this site and sure enough several people mentioned that it needs to be transferred from the old to the new. What a great site and thank you everyone for the info.

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bouledoux 6 years ago

I had a similar experience with the appliance repair people: He leaped directly to an analysis of a bad magnetron without looking inside or doing any measurements, claiming he could "hear" from the sounds the MW made turned on that it was the problem. He quoted me an astronomical high price right off the bat. I thanked him, and found the part at a parts warehouse for $121.78. I ordered it in, but then read all these posts and contacted GE with the full Model No. and SN [ Inside left wall of the unit ] and they sent me the one under warranty so i returned the one I had ordered.

Removing the old Mag. was not easy, but I managed to wiggle it out without having to dismantle anything. I did say some choice words about the design engineers and the assemblers who most certainly could easily have made it a far quicker and easier replacement.

Yes, do take the thermostat switch Assy. off of the old Mag. and put it on last after the Mag. is in place. Don't put it on and then try to install the Mag.

Do an Ohm meter check on the HV fuse. Mine was blown. Do check the HV Cap with the Ohm meter. Mine read short. Do check the F/B resistance of the diode. Mine read OK. I suspect my Mag. is still okay [ That I took out ] but I cannot check it. I'm not going to reinstall it to find out. Six years later, it is no doubt weak anyway.

Tech admitted to me while at my house he was never trained to do this work and learned everything "on the job" by himself. This gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling to look up a GE appliance repair in the Yellow pages touting expert repairmen on your appliance and they send out a guy that hasn't even examined your MW and pronounces it "needs a new heart" and here is what it will cost you. What has this country come to ? Thanks to God, I worked as a Tech for RCA and later the Telephone Co. as a tech and engineer and am a radio amateur plus have an FCC General radio license [ Was 1st. class with radar endorsement ] so I am not a newbie to electronics, particularly RF and HV circuits.

Justin 6 years ago

Thanks for the tips guys. GE wanted $89 for the service call, estimated $220 for the install of the free part. Used the info here, got the free and out in 45 minutes. Thanks for all the advice!

Dana 6 years ago

Very fortunate to find this site. Thanks for the great how-to's. Searched the internet hi and low on internet for a cheaper diode (WB27X1160) for my Spacesaver XL 1800. GE wanted $45 total with shipping and tax. Local appliance stores wanted $50 to $60. Was told there were no alternative parts by some, then talked to the right appliance experts and found one for $8.61 plus tax. Big difference! Thanks to this site I am waiting for the Magnetron from GE...covered by warranty by GE and taken care of in a 2 minute phone call to the number given above. Thanks to all. Hope I get this thing going again.

Nikhil 6 years ago

Was about to pay 250 bucks for magnetron replacement & labor & thought to check one last time on the internet. I must say I am glad i did. Spoke with GE at the number provided & gave my serial & model number & they informed that they will send it out right away. Didn't go thru the manual as the serial number did the job for me. Saved me $125 on magnetron cost. Not sure if i will install myself. We will see. But thanks a TON!!!! You saved me money!!!

ANN 6 years ago


Jim 6 years ago

Called GE. Was transferred to extended warranty department (888-239-6832). Gave model and part number. Magnetron is on the way. I have been putting off buying a new microwave and began searching for a replacement today. Found this forum and saved $$$$. My computer just paid for itself!! Thanks Manju. Thanks Al Gore for inventing the Internet. lol

Al Gore 6 years ago

I never said I invented the internet. I said I "helped found the Internet". The reason was that the Pentagon asked us (Congress) for a separate network to replace Arpanet due to too many "achedemics" using it. As Chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee I sponsored the legislation to fund their new network on the condition that they turn Arpanet over to the public. The measure passed, the Internet became public, and you can draw your own conclusions, Rush. BTW, I also fixed my own microwave, but hat just makes me average.

DG 6 years ago

Just replaced the magnetron with no luck. The fuse is fine and I will be now checking the HVCap and diode. There is still a loud buzz when I try to heat. I will probably replace the cap and diode and let you know what I find. Great tip on lowering the panel that the transformer sits on. Made it much easier to replace the mag.

Song 6 years ago

Just wanted to chime in. My GE SpaceMaker died yesterday and I found this website this morning. The oven is 6 years old. I called the number listed and said, "Hello I have a Spacemaker microwave and I am told I need a new Magnatron." The nice lady asked for the model# and serial# then my shipping adress. She checked that it was in stock (it was) and then gave me a confirmation number. I should arrive in 3-5 days. That was it. So easy!

I wanted to extend my thanks for starting this post. I've been through the appliance warranty thing before and wasn't looking forward to the hassle. This resource made it simple. THANKS!

Scott 6 years ago

Another satisfied customer! Same microwave, same problem (no heat, but lights, display, carousel all worked fine). Called the number above, part arrived in 3 days (free, no hassle from GE, no pressure to involve a repairman) put it in (about an hour) and it's better than new. I think that the performance had slowly deteriorated over time and it now heats faster than it did just before it stopped working. Didn't have to replace any other parts (diode, capacitor). Thought I would try the 'free' approach and if it didn't work then I'd keep trying...but SUCCESS the first time! Thanks for the great information.

Song 6 years ago

Well, I am sad to report that it doesn't seem to be the Magnatron in my microwave. The package arrived today and I replaced it in about 30 minutes. Fired it up and noticed a loud humming sound that wasn't there before, but nothing was cooking.

Opened it up again and checked the fuse and the continuity of the temp sensor (black thing with 2 wires). Everything seems just fine.I put in the old Magnatron and tried it again. Nothing, and it's not humming loudly anymore.

Now what? Not sure where to go from here. Sigh.

Song 6 years ago

I wanted to provide a final post. I decided to try and replace the diode before giving up. I couldn't find a diode with the exact same specs, but I got one that looked exactly alike and was labeled "for microwaves". So I gave it a shot since it was only $7. My original diode was raed at 12kV while the replacemen was 15kV. I figured my oven was broken so I could break it ay worse.

Long story short. I worked. I've cooked several items and everything worked fine. So in the end, I replaced the magnetron and the diode.

Bad news is that someone hit my car in the parking lot when I was out getting the diode. Not related to fixing ovens, but it still bums me out. So mixed news from this front.

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dadman 6 years ago

Thanks for posting this information! I called the number, assured the person on the other end I was in contact with a 'service provider' and have received the magnetron. I bought a diode at a local appliance store for $13, so am ready to proceed. However, I need some advice for getting the microwave from beneath the cabinet, over the gas stove, without breaking/dropping it. I remember getting it up, solo, 10yrs ago, but am having challenges getting it back down! Ideas are welcome.. Thanks!

Hey, I nabbed a neighbor to help me out. Got the machine down, followed the instructions you provided, tested it, and it all worked out very well! I borrowed the neighbor, before he left for football practice, and we are back in business! Only thing I forgot was to put the schematics envelope back inside the machine. :)

Thanks again, Manjuvreddy!

Bob Spencer 6 years ago

Great page -- it worked for me and was /very/ easy to replace in my GE Profile model JE2160 (a little different from above)..

Details: I was encouraged by your article after being told by the GE repair man that it would be $80 for a visit and probably $180 to replace the magnatron. I called the number above and got the free magnatron. I also followed the advice above and ordered a diode. I didn't know if this was microwave-specific so I got it from the same GE repair place and it cost $23.96 for the part and shipping. I saw another person say they got this part for $7 at a local shop. For my microwave only the back cover needed to be removed. The magnatron and diode were both very accessible. Swapping the parts took 10mins. Getting the Mircrowave out of the cabinet, buying the right screwdriver bit for the funky cover screws, and putting it all back together took about 2hrs total. I'm surprised that the repairman would charge more than $30 for such work. Very very easy. Microwave works again. Time for some popcorn and hot coacoa.

mikeL 6 years ago

I replaced the magnatron and tried the microwave. It worked for about 5 seconds and then stopped working. No power at all. checked the power supply and nothing tripped. Can it be the fuse in the microwave? If so were is it? If not would a bad diode cause no power? If none of these is there a reason for it to work for 5 seconds andd then no power?.

David Magnetron Jr. 6 years ago

First of all thank you manjuvreddy for sharing your experience with us.

Our microwave is 7 years old and one day started making a humming noise and wasn’t generating heat. I opened it up and sure enough was the magnetron. Thanks to you for the warranty information I called GE and got the free replacement. As you suggested I also ordered the high voltage diode ($36+shipping) and replaced that one as well.

Mark 6 years ago

I found this discussion, called GE on a Monday afternoon and Tuesday at lunchtime FedEx had left the new magnetron on my porch. They told me it had a 5-year warranty and it was free.

The hardest part was removing my over-the-range GE Spacemaker 2.0. I wanted to share a tip- when I put it back I had trouble with noise, some sort of vibration or the vent fan along the top front of the microwave.

The wire diagram (folded up paper) had been left inside the microwave in a certain spot. I took it out the first time because I thought it was just halfhearted work by the installer. However, the second time I put the paper back in there and the noise problem went away.

The magnetron replacement was half an hour, the other stuff took about two.

Scott  6 years ago

Followed the advice as given above for calling GE. Part came via FedEx a few days later. Magnetron Assembly part No.#WB27X10475 has now been replaced by #WB27X10017. I lowered my microwave down by using my wife's romance novel collection set on an extra shelving board I placed across the top of the electric range below. The floor jack I use in the garage for the car does not reach as high as the bottom of the micro. I'll crack open the micro cabinet when I have more time this weekend and report back.

Scott 6 years ago

Success!!! Tom Hanks moment from "Castaway": "Fire! I make fire!!" Drinking my hot soup as I type this. Magnetron was perfect match. Samsung made. O.K. Should last another 5-6 years:(

Besides getting it out by actively pushing up and down on the magnetron holding "roof and the transformer mounting "floor" respectively to wiggle out the magnetron, the repair was very straightforward. Just make sure to keep and group like screws together for the re-assembly. Did not need new diode, or unplug/discharge the capacitor. On my JVM1650CH01 microwave I only needed to take plug connector off magnetron, transfer original thermo-switch to new magnetron housing with it's self tapping two machine screws, and briefly unplug the transformer for clearance. Thanks again MANJUVREDDY for the post and all theothers who contributed. Using the floor jack and some extra scrap lumber from Home Depot to do a one-man re-install.

Intuit 6 years ago


Great blog. I have a GE JVM1190WY4. Its problem is that it will run for about 3-4 minutes and then it dies...aka elctrically dead. If I unplug it for 15-30 minutes, it will come back on. Is it the magnetron? I should say that this model is also convection, and this function works fine.


manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 6 years ago from USA Author

Hi Intuit, If your microwave is producing heat then magnetron should be fine. It looks like problem with some other parts like transformer or something else. Get it checked by repair person.

Chris 6 years ago

GE Wont send me the part, but they'll come to my house for $80. Screw it, I'm going to to buy a non GE-MIcro. Great site though. It was good for a little while to find out the magnetron was covered for 10 years, cudo's to you. Until they gave me the run around for 20 minutes. GE Sucks!

