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Gas Saving Tips, High Milage Devices Are Being Invented

Americans are ingenious in inventing all sorts of things. Now there is a need for gas saving and Mileage devices for your auto.

What happened to the 200 mile carburetor? (Did it get bought up and hidden?) Did the refineries learn how to "crack" gas where it now burns differently and the old gas saving devices no longer work.

Would the US Government really like for the drivers to save gas? No, because the US Gov. get a certain tax payment per each gallon bought. Is the suppression of gas saving advice all about the money? Yes!

In Rochester, WA, a man invented a fuel saving device for his 18 wheeler that used partly air to run on thereby saving gas ( or diesel as is used in big trucks). The story is: this man was put into prison because he was cheating the US Gov out of tax dollars!

What happened to "being Green"? Does our government really want us to be green? or save fuel?

The White Shaman drove his car on hydrogen gas for one year and saved lots of money on gas. At the end of a year his motor burned up because it got too dry. It needed oil lubrication added. This didn't mean that the invention didn't work -- it just needed some more inventing and tweaking.

Now he is winding his gas line round and round and running it through a hot water bath to excite the gas a little more. The radiator is a good source of hot water. Get the picture? From this simple mechanical process, he expect to increase his gas mileage by 30%.

Does anybody else have some gas saving tips? What can we do about gas prices?

Save fuel even in a race!

Even race cars have to save gas, fuel to win the race
Even race cars have to save gas, fuel to win the race

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Rena 4 years ago

My cment is that i want play racecar

comsumer of gas 4 years ago

Please help share the knowledge of how to save money on fuel.

This elite monopoly - oil cartel is killing the USA economy.

People please protest along with me!!!

Politicians -- do your job. Protect the people and help us survive.

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