Harassment on phone by ICICI Bank DSA for Credit Cards

I am Rajinder Soni living in Patel Nagar, New Delhi, India. I would like to let the world know about the problems people have when using credit cards. When these credit card companies will offer you a credit card, they will show that they are very polite and soft and when you are unable to give them money for one single month, this is what they will do. I am really helpless and depressed over this issue and therefore thought to share my concerns with the internet community so that people who have suffered the same situation or are suffering a situation like me can get united and think over and solve this issue. I know there are a lot of intentional credit card defaulters in the world but what about people who are not intentional defaulters but are struggling for months to pay their credit card debt which never finishes off, as the interest rate is very high and is totally irrelevant. Read below what happened in my case. I have been a victim of harassment by a well-known international bank which has a lot of complaints against it in the business and financial market.

Here you go: I have been receiving threatening and harassment calls from ICICI bank for payment of my credit card no. 4477474321XXXXXX. I have been using this card now for the last 2 or more years and up until now I have used 85000/- INR and paid 65240/- INR to ICICI bank. I started receiving calls from a person by the name of Mr. Rajesh Tiwari (contact # 9810601913, 011-43080502) who tells me that he is a senior manager at Rohini branch, ICICI Bank Ltd., Garg Plaza, 5 Community Centre, Sector 8, Rohini Delhi. Pin - 110085.

He called me up on March 25, 2009 and today, March 26, 2009 and started abusing me to give 3800/- INR in form of cash for payment of my credit card. I told him that I will pay the rest of the amount when my next month's salary will come in, i.e., April 7, 2009 but he refused and told me that I am sending two people to collect money from your home failing which I will pick up from your home and beat you like anything. After receiving these wordings from a person posing as a senior manager in ICICI bank, I thought that this person cannot be a manager and might be a DSA (direct sales associate). I again told him that I do not have this much amount to pay right now but you can take a postdated cheque from me instead for April 8, 2009 when I will receive money in my account. At this statement of mine, Mr. Rajesh Tiwari told me that you are cheap person and started abusing me and told me that you do not have money to pay than how you will pay after receiving salary. He told me that I am sending two people and pay 1800, 1000, or 800 whatever you have as it is our closing time and month ending and we have a target. I disconnected his phone and filed an FIR # with DY no. 25A in Patel Nagar Police Station to Duty Officer Mr. Partar Singh and he took my application and gave me a copy of that in receiving stating that we will see to this case and will take action. After coming out from the Patel Nagar Police Station, I received a call from mobile number 9818677179. The caller (sub inspector Mr. Yadav) told me that he is calling from Pahar Ganj Police Station and come and meet me in person at Room #12 in Pahar Ganj Police Station.

I am really threatened and depressed because of this behavior done by the ICICI bank and its employees and feel that me and my family are not safe at our home.

I request internet community to please look into my issue and tell me what to do?

I will be highly obliged if someone can suggest something.


Rajinder Soni

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sangeetjass 7 years ago

First of all i suggest you not to mention your credit card number there, as it is not at all required and it is pretty unsafe, people keep on searching for such opportunity, secondly you just don't meet them in person and visit the branch office of ICICI bank and ask them for settlement and discuss the issue with them... There is no way these people can behave like that.

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soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thank you Sangeet for the really good information and helpful advice. I think you have faced this kind of behavior by some credit card people. I am talking with ICICI Bank regarding the settlement issue but it is going on in one way and on the other side, they are telling DSA to call and get money out of my pocket. How much the amount should be, they are not worried. Regarding the credit card number, I would like to tell you that it is in a blocked status and I am not in my life going to reissue it as I am so fed of this bank that I cannot tell you. Then also for safety concerns, I will remove my number from the hub. Thanks for at least looking at this matter.

EssKay 7 years ago

Take the following steps:

1) Never, ever mention your CC no online.

2) What is the minimum amount due? If you have been paying regularly, it will be 5% of the Total amount due. The bank CANNOT force you to pay more than that.

3) Confirm who is calling you. If you ever make a payment in cash, please take a valid receipt then and there. DO NOT make any payment without a receipt.

4) Contact the bank. Make them to confirm that the person who is calling is their representative.

5) Go to the bank branch from which the person that you named is calling. Meet the Branch Manager.

6) Go to ICICI site, Get the e-mail ID of the highest ranked person in the credit cards department. Mail him/her with all the details. Keep sending reminders marking them as reinder1,2,3 and so on.

7) If all the above steps don't work, complain to the Ombudsman. IT WORKS BEAUTIFULLY!

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soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thank you very much EssKay for really useful information you have provided over here. You are great as is hubpages for helping people. I will do all the steps you have told me and if at last nothing will work for me, I will complain to the banking Ombudsman. Thanks again Mr. EssKay.

sophieqd profile image

sophieqd 7 years ago

Harassment on phone by ICICI Bank DSA

Very sensible advice, thanks for your hub.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Yes Sophie I am thankful to EssKay for providing such brilliant tips and sensible advice for stopping harrasment calls by ICICI bank direct sales associates.

Gin Delloway profile image

Gin Delloway 7 years ago

great hub!

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soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks Gin for your concern.

Akki 7 years ago

Dear Mr. Soni,

Welcome to the world of "Illusions", to tell u the truth, these people are not from any police station, neither from any Bank branches.....they are the collection agencies. They have a rule they follow " If their customer is polite and soft, they become rude and harsh. But their customer is Rude and tells them to do what ever they want to, they will never bother them again, they are always on the look out for easy prey, which you are becoming now. So do not kneel down, the next time they call u and tell u to come to the police station or tell u to give them the money, tell them to Fuckk off and say that u are ot paying,do what ever you want to, believe you me, these people do not understand the poite way, u need to get really tought with them if you want to get rid of them, this is friendly advice from a person who has gone through this crap already.


