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Financial problems are faced by approximately 90% students worldwide, to cope it Every Country offer some scholarships to help the students Scholarships is the help of GOVT., Institutes, Donors to really deserving students worldwide who wishes to achieve their goals but can not perform it due to Finance. Likewise if I wish to do MBBS, I can’t afford its expenses but I can avail those opportunities to make my dreams true. Here I’m going to share my knowledge/research with you about Scholarships available worldwide easily for brilliant candidates.

1st step you have to take is that know yourself, your dreams and work hardest to achieve it because in this competitive world only those can survive who works harder than the other. “Genius are 0.01% intelligent and 99% hard worker” its famous quote, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Newton, Aristotle and many other scholars and inventors are the same human beings like us but the difference is that they worked and we don’t work. If we do work hard, we may do the same they did and if our work is more than those people we will achieve more than themselves, about Scholarships here are some strategies you must adopt if you are applying for any scholarship anywhere in world.

You will be asked about the following this

Name, S/O, D/O, Nationality, Religion, Year in school, State of residence, Ethnic background, Disability if any, Marks %age and many other questions which vary according to the terms and conditions (you must follow to avail)

Follow these things

Analyze yourself; ask the questions like the following

In which subject/field I want to do major?

Am I capable for performing in any competition within all the candidates?

Should I apply all the available scholarships / aid or anyone of them?

What are my talents and how can I polish them?

These types of questions will help you in finding yourself and also to know your abilities, your skills; in short it would help you to know what actually you are.

Find local scholarships (Available easily)

Student counseling centers, Universities, Colleges, Schools, Educational offices may provide you information about all the available scholarships within the state.

Make internet research about the universities offering scholarships in your field.

(I have seen many students who just spend their time on internet in finding the right institute and they get scholarships)

Worlds best Universities

The Full Top Ten Universities List

1. HarvardUniversity (US)

2. University of Cambridge (UK)

3. University of Oxford (UK)

4. YaleUniversity (US)

5. ImperialCollegeLondon (UK)

6. PrincetonUniversity (US)

7. California Institute of Technology (US)

8. University of Chicago (US)

9. UniversityCollegeLondon (UK)

10. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US)

Top Ten Universities - Natural Science

1. University of California, Berkeley

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

3. University of Cambridge

4. HarvardUniversity

5. PrincetonUniversity

6. California Institute of Technology

7. StanfordUniversity

8. University of Oxford

9. CornellUniversity

10. YaleUniversity

Top Ten Universities - Life Sciences and Biomedicine

1. HarvardUniversity

2. University of CambridgeUniversity of California, Berkeley

3. University of Oxford

4. JohnHopkinsUniversity

5. University of California, Berkeley

6. StanfordUniversity

7. ImperialCollegeLondon

8. YaleUniversity

9. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

10. McGillUniversity (Canada)

Top Ten Universities – Technology

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2. University of California, Berkeley

3. StanfordUniversity

4. California Institute of Technology

5. University of Cambridge

6. ImperialCollegeLondon

7. CarnegieMellonUniversity

8. Georgia Institute of Technology

9. University of Tokyo (Japan)

10. NationalUniversity of Singapore (Singapore)

Top Ten Universities – Social Sciences

1. HarvardUniversity

2. University of California, Berkeley

3. LondonSchool of Economics

4. YaleUniversity

5. StanfordUniversity

6. University of Oxford

7. University of Cambridge

8. University of Chicago

9. PrincetonUniversity

10. ColumbiaUniversity

Top Ten Universities – Arts and Humanities

1. HarvardUniversity

2. University of California, Berkeley

3. University of Oxford

4. University of Cambridge

5. YaleUniversity

6. ColumbiaUniversity

7. PrincetonUniversity

8. University of Toronto

9. University of Chicago

10. AustralianNationalUniversity (Australia)

You may find more knowledge from the LINK

Application Tips

Start your research early because the more time you spend the more knowledge you get to make your scholarship easier

Know eligibility Criteria

Organize Materials like (Transcripts, Aid form, Parents/Guardian financial information including taxes details

Eligibility proof

Letter for recommendations

Re-read your application carefully; it’s better if you have someone to read it to bring out the mistakes

Fill the form carefully and don’t leave any block blank

Make copies of documents you are sending

Recheck your documents

Send applications quickly

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Philipo profile image

Philipo 7 years ago from Nigeria

Very informative. Thanks for sharing.

agusfanani profile image

agusfanani 7 years ago from Indonesia

Thanks for this valuable info, at least my daughter can use it to get one.

nilum profile image

nilum 7 years ago Author

My pleasure to share things i know agusfanani

nilum profile image

nilum 7 years ago Author

Thank u Philipo

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

Some solid info here. Invest in your education, it's money well spent. Even if you don't have the money, chances are, someone will loan it to you. There are some alternatives within this listed mix. Open University in the UK is a great way to step up. Any courses that are City and Guilds accredited are good and internationally recognised. Let's banish ignorance, and reward people who want to succeed. There is light at the end of the tunnel. A grand Hub!

nilum profile image

nilum 7 years ago Author

Thank you for liking, Oh really, actually i have shared the information i have but its really nice for me that you have shared such information with me, Open Universities are really helpful for studying instead of going to campus daily

De Greek profile image

De Greek 6 years ago from UK

I am passing this on to my son, thanks :-)

nilum profile image

nilum 6 years ago Author

Sure, it would be helpful for everyone

De Greek profile image

De Greek 6 years ago from UK

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