Green Dot - Prepaid Visa Debit Card

Greendot Prepaid Master Card and Visa

Having a GreenDot Prepaid Debit Card might be a good idea. If you sign up online at they will give you a $10 Bonus on your first Direct deposit. When you join you will be included with their group of over 10 million Green Dot Customers. You do not need a bank account and there is no credit check when joining. You can use the card everywhere MasterCard or Visa is accepted for Debit Cards. The advertise no Penalty fees, no overdraft fees and no minimum balance required. They also have free Online Bill Pay and free direct deposit just like a checking account. You get free withdrawals at over 15,000 ATM machines Nationwide. You can find a GreenDot card at many locations including WalMart. Plus if you are a racing fan you can get a NasCar Re-loadable prepaid VISA Card for the ultimate NASCAR fan.

There are a lot of good Prepaid Debit Cards on the Market that you can get online now. If you are considering a Prepaid Card it might be a good idea to compare several Cards. If your credit is good you might check out other card offers and make sure you get the right one for you. Most Prepaid debit cards are the same but a few stand out and are much better that the rest of them a good site to compare prepaid cards and also check credit card offers is at This site is good site to compare cards and when you are interested you can get a prepaid card now or even apply for a real credit card.

Greendot Master Card and Visa Cards

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Prepaid Visa and MCGreendot CompanyGreendot Money PakGreenDot VisaGreendot Master CardNascar Greendot Visa Prepaid Debit Card
Prepaid Visa and MC
Prepaid Visa and MC
Greendot Company
Greendot Company
Greendot Money Pak
Greendot Money Pak
GreenDot Visa
GreenDot Visa
Greendot Master Card
Greendot Master Card
Nascar Greendot Visa Prepaid Debit Card
Nascar Greendot Visa Prepaid Debit Card

Using Your Green Dot Temporary Card

When you first buy your Green Dot Debit Card you will get a temporary card that you can use to pay for your purchases while you wait for your permanent Debit card in the mail. You can reload your temporary card after you have activated it and should not be given as gift cards. It is very easy to reload your temporary Green Dot card by visiting a partner retailer or by setting up an online reload from your bank. There are fees for re-loading a non-direct deposit reload. You can use your temporary card anywhere that a debit VISA or Debit MasterCard is accepted in the US for non pin transactions. You can use your card as credit or signature purchase at a store just chose credit when you swipe your card. You can no use your card for debit card purchase until you receive your permanent card. Another good thing is you can use your temporary card to do online purchases while you wait for the permanent card. You cannot use your temporary card at ATMs to withdraw case or use your temporary card anywhere a pin number is required. Also a temporary card cannot be used to purchase outside the US including Online, Phone calls or in another country.

Using your Green Dot Debit Card

Once you have activated your temporary prepaid Visa card Green Dot will send your Personalized card in 7 to 10 business days. The cards are shipped first class mail and once you get your card you will need to activate it and your money from your temp card will be moved to your personalized card. If you are in a hurry you can request rush delivery but you will have to pay a fee of $19.95. Before you can use it you will need to call 1-866-79507605 or go to their website at Once you have activated your Prepaid Greendot card you can use it.

Now you can use your Green Dot card anywhere except online for gambling or for business use. You can now use it to withdraw money from a ATM Machine and gets some cash, you cannot do that with the temporary card. But remember you will have to pay fees if you do it that way. One way to avoid those fees is get cash back from your purchases at the store. You should not have to worry about going over your limit, like you would with your checking account. But there are some cases that a merchant might except your card even though you do not have enough money to cover the charge. You will be responsible for it and but do not have any fees. A good thing about this card there are no overdraft penalty fees.

If you forget your ATM you can call the 800 number or getting online and change it to a new number. You are also allowed to do automatic monthly payments for your bills but you must make sure you have enough in your account to cover those bills. This could be a problem if you do not because the Company your are paying may cancel your account or suspend it for lack of payment. You can user your card for such things a Car Rental, Hotels or at the gas pump but I would like to warn you that they will hold money yours. Gas pump might charge $100 dollars to your card to make sure you have enough for actual charge. the hotel will hold up to $300 in some cases for a deposit, and the car Renal will also hold up a large amount and even hold it up to 90 days. The best thing to do is check out these charges before getting a room or a car and at the pump just go to the cashier and use your card for what you need. If your card gets stolen or used without your permission you need to immediately report it lost or stolen. Your card will then be cancelled and you will have to wait for a new one from 7 to days and the money will be transferred to the new one. You will also have to pay a fee to replace the card.

