Goldman Sachs A Criminal Banking Company

How Will The Government Help Out Goldman Sachs?

Will the government give Goldman Sachs a free out of jail card for all and any future employees and Board Members of Goldman Sachs? I know that is what the Treasury Secretay is trying to arrange at the same time a way to get all his and Obama'a friends out of trouble. He is doing it quietly since he can do at it at the same time as the big oil spill is going on and people will not be paying attention to what GS did.

The cheated everyone of course they can say they forgot that they had the mortgage derivatives on the side. It is an honest mistade they are saying. They will get away with murder because THEY ARE TOO BIG TO FAIL. This is not going to change at all.

They are still keeping their A+ rating because they are cheating everyone and the public will not be able to do a thing.  The government is telling Goldman everything will be fine.   They are lying to the public but not to Goldman.  The Obama administration has told Goldman that never mind what the public wants.  As long as Goldman gives Tim and Barack their share Goldman can do anything they want.

This whole episode is being elipsed by the oil spill and the attempted terrorist attack on Times Square ..   How convient!    This is for all you conspiracy buffs out there.  This is sort of conveint that all this happens while Goldman is under attack.


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