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soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thank you very much Akki for helping me out and letting me understand about these recovery people. After reading your advice, I have done the same and its helped a lot. I think there will be no calls from now on. Besides, I am talking with the bank authorities for the same and trying to go for a settlement. Can you tell how to land for a good settlement which is in my favor as I do want to pay but not that much higher these people are asking for. Thanks in advance.

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soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

I thank all you people over here and also the Almighty for giving me the knowledge and wisdom to settle my ICICI card. I am very happy after the settlement as I am not receiving any further calls and the recovery agents have stopped visiting my home.

It all started when I lodged the FIR in the police station and mailed the ICICI bank nodal officer and customer care department regarding the harassment. I even stopped paying payments due on my card from February until today and then I received a call from another recovery agent's office stating that we are eager to settle your card at 32000 INR for the 1,12,000 INR amount due. I again negotiated with them that I have just got 25000 rupees with me for paying as a settlement as I have already paid back 67000 out of 85000 INR that was remaining on my side. The recovery agent told me that we can settle your card in 25000 and please increase your payment up to 29000 to which I agreed a day before yesterday and made a draft favoring ICICI bank credit card No........... so and so. I received the settlment letter on the same day and contacted customer care to check if the letter was not fake as there have been instances with other people who have got fake settlement letters. The customer care department confirmed that a settlement letter has been issued for your account and is genuine and not fake. I am very happy with the feeling of getting rid of this huge debt of over 1 lakh rupees.

I thank all the hubbers and visitors to this hub, especially EssKay and Akki, who have shown me the right way to settle my card. Thanks once again.

Shanu 7 years ago

Dear..I am jobless now.I have to pay 50K to ICICI credit payment.I have purchase approx 1Lacs.Now 50k is rest.This is Ist month which i not pay.How to resove this issue.Even they are using vulgor words on phone.As i know ICICI is start callin directly.



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soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

ICICI bank employees will never start calling you directly with abusive words and these are Direct Sales Associates or DSA of the bank. They will always keep saying that we are bank employees but it is wrong. When you will visit the bank, you will never find any person who is calling you. Arrange for some money like 15 to 20000 and negotiate with them for a settlement. Tell them that this is the only money you have.. that's it. Let them wait for one to two or may be three months. The more months you will wait, the better negotiation will be done. One thing to note, you will be listed as a defaulter in CIBIL and if you do not want to be a defaulter, tell them to make installments or pay in full amount. Defaulter means that you will not be able to get any loans further from this bank and might be other banks and the amount which you have not paid will be listed in the CIBIL for years. Now it is your choice if you have money with you, pay them in full and close the card and if you do not have enough money, negotiate for a good settlement amount. Take care Shanu....

Yash 7 years ago

Hello Mr. soni.I read your problem and completely understood that becoz I am also going through the same phase.As Mr. akki says that these men are from collection agencies and not from ICICI bank.They don't understand polite language,be rude to them and remember the more you rude the more you will get relief.These people are bastets.and one more thing I would like to tell you that if you receive these kind of calls in future simply log on to delhipolice.nic.in .This is an official website of delhi police.There you can get an option to file a direct complaint against them and this complaint is directly go to DCP or ACP office and then the legal action is guranted.These recovery agents job is to threaten a customer to receive payments,if u get polite with them they will abuse you,and if you get rude to them they will never bother you.So Chill.......

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soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thank you very much Yash for your response and sharing the common cause with me and other people who have suffered a lot because of these agents. The idea of filing a direct complaint against them in the Delhi police website is great. Yes I agree that if you will be rude with them, they will not bother you and if you will be polite, they will become more indecent.

bala99 profile image

bala99 7 years ago from Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

I usually handle it this way. This was for a personal loan.

Those who call are often from call centers and recovery agents who have outdated info.

1. I ask for their employment number.

2. I ask for their office address and inform them that this conversation has been recorded and police will be visiting.

3. I ask my office legal adviser to send a show cause notice.

This usually cools them off. They harassed me even after I had paid on time. Thankfully now it is over.


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soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thank you very much bala for sharing your experience. It really helps people who are stuck in this case.

rohit 7 years ago

Hi, I used Icici card but stoped making payments as I lost my job. Now I am not working and its been around a year that I have not made any payments. The outstanding due is somewhere around 30000. I want to clear this up.. Please suggest.

bala99 profile image

bala99 7 years ago from Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

soni, I apologise for stepping into your domain, but, i needed to help the man.

Dear Rohit,

It is not that Banks do not understand the predicament of people impacted by recession.  Go for a one time settlement. Negotiate the amount to be paid. With some luck you will getaway with a nominally lesser amount.

The other option is to negotiate for an EMI that is affordable to you as of now.