How to Reload a Prepaid Debit Card with MoneyPak

Greendot Types of Cards

GreenDot Company has Several types of Cards you can choose from.

  • Prepaid Visa Card - it is a re-loadable VISA prepaid Debit card for everyday use.
  • Prepaid Master Card - it is a reloadable MasterCard prepaid debit card for everyday use.
  • Prepaid Student Card - this is also a re-loadable MasterCard prepaid debit card that will help students safely manage their money.
  • NASCAR Visa Card - this is simply just a reloadale VISA prepaid card for the ultimate NASCAR fan.
  • Online Shopping Card - With this card you can shop online safely and securely to make purchases, play games, download music and more but its still a prepaid VISA debit card.
  • Express Bill Pay Card - Just another prepaid VISA debit card you can use to pay your phone bill, cable, cell phone or utilities.
  • VISA Prepagada - a card targeted for Hispanic users in Spanish, it is also a prepaid VISA Card.

Can you Count on Green Dot

GreenDot was founded in 1999 and is a leading provider of Prepaid Debit Cards and is also the owner of one this Nations largest retail Cash Reload and payment Networks. They have millions of customers and are growing everyday. So you should be able to count on them being there for you. If you get a card online or find their card at over 10 thousand major retail locations in the US you can be sure this company will be around. Their headquarters is located in California and money will be managed by Columbus Bank & Trust Company.

Greendot Comments or Reviews 58 comments

singlmomat52 profile image

singlmomat52 6 years ago

You write many great Hubs on credit and debit cards.

I wish I had read these hubs many years ago.

Many great tips and good advice. Thanks!!

Paul C Covel 6 years ago

Card is a worthless piece of SHIT. I paid $104.95 30 days ago, and still can not use it. There is NO WAY to contact "Customer Service', Because there is no one there. There are no people to answer the many useless phone numbers. NO HELP. I guess I need to notify the State Attorney General, and the Police to press fraud charges. I tried the contact number listed with the BBB and the number is invalid and the Contact/Complaint person is non-existent. Better to give your money to some poor arab to bomb us with.

Paul C Covel or

kia31 profile image

kia31 6 years ago from Los Angles Author

Paul Sorry you have had it rough with Greendot, Have you tried going to and check contact us and try to get a hold of someone that way. I know some companies can be hard to find. Greendot is huge. I personally have a Accountnow Card and its been good so far.

penny walker 6 years ago

Worst thing to be involved in, in my life!! Have $400 on this piece of shit and can't use it, the way I want because my home address is different than my billing, and good luck trying to change that or anything good luck trying to talk to anybody.. IS ANYBODY OUT THERE? This is bull I will withdraw every penny and I suggest everonr to do the same.

kia31 profile image

kia31 6 years ago from Los Angles Author

Penny Sorry that your are going through some issues with your Green Dot Prepaid Card, have you tried calling the number on the back of your GreenDot Visa and talked to an Agent. If they cannot help ask for their Supervisor and they should be able to help. Greendot is a very large company and I sure they will get it straight.

LO 5 years ago

I have a green dot prepaid card and I have never had a problem with it! It is great - I spend the money I have and there are no over-draft fees. I've had a problem with a bank checking account in the past and they robbed me blind of $300 for "overdraft fees" when it in reality it was their fault for telling me to use my card bc the credits and debits would clear on the same day, Monday, without penalties - then when I realized that I was in the red, they THEN explained to me that it takes THREE DAYS for CASH deposits to clear (insane!!!!!).. with my Green Dot card, I can use the money I reloaded within 15 minutes, I never get hit with bogus "over draft fees" - I'd rather pay the $3 - $5 a reload than have to worry about a bogus $37 overdraft charge!

kia31 profile image

kia31 5 years ago from Los Angles Author

LO Thanks for the comments, I believe most account holders of the Green Dot Card have no issues or minor, but sometimes things happen and some have had some bad experiences. The Bank fees are pretty High and that is why I have a prepaid card as well.

optic1211 5 years ago

So far, so good. This note is more a purpose to rail against banks and their third world ethics. However, the free market can prevail and maybe someday checking accounts will be "allowed" online, that's if they don't go the way of the doodoe bird, which I suspect so. From my experience thus far I give the Greendot high marks.

