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You can get free printable play money in a number of different paces, depending on exactly what you are looking to do.  You will  be able to use the pretend cash for gags or to replace the fake cash from board games and children’s games, or some other options you may be considering.  Whatever the reason is, there are plenty of no charge options out there to consider as you look to get free printable play money online, without having to spend a penny on it.  Let’s explore how you should do it for the best results.

Board Game Sites

If you are looking to use free printable play money to replace the fake cash that’s been lost or damaged from a board game, you may simply want to check out the game manufacturer’s website.  You will occasionally be able to print out replacement bills online from them, so you don’t have to pay any cash.  This is a really good option to consider, because it will allow you to get exactly the type of free printable play money you are looking for.  If you cannot print it out for no charge, try other popular board games that use fake cash for a suitable replacement.  It may end up being mismatched, but it typically won’t be too big of a problem.  You will find that free printable play money is actually pretty versatile for games and fun.

Yahoo or Google

Check out the Images section of Yahoo and Google to get free printable play money.  Many people will place pictures of the pretend cash on these sites, allowing you to print it out.  You may need to resize it, and cut it out when done, but you still can generally do it without paying anything.  You may need to get a bit creative if you want the cash to print out on both sides, but it can be done that way, too.  It’s a good option to get free printable play money and one that will work often.

Create Your Own

You can make and create your own free printable play money online by using a template.  Do an internet search online and you will find plenty of options to consider.  By creating your own pretend or fake cash, you can make it to suit your needs, which is especially helpful if you plan on using it for a gag or joke to play on your friends.  Making your own from a template is a good option.

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