You will lose the card both ways, perhaps a blessing in disguise.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

I am really sorry that I was on vacation and was late to comment over here and Bala, please do not apologise for stepping into my domain, as it is not my personal one and if it would have been, then also it was fine with me because you are just helping the person who is in need of some good advice. Yes, Rohit, you can follow Bala's advice and do the same. Bala is saying true that bank recovery agents and even bank do not understand the loss of jobs and problems people are facing nowadays. When you will say that I lost my job or I am not working due to recession, they will say "every person has the same thing to say nowadays recession and recession and we are fed up with this word and we just need our money, get it from anywhere". So calm them down with some tactics and unofficial language is they speak, return them the same and everything will cool down. Take care. Best of luck Rohit and thanks once again Bala for your cooperation.

ashok singh 7 years ago

dear sirs,

myself ashok singh also a victim of ICICI credit card.i have paid my minimum due amount in each month but in may and june i had not paid due to some financial crices,in this regards i wrote a mail to bank ,kindly give me two months time i will pay all dues.bank replied and stated u have charged interest.

on 30th june 09 bank lean my all saving/salary a/c,agains due amount rs 86000, when i talk to customer care they told it is bank rule and bank having all authorities to do anything,i contacted again and again but they nothing listen.on 4th july09 bank debited my all saving a/c(rs 28128)without any information ,i shocked !!!!!!!!!!again i try to contact customer care they said u have to pay rs 70000 for settlement against due rs 86000,i said ok u return my saving a/c and within 15 days i will pay all rs 70000 dues.But they not did same.and again send a statement on 9th july ,u have to pay rs 61000.

i surprised,they people said rs 42000 u have to pay bcz bank already debited rs 28128,i have arranged 42000 on 22nd july and contacted customer care,they said u have go to a particular said address,bcz nowadays settelment from phone is stopped.

i went said address but there was icici direct office,they people said last 1 year here no credit card department, u go bank,i went icici bank,jamnagar,bank employee said there is no such department for settelment,and told u have to talk customer care.

again and again i contacted customer care they said same adress and told it is my syatem updated address.i fed up i want to settle my a/c but bank cheated me again and again.

i want settled my dues whatever bank agree(Rs 70000)and no more

i request to all of u please suggest me what should i do??bcz bank already cut 28128 frommy saving a/c and again 61000 due up t0 26/07/09.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hi Ashok thanks for dropping by. Visit http://www.icicibank.com/Pfsuser/customer/html/cus...

and complete all four steps, for example in step 1: Click here for online submission of your grievance.

Step 2: Contact Mr. Avijit Saha, Head, Customer Service.

Click here to send an e-mail to Mr. Avijit Saha.

Step 3: Contact Mr.Shiva Kumar Tadikonda, Nodal Officer.

Click here to send an e-mail to Mr. Shiva Kumar Tadikonda.

Step 4: Contact Mr. B. Madhivanan, Senior General Manager, Service Quality.

Click here to send an e-mail to Mr. Madhivanan

Do all the steps. Do not wait. I did it got my settlement done in 10 days.

While writing an email to them also mention that please settle my icici card no.XXXXXXXXXXXXXX or I would have to contact the banking ombudsman.

Believe me after doing this, you will definitely get your card settled. Have patience. Also to note, while writing the email, include your working mobile no. or contact no. mailing address and valid email ID.

Best of luck

ashok singh 7 years ago

thanks mr.soni ............for guiding me.

but no clicking link connect to mail id of as u said person.please provide mail id.thanks

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Mr. Singh please visit the above site and you will find all the related email ids of nodal officer, etc.

ashok singh 7 years ago

thanks a lot mr. soni

i will mail to as said persons ,after settling i will back to u.thanks a lot for unvaluable guidance.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Its my pleasure Ashok.

Talisommi profile image

Talisommi 7 years ago from Somewhere Out There

I wrote a hub / article on exactly this. I am sorry to hear you are being harassed to the point of depression.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks for the support Talisommi. I am happy that that problem has resolved and I have all my credit card debts by doing settlements.

Harish Walia 7 years ago

just give the person threatening u my mobile number 919758150725.and tell him that contact me regarding ur credit card.

mein uski maa bhen ek kar duna ,en saalo ko jeetni gali ho sake do kuch nahi bigad payenge ye

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks Mr. Walia. I have resolved the issue many days back and I have done the same as you have advised.

vijayaragavan 7 years ago

hi,this is vijayaragavan from bangalore as iloss my job i could"t make my payment,now i got a call from police station that i should come to give explaination wheather its true.now i am very confuesed please help me out...

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hey Vijay. Don't get nervous or depressed as this call is not from the police station but these are the DSA agents doing the calls with different numbers. Do one thing tell them that I am coming and go ahead and register an FIR with the police station in your area. See you have to make this payment today or tomorrow but no one has the right to harass you. Write a letter stating all the numbers from where you are getting calls and names and give one of them a missed call when you are in front of the police officer writing your complaint in the police station. Let the person call you up and abuse you and open up the speaker phone and tell the police officer that see this person is calling me again and abusing and harassing me and my family.

I did the same thing a few days back and I have not received a single call after that. Believe me this is the best thing to do to teach a lesson to these men.

ICICI Bank Care 7 years ago

Dear Vijayaragavan,

We're sorry to hear about your experience. Please write to us with your credit card number and contact details at care@icicibank.com. We'll contact you and work to address your issue.