farres 5 years ago

Paul I am an Arab and I am good. So don't listen to stereotypes. Jerk

spresious 5 years ago

i have a greendot card and haven't had n e problems till recently.. i got my taxrefund put on it and i wanted to buy a suv for $5300 and i went to a bank to take it out and they told me i was declined when i had more then $7gs in there!! i called customer service and they told me that i have a daily limit of $2500 per day only i said ok i tried that n still declined! then $2400 declined then $2000 declined!! WTF!! i call back n spoke with a supervisor and he told me i can only take out $2500 a day but in $400 intervolses!! wtf!?? why cant i take my F@@#ing money out its mine!!i lost the car! n now am carless with 3 kids. what do i do to take the money out? help me someone plz calling them isn't helping!

kia31 profile image

kia31 5 years ago from Los Angles Author

Spresious have you tried charging it to your debit card or they only take cash on purchasing your car. You can also go to a ATM and get max out everyday. Having a prepaid debit card makes it hard to get a lot of cash quickly that's one of the down falls of a prepaid debit card.

Lolito Tampis 5 years ago

I forgot my pin number of my greendot prepaid mastercard

jean 5 years ago

i made a purchase at walmart today and my card was declined. They said that I had the wrong code number. What in the world is a code number?

kari 5 years ago

i lost my receipt with my pin, am i screwed? can i still use it online or to load funds on paypal, something? or do i have to have pin to activate it before absolutely any use? frustrated arg.

John Doe 5 years ago

I have direct deposit on my green dot card. But I have a "cap" and can't withdraw all my money at once. I called customer support and they tell me that the "bank" I try to withdraw my money from has a cap. Then I tried another bank the next payday and they wouldn't let me withdraw anything so I called customer support and green-dot tells me my company I work for has a cap. My boss tells me its a lie. So tell me without having to drive a half of hour to another city to visit a "IN" network bank what am I to do. The funny fact is I live in a Major city that sells green-dot everywhere but doesn't have a Network bank.

micki gaza -hatemoneypak 5 years ago

i have a lot of cards and i only use it one time and it block

Tia 5 years ago

My husband and I have differ cards we don't use credit cards but we use greendot to pay our bills and to rent movies from the redbox. I loaded 20.00 on my card so I could rent movies spent 5.00 on movies then kept them for another night so I should have $10 left on it I went back after returning the movies to grab another one and it said no funds... I'm pissed off I called customer service to see what's going on and the charges me $5.45 for a monthly overdraft fee. I'm getting fed up with this this isn't the first time this has happened so where's my other $4 something they don't know. Same problem my husbands been having they been taking money right off then we find out after paying a bill that there wasn't the right amount to pay it bc green dot took more money out..

Sam 5 years ago

Does this card have a bill that gets sent to your house every month

JOHNNY CROWSON 5 years ago


SuzyQ 5 years ago

Can this card go negative? or is it like gift card and it will just go to zero?

Pierce R. 5 years ago

I have had this card for a few days now, its worked but i now am told that its declined at the register...I want to put money on the card from my paypal. i get paid on paypal then i want the money to go to the card! it doesn't work this way, please help!

tavo 5 years ago

Ok.I HAVE A NASCAR VISA cARD And I GOT iT FOR ONLINE SHOPiNG....DON'T WORK !!! I soposed to get the other tipe"onlineshopingcard"SHiT!!! I'm not even a NASCAR fan pc.of shit

jessica 5 years ago

I have a walmart moneycard and I love it. I get money back on gas purchases and right now I get .10 cents off a gallon at walmart. I have called customer service once and talked to someone. I admit they didn't seem from america but I did understand him. I also get free direct deposit and I can reload at walmart. :)

Patrice 5 years ago

Can I borrw $460 pless

kia31 profile image

kia31 5 years ago from Los Angles Author

Patrice GreenDot is a prepaid debit card and not a loan company.

Carlos 5 years ago

Yes I have a green dot card and I do admit that I too, put 20 dollars in and spend some of it on the Redbox movie or an Itunes song, then when I go use it again. It says that I only have 9 dollars left, because of late fee's. WTF?? But its little robbery here and there that they do.

And Patrice if you are White, gorgeos lady...Yes you can borrow 460 dollars from me. Just hit me back up?

m1tanker003 where the mail is hott!

