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Myself and about 10,000 others wanting passive income were earning a very nice 6% weekly with Gold Nugget Invest (GNI) up until January 2010. That was weekly, not monthly, and certainly not yearly.

Towards the end, big changes were made, supposed to ensure the continued longevity of GNI. We were informed we would now only earn 16% monthly (20% for deposits over $20,000).

Of course this would still be an excellent return and at least GNI did not go bust - or so I thought.

I had been searching online for low risk passive investment opportunities and GNI seemed ideal. It claimed to be very low risk (you could start with $50) producing high returns.

They had been going since 2006, there's compounding/rollovers and other options. Nice! And tax-free? Very nice!

And if you didn't want to risk putting your own money into GNI then they had an excellent referral program. Refer others and you would earn 5% on their deposits.

This was a false claim by GNI. "No Risk" is a myth.
This was a false claim by GNI. "No Risk" is a myth.

Paying Since 2006

Gold Nugget Invest had been paying investors reliably since October, 2006. I'm sure you'll appreciate this record is rare in the online investment area. Like many of you I recall seeing the website numerous times while surfing traffic exchanges and eventually joined back in 2008.

In May or June 2009 I received an update from a well known investor about GNI. This persuaded me to make the effort to put money into the program. GNI is now working for me and I'm getting excited.

Here's part of the March 2009 newsletter from Gold Nugget Invest

I hope you are all doing well and that the financial downturn does not hit you too hard. Here at GNI we are busy all day to allow you to earn a decent second income. Some members asked me over the last couple of weeks, if the financial crisis is not affecting our operation? - I can say NO with good conscience! All the bookmakers, the indirect key to our success are doing well and so far no problems had occurred.

GNI claimed there was no risk joining their program. But commonsense - plus years of personal online marketing experience - cautioned me otherwise.

In my experience there is always risk involved in giving money to others. However, I also know there is no reward without risk so I decided to give this a go, and to share my experience for the benefit of others.

We were also informed that GNI was "going private". Until then you could join Gold Nugget Invest for free and refer others to it.

Gold Nugget Invest - The End

From the GNI Newsletter dated 12 March 2010 -

"Consistent with our announcement earlier this week, GNI has closed its operations and a call to our traders has been made advising them to send forward the funds required to ensure our members who are not in profit, will be made whole."

Of course this was not done and many people lost a great deal of money to GNI.

Technically I am "in profit" because I had withdrawn the amount which I had originally invested. However, I "lost" the much larger amount I had built up by compounding, and of course all future payments resulting from that. Oh, well...

Who Was Behind Gold Nugget Invest?

About mid 2011 I discovered further information about Gold Nugget Invest. I will leave it up to the reader to decide what is and what isn't regarding this information.

The information is at a website called Ponzi Scheme Alert. It's worth a visit because there's a lot more info regarding ponzis which I, for one, did not know about. One of the posts there mentioned other HYIP's such as Cash Tanker and claims to know who was behind GNI.

Another ponzi program called The People's Program is mentioned at that site, better late than never for me, because The People's Program had been recommended to me recently. Also at the time I was tempted to join Cash Tanker, and didn't. Also, Cherry Shares is mentioned at the website as a ponzi. However, I did join Genius Funds and lost about a hundred dollars when it disappeared.

Earning 2% Daily With JSS Tripler

For fun, I like to earn a few extra dollars with online HYIP's and money programs, but you have to be careful because there are so many scams.

There was another recent program where you may have earned 2% daily in its early stages called ad2million. If the website is still there I do not recommend you put money into it now because I've seen a number of complaints about it not paying.

A much safer bet was the JSS Tripler program and I've put some spare change into it and let it ride for a while. The owner/admin has been around for years. But, that doesn't mean JSS Tripler is bullet proof. Yes, it had longevity but it too has now folded.

JSS Tripler was just one of the lucrative programs within the JBP (Just Been Paid) umbrella. I had been with JBP for some years now but only recently began earning money with Tripler.

Of ten referrals only one put money into the Tripler and is now laughing all the way to the bank. He made well over $1,000 in profit while earning more and more daily because of the compounding.

There wer many good testimonials at the website to help decide for yourself if they were genuine or not and proceed accordingly. My personal opinion was that JSS - Joint Synergy Surf - Tripler was probably the most genuine program online as at 2010 and 2011.

