Gold versus Paper Currency So Please Read and Understand this FREE KNOWLEDGE

Find your pot of Gold

For years Gold has been the mainstay of value throughout the World whether it be Gold Dust, Nuggets, Jewelry, Rolex or Bars and man has mined it with great fervour wherever it is found.

People have fought over it, people have sold their soul for it and people have died for it and that beautiful yellow metal attracts nearly everyone on the Planet.

Those who know me also know that I never send out unsolicited emails or special offers or anything that could be considered spam.

This however if far to good not to tell everyone about and is FREE to join and then if you wish to take it further YOU will be doing so having been fully appraised of what it is all about.

Please follow the link below and watch the videos and then decide if the information you learn is too good to walk away from.

All paper currencies are now being printed with no Gold to back them up, as was once the case. Indeed our prudent Chancellor Gordon Brown was so clever he sold off all the UK Gold Reserves at the bottom of the market and had so light a hand on the tiller that the Bankers were able to really screw the world economy, beat that if you can.

Slowly we are seeing a great decline in the value of the US Dollar and if it collapses in the next few years, as it is being devalued so much with billions of notes being printed, you will be pleased you looked to Gold.

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Ian 5 years ago

Hope this is being read by many now we see what is occurring out in the real world.

Kind regards


alanlsg profile image

alanlsg 5 years ago from The World Author

Thanks Ian and Glad you liked it and your comment much appreciated.



Ian Sharp 5 years ago

What a good precis of what we are all now seeing and thanks for the read.

Kind regards


alanlsg profile image

alanlsg 5 years ago from The World Author

Thanks FP much appreciate your consideration.

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 5 years ago from Arlington, TX

alan - I'm thinking about all this.

The Frog

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