Nita 5 years ago

I have had my card for about three years now after having two bank accounts and getting fed up with the business practices. First, there is a maintenance fee every month (not an overdraft fee, this is not a bank account) that costs you $5.95 UNLESS you make 30 purchases OR load over $1000 each month. Making 30 purchases can be easy to do especially if you're buying small things. As for customer service? I have been able to reach them every time and when I don't have time to wait, their online customer service has been very helpful. I've never had a problem with my card. After seeing some of the comments though, I understand your frustration. If you want to be able to pull out large amounts of cash, prepaid cards aren't for you. You'd be better off getting a paper check and cashing it. Personally, I prefer paying bills online so I don't have to carry large amounts of cash, and for the person trying to purchase a car... you can't even RENT a car with a prepaid debit card. You also can't pay for Netflix with a prepaid debit card. It is something that is easily disposable and therefore could belong to anyone and most companies that do business where there is the potential for loss (e.g. the car or a movie you got from netfix) will not allow prepaid debit cards for that purpose. Sorry. :(

somethings wrong here 5 years ago

Um I just got a card so that I could use it for xbox live but that didn't work, then I put it on my itunes account and started downloading stuff (btw I didn't us my SS# so its just a one time card) and it didn't show I was buying anything and then I realized I had to have gone over my $15 I put on it. what's going to happen all i have on file is my address and my email.

William G 5 years ago

I have been reading this post on the Greendot cards and I must say that this is the craziest thing that I have read in my entire life. I have had a greendot card since 2000, back when you could only get a card online. I have never had an issue with anything that I have read about. I have had several accounts with major banks and have been on the receiving end of crazy things like "oh your check hasn't cleared yet" or "that deposit hasn't posted yet" I haven't been as happy with a financial card. I have heard that you cannot do the Netflix on this card but I have my account setup on my card and no problems. Bill pay has never been better, and I can really say that it is great. I have been able to change my address online without a problem. You have to totally setup your card for it to work. Meaning that you have to answer all the questions or you will not have access to your money. If all is correct you will be ok if you try to cut corners you will be screwed. But for the record I LOVE MY GREENDOT CARD!!!!

waiter 5 years ago

Has anyone else used this prepaid greendot visa card. I purchased the card last week,put 100 bucks on there. activated the card and paid one bill. I set up direct deposit to receive my school loan funds and have not had anything come through??? The school already sent it, and the bank associated with greendot says, their just third party. greendot keeps telling me to "wait". how long do I have to wait for my direct deposit funds from school??? I could have gotten a paper check if i wanted to wait!!!Has anyone else done this or how long do I wait info???

avery 5 years ago

Just wondering if greendot allows monthly automatic drafts for bill payments.

Just aguy 5 years ago

1- cannot use for atm withdraws till you get permanent card

2- no transactions out of usa online

3- no temperary card works with purchase's of debit cards when need pin

4- only signature credit non pin transactions with temp card

justin 4 years ago

if i have 3 bucks left and the monthly fee is like 5.95 what if i dont have it will i go negative and will they mail me a bill i will have to give them 2 whole dollars?

Shardei Louis 4 years ago

LMFAO Dude (spresious)I wish i woulda saw that post a year ago he is halarious! He should of just done it in the intervales like they said too! Put down half one day and half the other anyway i love green dot bc i have no stupid bank fees!

bdoug 4 years ago

i brought a online purchase green dot prepaid debit card and when i try to use it for online purchase it tells me the billing address is wrong they cant verify what to do?

angel 4 years ago

Hi can someone please help me out?? I had my tax refund directly deposited onto my card today. I called and its not there does anyone know how long it takes to clear??.

Geo 4 years ago

People stop being stupid. We really have people that are really dumb in America!! Look this card is really not that hard to use. In fact I have the green dot Wal Mart money card and it works great!! First off its only 3$ to load funds on the card. Then its another 3$ for them monthly fee. But if you make 30 purchases or mors the monthly fee is waived. Secondly to avoid the 3$ load funds fee simply cash your check then deposit to your card or direct deposit your check to the pre paid card. You also must at least load 1,000$ a month to avoid the 3$ monthly fee. Also I hear people crying about ATM fees. Stop crying jackasses!! Dont forget when you go shopping many retaliers and checkout registers offer cash back. And if your still complaining about the balance inquiry fee simply check your balance online or opt for the txt your mobile carrier. I have unlimited txt messages so i have my balance txt to me after every transaction. Stop making this prepaid card so hard people!!!! Sheesh!

kika 4 years ago

is their a limit to deposit a day..or can i add money to my green dot card money more than once a day????