ICICI Customer Service Team.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks for having a look at this issue.

ameetranjan 7 years ago

Dear Sir / Mam,

I am using ICICI bank credit card number 4477XXXXXXX8003 in chandigarh location,I have used this card approx 2.6 years & at that time all the payments are done on time, but due to recession I lost my jobs in June & then I was unable to do the payments, in October I get the job in Delhi & I have contacted ICICI bank regarding payment, they advised that card is blocked & only final settlement can be done. After discussion, customer care has asked me to submitt the 28000/- amount within 10days. But again unfortunatly I met with a little accident, I was unable to do the payment, now again I am trying to contact ICICI customer care but I am not getting any positive response. Please help me out. I want to activate my card & I am ready to pay 28000 as discussed as I don't want to be wrong paymaster, as I need loan after sometime for my marriage, if card cannot be activate then at that instance I need more discount from my payments & settlement letter, that I have no liablity. Please understand my genuine problem & Requested to help me out with early response. And Today I have received a call from Mumbai, person named snehal (SR123897500) asked me to payment before 3rd December,she has told that your settlement letter has sent to your address on 4th November, but till now I haven't received, when I asked about soft copy of that letter, she refuse to provide me that. Please help me, i am a good paymaster but unfortunately due to some bad times, I am facing this situation, hope you people will understand my problem & help me out.I am attaching the mail also which I received from ICICI bank care. Please go through it & advice.



soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Ameet, I understand your situation and the problems you are facing. First of all don't worry too much as this can ruin your health. I have written out some steps to do in this article regarding these types of problems. Please read them carefully and follow them and everything will go well. Best of luck.

ameetranjan 7 years ago

Dear Sir,

I have already follow those four steps, I have already mail. But not getting response, because I don't want to pay the amount without settlement letter & NOC, b'coz they used to take the money & give no NOC, as I explain i need loan so has to be stated with CIBIL. Please help.


and complete all four steps, for example in step 1: Click here for online submission of your grievance.

Step 2: Contact Mr. Avijit Saha, Head, Customer Service.

Click here to send an e-mail to Mr. Avijit Saha.

Step 3: Contact Mr.Shiva Kumar Tadikonda, Nodal Officer.

Click here to send an e-mail to Mr. Shiva Kumar Tadikonda.

Step 4: Contact Mr. B. Madhivanan, Senior General Manager, Service Quality.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Dear Ameet, please give at least 4 to 5 days for response to come and let the things settle on their own and if then also, nothing happens contact banking ombudsman for ICICI bank.

ameetranjan 7 years ago

Dear Sir,

I have received call from ICICI after discussion on 27152, settlemement finalized, & they have sent me a letter covering Sub - settlement of dues on icici bank credit card number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.advice of payment on date & if not paid then it will be null & viod.,

Now, my question, is as per my knowledge it is only payment advice not the NOC, suggest me regarding this, i need to pay within a week, so request to early advice.



soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Ameet, you will receive the NOC from the ICICI BANK customer care executive when you will submit the DD or cash for the payment. First of all, don't give in cash and make a demand draft of the amount, also keep the dd slip with you and a photocopy of the dd. Next, tell customer care executive to show NOC first and keep it in your hand and then give him the DD. best of luck.

ICICI Bank Care 7 years ago

Dear Ameet,

We're sorry to hear about your experience.

Please write to us with your contact details and credit card number at care@icicibank.com. We'll contact you and work to address your issue.


ICICI Customer Service Team.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks a lot ICICI Customer Service Team for looking at the case of Ameet and for the above message.

john 7 years ago

do u want to know this no belongs to whom and where he lives

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 7 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Yes definitely. Please tell me John.

Amit Ranjan 6 years ago

Dear Sir,

As per settlement letter & discussion with Mr.NItin of icici bank (nitin.saini@icicibank.com), i have deposited the money, & he assure that he will send me , the zero balance statement which shows there will no dues of ICICI towards me. But after a month, I have not received the letter, & now i am receiving mail from care@icicibank.com, that there is outstanding on your credit card of amount 13000 around. Please suggest me what to do. This is totally wrong with me. Please guide me.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Contact ICICI Bank nodal officer links given above to lodge a complaint regarding your debt settlement. This happened because you did not took the letter at the time when you were making payments. I am going to publish a new article and please read these instructions before going to settle a credit card. Just a minute.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

I advice all of you to go through my latest hub Credit Card Settlement: How to calculate, negotiate, and close the deal?


I have mentioned very important steps in this article and I bet that any person struggling to get rid of credit card debt will have answers to his/her questions in some way or other. I tried to cover everything. Best of luck.

Selva 6 years ago

As per settlement letter & discussion with Mr.vikas of icici bank i have deposited the money, I& he assure that he will send me , the zero balance statement which shows there will no dues of ICICI towards me. But after a month, I have not received the letter, & now i am receiving mail from care@icicibank.com, that there is outstanding on your credit card of amount 13000 around. Please suggest me what to do. This is totally wrong with me. Please guide me.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Nothing can be done now Selva. The main mistake you have done is that you have not taken the letter at the time of settlement. I think they will try to get 13000 from you or you have to settle that 13000 again at a small amount may be 4000 or 5000 INR. That's why I published a new hub a few days back helping people who get in clutches of these bank agents sometimes supplying fake settlement letters. Here is the link: http://hubpages.com/money/credit-card-settlement-h...

Go through this one it is very important and highly recommended and once you do this, you will never fall prey to these strategies of fake agents.

sekva 6 years ago

They mailed me soft copy the settlement letter. is it ok.

azzju 6 years ago

Mr Soni,

Thanks to you for sharing so much of valuable information...I need to settle two CC (SCB and SBI)..I had enough of these goons kind of people and do not want to interact with him...please advice how should I go about settling the same..MY total dues together seems to be 70K however actual prinicipal is about 12-13k (this is 6 years old due).



soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Please go through the steps I have mentioned in this article: http://hubpages.com/money/credit-card-settlement-h...

selva 6 years ago

Dear soni

Could please give advice me on this today I have paid 65000RS as per settlement letter they send me (soft copy the settlement letter)r. Actual amount they are showing (1, 40,000) .

