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I have always been a Product Manager by trade. I probably wouldn't quite call it a trade but maybe a profession. Having explored the world of blogging for a few months and started a few websites, I got the hang of it and have found it easy enough to come up with an idea and thest build a website for it. Getting traffic to that site is another issue. Lets leave that for the SEO experts.

As I was going to work one day, I stopped off at my local petrol station to fill up. I filled the car with petrol and was then waiting in line to pay. The store was packed with so many goodies and newspapers and mobile phone recharge options. These guys were trying to sell everything and anything. The truth is that convenience stores which this was, really don't make that much money from the petrol itself, unless it is a very popular petrol station which is frequented by trucks etc.

Along the window this convenience store listed its gift card. The gift card was branded United Gift Cards, the same name as the store. They were sitting on the window gather dust. I wondered to myself whether there was an online store which actually gathered all of the gift cards into one place where you could search and order the gift card or voucher which you wanted.

Upon coming home that evening I began to do some research into the idea and found that there was and wasn't. One major supplier of gift cards to the retail industry also had an online store. Then there was a few other online stores with a very limited supply of big brands. I thought that there maybe was an opportunity to begin something small which didn't limit itself to the big names. I mean gift cards and vouchers are offered by all types of stores in Australia.

Therefore my market would be online stores from whatever industry. They simply needed to have a gift card, gift voucher or gift certificate available for ordering online.

Turns out that there are hundreds of these gift cards. So far I have been able to list over 150 of them.

So how do I make money out of this idea. This is the difficult part along with the traffic question. Well I have opted for a mixture of online stores that have listed themselves within the affiliate network. This means that should someone click on a link from my Gift Cards website, they will be transferred directly to the site they are after and can then decide to purchase a gift card or anything else. Should they do so, a tracking cookies passed at the time of clicking on the link will give me a small share of what they buy 2 - 3% of the value is paid to be by the retail store.

It has been an interesting adventure and one I think has so much more potential. Gift cards have become so popular in Australia now that we have become so time poor and gadget rich. Jump online place your order and it can be delivered gift wrapped directly to your best friend on the day of their birthday. They can then buy whatever they like.

The industry is so big that there is now an official secondary market for it, where you can sell your unused gift cards and get cash for them. Yes many do go unused. They tend to sit in the drawer waiting for you to take them out. I have personally forgotten about gift card worth $100.

Shame, shame.

Have you ever forgotten to use a gift card and it has expired?

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