Anonymous 4 years ago

So far many people are bad at spelling, including the author and almost every person who commented. So stop complaining about your card if you can't even type correctly for god sake.

kabir01 4 years ago

Really nice hub.this kind of hub help us to know about very unknown subject like this.carry on and thank you very much for your hub.

kabir01 4 years ago

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Bitch fuck 4 years ago

Nice! I have a temporary Visa Greendot Card. I have a bunch of coins at my house and there is a Coinstar machine at the local grocery store. If I cash in my coins, will the machine directly put the money into my gift card, because that's what the company is claiming.

Jim A 4 years ago

Geo, sounds like you are the stupid one. Why the need to insult people? ESPECIALLY when you are totally wrong? The reload fee is 4.96 not 3.00 and the monthly fee is 5.95, not 3.00 So, think before you speak, and try to be more courteous.

Jim B 4 years ago

Hey Jim A, learn to read. He has the Green Dot WAL MART MONEY CARD. The fee at Wal Mart is $3.00 to load money on the card and $3.00 a month. Maybe the regular green dot fees are higher but the Wal Mart version, also run by Green Dot, is $3.00 and $3.00. So you learn to read, doofus.

Yaya 4 years ago

My card expires this month, June. What do I do to get a new card?

Alt 4 years ago

I love my Green Dot card so far. I am just curious if I have to buy a new money pack every time to reload or what lol.

A Banker 4 years ago

Which Temporary cards can be swiped at Atms.

jtoudpggmv 4 years ago

hello, i'm new to here...

glad to see you all!!

lost 3 years ago

how do you get money out from a bank teller? do just hand them my card? do all banks accept it?

incireZen 3 years ago

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Futamarka 3 years ago

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diana 3 years ago

I have a problem with my green dot card try buying something and the transaction didn't go thru it was decline and I bought only something worth a dollar help don't know what to do try calling and they are close any help out their

Mylindaminka 3 years ago

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Josh 3 years ago

Hey anonymous, should be God not god!

You 2 years ago

So.. I can't use this to make a Netflix account?

Johnf928 2 years ago

This is one awesome blog post. Keep writing. ckckddcakbde

jennifer 2 years ago

I have this card. And yes when I first got it I hated it. I also was tryin to get a truck around the time I got my taxs. And it wouldn't let me get all my money. I was pissed. But this is what u have to do. When it does that. Go to the bank and get them to take it off. They can do it bc they did it for me.

Natasha Hoffman 23 months ago

I called customer service and ask them to cancel out my old cards from 3 years ago literally 4 times in the past year every time they lied to me about it

Which is complete bull $"!+. They never canceled any of them out. We'll 10 days ago I asked them cause I wanted to make a dispute on a charge well the guy told me he will do it his self! I said no sir I want to do it not u so I can use my own words! I told him 12 times not to do it he ignores every word I said and locked my account to where I can't access my 2,200 dollars now my electric is being shut off lost my apt today on the 1st of march being evicted lost my job everything I have a 4 month old baby boy and a 3 yr old little girl. We're bout to be homeless I called min later spoke w a so called supervisor for over an hour saying they can't unlock it when they are the ones who did it W/O my permission and asking 12 times not to do so. Well its been 10 days NO CARD I asked them where it was she said sorry mam it hasn't been issued yet to be sent when the other girl supervisor asked me my adress 4 times told me in 3 to 5 business days it will arrive nope 10 day never got it still I AM screwed because of green dot they robbed me and my children's going to a church to borrow $$$ for diapers cause I trusted them and they robbed me. They refuse to let me speak to corporate of have corporates phone number now it's saying my information doesn't exist WTF I got robbed by a so called trusted company for everything I have that was taxes for my children please someone help me I called over 30 numbers NO help. And emailed so call corporate 6 times no response what do I do if a company w no real adress exist I advise no one to use this card the employees are theifts they refused there names and asked me for my social birthday first name last name over and over plus has my card information

My little baby has to suffer because of this company

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    Learn about the Green Dot MoneyPak

    Green Dot Bill Pay Service

    One of the benefits of getting a Green Dot Prepaid card is you can setup Online Bill pay. This means you can pay your bills online without having to write checks or send payments in the mail using stamps. It is easy to setup monthly payments and pay your bills automatically. This will allow you to track and control your spending. To enroll in the program you will need to go to the Green Dot website and select Online Bill pay from their navigation bar. Click on the Sign up now button and fill in the blanks. Once you sign up they will ask you to verify your email and you will be ready to use Green Dot Cart to pay your bills. You cannot setup your Bill pay til you have your Personalize Card temporary cards are not allowed. There are no fees for bill payment transactions.

