H&R Block Review

H&R Block Review

If you're looking to have someone do your taxes this year and considering to go with H&R Block I would encourage you to read this.

For the last several years I've done my taxes on Turbo tax in the comfort of my home. Of course this past year things got a little complicated and thought it would be a good idea to have someone do the taxes for us so I don't miss any potential tax breaks or get in trouble by the IRS if I screw things up. In the past, my returns basically consisted of my 2 incomes, me and my wife's and a baby. Now, we have just one full time income, but a rental property (with a property manager), Tupperware business that my wife just started, and some energy improvements we have done. There were so many confusing things with tupperware alone that I would rather have a professional handle things for this year.

Since this is the first year, I obviously had no idea what to expect nor how long it would take. I was warned beforehand that it could cost around $400 based on the complexity of that return (small business returns start at $149). Obviously, that's a lot of money and I did check a couple of places like JacksonHewitt first before choosing H&R block. Their starting fees were more or less simliar so we went with H&R Block since we were referred by a family friend.

We spent about 2 hours or so to from start to finish and it cost us around $500. Actually, $474 to be exact (including the 10% military discount). A lot of money, huh? Yeah....the refund was quite nice, but still. During the calculation of fees I noticed that each section had a "time allotment" that I guess meant how many minutes that section would take then had a dollar amount next to it. For example; In Sechule C for travel expenses that alone cost $50 and that was suppose to be 45 minutes long. That, MAYBE took 6 minutes to do. It's ridiculous! All of the fees were based on per section rather than time, which I don't care for. Had I known that I wouldn't have bothered. Based on how "complex" our taxes were we, were there for just about 6 hours according to the tax advisor's computer which basically put us around $500. I don't want to bash the tax advisor or anything because she was very nice, professional, and was able to answer all the questions that came up during the meeting.

After the meeting I realized our taxes really wasn't as bad as I thought even though we had more than just the typical family. Needless to say, we aren't going back to H&R block again for taxes. I will probably end up finding someone who charges by the hour or just file them myself. To be honest, if you only have one income (if your single) or even two if you have a family with husband and wife working, you really have no business getting your taxes done anywhere but at home on your computer. Especially now with all the software out there that can help you with your taxes like turbo tax, H&R block online, quicken, and others. Doing your own taxes is really not as bad as some make it out to be and you'll save time, money and gas by doing them at home.

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hnjax profile image

hnjax 4 years ago from Hampton Roads Author

Hey, thanks for the comment. What exactly was the error? Did this happen to you this year?

realdeal 4 years ago

If you go with option to proff preparation, then Watch out for tax software.. TurboTax in particular is questionable.. I have PROOF Turbotax made a huge error in the software on home mortgage interest deduction.. I had an accountant verify .. Then showed evidence to turbotax.. they covered it up ..the guarenttee they offer is a fraud..it only covers cost of software and not damage the error caused plus has time limit.. I tried to share the TTax error and coverup with media but truth is of little interest to them.. ( Then rumor about how govt may protect such errors as long as it results in higher tax paid to them came out)..What more can I say.. we are on our own ..DOD baby DOD

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