BJ 6 years ago

not everyone can get the microwave down fix it and install it back again. Plus, if the tube is still under warranty for 10 years they should replace it for free too. If i knew which organization to file complaint against this i would. For now, I need a new microwave ASAP as I am not very handy (don't even have a screwdriver)and can't repair this one. May order a new one for $540 at best buy. Best buy charges $150 installation. Total cost over $700 after taxes and irony is i may still run into this problem again in a few years.

BJ 6 years ago

GE does suck. Doesn't warranty on an item or part mean free replacement also during warranty period. Or is it on purpose that such cheap parts are being used so that they can make more money off fixing these parts. I had actually had a tech come over to look on my previous 4 year old microwave also a GE and told me that the tube had gone bad and would cost me $250 or just pay $80-90 for service call or put it towards buying a new GE microwave. I opted for the new one for $450. Exactly 6 years later same problem. I don't want to even buy a GE but can't figure out what else to get. They have a new one with convection oven. or may be I should buy an extended warranty for an extra $100-$150 for 4 years this time. Any advice. Got to order something by tomorrow so that they can install it by 1st week of october. Thanks If I could do it I would repair it the diagram and tips make it look real simple. But it's not for me, I can barely put a nail in the wall if I had a hammer.

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 6 years ago from USA Author

BJ, Why don't you order magnetron from GE and hire some local repairman or handyman who can help you to get the Microwave down, replace it and put it back. That should work out much cheaper for you.

Even if you take GE service for repairing your Microwave it might only cost you 200-300 $, much cheaper than buying a new one. Think about it.

Bj 6 years ago

Manjuvreddy, Thanks for your response. I had called GE in the morning. The woman told me sounds like i need the tube and also seems like some electric connections kit so, they should send a tech and if his estimate is too much i could choose not to have it repaired and put the 90 bucks towards a new microwave from them. What do you think. Cuz even if I get it fixed by paying 250-300 bucks it's 6 years old would i have problems again soon. or should i just get a new one (which would probably have the same problem in a few years probably).

Jason Konior 6 years ago

Had the same problem with the magnatron with my Spacemaker XL1800 and called GE for a replacement under warranty. The first woman I talked to gave me the run around and said they could not replace it as the appliance had never been registered (it was in a condo I recently purchased) and thus they couldn't verify whether the appliance was still under warranty. After stumbling on this post I decided to give it another shot and called the number listed above. The call went straight through without having to enter any options and the fellow I spoke with was more than helpful, immediately confirming that the part was under warranty and would be shipped immediately. It arrived three days later and with the help of a neighbor and the instructions above was able to replace the part within an hour. I am happy to report all is working again!

Mike F. 6 years ago

Hello, I am having the same problem that most are having here but my turn table is not spining. When I turn it on it lights up and the timer counts down but no heat and no turn table. Anyone else have this problem?

Alix  6 years ago

Just called the number above to order my part and had no problems! Operator said that they recommend a licensed professional do the installation but that was it. Purchased the diode as well as recommended. Should receive all part in time for the weekend and then the fun will begin! Thanks!

Sam 6 years ago

The first GE rep did not want to send me the magnetron. When I called the second time, the lady had no issues sending it to me (for free). I replaced the magnetron and I re-used (I believe it is a safety switch) from the old magnetron. When I tested the oven, it did not heat and it produced a weird smell. I decided to call GE and ask them to send me a diode. They did for aprox. $36. I replaced the diode and I put everything back, being careful about locating all the wires away from the metal. It is working great.

Sreeni 6 years ago

Manju..thanks for posting this blog. It has motivated me to open the microwave and not out of dead waters yet but am impressed with the knowledege I have gained from the whole page.

Replaced the magnetron, but no luck yet...I do not see any damage to the diode/capacitor. Not sure if people who have repalced them have seen any physical damage.

I am waiting to test these components out before buying the parts. Will post again with updates.

happy eater 6 years ago

My microwave took a dump on me and I was about to go look at new ones. I searched the internet to see if maybe it was something simple that I could fix as I really can't afford a new microwave right now. After reading your article I decided to call GE. That was friday afternoon. The nice lady on the phone took all the info for the microwave, all my info, and then informed me that the magnatron in my microwave was no longer made, but they had a replacement for it they would be sending me. She said it would be 3 - 5 business days. Here it is tuesday morning and guess what showed up on my doorstep? Thats right, in just two business days, my new magnatron. I followed your steps, realised how easy it was to replace, and now I am sitting here eating some leftover home-made macaroni and cheese. The best part is, it's piping hot. Thanks man, you are a life saver.

Mark 6 years ago

Called the Warranty Direct line, gave the Model and S/N. Operator took my shipping address and phone #, and that was that!

Kari 6 years ago

Mark can you share/post the number for the Warranty Direct line please. Thanks

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 6 years ago from USA Author

Kari, It's there in the post above, GE parts department (888-239-6832).

Sara 6 years ago

Called the other day the first rep would do nothing. Called back later that day and got a magnatron shipped out and it arrived Friday. My husband fixed our microwave this morning following your directions. Thanks so much!

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wjc129 6 years ago

Did anyone else experience a problem with a vibration sound or humming noise and no heat? My problem just started yesterday, with a humming noise but still heated. Now it is humming noise with no heat. Anyone else have this problem?

Liz 6 years ago

Our microwave (5 years old) died last night...not sure if the magnetron is the issue but we'll find out when my husband replaces it - and the diode...the timer counts down but it makes no other sound. Wish us luck! Thank you!

Celeste 6 years ago

Mom punched in a time, there was an odd sound, and then a loud hum while cooking, only to find out that it wasn't really cooking. Have GE coming out in 10 days, but after reading all this, I think I need to call for a magnetron and diode. I don't think I can remove the micro, so I'll try to find a local repair person to help. Thanks for the posting.

profile image

wjc129 6 years ago

Ok, replaced the magnetron with little problem. Put it back together to test it out. Still no heat, and now there is an electrical smell. Went and bought a diode and replaced that. Still no heat but got rid of the electrical smell. I am running out of ideas anyone else have any?

Amber 6 years ago

Thanks for this info. We ordered the magnetron (free) and diode 36.50, and my husband took apart and replaced in 45 minutes. it works like a champ. Appreciate the helpful info, it saved us from buying new one, and we happen to like our 2003 model.

Kirk 6 years ago

2001 GE Profile XL1800 10 NOVEMBER 2010 09:15am

I just got off of the phone with Ronnie in the GE parts department (888-239-6832). Ronnie said that the Magnetron is covered under warranty and that he would be glad to send a replacement to me without any charge. I mentioned to Ronnie that the repairman said that as long as we are replacing that Magnetron that we should also replace the Diode. Ronnie said that there is a charge for the Diode, $36.50 plus tax and a handling charge of $5.00, for a total of $44.58. Ronnie was very helpful and the phone call took less that 15 minutes. We will see how long the replacement job takes to complete.

Todd 6 years ago

THANK YOU!!!!!!! No hastles from GE.. Free part.. About 1 hr install.. A few little complications that were easy to resolve.. Done! You saved me hundreds of dollars and an aggrivated wife!

mage 6 years ago

manju help turntable is not turning ,its set on right, 1800XL heating counting down humming noise no light but both tubes are blown,also tripped breaker once, vent fan works

Don 6 years ago

Glad I found this site! Our XL1800 microwave started making a lower humming noise and stopped heating. Everything else seems to work fine. Just ordered the magnetron. They just warned me I should have an experienced electrician do the work. OK. Two working spouses and kids. You don't realize how much we all rely on those things!

Jon B 6 years ago

Wow, my problem too, just ordered the Magnatron after ten years from GE. Hopefully this solves the no heart issue. THANK YOU.

Jon B. 6 years ago

OK, got the new magnatron today, got the unit apart but the two magnatrons are not the same. The old one has an extra connector on the side as in the picture way above. There were two wires with what looks like resistors or capacitors builtin that shipped with the magnatron. I also do not know where the stirrers go. :-)

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 6 years ago from USA Author

Jon, I think you need to take extra connector from old Magnetron and put it on new one.

Jon B 6 years ago

Yep, that did the tric, Thanks. AWESOME!! Just saved myself a few hundred dollars. :-)

Shelli 6 years ago

HELP! I replace my free replacement magnetron yesterday, thank you for the post!! The microwave worked fine for hours afterwards... then no power at all, shut off last night while my son was heating a piece of pizza. Unplugged the unit and went to bed. This morning plugged the unit back in and all is fine... heated a bowl of water for 3 minutes, no problems so far. Any ideas what might be wrong? Thanks!!

Don 6 years ago

I finally replaced the magnetron on my XL1800. Managed with only diconnecting the transformer and spend about a half hour wiggling it in. I ended up taking a screw out of a panel and bending it out so I could get my hand in easier. I fired it up in the garage and cooked a microve pizza.

N. Gerard 6 years ago

Thanks Manju, great post and great comments

not much to add, worked like a charm. Replaced the magnetron only and not the diode- you can check your diode with a multimeter ( I saw you can get an OEM or clone from ebay for 10-15 dollars

My tip:

When calling GE for the part start out saying "I had the service man here and he said the magnetron needed to be replaced. The service man said to call this number (Manju's # 888-239-6832) and ask GE for a free replacement since he said it is still under warranty. The nice CSR took my name/address and said it would be shipped out right away. Called Monday and received Tuesday.

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 6 years ago from USA Author

Thank you N.Gerard for your tips, appreciate it.

Robin 6 years ago

Thanks Manju for the tips. My microwave JVM1871SK03 was not heating the food. So, called GE and got the Magnetron, replaced it and it is still not heating. Replaced the diode and it is still not heating. Checked all the fuses. No problem with that. The capacitor is also fine. I am not sure what else could go wrong. Any help? TIA.

JohnnyMac 6 years ago

Success - Spacemaker 1800XL did not heat. Did the defrost test to isolate the magnetron. Called GE to get a new magnetron (they warned me of the inherent risks of radiation - I promised them I'd be careful). Also ordered a diode from Followed the instructions in this post and the manual (for taking the microwave down). Completed the repair in about 30 minutes. Great info about the black wires that need to be reattached to the magnetron. Hardest part was to fit the new magnetron into the venting plastic. Took a bit of manuevering, but it worked. Thanks to all for your contributions to this instruction.

Bearman Martin 6 years ago

Great post! Followed everyones advice and completed the repair in less than 1hr. Some manuevering needed to get magnatron out and new one in, but overall a very easy repair. THANK YOU ALL CONTRIBUTORS!!

