Get Email Marketing campaigns (Bulk Email)

Get Email Marketing campaigns

You know the color of money is in the list, but still do not know how to convert the list into cash.

Do not worry, the hardest part was getting here. With a good list in hand and the right software for sending messages, it is relatively easy to start earning money.

Affiliate Programs

In E-Mail Marketing Affiliate, programs are an excellent option. But there are significant differences in approach to campaigns.

For sending e-mails the process is not as simple as copying the code and paste a banner on a page. Before sending a message to the list, should send a preview to the affiliate manager to verify that everything is correct. Being in direct contact with an affiliate manager for each program is always important, but for whom does E-Mail Marketing is essential.

Almost all campaigns require prior authorization for sending and many are offered only in private. To access all of the campaigns is to build a relationship of trust with the program.

Affiliate networks that have E-Mail Marketing campaigns:

  • Zanox
  • Tradedoubler
  • Aedgency

Direct Sale

From the moment you have a list associated with a site, you can also add this option to the page of advertising. Nowadays more and more advertisers seeking lists of emails to send their messages. If you do not seize this way, you are losing money.

You can advertise advertising in the newsletter as you do for the spaces on the site or in forums of webmasters.


A good list of e-mails is one of the most powerful online marketing, but requires some care. If you begin to send campaigns to a very high rate and / or away from the interests of subscribers, you can destroy the list quickly. Many subscribers will ask to leave and others will simply move to ignore your mail. Or worse yet, mark your messages as SPAM!

Of course, in addition to advertising, do not forget to send the content that led investors to join the list. The balance between the various types of items is the key to success, but also will speak briefly.

The power of the list is great, use it wisely.

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