    You will now be able to pay almost any bill at thousands of companies who except electronic payments. Companies including utility, cell phone and others. If your Payee excepts these type of payments the payment can often be made as early as the next business day as long as it was done before 1 pm eastern time. You will also be able to send paper checks to companies or individuals, this way you can pay rent to a landlord or just send a gift to a loved one. The paper checks are sent via USPS so the time frames of delivery may very. The usually time is about 5 business day so set these type payments up early from there due dates. These must be in the US and not to any countries. There is a maximum limit of what you can pay someone and that magic amount is $1000 dollars and counts against your daily limit of $2500.

    Every time you submit a bill payment, you can see both the debit date and the date the funds will be removed from your Green Dot Balance and the earliest date that person will see their payment or money. If they are on Green dots list of Payee's they will probably get the money the next day if you schedule before 1pm. You also have the ability to schedule payments up to one year in advance of payments due to the payee.

    If you do not have the funds to cover your payment you will get a message that the payment was declined. If you do not have sufficient funds you can load more money onto your card and resubmit the payment. If you have it setup for future dates also they will still attempt to do it again. You will have to check your email to make sure they have sent out the payments at future dates they send a failure notification if you sell do not have enough funds. It is your responsibility to make sure you have enough money in your account to avoid getting in trouble with the person you are paying.

    Learn How to Make a Payment with MoneyPak

    What are the Green Dot Fees!

    (click column header to sort results)
    Type Fee  
    Amout Fee  
    Monthly Charge
    Waived in any monthly billing cycle when you load at least $1,000 to your Card or make 30 purchases or more (excludes all ATM declined withdrawals, ATM balance inquiries, teller cash advances and online bill payments at Otherwise, $5.95.
    Initial Purchase
    Varies by retailer, up to $4.95 ($6.95 for the NASCAR® Prepaid Visa Card).
    ATM Withdrawal & Teller Cash Advance
    Free at participating* ATMs All other ATM withdrawals: $2.50** Teller cash advance: $2.50
    ATM Declined Withdrawal
    ATM Balance Inquiry
    Lost/Stolen Card Replacement
    Reload at Retail Location
    Varies by retailer, up to $4.95
    Expedited Card Delivery (FedEx)
    Second Card
    $4.95 (Free for Student Cards)
    Please Compare Fees with another Card See my other Hubpages.

    GreenDot has a Simple Fee Plan

    GreenDot has a Simple Fee Plan

    There are no hidden fees but they do have a monthly charge of 5.95 but if you purchase at least 30 times or you load $1000 dollars on you card the fees are waived. The Cash Withdrawal Fees are $2.50 per ATM transactions outside of their network but they have thousands of participating locations nationwide and the only charge $0.50 if you get a Balance inquire from a non-network ATM. So if you say in the network no ATM fees that very good. Other fees you have to look out for are $6 dollars for a Replacement Card or it the card is lost or Stolen. There is no fee if you use Direct Deposit to load your card but they do have a $4.95 dollar fee to reload the card at a retailers location. If you use your card outside of the US you will see a 3% fee on the transaction amount used. The fees are not bad overall but could be smaller.

    Adding Money to a Green Dot Card

    The best way and cheapest way to add money to your Green Dot Personalized Debit card is Direct Deposit. Once you get paid your money will be available immediately. Green Dot does not charge any fees for direct deposit. You can also go to one of their participation retailers to add money or setup a online reload from your bank. But unlike a direct deposit you will have to pay fees for non-direct deposit reloads.

    If you reload your card at a participating retailer you will need to purchase a MoneyPak. The MoneyPak is usually found where ever you purchased your Green Dot card. I know that WalMart sells the MoneyPak cheaper than most places. If you buy your card from one store it does not matter what store you get the MoneyPak form its all the same. A MoneyPak usually sells for about $4.95. One you buy the MoneyPak you can call Green dots 800 number (1-800-GREENDOT) or go online to to load it on your card. Once you have done this the money is available immediately.

    You cannot wire funds from your bank to Green Dot but they do have other ways to add money to your card. You will have to either buy a Moneypak or setup a online reload from your bank. Temporary cards cannot be reloaded just like most prepaid debit cards. There is a daily per card reload limit of $2500 when buying it but you can go higher with your direct deposit but you would have to get it approved by Green Dot. That is also the max you can have your card buy with approval from your direct deposit you may get a higher balance.

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