Brrrmidji Girl 6 years ago

So glad I found this post. Had this problem years ago (my 2002 GE Profile micro/convection) and paid the dealer for repairs. Now it quit again and is making a loud buzzing too. I called GE per this site and they agreed to send a new magnetron without argument. No receipt needed, just model number and serial number which is inside the machine. She did say a diode would be $50. I'd like to order one now (with the Holidays upon us) rather than waiting to see if it will be needed, but not for $50 for a wire. Any suggestions about who to contact for a reasonably priced diode, someone who would know which one my machine requires? Thanks, thanks for the posts. My husband will appreciate another project before Christmas - NOT! But the saved $ will add to presents under the tree - Merry Christmas!

Nelson 6 years ago

Just wanted to say thanks to the OP. I have a larger unit JE1590 model. After waiting a week for the Magnatron to arrive the install was very simple. Remove 5 or 6 screws and 2 torx screws (new style with dot in middle), the cover should be tilted up and back to remove. The Magnatron is on the control panel side held on with 5 screws. Unplug the connector on the bottom and unscrew wired connector on top. Remove 5 screws and install in reverse order. I did not have to replace the diode. Good for another 8 years (hopefully).

Steve 6 years ago

WOW, What a great set of posts. Our microwave did not heat up this morning. All the functions work, just doesn't heat up stuff. It does make a funny noise. So with the aid of this post, I call GE and they are shipping me the part for FREE!!! Very cool! I will try to repair it and see where that takes me.

Thank you everyone for the great information!

Model: JVM1851WF001

Made: April 2003

Shelly 6 years ago

Thank You, Thank You, Thank you!

profile image

dbrown1013 6 years ago

Please help, my unit stopped heating, then it worked a couple more times, but now has ceased to heat again. Does this make sense that it is probably the magnetron? Or, if it goes out, it is out? Just want to make sure I isolate the issue before ordering. Thank you for this great thread.OH, and there is no "funny" noise, may be even quieter than normal. Thanks all...

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 6 years ago from USA Author

dbrown, Maybe it is Magnetron. If it is under warranty then go ahead and order one from GE. Install the new one and see if it fixes the problem. Hope this helps.

Steve 6 years ago

Ordered part 5 days ago, came yesterday (4 days including weekend). Put the magnatron in today. Took about 1/2 hour to carefully remove the cover and take pictures as I went. I labeled the connectors because the two that attached to the top of the magnatron looked like they could be switched by mistake. I drew an arrow showing which side up on the bottom connector. I took off a plate mounted on the right side of the magnatron. It took about 3 mins to remove the magnatron. I transferred the part on the side to the new one and then it took about 15 minutes to get it back inside. It was a really tight fit getting it back in but it made it. Once in, it took about 5 minutes to put the connectors back. I plugged it in and boiled about a 1/2 cup of water to confirm that it was working. After that, I unplugged it again and begin closing it up. Had a small issue getting the bottom of it cover on correctly but after playing around with it, I realized that somehow I had bent the bottom frame slightly which was causing the problem. (Note: The bottom frame is really flimsy and easily bent and bent back into shape). So it took about 1 1/2 hours to get it off the wall, switch the part, clean the exterior, and remount it back onto the wall.

I needed help getting off the wall and putting it back. THe microwave is not very heavy but its ackward trying to get it unbolted and then getting underneath to swing it down and then lift it up to remove it.

I want to thank everyone on this post for giving hints and suggustions on how to fix this problem. I have saved $500 easily not buying a new microwave and scored major points with family for now being able to reheat leftovers!

Eric 6 years ago

"Gary" or anyone else with the GE Spacemaker issue where it heats for a few seconds and then the display goes crazy and everything resets... found the 5 minute solution here:

Apparently the magnatron is too close to the computer leaking microwaves can wig out the computer circuit. I followed the instructions on the e-how link, removed 3 screws, stuffed an anti static bag behind the circuit board (these are the shiny plastic envelopes most electronics ship in) and it was up and running in no time. While I was in there, I was also able to pop the dent out of the keypad from where I punched it in frustration last week.

richard 6 years ago

i have a GE spacemaker XL 1600 series model, it quit heating but other than that seemed like it was working fine. GE sent me a new magnetron which i replaced by following your great directions & now it heats fine it is making like a popping noise which seems to be coming from teh magnetron area. When i removed the panels and started it i could see some light or sparks when looking through the holes in the magnetron cover. I did not change the diode or stirrer as some post mentioned as a requirement on 1600 series models . Any suggestions?

Burt  6 years ago

Thanks for the info ordered the magnetron and diode. Have not received the diode but started takoing thoings apart to get a jump on things. I found that the magnetron has burnt a hole in the metal above it, and the top of the magnetron is burnt off. Has no one else had this problem and if so what is a safe repair.

Joe 6 years ago

I have about a 17 yr old GE JVM130K. Stopped heating after storm power surge/brown out. Utility company says it's not their fault. Would like to replace the unit but can't find another microwave that has the same dimensions (29-7/8W X 15H X 14D). GE service department is worthless (and I really mean worthless!!!) (called twice, can't get any info on new units or estimate to repair, and get referred to other departments that are closed). Any ideas on estimate to repair or new unit with same size profile? Please e-mail at

Thanks in advance for any help!!!

Mike 6 years ago

Just replaced my Magnetron and Diode wire today. It took about 2 hours and the microwave now works great. This site saved me a lot of money!

Steve 6 years ago

My GE XL1800 just stopped working completely. No power. Nothing. Checked the house fuse box and no blown fuse. Unplugged and reinserted in a couple of outlets I know are working. Still nothing. Any thoughts?

Dan 6 years ago

Just replaced the Magnetron in my 4 year old XL1800 with no difficulty. I didn't need to replace the diode or any other parts. GE parts sent it at no cost with no dispute. Only neecec the model and serial number.

Funny thing is that at a neighborhood Christmas party I surveyed 4 neighbors that moved into new houses about the same time with the same applicances. 3 out of 4 had seen magnetron failures and the 4th had some other kind of sensor problem leading to consistently burned popcorn. None of them had seen this site so all were out a few hundred dollars each. Good business for GE repair people!

Patty Conway 6 years ago

I have a model #JVM165088 Spacemaker and it sounds like all of the above. We are looking at replacing it because my husband isn't very handy...or patient!! LOL It stopped heating just after our 10 years in new it worth still calling for the magnetron if we can find a friend to help fix it? Just wondering if they will take my word for it in the time it stopped working??

Crystal 6 years ago





kelly 6 years ago

any pics of diode wire?

ppgin 6 years ago

I have an xl1800 and suddenly I am getting a F3 code in the display and at the same time it is beeping It will beep 3orm4 times and then it goes in to losk down mode

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jefro226 6 years ago

Have a JVM1630WH003 Spacemaker in a house we just purchased. I just found 2 receipts from the previous owner for new magnetrons installed (professionaly): 8-20-08, 8-10-09; just broke down again 12-20-10.

If this was a fluke, I might have repaired it. I am getting something else . I am always amazed at what manufacturers can get away with without issuing a recall. Manjuvreddy, great post and great site. Good luck everyone.

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SamJohnson 6 years ago

I just replaced the magnetron in my XL1800 GE microwave and it still won't heat my food. what's my next step? HELP!!!!!

SammPlateau 6 years ago

I have GE Spacemaker Microwave JVM1870SF001 that was purchased 7 years ago and was not heating and making a strange noise and emitting a harsh smell. I found this site and like a's fixed. The Magnetron (only)needed to replaced. I ordered the part from GE, 2 days later it arrived and it took 2.5 hrs to replace. Now things are back to normal. Thank you for posting this helpful info. Saved me $400!!! (Parts & labor)

Greg 6 years ago

Just got the free magnetron fro ge and it took 30 min. To fix. Thanks for saving me a few hundred bucks.

Araol 6 years ago


Thanks for your help. I ordered magnetron, and replaced it, but still not heating. I probably did not connect outside part (one we have to use from old magnetron) properly. Do you know What are those connections on outside part? Is there any + and - or they can go either side as long as they are connected. I learned lot about microwave because of you. Again thank you very much for this post.

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 6 years ago from USA Author

Araol, Looks like that part is there in the picture above (middle one). Don't believe there are + & - signs for that connection.

colemankb 6 years ago

can anyone give specific instructions for discharging capacitor? Wires/terminals appear to be covered so don't have access to metal on terminal. How to discharge?

Shekar 6 years ago

Thanks Manju for the wonderful blog!! You just saved me $390 and I had the part ordered 30 minutes back. Where did you buy the diode from? Grainger? I checked the diode and the fuse and they seem okay. I have a spare 250V Bussman MDL 20A ceramic fuse though lying around and will replace it.

Thanks once again, you rock!!


manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 6 years ago from USA Author

Shekar, I did not replace diode when I replaced magnetron.

Runa K Rauta 6 years ago

Thank you so much for posting this. This is really helpful.

Cookin' in Colorado 6 years ago

Another success. $0 and a small project while enjoying football on a Sunday afternoon...

profile image

yeselvi 6 years ago


Good post and thanks for the information.

I had the exact same humming noise and was told the magnetron needed to be replaced. Called GE and got the magnetron shipped out. Replaced it but still the same noise and no heat. The thermal fuse seems to be ok. 0(zero) ohm when I test for continuity. I need to try the diode next and maybe the capacitor after that if I still have the issue. Can someone suggest a good site/source for these parts? Looks like Dana from one of the posts above got the diode (WB27X1160) for $8.61. I cant find it for that price anywhere. Thanks for your help.

profile image

Markus_Unread 6 years ago

I just did a magnetron swap out on a GE PVM1870SM1SS. Luckily, the magnetron was easy to get to once the unit had been taken down. Just out of curiosity, and because I wanted the beefy magnets, I did a tear down on the dead magnetron.

First, the filament-to-case resistance was 40 ohms (bad).

I tore it all apart and found out that the INSIDE of the magnetron connector was burnt. No outside damage showing. The inside looks like it arced-over to the metal shell right at the feedthrough. After stripping everything out, I tested the resistance of the tube again and it's open (was 40 ohms). I was surprised that the rectifier survived, by the way.

I wonder why these Samsung tubes are failing in the GE's and not in the Samsung microwave ovens!

MarkiD 6 years ago

Thank you so much, very helpful post. Saved me $154.75 by contacting GE parts. They were friendly and helpful, got my new magnetron under warranty in 3 days. I have the JVM1630WB004 and had to remove transformer in order to remove magnetron. I'm no electrician and it took about 3 hours ... no glitches, thanks again.

Jim 6 years ago

Thank you so much for posting this guide! You saved us hundreds of dollars and gave us an interesting activity for the evening.

A few notes on my experience:

1. Called GE parts, after twenty minutes on hold, I gave the lady the "I've got a local service guy who asked me to order the magnetron..." Worked like a charm and she sent it out.

2. I bought the high voltage diode at a local appliance repair place that sells universal parts. Only cost $7. It was rated for 240V, so I think it's good to go.

- Note on diode: I'm definitely an amateur so it took a little research to figure out the after market diode. From that I learned that the ground side of the diode is typically marked with an arrow, a stripe, or a dot. So, keep that in mind if you replace the diode and make sure you've got it properly aligned.