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

I cannot get you what you are saying. Please explain in detail?

azzju 6 years ago

Thx Soni....Did the first Step...I called the SBI Customer Care and Customer care executive told me to call on monday so that they can pull all the statements..I have told them to send the same to my email ID first so that I can Study them....Going by your logic of spending and payments...I would have already paid them what I spent...it was the rolling credit issue and All interest and no prinicipal...Let me know if I need to do anything else at this point of time...I have given them my number so will wait and see how it goes...

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hi azzu, you have done a great job. Now just wait and when the opportunity comes do all the remaining steps. Best of luck.

ashok singh 6 years ago

Hello Mr.soni,

Myself ashok 9 months ago ,i have taken your advise regarding icici credit cards,as per your suggestion i have mailed to corresponding person and i had got call ,but they ignored my earliar settelment 0f Rs42000 and said today your bill is 61000,i surprised and they also suggested the adress where i can settled my account but when i reached that place the office is not there and somebody told this office shifted to icici bank two years ago,then i reached to icici bank,jamanagr bank told no credit card issue entertained here they suggested some private agents for settlememt,i have totally shocked and querreled with bank employees also,but there is no solution.again i asked to customer care they again told me same adress when i aksed to cc there is no such adress available they simply replied in my systemthis adress is given.

after 15 days new statement comes of rs 69000 ,again i shocked,i totally exhausted,then i call again cc and finally setteled my account on 10th aug09.

I have paid all dues whatever bank asked bcz i was so frustrated,after 7 months a new bill generated against me of rs 110 in april10. I have shocked and yet i have not received my settelement letter which is due from aug09 from bank.immediately i mailed to bank why this statement comes again,they said by default it happened and your letter will send as soon as possible.

So Mr.soni,there would be need to govt. prepared some norms against these banks otherwise public hrassed by their demoral activities.

thans a lot again mr. soni for doing great job to assit,moralized and guide public like me.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

I am so sorry about your case Mr. Singh. They have totally confused you and did what they want to do with you. Why didn't you wrote me a comment over here when you were struggling with these problems. I would have definitely assisted you at that time. Okay, now there is no profit in crying over spilled milk. Yes government must take some action against these bank's DSA agents who take such drastic steps in getting their money out. They don't know any morals and ethics, they just know to get their money out from the customer. RBI has taken many steps against this and I think will take more in the upcoming months.

For your condition, I would advice that if you are having any more problems with the bank, go ahead and hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit against the DSA AGENTS or the bank for your mental harassment, misguiding you, and demoralizing activities, etc. Also use your latest payment slip as an evidence to make your care strong enough.

If I would have been on your side, I would have done that thing long time ago. They need to learn a lesson.

ashok singh 6 years ago

Dear Mr. Soni,

Heartly thanks for support.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

It's my pleasure Ashok. If you have any further questions about this, let me know. I am always there.

jaynair13 6 years ago

Hi All,

I have a slightly different issue,

I took a loan from ICICI bank based on a credit card which i have been using back in 2007. The total amount was 2.34Lakhs, and due to some confusions this was granted to me as 2 loans, ie, 1.34L and 1L. I took these loans for my marriage purposes,

since i was going on leave for my marriage i made 3 months EMI payment to my credit card account thinking that EMI will be deducted from credit card(since this is a credit card based loan),

Once i was back from my holidays, i found that ICICI has pre closed the loan for non-receipt of EMI's(please note that they haven't informed me about this on my contact number), as i had to make the EMI payment to a loan account number which was not communicated to me. I discussed the issue with them, and made them check my credit card account to prove my case. They asked me to make a payment of 30K which i did immediately to reopen the loan.

Once this was settled i was calmly paying EMI per month to that loan account number.

But the problem happened the next year, when one of my paymet(which was made through an agent) did not get reflected. I started getting calls from ICICI collection agents, i got irritated and visited the branch office and spoke with the collection manager. We found out that the agent had by mistake credited the amount to another account(thats what they said,luckily i had my receipt).

I had enough with ICICI and wanted to preclose the loan, but when i asked about the settlement amount, i got the shock of my life, they asked me to make a payment of 4.83 Lakhs. I was totally shocked and asked them how can a loan of 2.34 become 4.83?? After checking the statements and details, we found out that, while reopening, by a technical mistake from ICICI, the loans was reopened like, 1.34+1+1.34 so in total the loan was reopened for 3.68L (and i was paying the interest for this amount).

They asked me to raise a complaint with customer care which i did (actually twice). I told them that i will not make any payment unless they resolve this issue and send me a letter in ICICI letter head with a small description.

They haven't done that yet and still the issue is going on (its been around 1 n half years)

Every now and then the collection agents will start calling and harass. One guy even threatened and insulted me when i met him to discuss the issue. Now they have started calling my wife and disturbing her as well.

I am totally worried about the situation. The dilemma is,

if i go for a settlement, my name will be there in CIBIL, for an issue which is not my fault.

and still now they havenot corrected their records, the people calling me are still asking for 5 Lakhs, which i cant and will not pay.

Please can you suggest what i should do in this scenario?



soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hello Jay, Do what I did in my case.

First step: Send an email to customer care to look into your matter explaining all the detail and at last about how much time has passed by and also write that if not done at time or if they are unwilling to resolve the issue, you will go to the nodal officer and banking ombudsman for your problem.

