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How to make money with Google Adsense?

Today this question worries minds of those people who are realizing that Google Adsense provides boundless opportunities for earnings: your monthly income is not limited, everything depends on you.

Google Adsense is a special program which allows website or blog owners to earn money on advertisements relevant to their sites context. Adsense works on pay per click basis. So if you have a site with pretty high traffic you can easily make money with Google Adsense. At first it can become a nice bonus to your salary but later it can become regular passive income.

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How does Google Adsense work?

The principle of Google Adsense is pretty simple: you provide Google with space for commercial advertisements on your site and when your visitors click on ads, you receive money. The amount of money you receive per click depends on the theme of your website (a click costs more on commercial sites than on entertaining ones). The advertisements are relevant to the context of your site, so if your website is dedicated to furniture all the advertisements will be on furniture topic as well.

In order to make money with Google Adsense you should have a site with unique context because Google doesn’t like replicas.

How to start earn with Google Adsense?

First of all you need to register on Google Adsense (it is absolutely free). Then you wait till Google approves your website and as soon as you receive approval you can start to work.

Primarily you need to choose size, colour and font of advertisements that will be placed on your website. It is better to adjust ads to the style of your site so that ads become an integral part of your website. Finally you receive a special code from Google Adsense that you place on your site. You can place it on several sites simultaneously, it is not forbidden.

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How does Google pay?

Google pays regularly to millions of webmasters all over the world. So be sure – it is secure. You’ll receive your income as soon as the sum reaches 100 USD. Google sends checks by post.

If you still hesitate to start make money with Google Adsense or not I can only add: you’ll never know it for sure if you don’t try.

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GracieLake profile image

GracieLake 5 years ago from Arizona

This is a nice simple explanation. Rated up!

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Gennifer 5 years ago from Minsk, Belarus Author

Thanks for commenting. I'll continue to develop the topic.

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mr-burns 4 years ago

Great. To the point. Very detailed. Thanks

Gennifer profile image

Gennifer 4 years ago from Minsk, Belarus Author

I'm glad if I managed to help you in some way

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