3. This website was also helpful. There's a video that walks you through the process:

4. Before the repair, I unplugged the microwave and let it sit for a good twenty four hours. Overkill, I'm sure, but I was paranoid going in there.

5. I almost backed out of doing this myself, but I'm wholly glad that I dove in and gave it a shot. It's working so far, and hopefully will continue. If you are a bit hesitant, it's really not that bad. Give it a shot!

Neal 6 years ago

I had a GE repairman come out for $99 and he concluded it needed a diode and magnatron. He ordered the parts to my house and I installed them and cancelled the return service call. Now GE tells me I have to pay for the parts becaue there service man didn't install the parts. That because I installed the parts it voids the warranty and now they expect me to pay $207 for my parts. It would had cost me $173 to have them do it. I called and complained till my face turned blue and there only answer was it's company policy. They made it sound like if I had ordered the parts myself then no charge. Doesn't seem right. What would you do if you were me? I've refused to pay so far but now they sent a theatning letter about collection department. Wait just got this e-mail from GE.Mr. Flowers,

Thank you for contacting GE. We are unable to cover the part under warranty because it was not installed by a GE authorized servicer. In your use and care manual, at the top of the warranty page, it does in fact state "All warranty service is provided by our Factory Service Centers, or an authorized Customer Care® technician."

Since the work was not done by a GE authorized servicer, we can not warranty the part because the workmanship on the appliance can not be guaranteed. This is a common theme in all manufacturer's warranties, where if anyone other than an authorized servicer does service on the unit, any and all warranties for parts and labor become void.

I hope this serves to answer your questions regarding the warranty of the part.

Thank you and have a great day

Mike H.

GE Consumer Advocate


Jim 6 years ago


Did you admit that you installed the part yourself? If not (or perhaps if so), you can claim confusion on their part. The repair was actually done by a local technician and you'd be happy to look at any evidence that they have to the contrary.

If they really hard ball it though, I wouldn't screw up my credit over $200. Sorry for your hassle.

Related GE note -- I went to the local appliance repair shop to find some replacements vent-filters for the microwave. The guy pulled up GEs website and showed me the gouging $48 price tag. He sold me the exact same filter for $8. I think GE believes they can overcharge and bully people. Do you think I'm ever buying another GE appliance? So they've basically lost a customer for $40. Great business plan you greedy bastards.

cgl 6 years ago

WooooHoooo! Very excited to say I changed the Magnetron tube and I am enjoying a cup of tea, yep that's right, with little help from my Hubby this chick did it!

Thanks for saving us over $200

ycc 6 years ago

It took me a while to replaced the magnetron tube, but did not replace the diode. It works and my wife is very happy!

Thanks for the posted

SMB 6 years ago

Thank you SO much! You're seriously a life-saver. The instructions were perfect and we were able to get the job done in less than two hours. The hardest part was re-mounting the darn thing after we replaced the part. Lol..

Thanks again!

Jeff and Stacey

Rob Cone 6 years ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I wa sready to buy a new microwave till I ran across this website/page.

Called the GE 800 number, told them, "My technician said I needed a new MAGNATRON, by chance is that part still under warranty?" GE customer service was nice and friendly...part arrived in my house in 3 days.

I bought replacement DIODEdiode

Rob Cone 6 years ago


...bought DIODE wire off Ebay for $12.

Installed both parts myself, thanks to the great instructions on this website...microwave now works!!!

profile image

carlotta54 6 years ago

I read through all the comments, but I think that my issue is perhaps not the Magnatron. Same as Steve posted 5 weeks ago, my GE Proile Perfomance with Sensor Convection Model JVM1190 just lost all power from one minute to the next. Does someone know how to change the fuse inside the microwave? Do I have to uninstall the microwave to do so? thanks

Sam 6 years ago

4 year old Profile microwave/oven still under warranty stopped working. (no heat, crunchy noise). GE 's repair man said magnetron burned a hole in it and can't be repaired. Could this be true or was he NOT capable of fixing it, or did he NOT want to invest 2 hours in fixing it? Assurant will give "some" money for it. Can't wait to find out how much!! Unit was $500 when purchased. Purchased through Pacific Sales and they dropped these warranty people due to problems.. Is this an example??

Katie 6 years ago

Thank you so much for posting this. My GE spacemaker stopped heating, everything else worked (light, time, etc.) & I called the GE number you listed & ordered the magnetron for free. They were very nice & sent it no questions asked. I put it in today & now my microwave works perfect. (I did not have to replace the diode). If you go on youtube & type "ge spacemaker magnetron" in the search bar there is a very helpful video that shows you exactly how to replace it. Thanks again for posting this article it saved me a lot of money.

MS 6 years ago

As the others have mentioned, thanks for posting this. It saved me about $400. For those who are having issues with getting GE to send the magnatron, try letting them know that a tech has already come out and identified the magnetron as the issue. It is covered by GE for 10 years and they will send it without issues. I just got mine today and can't wait to put it in.

Thanks again

Scotty 6 years ago

Thanks for the post. Called GE and they are sending the part out free and cost $50 for the diode wire. Got someone very nice and even mentioned that I saw the issue the microwave was having on the internet. No questions asked...

Erik 6 years ago

Outstanding site! Thank you. Followed advice to the letter and got great results.

One thing to add for all: There is a universal diode kit available from appliance parts distributors for about $10 that works perfectly. My salesman even had the GE diode and said he used to repaIr micros and wouldn't hesitate to use the universal.

Thanks to all for saving me big dollars!

Ken 2/2011 6 years ago

I was so lucky to have found your site. I was worried sick as to how to pay GE for the service and magnetron (beyond warranty date). Just called the number you gave, had the part in 6 days and installed in two hours. Thanks a bunch--you're the best.

Bill Lewis 6 years ago

It's weird that Neil is being harassed by GE. They gave us not only the magnetron, but two diodes, and the disk that disperses the microwaves into the oven. We bought a diode also, not knowing two free ones would come, so will send back the purchased one. Our replacement was successful. It took about two hours. Our cabinet screws were ordinary Phillips heads, not Torx, but we did need a ratchet handle to get the screw that holds the diode in place. Bending the transformer on its mounting plate out of the way after removing the two screws on the back (as recommended in a comment above) worked great. Super thanks to Manjuvreddy!

All of you might want to note the following link:

How to Fix a GE SpaceMaker Microwave |

It says that the reason our magnetrons are going bad is that there is stray radiation getting to the electronic control board, and tells how to put aluminum foil in an insulating plastic bag behind the control board to shield it. That is likely to keep the new magnetron from dying. And that may be why the same magnetron works great in a Samsung microwave, but dies in GE units.

matt 6 years ago

thanks alot for your help here just finished the project in an hour fifteen your suggestions saved me time and most importantly money GE must hate you to bad you didn't get few bucks for kickbacks!!!!

Dan 6 years ago


This site is very helpful info about fixing the magnetron – when I called the number listed here the very helpful woman who answered checked my model and serial numbers and was about to ship me the part when I gave her my Canadian address. She said sorry we only ship to the USA, here is the number for GE Canada… Unfortunately, GE CANADA is NOT nearly as helpful! The exact same problem here results in a royal run-around. The part IS covered under warranty BUT they will only cover the part if you have a Certified GE tech come out and verify that the Magnetron is the problem (everyone agrees that this is the most likely the reason nothing is heating up). They charge $67 for the tech to come to the house + $20 every 15 minutes it takes to repair. Given the times in the above messages that should take between 1 & 2 hours so $80-$160… add the service call that’s $150-$230 (plus taxes) for them to come and diagnose and fix the warranteed part. I called a parts store and can buy the magnetron for $131.32. So it’s cheaper to buy the part than to get the “free” warranteed part… Appreciate the good customer service you’re getting down there my American neighbours!

profile image

rseanr 6 years ago

What's the best way to discharge the capacitor? Isn't there a high level of shock potential?

Dan 6 years ago

Canadian solution... After the "royal run-around" mentioned above I sent a complaint to GE Canada at: and left a complaint in the comments box (basically what I wrote here earlier) I got a phone call the next morning and was told because of liability they want GE techs to put the part in (so I don't sue should I fry myself) BUT if I signed a liability waiver they would send me the waranteed part for free. Got the waiver by email, printed, signed (and witnessed) scaned, converted to pdf, emailed back and got part next afternoon...! Putting it in today.

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 6 years ago from USA Author

Hi Dan, Sorry to your story. Looks like you did not give up and finally made GE send you the part for free. Very good job. Hope your installation of magnetron goes well.

mike w 6 years ago

Manjuvreddy and other contributors: Thanks for your help and suggestions! I was able to fix Mom's Spacesaver, though I had to buy the magnetron, as I was past the 10 year warrantee. Your help has spread like ripples from a stone thrown into a pond, affecting many people. God bless you.

Guy Stewart 5 years ago

Finished putting the magnetron I got from GE (for free!) and an "after market" diode (new = $56, after market = $15!)! Took LESS THAN TWO HOURS! (I'd read the directions over and over and over and the friend who helped was handy as well and deferred to my "knowledge" -- and it works PERFECTLY! Thanks for the original post PLUS!!!! all the other advice about the diode, pushing the wires, taking pictures/writing down what got plugged in where. This group of people ARE ABSOLUTELY THE BEST! I saved well over $300!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

martha b. 5 years ago

Thanks!! I called GE and they send me the magnetron next day totally free. Now my spacemaker (built in 2001) is working perfectly. Thanks again

Angie 5 years ago

We also got the free magnetron replacement part from Ge and put that in but the microwave was still not heating so, we replaced the Doide too. for anyone looking... we found the Diode online at for 7.99!!(part #de91-70063a that was for our model.) we still saved a ton! thanks for all the help and posts! P.S. when we opened up the microwave we found a wiring schematic diagram folded up inside with the part # on it.

George LaPointe 5 years ago

We purchased a spacemaker XL1800 over the range microwave, model #JVM 1870 SFC02,serial #FH9001455.

We feel that this microwave has been defective since the day we bought it, the 3speed fan never worked,now the sensor settings are shutting down, also there is arcing and flashing in the lower back of the unit.Please reply.

Thank you.

Yours truly

George LaPointe

Jim P. 5 years ago

Anyone know where I can get an after market diode for the microwave? Someone said they paid only $15.


Mike Stebbins 5 years ago

Thank you very much for your write-up, and to all of the helpful commenters. I just completed repairing my microwave and saved ~$250 for a couple of hours work.

Universal Appliance Parts ( provided the diode cheaply ($25 w/ shipping) and quickly (3 business days). I would also highly recommend reading the "Safety" and "Safe discharging of the capacitor" sections of this highly-informative microwave repair site ( for instructions on how to ensure you won't send 4,000 volts through your heart.

Finally, the GE Warranty person at the number listed was very helpful and got me the magnetron within 3 days.