Step 2: Copy and paste this letter to all ICICI customer care officers mentioned here: http://www.icicibank.com/Pfsuser/customer/html/cus...

Step 3: Complete all steps mentioned in the page via the above link. Don't wait for a day or two. Do everything in one go.

Now you will receive calls within 2 days of doing this. Now you know how to negotiate and how to talk on this matter.

They will take what they have given to you and that is for sure. If you have received 2.34 lakhs from them show them the copy of your statement. If they claim to have given you 3.68 lakhs tell them to show the records.

If you have received 2.34 only or 3.68, just minus the amount you have paid in installments and make all the payments to remain out of the claws of CIBIL.

If you have not got so much money to pay, go for a better settlement in less price. It's up to you.

jaynair13 6 years ago

Hi Soni,

Thanks for the suggestions.I will definitely follow these steps and will post the results as soon as i get it.


soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Okay friend best of luck. We are waiting for some positive results.

BR 6 years ago


I hope you can help me. I reside in Nagpur and have an ICICI Bank CC and although I have just used around Rs.20000, the outstanding amount has jumped to Rs.57000. I admit I have not been paying the minimum amount due for quite sometime due to layoffs. Well, just last month, I got a call from a person saying that he was from the Delhi police and that there is an arrest warrant out in my name. The person gave me a name, Mr. B.S.Rana and told me to talk to him. I called this Rana guy and he told me that he was an advocate for ICICI bank and if I do not make the immediate payment, the Delhi police would pass on the case to Nagpur police and I would get arrested by evening. He then gave told me to go and meet a person in the bank and tak to him. I went to the bank and talked to the person and told him that I will require a few days to get the money and left a post dated check with the person. After I talked with my friends that evening, my friends told me that the call was not from the police and forget about it not to make the payment. They told me, why are you paying Rs57000 when you have used just Rs.20000. So, I listened to them and didn't make the payment. After a few days I realized that the cheque which I had given to the bank had bounced. I had completely forgotten about this cheque. Now, today, I again got a call from the Delhi police saying that an arrest warrant is out in my name under IPC section 138 for cheque bouncing and told me to contact the same person, BS rana regarding the matter. What should I do? Is the call legitimately from the Delhi police? I would like to go for a settlement. Please Help!!!

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hi BR, you need to contact a good lawyer and discuss your case with him because you have already provided a check and that check has already bounced. Though people calling you stating that they are from Delhi police are none other bank's DSAs. There is no police involvement in these types of cases but when you submitted the check and got it bounced, that has raised a big concern. I cannot help I am sorry.

mohammed 6 years ago

hi, soni so don't worry abt that plz be quite and call the dsa people or whoever is there, just tell them i don't have a job at present i don't have the money if u will do harresment i will suicide and i will write fir to near plice station abt this. don't fear infront of them plz talk boldly k. for any hepl u can mail me at niza794@yahoo.com.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks a lot for showing your concern Mohammed. I have already settled my card a year back I think. Now this article is for helping other people who are having problems with DSAs of banks.

Hidayat 6 years ago

Hi Fourm Im getting Harrasing calls from HDFC recovery agents after this i stop picking up the phone now those peoples are visiting my home...

Here the problem is i have outstanding amount not paying my dues since 2 months cause im jobless i got huge loss in my business now im very much frustrated please let me know how to get rid of this thanks ...

to get my bread all its tough im unble to pay if the agree for settlement also

today one rough looking guy visited my home we denied nobody is here by that name and he inquires in my area but no one responded he has gone back i don't have any source of income due to this suddenly i got mild heart pain .. after seeing to this guy even im not able to sleep concentrate on any thing

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hidayat, go to the police station and lodge a complaint with all the phone numbers and names of people who are harassing you. The next time person comes at home, call police immediately. Recovery agents cannot do like this. it is totally illegal. I know you are jobless but you need to pay the amount to the bank today or tomorrow. Arrange and borrow money from friends and go for a settlement. this is the best way to get rid of this problem for you.

Ameet 6 years ago

Hi All,

On valuable advice of Mr. Soni, I have settled my ICICI credit. Thanks Mr. Soni & all others. I want to share my friend problem & need help from all. He was using HSBC credit card, he used around 2 years no problem of payment comes, in june 2009 he lost his jobs due to recession.He got new job in November 2009, six months job less.He was on way to collect money for HSBC, but in mid, in June 2010, one day he received a call," I am calling SI, a case has been filed on you, on tis hazari, i have to arrest you, note down the contact number of tis hazari advocate & discuss the same. He discussed with tis hazari advocate, but advocate refused to help. He again call back to SI, then SI gives a number of advocate, who can help him. He called advocate, advocate asking 15000/-(credit card limit - 15000 & bill generated 30000/-), my friend was so nervous & threat that inspite of knowing that he has been tapped by recovery agents, he gave 15000/- to that advocate. Advocate assured him that he need not to pay HSBC bill, no issue will come. But still HSBC people are sending bills of credit card. Now my friend want permanent solution & how to get rid of this issue. Please advice & help him.

Ameeet Raj

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Oh my God. He has paid 15000 rupees to the advocate for closing his case. How come this can be possible? Why he didn't inquire it at first instance? There is no SI and there is no advocate who is doing that. Those are a group of recovery agents fetching as much money as they can from the consumer. You tell your friend to not call any SI and stop making any payments to advocate and do the steps I have mentioned above in the comments. Read them and apply them and I am sure your friend will be able to settle his credit card. Best of luck.