Always bear in mind that just because many other people are making money is no guarantee you yourself will not lose money. Only risk what you can afford to lose. Withdraw your initial spend as soon as possible. Don't be greedy, etc.

Any program or business - online or offline - could fail tomorrow. Meanwhile, I profited just as promised. You didn't need to refer others to earn with Tripler and you could start earning with just $10.

Obviously if you can easily affford to risk more money then these are opportunities to earn a great deal of money. That's can be quite a blessing in an adverse economic climate. But you must be careful and do your own due diligence.

Getting Real With Gold And Silver

I will probably continue to be enticed by dubious online investment schemes. But I've learned to never risk money I cannot afford to lose.

Also I continue to look for genuine investment vehicles of real value.

I believe I've finally found something for the long term which should deliver what all the ponzis always promised, but didn't.

Have a look at my review about investing in gold and silver bullion.

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feuerbeke profile image

feuerbeke 7 years ago from Paderborn

From experience during the last 9 months GNI is an excellent program paying like a clockwork

Charles S profile image

Charles S 7 years ago from UK Author

Hi feuerbeke - thanks for the vote of confidence! I've just received another $50 payout from GNI but haven't received my free debit card from StrictPay yet. They said it's in the mail so I just have to wait...

Charles S profile image

Charles S 7 years ago from UK Author

Okay - just received free StrictPay debit card. Oooh, very pretty, but will it work? Testing soon...

Paul A. 7 years ago

Hello world, I joined GNI exactly one year ago on October 2008 and all I can say is that they always paid me each week. We are now a big communauty that count more than 15,000 members so I strongly recommend to test drive it yourself by joining Charles right now ;)

Charles S profile image

Charles S 7 years ago from UK Author

Hey Paul - thanks so much for the recommendation, much appreciated! I can add that the free Strictpay debit card works fine here in the UK. I'm so enjoying a sense of freedom withdrawing my GNI profits whenever and wherever!

misa 7 years ago

I`m very very worry. My last paidment was Dic 21th. I asked for 2 more (Dic 28th and jan 4th) and I´m still waiting.

Charles S profile image

Charles S 7 years ago from UK Author

Hi Misa - Yes, I'm a bit worried also. My latest withdrawal request is a couple of days overdue. But they did send an email explaining they're playing catchup after the Christmas/New Year break. Need to wait and see...

jpdocumentary 7 years ago

Hi Charles,

I appreciate you putting your experiences about GNI on the comments. How has it been since the Christmas/New Year break? And the debit card too?



Charles S profile image

Charles S 7 years ago from UK Author

Hi jpd -

Haven't used the debit card for a while but logged into the site and all seems okay. Re GNI, awaiting results of the recent changes and re-structure, etc., and won't know anything until early February when we can withdraw...

Sribal 6 years ago

Website gooong since last weekend along with all funds you put in & haven't taken out. Also no 'gmail advice since 22nd Jan.

Who knows whether that actually did arbs and lost out as they say, or just another online scam. I'ld "bet" on the second option..ha ha!

Charles S profile image

Charles S 6 years ago from UK Author

Hi Sribal - Gosh, you're quick to cry wolf! Nope, GNI still there. Just logged in (again), all seems okay. Never was "just another online scam" so no reason for it to suddenly become one now. Recent newsletters explained everything. Let's wait and see...

Sribal 6 years ago

Hi Charles, have not been able to even bring up the website since last Saturday. Just times out, whether straight to login page or home page. I'm using the same urls that I always have. How are you logging on...I have even tried clicking on link on 'Google', but nothing after 1 week.

Please advise how you have success.

Charles S profile image

Charles S 6 years ago from UK Author

Hi Sribal - try using my GNI link on this hubpage. I just tried it and it's working fine...

Sribal 6 years ago

Hi Charles..yes I did that last night and went straight to the page and logged on. I then 'bookmarked' your link, but when I went to logon thru that it timed out again. Just clicked on your link here on Hub directly and no problems. Very strange as I've been with them for 4-5 mths and never any problems. Have any of your downline had similar problems logging on? Massive drop in profit now that ROI includes return of principle after only 14 mths. I know they've had problems but hope they can improve on that after they've got themselves sorted. Of course still better than banks etc.

Suzanne Melendez 6 years ago

I can't even find the website to log into now. Has this been totally deleted? I had only invested, I never took out and the last I heard money was going to go through another route. Is there a different website where I could find out where my money is? Strict Pay is now totally down.