Dan 5 years ago

Wow. I cannot believe all the problems with these GE microwaves. Mine would not pop a bag of popcorn last night. Called GE a few minutes ago with Magnetron enroute in 3 days. Hopefully that is the only issue. What a shitty product to fail like this. With these many issues, they should send a tech out for free to install.

Sportster 5 years ago

THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNETZ and this blog!!! WOOT!! GE Model JVM 1640. Saved us $400 on a new oven. Called the GE Cust Svc number listed above and the lady was super nice. Three to five days shipping on both parts. No charge for the magnetron, Diode was $28.00, free shipping. Replaced magnetron and we're off and running!! No more hideous buzz and stuff actually heats up! The absolute hardest part was getting the sheet metal lined up so the tabs on the enclosure fit in to the lips on the frame. If I can do this - ANYONE can do this!!! (only one thrown screwdriver - not bad!!) Thank you Manjuvreddy - this ROCKS! You da MAN!!!

walk 5 years ago

Good information for the most part. I am fearful that many are replacing mags when that is not the problem. Mags rarely fail; in most cases the diode will go before the mag. I suppose if the micro is running but not heating and you replaced the mag and the diode that would probably do. If you have to buy parts, start with the diode it is a fraction of the cost of a new mag. Good luck!

Freddie 5 years ago

Thanks alot Manjuvreddy by posting the step by step procedures and pictures. I was ready to order new Magnetron until I came across your posting and realized that the Magnetron was covered.Decided to replace diode,fuse with the magnetron since I had the whole microwave apart.If you have some mechanical ability,just take your time and follow his instructions,not too complicated,it will save you a service call and alot of money so you can use it for gas!!!

Again Thank You.

Girish 5 years ago

Thanks all for the comments...It was very helpful and i was able to do it myself... microwave is up and running again

Rich 5 years ago

I bought a Spacemaker Model # JVM1740SM1SS a year and a half ago (200). It has now stopped heating, with everything else working. Called parts # above and they said this model doesn't have an extended warranty on the magnetron?!? Has GE changed there policy now? How can they keep manufacturing such poor quality?

Rich 5 years ago

We bought it and it was manufactured in 2009!

Jon 5 years ago

How often can you cash in on a 10 yr warranty 9 years into it! Great post and as others have said, saved me 400+ on a new microwave. GE customer service actually picked up on the first ring, no menus, and gave me the magnetron no questions asked. For my model JVM1860WD 002, the diode is $38, but I paid it to save the time and effort of locating aftermarket for $10 in savings. Thanks again.

lee 5 years ago

I called GE at the number here, on March 2, 2011. Told to expect the part in 3 days.

After waiting 2 weeks, no part and called this morning. I am told i must have called the wrong department,no record of original call.

After giving me 3rd degree about who did i use for service call, I told them since i am in a rural area, (must have been a GE contracted service person)I should have had part # and that the magnetron an extended warranty part, so I should have called 877-239-6832. I said, I have been on the phone with you for 40 minutes and you take the info and tell me that it will be 5 days and I still need to get confirmation # from another department? Says she will ship it out, not so sure. What to do?

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 5 years ago from USA Author

Lee, Generally if you call #888-239-6832 you should be able to finish your call within few minutes. Not sure what happened in your case. I would call this number again and see if they are shipping the part. Good luck.

Jon 5 years ago

Update.. i installed the magnetron and not the diode. works perfectly now. spacesaver XL1800. Thanks again.

ILYA 5 years ago

I have the same problem with my microwave. Found this article in google. Called GE (888-239-6832), they asked for model #, checked warranty and offered to ship new magnetron in 3-5 days :) Simple and easy :) Also asked if I want technician to come and help installing it. I refused :)

Waiting for new part...

ILYA 5 years ago

Magnetron arrived. replacement took about 1 hour... all works fine now.

Lameka 5 years ago

OMG!!!! I'm so glad that I found your response... My microwave stopped working about 5months ago and due to not having the expense in our budget I could not afford to get it fix... So I called GE and gave them the serial and model # they of course told me some one could come and fix it but I started googling and found your response. Now I will be receiving my new Magenatron in about 5-7 business days.... Everything else works,my microwave just don't heat... Thank you again you really helped save us hundreds!!! OAN: I've already printed out the instructions so that my husband can put it together..LOL

TMAN 5 years ago

Great post!! My spacemaker just failed. I will follow the instructions and hope for equal success.

LiteBright 5 years ago

My 7 year-old $80, 1550 watt GE, is the greatest microwave I have ever used. Got all excited when I found this post, called GE, and they said, "so, you need a magnetron". Bad news, it only has a 5 year warranty. Good news is I found a brand new Magnetron on eBay for $30 --and Appliance Parts sells them for $175.

lee 5 years ago

So, Finally received the magnetron for my space maker 1800, after calling twice.

NOW,it looked so intimidating to try to repair myself, BUT, I am a 40 something woman and with the help of my non-technical husband(just to help with the lifting)

I was able to replace magnetron following your instructions.

It was hard to jemmy the old magnetron out of the plastic housing, but once I did, it fit back in perfect. I did not replace the diode, plugged it in and it is working fine! I have told everyone how helpful this site was and how much it saved our family. Thanks so much, Manju you Rock!

Travis 5 years ago

Where is the Diode located at? Any photos or videos would be great, Thanks

Travis 5 years ago


Great pics of Microwave and all the parts you need cheap.

Travis 5 years ago

UPDATE----- Anyone know what to do now, I have replaced the Magetron, Diode and the Capacitor, microwave still will not heat food and the faint electrical smell and very little white smoke is there. Any IDEAS???????

mike 5 years ago

great blog! When our spacesaver stopped heating I was prepared to go out and blow $500 on a new microwave. A quick google of the issue brought me here. Wife ordered up the part on the number here on the blog, it arrived 3 days later, and I replaced the megatron in about an hour! Awesome! Thanks!

Annette 5 years ago

Thank you very much for this post! I had previously read online that the magnatron was not a do-it-yourself job and costs too much to repair. I did not know until I read your post that the magnatron on my 9 year old GE 1851 was under warranty. There was no problem getting the part sent from GE. The interior part of my microwave was not configured at all like the Youtube video I watched but we managed to get the new magnatron in anyway. We did not replace the diode. It is working great now. Thanks! You saved me $350.

Pete 5 years ago

No issues in getting the magnatron from GE though noted that if it was not replaced by a tech, then the warranty would be void. Replaced the magnatron with only removing the top and side external panels. The plastic shields/ducts were flexible enough to pull and replace the magnarton without removing any other items besides the three wire connections. Took only 45 minutes - sooner if I knew how flexible the sheilds were. Thanks for the post, you have helped many people.

William 5 years ago

My microwave was not heating but acted as though everything worked fine other then that. I called and asked for a magnatron and the lady said that part was under warranty (only 4 months left on the 10 year warranty)and sent it right out. She didn't even ask what was wrong with the microwave. Got it on Saturday and put it in and all is working now. Thanks Very much for posting this information.

Ashish 5 years ago

Thanks a lot Manju for publishing this DIY!!!

Thanks folks!!!! for giving confidence. I just saved $500.

Free information rocks!!!

Thanks for the tip N. Gerard!!! it saved a lot of crap on phone. Was very precise and accurate!

model JE1660GB002

Nate K 5 years ago

I called GE and they shipped the magnatron and diode (the diode cost $45 w/ shipping). I was very nervous doing this repair job as I've always heard microwaves keep a charge. I unplugged the unit for a day and didn't have any problems changing the part out. It took me a little over an hour to complete the job. Everything worked! Thanks for the instructions!!!

John 5 years ago

Thank you for your ez info. Tried the new magnatron and it didn't work. Had to picked up a diode at the local electronic shop in Potland, OR for $11. Now it's working great. GE model# PVM1870SM1SS.

bkmakec 5 years ago

Three cheers for manjuvreddy. 40 min later, and we are back in business. Experienced no issues.

Dave 5 years ago

Same. 45 minutes. Part for free from GE. 10 year old 1800 spacemaker. Great job manjuvreddy! Called GE# and had part here in 2 days.

utah 5 years ago

Thanks so much. Same thing. 2 day part shipment, 1 hour replacement. Couldn't have done it without your original post. Thanks!

sss 5 years ago

my 10 months old microwave is not heating but its all functions are OK. i call on the above number . they told me that it is in warranty period and all parts and service cost will be for free.they will send service-man tomorrow...........hope for the best.had anybody same experience than please let me know.

Chris from MN 5 years ago

person answered immediately and had part ordered in less than 2 minutes....WOW......part will be here in 3-5 business days and will update after install....thanks

Rob Moore 5 years ago

I have had a failed ge microwave 5 times since 2003 and under contract (additional cost each year) for 7 years. This last microwave tube failure was the last straw..I called GE for help and got the same free anything..I could have bought a new microwave many times over for the price I paid for service and contracts.. I'm fed up with ge and will never purchase or recommend ge to anyone. It's too bad ge can't seem to make it right! Anyone want a broken GE Stainless steel microwave, its on the curb out front!

$2200 microwave + $460 contracts = ge trash on curb.

Rob in Vegas

Kevin from Cali 5 years ago

We have a GE Spacemaker XL1800 made in Feb. 2004. Everything works except that it doesn't heat food. Took my cold cup of coffee and went on the Internet. Found this site right away, called the GE number you provided. Magnetron still covered under warranty and the diode tube costs $47. Both should arrive in 3-5 business days. God help me when it arrives cuz I'm goin in. Thanks!

Lisa in FL 5 years ago

GE Spacemaker XL1800 not working. The light comes on and the timer counts down, nothing else. Does this sound like the Magnetron? Thanks

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 5 years ago from USA Author

Lisa, Yes it sounds like magnetron is gone.

Jeannine 5 years ago

Just called GE customer service and you were right, my spacemaker had a ten year warranty on the magnetron. Thank you so much! I just saved $150.00

Anand 5 years ago

My OTR GE Microwave is making humming sound and not heating food. Control panel is working fine though. I am confused if it's magnetron or Diode or Capacitor or combination of magnetron and Diode. Any advise ?


Anand 5 years ago

Changed the Magnetron and humming sound is gone, but it's still not heating. Going to replace Diode now.

Kevin from Cali 5 years ago

Me again. Just installed the magnetron and diode, and now my Microwave works!! Took me a little longer than most people are reporting, but that's cuz I have no skills and I am slow and I had to go get a nut driver to get the nuts off the top of the magnetron. Thanks to all who have posted advice on this site and special thanks to manjuvreddy :)xx

Thiru Bala 5 years ago


Robert from Newcastle 5 years ago

GE Spacemaker XL1800 (Model JVM1870CF). Less than 7 years old. Abnormal vibration noise. No heat. I'm guessing it's the mag...

Matt from Pennsylvania 5 years ago

Awesome Post -- I called number on GE website for service and they gave me some BS about how my warranty was up and they can't ship magnetron because it emits radiation. I called the number from this post and within 5 minutes the rep checked my warranty and scheduled shipping out the replacement magnetron.