Ameet 6 years ago

Dear Sir,

Thanks for response. Inspite of knowing that he has been tapped by recovery agents, he was so nervous & scared that he has given the money. Now will HSBC again ask for money, if yes then what about 15000/- which he has given to recovery agent. As he is right now not in condition to again give 15000/- to bank, as he borrow 15000/- for recovery agents.Is there any other way, to save his money.


soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Has he acquired any bank deposit slip from the advocate? I mean has he paid this money to the advocate or paid to the bank as a form of credit card payment? Why don't you tell him to email nodal officers and senior officers of the bank writing up his problem as a form of letter. You can also write at the end that "If the bank authorities are unable to settle his card and give punishment to the guilty recovery agents, then he can approach banking ombudsman". I think this will work for him.

Ameet 6 years ago

No sir, all the money he has taken in cash. That time i was out of station for training. He was so scared, by poice threatening, as he was going to marriage in june itself, so this was also of scaredness. If HSBC people ask money, can he say, that money has taken by recovery officer, but he has no evidence, except, phone number & few sms of them. If now, he will not pay the money, what can be consequence. ""If the bank authorities are unable to settle his card and give punishment to the guilty recovery agents, then he can approach banking ombudsman". I think this will work for him."" Please make this more clear.


Ananth 6 years ago

Hi Soni,i am struggling to pay my credit dues ,i have tried for settlement ,they says outstanding is 1 lakh,which i am unable to pay,i asked for a settlement for 40 thousand,but they don't agreeing they call me everday abuse and treaten me, they call my landline number and threaten my family ,please help me i want to settle but they don't agree for 40.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

@Ameet and Ananth thanks for dropping by. For settling ICICI credit cards, visit http://www.icicibank.com/Pfsuser/customer/html/cus

and complete all four steps, for example in step 1: Click here for online submission of your grievance.

Step 2: Contact Mr. Avijit Saha, Head, Customer Service.

Click here to send an e-mail to Mr. Avijit Saha.

Step 3: Contact Mr.Shiva Kumar Tadikonda, Nodal Officer.

Click here to send an e-mail to Mr. Shiva Kumar Tadikonda.

Step 4: Contact Mr. B. Madhivanan, Senior General Manager, Service Quality.

Click here to send an e-mail to Mr. Madhivanan

Do all the steps. Do not wait. I did it got my settlement done in 10 days.

While writing an email to them also mention that please settle my icici card no.XXXXXXXXXXXXXX or I would have to contact the banking ombudsman.

Believe me after doing this, you will definitely get your card settled. Have patience. Also to note, while writing the email, include your working mobile no. or contact no. mailing address and valid email ID.


Please visit http://www.hsbc.co.in/1/2/miscellaneous/grievance-...

and complete all the steps listed one by one.

prakash 6 years ago

Hello Soni,

I am from hyderabad. I took d advice from people like and made a settlement with icici bank people in my credit card issue. i got all the letters in the letter head of icici bank that i cleared everything. the credit limit for my card is 1 lakh i made settlement by paying 70k. everything is fine for 2 months.settlement was done in september. now i got a legal notice from the lawyer of icici bank stating that setlements are not valid as per the new law passed by RBI. but den dey said to go for settlement and i paid dem by borrowing from my frds. now dey are again asking me to pay 1lac again. i spoke with the lawyer of bank directly he is saying that see in court. i am very much depressed. i don't know all des legal aspects and my parents are uneducated. i cant pay 1 lac again. i have all d documents with me. is dat anything like dat for dos who paid after in and after september dos settlements are not valid. please let me know fast as today only i got d mail and i have only 1 week time. please help me out.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

There is no such thing that these people are talking about. They are simply taking the maximum money out of you. If you have got the final settlement letter, then how come they can say to see you in court or demand more money. You tell them to not call you again and they are calling again, file an FIR against them. They cannot do anything of you. Just go ahead and contact custumer care that I have settled my card and get a confirmation from them. If your card is really settled, you don't need to pay anything and if not, you need to pay at least something but not like the way they are trying to get out of you. You immediately contact bank's nodal officer and other officers and follow all the steps mentioned above. You will start getting a response back in 3 days and all will be well. Tell them that I have already settled and still the recovery agents are abusing. The person saying that he is a lawyer or a police officer is only a recovery agent. Don't make your fun. Don the necessary steps.

sm 6 years ago

hi soni ,

I had taken SBI credit card in 2007 april,i used 10k fromthat. and its credit limit is 18k.i paid few installments of the same...my father has been hospitalised for one year and expired with kidney problem .Ima only earning person in my family becouse of these issues icoulnt pay my card bills now they were calling me .and recently they sent a mail to me "sending scan copy of the bailable warrant issued by hr. court on you to your HR and also i will send our hyd person with cops to your residence."

Please suggest me wat i can do now...i cant pay more expect 10k.

please help me out.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Those scanned bailable warrants and cops are fraud. They do not exist. There is no policy to do that. They are making fool of you. Go to the SBI website and check the address and email ids of nodal officers. Send them everything you have been sent by the recovery agents, even the scanned copies. Tell them about your situation. By the time, stop payments and whenever they call up, tell them do whatever you wanna do very politely and then try to negotiate by saying, I can only pay you 7K, then they will say not possible. Tell them I have all the proof that I have made so many previous installments and I have not to pay anything else and I am paying just 7K and I want to close and settle my card. Keep on insisting on settlement. And when they agree at an amount, tell them to send their executive with settlement letter and then call SBI customer care and confirm if and when the letter was generated for your credit card account settlement or closure. If they say yes, then pay the draft. Also, do not pay cash, never, pay in draft. It assures that the money is going to the bank itself and not going to any other third party.