:( 6 years ago

Unfortunately there is no more GNI. I personally lost $8000. They had promised to pay people who were not in profit but that never happened. I put my money in one week before they shut down and I did not receive even one payout. Needless to say big lesson learned. Even the GNI forum is down.

Suzanne 5 years ago

Is there a way to file a lawsuit against these people? I kept all the emails they ever sent me and I also copied and pasted on to Microsoft Word some of the info, such as giving back the money, plus the 1.5% for persons not in profit. I will gladly join in or even start it if someone could assist me in where to start. The owner complained about how people were talking down about him but just proved that everything that was said is true. He is a scam artist. I hope he reads this. Pathetic excuse for a human being.

Charles S profile image

Charles S 5 years ago from UK Author

Suzanne - I hope you didn't lose too much. Sometimes legal efforts are made against scammers. I know nothing about their success rate, etc. I do know they often ask for money to fund them so in my opinion, it's not worth it.

We'll see if others will have different opinions. It's so, so important never to risk more than you can afford to lose. So many of us learned that lesson the hard way.

JBM 5 years ago

I lost $1300, never had the chance to even get one cent back out. A couple of my friends lost out too. A Real lesson!

Brad Kamanski 5 years ago

First off dickheads, get your facts straight. I was NOT behind GNI. His name was Robert and was from Germany as far as I could tell. I was referred to GNI by Larry Oxenham (the number one mentor in home business)and lost thousands of dollars like anyone else. If you had ever visited my blog at the time I had those crappy HYIP'S I ALWAYS cautioned anyone that they should only risk what they could afford to lose. I got screwed like everyone else and will NEVER even look at a HYIP again! I was sick when I found out that every one of these programs were SCAMS. I felt horrible for all my customers too. Please stop painting me as some crook. I work my ass off online and always offer full disclosure on the programs I promote. A lot of these people promote MLM's and they know that 98% WILL FAIL but their self righteous asses want to deflect all this hate on me when they know you will ALL fail in their programs too. Who is the real pimp here? Brad

Charles S profile image

Charles S 5 years ago from UK Author

Brad, thanks for dropping by. Yes, I just found a 2010 email from GNI by a Robert Spearman about promoting another venture, also most of the GNI updates were from "Robert".

So I apologise for not checking facts first and I've removed the quote about you which I'd copied from the Ponzi Scheme Alert website. Hope you can sort things out with them also...

We should all be more responsible for our own finances, not risk more than we can afford to lose, and learn from our mistakes instead of playing the blame game.

Brad Kamanski 5 years ago

Thanks Charles. You are the only person who has tried to treat me with any dignity and it is much appreciated. I said it once and I'll say it again, "had I EVER known those programs were run by crooks I NEVER would have joined or invited ANYONE to join"! The group at the Ponzi Scheme Alert will never be held accountable. Most of them use fake names and hide their identity. Something I have NEVER done. Brad

Charles S profile image

Charles S 5 years ago from UK Author

Sadly, even a program with honest admin/s can fail. Speaking of honest admins, I'm happy with JSS Tripler for the time being.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 5 years ago from Ohio, USA

ad2million and JSS Tripler sound really cool. 2% per day will double your money in 36 days... Start with just 1 dollar and in only 3.2 years you'll have 4 billion dollars.

Charles S profile image

Charles S 5 years ago from UK Author

Hey, nicomp, I'm not greedy! I'd be happy with just 1 billion!

Re tripler, of 10 referrals one invested and he's 1k in profit, increasing daily, so I'm pleased for him. My earnings have risen from $10 to 30 daily so far. I'm advising people to not put money into A2M at this stage.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 5 years ago from Ohio, USA

@Charles S : What does 'increasing daily' mean? A euro?

What are you doing to get 30 USD per day? I lost track of all the schemes you discussed.

Charles S profile image

Charles S 4 years ago from UK Author

There's some news about Tripler here...

unregistered 3 years ago

Wow this brings me back to a dark time. I lost 10,000 in GNI and am only fully recovering now because of an inheritance. My mother was bringing in 1500 a week and encouaged me to borrow the money to invest. GNI closed a week later and I lost everything. And had loan payments of $600 a month. Boy was I stupid!

nicomp profile image

nicomp 3 years ago from Ohio, USA


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