Lisa in FL 5 years ago

manjuvreddy-Thank you so much! I ordered the magetron, no problem. It took 5 days to get here. I also found a universal diode on Amazon for 13.00, including shipping. That took 10 days, (even though I did 3-5 day shipping.) Hubby and I did the repair in under an hour. Thanks again so much! The hardest part, was living without a microwave for 10 days. How did we ever survive, before microwaves?

Linda in CA 5 years ago

Just saw Kevin's post from 2 wks. ago where he stated he got a magnetron tube for his GE Spacemaker XL 1800 which was manufactured in Feb. 2004. My husband called GE this morning (our microwave was mfg'd. in August 2004)and they stated we only have a 5 yr. warranty. We pulled up the warranty on line and it stated the same. I guess we didn't make the cutoff date for a 10-yr. warranty. Our M/W had a horrible plastic smell and smoked after my son heard something like a spring go.

Any info will be much appreciated. Having a party this weekend. Love this site -- only wish we had 10-yr. warranty -- times are tough with son and grandson now living with us. Thanks for any help.

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 5 years ago from USA Author

Hello Linda, I really feel sorry for you. It appears GE has changed their policy from giving 10 year warranty on Magnetron to 5 years in your case. Usually when Magnetron breaks you don't see burning smell or anything, I suspect in your case something else could be broken. If you don't want to spend money on GE technicians, try local electric repair shop if you get lucky with if it's small repair.

Good luck.

Matt 5 years ago

Call 888-239-6832 -- do not call any other GE number -- I called the nuber on GEs website gave me the 5 year response, I called the number above and they told me 10 years and sent the magnetron

Dave from Attleboro, MA 5 years ago

Thank so much for this post. I called GE told them my magnetron had stopped working and that my unit was all most 10 years old and that my owners manual stated that the magnetron tube had a 10 year warranty. They ask me for the serial and model numbers then my address, said they would send one right away. 5 days later it arrived. I installed it and every thing works well. Again thanks

NJ guy 5 years ago

thanks gang for all the help. replaced the magnetron last night, works perfectly. my oven was 7 years old, GE was great to deal with. they warned me that my warranty was no longer valid if i did the work myself as I am not a certified repairman.

profile image

JustDandy 5 years ago

Fantastic so far - called the #, got a live human being, no rings, no auto-attendants. Zero hesitation to provide me with the magnetron and I ordered the diode too ($46.41 total, after tax & s&h).

She did mention that the magnetron has been upgraded and the original one is no longer being produced. Should be 3 - 5 business days before it arrives.

Question - did you pull out the stove/range from under the microwave before removing/lowering it? Or did were you able to safely disconnect it and move it to a work surface (and reinstall it) with the range still there?

Also - I did not get the warning that servicing it myself would invalidate the warranty. She also didn't ask if I was the homeowner, contractor, repairman, etc.

Glen 5 years ago

Thanks for the advice. Called the GE Parts Department and they shipped the magnetron right out. No questions asked. I also ordered the diode which cost an extra $38.25. My father-in-law and I were able to do the job in about an hour. Saved around $800 for a new microwave. Works great! - Thanks again!

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 5 years ago from USA Author

JustDandy, You don't need to pull out the stove range you should be able to pull out microwave above range. Also you can even put some boxes above range so that even if you drop microwave it will fall on boxes not the range.

Jim 5 years ago

Thanks a million, manjuvreddy. I recruited a tech savy friend and followed instructions and, presto, microwave operating perfectly. You saved me mucho dinero.

Sam Adams 5 years ago

Thanks Manjuvreddy, very helpful page. Replaced my magnetron last night but the diode is bad also, no surprise there. FYI for anyone who pops by the page I was able to get mine from Amazon for $25 with free shipping, my part was WB27X10597 for the GE Spacemaker 1800XL. Pretty obvious on mine the diode was cooked, smells pretty bad, it sits between the HV Cap and ground if anybody has trouble spotting it. You can also measure it with an ohm meter, mine is shorted both directions, I'm guessing that might be why it's cooking, the thing carries a few thousand volts!

Sam Adams 5 years ago

One other quick little note for visitors, I was not as cautious as I should have been with this appliance. I didn't have any issues but just a word to the wise I found on another web page for anyone who ventures down this path:


The circuits described here cannot be measured with a normal voltmeter . The powerful voltages combined with the high-current potential make these circuits deadly in nature. If you wish to measure the high voltage, you should first make sure that all your affairs are in order and that your life insurance policy covers death by electrocution. If you still want to measure the high voltage, a special high-voltage meter with special leads must be used. HIGH VOLTAGE SAFETY PROCEDURES MUST BE CAREFULLY OBSERVED.

Azgaffer 5 years ago

Thanks for this, you saved me buying a new microwave or paying someone more than it is worth to fix. I called the number you gave on Monday afternoon, (just said I needed a new magnatron) by Wednesday afternoon the part was delivered by FedEx. I found the diode at a local shop with a web store (Arts Parts) and it cost $7.00. I had a few extra steps to pull it out but it was very similar to your instructions. Thanks for your help, once again you have proved the web is awesome and a great resource.

mbj 5 years ago

Thanks. Called GE, the new magnetron arrived in 3 days, no cost. I swapped it out in 5 minutes. You only need a Philips screwdriver to replace the Magenetron, but I had to buy a set of security torx wrenches to get the cover off the microwave.

No diode was needed. (I have a friend who worked as a service technician for Sears over his college summers. He said he'd replaced a lot of magnetrons and never found the diode to be a problem. You might want to just try swapping out the magnetron alone first.)

Chris 5 years ago

We have a 5 year old Spacemaker XL1800 that stopped working this morning, same symptom, sound changed and no heating. Found this site and called the number in your post, but no luck. Our magnetron is only covered by 5 year warranty and warranty expired in Feb/2011. She refused to sell it to me, she said that it is a high voltage part and the only way I could get it was to have a service tech come out and deliver it. I told her no thanks. Interesting that I can buy the part from Sears with no problem. I found the magentron on another site for less than Sears, so will buy from there. Still, great info and saved me from having to buy a new microwave. I was already shopping for a new one when I found your site. Thanks for the great information!

silvia 5 years ago

Changed the magnetron and it works now but i coudnt close the top cover of the microwave, it has a gap on the sides...Is this dangaerous for radiation leak?

silvia 5 years ago

pls write to

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 5 years ago from USA Author

Silvia, I think it's better to close it properly for any dangers of electricity leaks. I suggest to remove the cover and try to put it back again.

jimbo 5 years ago

Look at all these problems with the GE Spacemaker magnatron. I've gone through two myself. This has class-action lawsuit written all over it.

Vickilynn 5 years ago


The information on this page has saved us so much money! I was unsure if we could actually do this, but we did. We called the number listed and easily and quickly received our replacement magnetron under warranty, even though our microwave is almost 9 years old.

The diode they quoted us was $47.00 with shipping, so I asked for the part number and I used that to purchase a universal diode that worked just fine.

Just a few comments for those getting ready to do the same thing.

1) The diode has black heat shrink on it. You will need to replace that on your new diode.

2) Be sure to remember how things come off (different wires, screws and metal plates because they are confusing to put back.

3) As others mentioned, you need to removed the black plug at the top from the old magnetron to put on the new one. The black wires plug into/onto that.

Thanks again for the great info and pictures!

Alec 5 years ago

I just called the parts number, and the lady told me could not send me the part because it had to come through a dealer. I called a second time, got a different person, and she is sending the part to my address. Like previous posts have said, keep trying.

Alec 5 years ago

Update: Many have inquired as to how best to get a universal diode that will work for your model. Here is what I did:

1) Find out the current GE part number for the diode that will work in your microwave (in my case it was WB27X1160).

2) Go to and enter in the GE part # in the search window and hit enter.

3) The search will return a list of "substitute parts" that will work as a replacement (in my case, Whirlpool part 13091701 for $23.12, and AE Select part 11QBP0237 for around $10 - guess which one I ordered).

BTW - I verfied with one of our local appliance parts stores that the Whirlpool part number is in fact authorized to substitute for the GE part. Also, I called and spoke to a sales person at and she told me that AE Select is a manufacturer of universal parts, and they have decent quality. She said that she has a cell phone battery in her phone that is AE Select and it works better than the OEM battery.

Seems like a good avenue to avoid paying $40 for a wire.

At this stage I am still unclear if I will need the diode, but I wanted it on the way just in case.

Baconator 5 years ago

I was not there at the time, but the other day my wife heard a popping sound and smelled some electrical...Microwave does not heat and still smells when we tested it. Does my senario sound familiar? We use our microwave constantly (5 kids). It sounds like you all have been fairly successful replacing these parts and thank you for all the ideas. I would rather fix what I have, but do not want to go through this repair, if in the end I am in the same boat.

Brian 5 years ago

Just wanted to say thanks!! Followed your instructions and our microwave(JVM1440WH01)is "nuking" fine now.

I called 888-239-6832 and the representative was able to check the warranty and send me a free replacement magnetron. She did mention that GE recommends a technician install the part, and asked if I had a technician lined up for the repair. I told her yes; as an Electrical Engineer and former electronics tech in the military, I figure it wasn't too far of a stretch. Of course with the well laid out instructions provided and a little patience, anyone can do this repair.

After I got the magnetron replaced, on the first try the diode blew. I was able to pick a replacement diode (similar AE diode) up at a local appliance parts supply. After installing the new diode, the microwave heated up a cup of water no problem.

A tip for removing the magnetron- as others have mentioned, remove the screw for the plate that the transformer sits on, so that it will bend down a bit. After removing the magnetron connections and screws, while pressing down on the transformer plate, tilt the bottom of the magnetron away from you to work it free, then slide it to the right to clear the transformer. Just reverse to get the new one in.

Thanks again for the repair instructions. Good luck to all who try.

Raj 5 years ago

I just replaced the magnetron, now the microwave turns on for about 20 seconds then shuts off automatically (loses power completely), did that a couple of times, now it won't even turn on, any idea what could be wrong??

Keith 5 years ago

Same as just about everyone else... followed the above directions & all works perfectly. Got my magnetron for free. Took only about a half hour to change the part itself. The rest of the time was getting it off the wall, taking the cover off, then remembering which screws went where when it was done & finally putting it back on the wall. Great instructions. This is the first time I've actually found something online that did what it claimed. Bravo!

shahab 5 years ago

i saw ur posting it help me lot i need just help about diode how it look like can u add that pic pls thanks

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 5 years ago from USA Author

Shahib, Sorry I don't have picture of the diode. Try to see if you can find video or something on youtube or go to local electronic store and ask them for help.

MannyM 5 years ago

Thank you so much. This worked great!!

Marty McOmber 5 years ago

Thanks so much for the info on this post. Just saved us $200 plus in repair costs. Replacing the magnatron took me about 1.5 hours from start to finish. And the phone number for the obtaining the part from GE was wonderful. Just called, asked for the part, and no hassle from the operator.

