Get rich or die trying

We can either get rich now or die trying to get rich!

Getting rich is really and truly a state of mind, you can have the right mind set and get rich or you can have the wrong mindset and die trying to get rich. We only have to look at self made men such as Sir Alan Sugar, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Richard Branson. They all had the right state of mind! They all thought rich and became rich, Napoleon Hill says it in Think and grow rich, before we can get rich we have to create a state of mind to attract riches to ourselves. It all starts in the mind, then everything else comes after that, the hard work, the sleepless nights, if you don't that will power that cut throat tenacity you will never become rich.

I think finding your niche, what you love, your passion is the best way of reaching your financial goals, because once you love something from the heart you could do it all day long even if you were not getting paid for it. The love of my life is writing, and I know that with hard work, focus and the right mind set I can make millions with my writing. Anyone can make millions from their passion. To use Bill Gates as an example again, he was fiddling about with computers from a very young age, it has been figured out that by the time he was 20 he had his 10,000 hours of practice one needs to become an expert in any particular field. I would say I have not had my 10,000 hours of practice yet but I am well on my way. I can either get rich now or die trying to get rich and I know what I prefer. GET RICH!

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