Go to the Ants oh Money Farmer.


This title is of course not used literally.Indeed, when the Preacher first used it, he referred to the ants both literally and symbolically.I say "go to the ants" as a way of inviting us to seek answers in nature.

I have asserted repeatedly that if anybody cannot see God in nature, then the best efforts will not make him see God in the Bible.Nature was the first book of instruction written by God; and the most authentic. The commandments may have been written in the Bible but the laws are written all over nature.

These assertions are of course valid for most if not all things that man has to do, but we shall be emphasising the aspect of it that relates to our focus i.e to wealth-creation.

And so it happens that God opened the eyes of primate man to see that a grain that fell on the ground sometime earlier germinated and later came up with similar seeds in tens, hundreds and multiples thereof.

Man discovered thereby that if he has a grain in his hand, he can:

(i) eat it right away

(ii) keep it in his granary and eat it later or

(iii) plant it in its season.

The result of options (i) and (ii) is finite - the grain becomes exhausted; with option (iii), the grain becomes many, thereby guaranteing not just that one meal, but many more meals thereafter plus seeds for further planting.

Farming then is God's invitation to the habit of investing as a way of multiplying wealth. The two - farming and investing- have similar nature and observe similar laws.Some of these laws are listed below:-

(i) when you input a little , you get back a lot; but if you put in nothing, then you get nothing: zero multiplied by one million is afterall zero.

(ii) the factors determining how much comes back to you are a mixture of the ones you can control and the ones you cannot. Some of the former include a decision of what seeds to plant, on which soil to plant, when to plant etc. The latter include amongst many other things, the amount of rain that will fall, the occurrence or non-occurrence of natural disaster etc,

(iii) both exercises need be caried out with ample faith and trust because there will always be a period in which the factors not depending on you are operating out of your sight and you have no direct proof of this fact. If you insist on an evidence or hurry the results, you get a negative result.

If you want to be a successfull investor therefore, I will advise that you spend some time studying the routine, attitudes and disposition of successfull farmers.

No farmer, no nation:no money farmer, no economic development!

Go to the Ants, oh Money Farmer.


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