One trick that worked for me: after removing the nuts that hold the magnatron in place (and removing the black wires attached to the magnatron), there is not quite enough room to drop the magnatron. But I found that if you pull the magnatron toward you it will clear the obstruction below.

My is back in place and heating like a deamon. Thanks so much for posting this!

Russell 5 years ago

Great thread! Thank you for this information. GE is sending the magnatron out today.

Seth 5 years ago

Manju, Great post.Really helpful.

Hi All, I have a GE HVM1540 (hvm1540dn1ww) and I lost the manual. It is 1.5 years old and has bad magnetron. The manual on GE site for hvm1540 shows only 1 year warranty for magnetron. When I called GE they are asking for the manual publication number. Apparently different manual publications show different warranty periods. Dont want to spend $200+ after just 1.5 years of usage.

Pls help by sharing your manual publication number.

Mark 5 years ago

Followed the directions, called GE and got the part in three days, took two hours soup to nuts. Heating up some leftovers for lunch. GE support told me that if I install the part on my own it would void the warranty which is BS because I don't see that written in the warranty section. As far as I'm concerned this part should warranteed for another 10 yrs. My GE XL1800 spacemaker was about 8 months short of being beyond the warranty. Magnatron was fairly easy to install just take your time and be patient. Good Luck

Alex Joseph 5 years ago

Great info. Called the GE parts number. Gave them model and Sr # and they are shipping it for free. Sears Parts repair guy is charging $129 flat to replace it. Great tips thanks all!!

Nelmar 5 years ago

Just received my magnetron. I found out that if an owner installs the magnetron, GE will void the future magnetron warranty requests. No biggie. My online research reveals that due to high failure rate, GE ha replaced the GE XL 1800 JVM 1870 microwave with a Korean megnetron (OM75P). You can buy this megnetron for around $60! Waiting for the diode ($40) and then to start megnetron/diode replacement.

Nelmar 5 years ago

By the way, manjuvreddy - thanks for all your tips.

Nelmar 5 years ago

If you need to buy the megnetron for you GE Spacemaker XL 1800, then read the following from an online vendor. It's a lot cheaper than going through GE.

"This is a brand new factory supplied part and is the SAME EXACT part sold by the manufacturers. We buy from the same supplier in bulk and sell at the wholesale price.

Direct factory replacement for Samsung manufactured OM75S & OM75P(10) magnetrons.

Common magnetron used in many GE, Frigidaire and other brand microwaves.

Original production magnetrons in these units historically had an enormously high failure rate. (Just Google 'GE magnetron failure" and see what pops up).

This is the current replacement for magnetron tubes having a Samsung label and marked...

"OM75S (10)" OR OM75P (10) only.

We do not guarantee compatibility with any other type of magnetron except those marked OM75S (10) OR OM75P (10).

This magnetron tube replaces GE part #'s :








Frigidaire 5304408930 & 5304423374"

TR 5 years ago

Two year old Samsung SMH9207ST magnetron OM75P(10)ESGN was under 10yr warranty but wouldn't give to me unless I had authorized repair retailer inspect/install at $129 if I brought it in. So that place would get $129 even with Samsung paying for part. Store wouldn't even sell me one unless they installed it. Too greedy on principle so I decided to just forego warranty and pay for it myself for $50 online after reading this article and a few others. After unplugging for an hour I checked capacitor and diode to be ok and I ordered magnetron from and spent an half hour of just mostly removing & installing screws. Just be sure to wait for the dangerous capicitor to discharge.

Darren 5 years ago

Thanks for the information! Just requested my free magnetron for my 9 year old microwave (JVM2070SH001)and went ahead and ordered the Diode just in case. She said I could return it if I didn't need it. I have an appliance guy working on my another appliance on Friday and he said he would install it for me for free. Life is Good!

O.P. 5 years ago

Thanks to you, i have my microwave back up and running!


kws 5 years ago

Just replaced the magnetron and tested my repair skills by heating up a cup of water. I left the cover off during this test. The mw was very quiet and after about 45 seconds the water was hot. However I noticed smoke coming from the the vicinity of the magnetron. Not sure if this is normal of indicative of another issue. Can someone please advise?????

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 5 years ago from USA Author

Hello kws, Please check the wires around magnetron, maybe some wires are touching and that's why you see smoke. Make sure everything properly placed.

Harrwell 5 years ago

Thanks for the advice and step-by-step. G.E. told me that the magentron in my unit was warranted for one year, so I had to buy one.

Before I did I followed directions and opened up the unit. It was easy. After photographing and then disconnecting the wires the magnetron slipped out easily. Then I went on line and found a magnetron for $35.00 and a diode for $12.00. I received it two days later.

I had to remove the generator to mount the magnetron, and it took some pushing but then it slipped in place.

Everything went back together quickly and the microwave works better than before. This post save money and landfill space.

CP in Vegas 5 years ago

many thanks! My fiancé was able to do this no problem!!!! :)

Andy Edwards 5 years ago

I have an eterna space saver. Stopped heating was only symptom. Found this site. Fought with GE for two days but finally got the magnetron. Replaced it in two hours. Enjoying hot tea right now!

This video helped....

Tami L- Illinois 5 years ago

WOW. Thanks for the info. I just got off the phone with GE and they are sending me out the new upgraded magnetron part for my JVM1650SH01 FOR FREE!! Ill let you know if it works after I have my husband changes that out.

Tom 4 years ago

Thanks! I picked up a new diode from a Maytag dealer locally, and tried that first. No better, still growling and won't heat. Called GE and they are sending my free magnetron. When I was replacing the diode, i took the magnetron out to see if it had a burned emitter (at the top) but it didn't so I was hoping to get lucky with just the diode. Thanks again!

profile image

stevegutch 4 years ago

This is great, so far. I had no problem getting the new Magnetron sent to me. However, the mounting bracket is different on the new replacement one. I called and told GE that they sent me the wrong one - but they are insisting that it is correct and that I need a GE Service Tech to come out. It seems really hard to get these mounting brackets off due to the tight metal tabs holding them on. Anyone else have to deal with this. I'd post a picture but I don't know how to do that.

profile image

stevegutch 4 years ago

After more research on-line I found the correct GE Part number for my Magnetron and they are now sending me the right part. But it's been a major hassle with them sending me the wrong part and then insisting that it was the correct part - I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how in the world to make use of the wrong part. I will never buy anything GE again.

Matt 4 years ago

I called GE today and they are saying that due to the hazard of repairing microwaves, they will no longer send the magnetron out. I told them that I'm reading online that people have received a new one as recently as three weeks ago and of course she says that policy just began 2 weeks ago. How convenient.

I can order the part for $166 from the GE parts department and have it sent directly to me, so I'm not sure why the warranty department has a different policy than the parts department. But of course the parts department doesn't have the ability to send it for free under warranty. BS.

To make matters worse, my microwave is a 36", which is special order and costs about $750 to replace.

I guess I will keep trying. Maybe I will get lucky and find someone willing to help.

Los Angeles 4 years ago

I just called and got the same run around. They are refusing to ship the part out without a service diagnostic and then have their tech do the job. I am going to keep calling and try to get around their new policy.

Partha 4 years ago

I called GE and foundout that my microwave just came with one year warranty. I ordered new magnetron for 59$ online and installed it and it is working like a charm. Thanks Manju for your detailed instructions.

Randy 4 years ago

I called and got the runaround. They sent me to service. Service sent me to consumer advocate when the service group found out I had a local appliance repair shop that would do the work. Consumer advocate did not help at all and told me that starting 3/28 they could no longer send the magnetron. I asked for a copy of the e-mail and she said she would forward it - but all of a sudden she couldn't figure out how to do it. While on the phone I went to the GE site and found out I could still order the part - let the advocate know and then her supervisor came on and was close to abusive to me. She first said that in her 7 years there she has never known GE to send out a magnetron - I pointed out that hundreds of others have somehow figured out how to get one from GE. Then I asked if she would send an e-mail that she would refund my money if I ordered the part online from GE. She says she can't - then I point out that she just said GE doesn't send magnetrons out...and her person just told me that an e-mail just came out saying that they can no longer send out magnetrons, which implies they did prior to 3/28...All this to say - I think they figured out they had a huge number of poor quality magnetrons out there and are trying to capitalize on it through pushing their service offerings. Looks like I am out about 150 one way or another or more if I choose to go with a brand new microwave (from a different brand ).

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 4 years ago from USA Author

Randy, I feel sorry for your agony. Anyway like many others in this post have mentioned try again some other time and you could be lucky to easily get a free magnetron.

RoswellDave 4 years ago

I have called GE several times over the last three days. They will not replace the magnetron under my 10-year warranty except through a GE service call. They will not even give out the part number or sell a mag to me. The nice lady explained that they were recently notified of a GE policy change on magnetron parts due to the hazardous nature of the installation.

Jignesh Shah 4 years ago


My GE Spacemaker JVM1650 stopped heating this morning; based on this post I called up GE parts (800-GE-CARES) to send me a replacement magnetron. She denied sending it directly to me unless GE Technician replaced it for me.

If somebody was able to bypass GE service call, pls let me know

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 4 years ago from USA Author

Hi Jignesh, I have mentioned another phone # in the post above and that # is 888-239-6832. Try this # and see if you can get the part from GE.

Preston 4 years ago

THANK YOU! I just used your method and it worked flawlessly!

FYI: I found this YouTube clip to be a helpful companion:

Jignesh: I had the same issue with GE not wanting to send me a new magnetron without a technician being there. I just sneakily told them that I had "already scheduled for a technician to come out". Which is true, but I decided to cancel the appointment when I realized how easy it was to replace myself.

Jignesh Shah 4 years ago

Hi Preston,

I have tried calling GE Parts department (888-239-6832) 3 times (talked to Angela, WIllis, Daniel) and they refuse to send me the Magnetron tube, though i have GE service also scheduled. If you don't mind, can you give me your order #? The last rep said that if she can confirm that it was shipped out to consumer directly, she may be able to help me. (BTW the service call will be at least $200 excluding part, so I am trying to save some money here).

If I can order it via some other site (non-GE), I don't mind doing it. Need site address to order the part.



RoswellDave 4 years ago

After many calls, I gave up on getting a warranty replacement magnetron from GE for my Spacemaker 1800XL. I ordered a $39 magnetron and a $14 diode from I called the toll free number on the web site and gave the nice gentleman my GE model number. He looked up the correct part numbers, gave me some options, and took my order over the phone. He clarified a few questions I had and was very helpful. (Now thats what I call service!) Today, I finally got a chance to uninstall the microwave from the wall/cabinet. Followed the directions on this site and on a couple of youtube videos. I did not have to move/lower the transformer, but there was a plastic duct/cover around the magnetron that took a bit of fiddling. I was finally able to get the old mag out by removing a sliding rear panel and a lot of wiggling of the mag and ductwork. The new parts fit and work well. GE's ten-year warranty on these faulty mags is now just a method for generating expensive service calls.

no longer GE customer 4 years ago

March 2012 - GE does not support customers

I have GE microwave with a failed Magnetron. It is emitting large sparks. Upon removing the magnetron I found that the sparks left residue where they are leaking from the cylindrical shaped piece on the end of the Magnetron.

