Directory of Half-Off Coupon (Daily Deal) Sites

What happens when a bunch of people come together to buy an Internet coupon? A Groupon! Or at least according to the savings site The site first hit it big in 2010 offering daily deals where companies offered goods for at least 50 percent off. If so many people buy the deal, the deal is on and the Groupon is good. 

With the success of Groupon, several competitors quickly scrambled to start savings sites as well. Each works a little differently, but is based on the same premise, buy a deal as a group and save. 

The system works for both the company and the consumer. The company drums up business and the consumer saves money. Just a note if you're a company looking to team up with Groupon, Living Social or Eversave, pick the deal wisely and place a limit that works with your business needs, some businesses have been overwhelmed by the site's response. 

Signing up for any of these sites usually doesn't cost money. Simply input your email address to get deals emailed to you each day. If you like a deal, click over and buy it. You then print off the coupon from the site and take it with you. When I use them at a restaurant, I always tell the server first just to make sure I haven't overlooked a limitation. I also mention the Groupon when booking appointments.

If you can't tell, I use a lot of Groupons. The best part? I've rarely paid for any of these Groupons or other savings. I've used referal codes from people signing up from my link, so all the deals have been free for me so far. 


Since Groupon seems to be the original, I'll start with this site.

Groupon is in several areas across the country, and sometimes has national deals. You can buy Groupons from areas besides your own.

If someone you refer buys a Groupon, you get $10 worth of credit. 


An advantage of EverSave is that the company gives you $2 worth of credit just for signing up! So the first deal you buy is super cheap.

The company also seems to offer deals over a period of several days and has more than one deal listed.

National deals are also featured on the site.

When one of your referrals buys a coupon from Eversave, you get $12 worth of credit.

Living Social

Living Social has a regular site offering deals similar to Groupon and EverSave and a few spin offs.

Living Social Escapes is geared just to hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts offering deals for a get-a-way.

Living Social Family offers deals for families in your area.

The referral system for Living Social works differently than for the other sites. If three people buy a deal based on your code, you get the deal for free.

Mamapedia Daily Deals

A daily deal site for Moms, Mamapedia currently has deals in several cities. All the deals are family-friendly, including restaurants or establishments listed. 

The site also offers a $10 credit for referrals and claims to have a no questions asked return policy. You can "return" unused vouchers.

When you buy a deal, your school also gets a donation. 


Jasmere is a little different than the other daily deals sites. It's a site for national deals. The deals last only 24 hours. 

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Dan 4 years ago

Here are a few more, recently launched, deal aggregator sites for your list:

(Aggregator for generic national daily deals) (Deal

Aggregator for technology related deals)

(Daily Deals Discussion Forum)


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