The Magnetron is under warranty.




I called GE PARTS, GE support and GE consumer relations departments. They changed their policy two weeks ago and require a service technician to replace the part.


Since I already removed the part the service technician would have to put in 3 screws and plug in the cable...FOR $220...I PAID $229 FOR THE MICROWAVE NEW!!!!




Further research:

GE Microwaves can spontaneously turn on and start a fire - see Consumer Reports web page here:

Further evidence GE retroactively changing their warranties:

Marc 4 years ago

Just got the run around from three different people at GE. They all refused to send the part. Such a pain in the ass to have to pay for a part that is under warranty. I think I will just buy a new LG or Samsung microwave and be done with it. GE appliances are a piece or crap and their service is even worse.

john 4 years ago

As of March 21st 2012 they have stopped sending Magnatrons out and you now have to pay for a service tech to come out unless it's under warrenty. Bogus!

Red 4 years ago

Filed complaint w/the local office of the consumer fraud div. of the NY state atty. general office (failure to honor warranty).

Took a few weeks but GE caved pretty fast according to the woman who handled the case for me.

Magnatron sent as long as I signed waiver to hold GE harmless for any subsequent failure/damage or/from microwave. Since I am 7 years into the 10 yr. warranty I can live w/that.

Bitch long and hard people. GE made friends and kept customers happy w/the previous no hassle replacement policy, granted they probably sent out magnatrons to some who may have only needed a diode, fuse or sensor but they need to HEAR it from people that this new policy will cost them FAR more than a few $18 (their cost) magnatrons sent out that were not needed. If their policy is alienating you as a customer TELL them LOUD and clear.

cbpete 4 years ago

Good job Red. i would like to do the same and am contacting iowa attorney general to see if I can get similar results. I told ge I was going to do this and gave them the option of sending me the release you signed and they said they have never done that. If you have any copies of that and any other documents that might be usable I would be interested in them

Michael Clermont Fl 4 years ago

Just called GE for the same case 888 239 6832, call has been transfered to 800 432 2737, after 15mn they agree the magnotron is still under warranty YES!!!!!! ........but they replaced the magnetron for free only after GE technician has tested the micro wave (79.90$ not covered by warranty) and only if GE technician replace the part , so second visit for 79.90 + labor this will makes 2 times 79.90 + a least 1 hour labor, so approximately 200........ bundle of crooks.

Michael clermont fl 4 years ago

@roswelldave, hi Dave, I don't understand , on, magnetron cost is around 120.00 , you writte you get one for 35,00. It was a generic? do you have any part # for it?

Thanks for your help.

monicamelendez profile image

monicamelendez 4 years ago from Salt Lake City

Very brave!

Todd P 4 years ago

Ordered mine from Martin Microwaves for $50:

Ordered on Thursday, received on Saturday. Took a little over an hour with two people. Seems to work so far.

Nan 4 years ago

Only the GE Profile microwaves have the 5 or 10 yr warranty on the magnatron. Mine is a GE spacemaker JVM1650CH02 and has only the 1yr limited warranty. So I will be looking to hopefully get a part like rosswelldave did!

unsatisfisfied GE custoemr 4 years ago

Model PVM1870SM1SS, called 888-239-6832 was transferred to 1-800 432-2737. Told them that mine was a new house purchased in 2008 but my GE Profile Microwave died about a week ago and its the magnetron. Since I have a tech coiming to fix my GE Profile dish washer that is under a recall that I will ask him to fix the microwave when he is there, they refused that they no longer send out magnetrons and have to do separate service call for the mircrowave since the service person coming for recalls is different. after making the service calls, it seems that teh tech will come with the magnetron and they will not ship directly to my home. Will keep trying again I guess!

Bob 4 years ago

(Sept 10, 2012) Same experience as previous few comments. Called GE @ 888 239 6832, transfered to 800 432 2737. Magnetron is under warranty but I am told they will not honor the magnetron warranty unless a "GE certified technician" orders it and comes to install it. They will not send it to me. Spoke with James ID # L689296. This was due to "company policy". A few years ago, thanks to this thread, I successfully ordered, received, and repaired the magnatron in another home owner's GE microwave in my neighborhood. I am disappointed that GE now refuses to honor their warranty. Obviously hiring a technician is not smart money-wise and GE knows this. Very clever...and shady. I suggest that others who have this issue note the details of their case and name/ID of the person they speak with so that legal action can be pursued.

unsatisfied GE Customer 4 years ago

tried again serveral times, no go... tried changing the diode only and did not help, got the diode from amazon and the magnetron too is available for $130. service call is $79 + parts cost + whatever. i am guessing that the first visit they will trouble shoot and charge me again for the subsequent visit to repalce it, so i think it is easy to just buy the magnetron and replace it, the magnetron is not listed in the available parts for my microwave.

April 4 years ago

Thank you all for posting. I have experienced the exact same "service" and am now on the phone trying to get their consumer relations department to put it in writing that they will not send the parts without me buying their technician's time to install it. This is progress given that they are just now admitting that the part is under warranty. haha IN the meantime, a local service company has agreed to order an off brand replacement part for the magnitron tube and install it all for $150.

April 4 years ago

The consumer relations department, Justin extention 3743, said there's only a 5 year limited warranty. What happened to the 10 year warranty? Am I wrong?

Fjgggmr 4 years ago


martellawintek 4 years ago

hello there tom i shouldnt give it out but here is the web address

and some info , they have 20% discount now,tell them martella newins put you on

4 years ago

Just had the tech come and made a case that he would have to come back w another tech and gave an outrageous price of $345 to change magnetron. gE is blatantly committing fraud on their warranty by forcing the GE tech visit who does not come prepared to the job...bad biz strategy...will try to call tomorrow to see if they will send the part...36" ge profile over the range jvm3670 series

Kevin from Cali 4 years ago

Me again - I posted earlier about a success in replacing the magnetron in my microwave. Still works great. Now my bro-in-law's GE Spacemaker XL1800, manufactured in May 2005, is not heating food. GE won't honor the warranty on the magnetron, and insists on sending a guy out. Forget that. Just ordered a magnetron and diode from as suggested by RoswellDave in an earlier post. Parts + shipping = $59.19. Great service. I'll let you all know in a week or two how it went.

profile image

jetmech77 4 years ago

Kevin from Cali, can you please post the part numbers you just purchased on My microwave like everyone else will no longer heat. I would like to buy the parts now as well thankyou. I am not sure, do we really need the diode? Thanks!

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 4 years ago from USA Author

jetmech77, you don't need to buy diode. Only if it is broke you need it. But on the other hand if it is not too expensive and if you can save on shipping by buying both together then consider buying it.

profile image

jetmech77 4 years ago

Thanks Manjuvreddy, I did buy the Diode on Amazon for around 6 dollars. I have not purchased the Magnatron from yet. My XL18oo does heat albeit slightly, so I am not 100% sure that it is the Magnatron?

profile image

jetmech77 4 years ago

Well pulled the Magnatron, it was black and melted, so I will change out the diode and Magnatron and let you guys know when it works.

Kevin from Cali 4 years ago

Just now returning from my bro-in-laws house. We did it! His GE Spacemaker XL1800 works perfectly now. It took us a little over two hours. Best part - he bought me a six-pack.

Jetmech77 asked me about the parts I got from Genuine Appliances. I could not figure out which parts to get just from looking at their website, so I called, gave the model number - they looked it up. I'm sure it depends on your model number ... For me - it was:

10QBP0230 ERP Microwave Oven Magnetron $38.71

11QBP0237 Microwave Oven Hi-Volt Diode $11.05

Shipping was $9.43, no tax. Grand Total: $59.19 + a 6-pack

Sounds like I didn't need the diode - oh well - no biggy.

Thanks again to manjuvreddy and all who post here. You have helped to save my family hundreds of dollars :)

profile image

jetmech77 4 years ago

Thanks for the part numbers Kevin,

My Spacemaker XL1800 works better than ever now!

So to sum up my magnatron was black, melted and toast, I checked the Diode and it was was fried as well. So for future people seeking to repair their microwave, please check or simply replace the HV Diode.

Someone mentioned making a shield to protect the control board from microwaves to in-turn extend the overall life of the magnatron. I took a plastic sandwitch bag cut a piece of grocery bag (folded in half, to make a good insulating layer if the plastic were ever to melt for some reason and in the middle of the paper sandwich I put a square of aluminum foil. I also put a square of aluminum foil inside the wiring diagram folder. The upper shield securely fits between the upper and middle brace over the inside of the control board. I am 100% certain it will help, but where its location in the microwave is, it will not cause any problems (foil is well insulated to prevent arcing).

I ended up going to eBay and bought a replacement Sanyo Magnatron OM75P (10) for $26 shipped and the replacement diode I bought off Amazon for $6. So my total cost is around $32. There are several other Magnatrons on eBay and lots of Diodes on Amazon.

Thank You Manjuvreddy for keeping this site going, The site and everyones inputs have helped my family save hundreds of dollars on a microwave replacement.

Ron 4 years ago

This post has been very helpful. I replaced the magnetron and diode and the microwave is still not heating. I checked to make sure the parts are right. Has this happened to anyone and what did you do next?

profile image

ChristopherRobins 3 years ago

Hello Manju,

I've read most of these posts but did not come across one issue. Btw, the GE 1800xl was made in 2007 and is lightly used.

I had a small fire, smoke inside it last night but thankfully caught it in time.

No house breakers tripped, however no lights on the front panel come on, it's just dead. Is it toast (pun intended) or can it be fixed fairly cheap?

Mag is under warranty, but I don't know if there was any other damage.

Fuse, diode?..... Is there a reset switch.

Please help. Thank you!

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 3 years ago from USA Author

Hello ChristopherRobins, Looks like this maybe more than magnetron damage. I am not sure what exactly might be broke. Try fixing fuse, diode and see if that revives the microwave. Best of luck.

davidagalvan 3 years ago

Just chiming in to say thanks for posting this. My GE Profile SpaceMaker XL1800 had this problem. Reading the comments gave me the confidents (and the links to the low-cost magnetron) to make the repair myself. Glad I did, as the microwave is working fine now! I always prefer not to throw away an entire appliance just due to one faulty part.

manjuvreddy profile image

manjuvreddy 3 years ago from USA Author

Hi davidagalvan, I am glad this article helped you save some money ..

Maryllin 24 months ago

Thank you very much for this article. It helped quite a bit. I am also another one that prefers not to throw away an entire appliance just because of a faulty part that can be replaced.

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