Best of luck.

sheelpam 6 years ago

Hello, I am Shilpa. I had been using an ICICI BANK credit card with a credit limit of Rs.40,000/-. Time and again i must have atleast paid an amount of Rs. 15,000/- uptil Sep 2009. After that till present date, there has been a Gap in payment, due to personal reasons.

Now, i have been getting repeated calls on my mobile, landline number at undecent time from some very abrupt persons saying that they are calling from ICICI BANK (Where in i wonder, they don't even know proper ENGLISH, is the BANK really hiring such people? Who don't even have etiquette of how to interact in this Service Industry with the customers?)

They have taken out some Settlement letter on my name of Rs.37,600/- Now what i wonder is. Earlier (Sep 2009) when the outstanding amount on my Card was 39,000/- i have made regular payments of more than 15,000 altogether. So, why is the settlement been made just of Rs.37,600 /-?

I am not in a position to make a payment of this amount, but i seriously want to pay the amount to the bank against my card and settle the issue. Because it is really very disturbing. These people call at wee hours of the afternoon, evening and even night at about 9 - 10 pm..A person every alternate day comes to my home in afternoon (when i am not there) and talks very abruptly/rudely with my Mother as if he is some DON.. When i call that person and have spoken to him, he says he is calling directly from ICICI bank and is not any AGENT.

In such case what can be done? Whom do i have to approach for the settlement?

I hope my query is cleared.

Thanks in advance.

[P.S - I want to settle this issue, but i cant make a payment of Rs.37,600/-. Looking at the background of my CARD payments, i would request the ICICI BANK people, to adjust and settle this issue at the minimum cost of a decent amount. And please stop sending MAFIA type of people at my HOME. I don't owe Lacs or crores of Rupees to the bank]


soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hi Shilpa, if you have had only 5000 rupees and not given the payment for such time, these people would have done the same thing. They don't know about how much money but they know about how to get the money from you and for this, they will try to do as many things possible that they can do.

You need to settle the card, you are agreeing, and this is for sure but the amount you want to settle will be only negotiable if you will follow the things or steps I had taken previously to settle my card. You are a well educated girl so you know how to deal with them in a nice way. You need to contact all the nodal officers and customer care officers of the bank. I have already mentioned this thing for one person around many months back and I am just copying and pasting from above. Read this:

visit http://www.icicibank.com/Pfsuser/customer/html/cus

and complete all four steps, for example in step 1: Click here for online submission of your grievance.

Step 2: Contact Mr. Avijit Saha, Head, Customer Service.

Click here to send an e-mail to Mr. Avijit Saha.

Step 3: Contact Mr.Shiva Kumar Tadikonda, Nodal Officer.

Click here to send an e-mail to Mr. Shiva Kumar Tadikonda.

Step 4: Contact Mr. B. Madhivanan, Senior General Manager, Service Quality.

Click here to send an e-mail to Mr. Madhivanan

Do all the steps. Do not wait. I did it, got my settlement done in 10 days.

While writing an email to them also mention that please settle my icici card no.XXXXXXXXXXXXXX stating all the info you have stated in the comment here and also say that if the bank DSAs will keep on ruining my life, I will have to contact the banking ombudsman.

Believe me after doing this, you will definitely get your card settled. Have patience. Also to note, while writing the email, include your working mobile no. or contact no. mailing address and valid email ID.

Best of luck Shilpa.

NAYAN JAIN 6 years ago

DEAR FRIEND I HOLD icici bank credit card which i m using from 2006 the limit of my card is 3,49,000, The real problem started from sep 09 when i started getting losses in my business and i started paying minimum amt, before this if my outstanding is 2 lakhs i use to make full payment, and from last 1 yrs that's from sep 09 i m not able to pay full amt some time i paid 30 k some time 20 k like this .. before 4 months when i card when over limit to rs 393000 a collection person came and informed at the payment i asked him for the settlement of the card so he spoke to some senior person and negotiated the amt to 110000 rs i asked me to make 20000 chq payment i did the same way he told very next day he will give settlement letter but after 10 day i followed him with any response one day he call me and inform that the settlement is rejected and ask me to go for settlement for 3 lakhs what should i do im in heavy losses i don't have money to make my house rent also. now my outstanding is rs 4,16,500 in which 2,57,000 is my principle amt.. hemp me friends mmy email is is nayansinghvi@yahoo.com

divacratus profile image

divacratus 6 years ago from India

This was really informative! My friend was complaining abt the same situation you were in. Will tell him about your hub.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Please tell your friend to follow the steps listed in this hub to get rid of her problem.

successnhope 6 years ago

hello Mr Soni,

I am having the same problem,its about my loan in 2009 which was of 1.25lacs with ICICI.I did repayed them half d amount around 80thousand Rupees and because of the recession i lost my job.I was unable to pay for 3 months.i told those DSAs that i want to go for settelment but they just went away.suddenly ICICI advocate is calling me and telling me that u have to pay back the interest total of 2lacs and we r having our meeting tommorrow,otherwise we will take action.i just got paniced for a moment that,firstly some advocate of ICICI bank is calling and some meeting is going to happen and some bad thoughts started coming like what will happen if my name goes to police and will they harm my parents and so on.after reading all ur articles and suggestions i think i can reply them back in a rude way,as i did had some query that if this guy is an advocate,he knows to give a notice of around 1 month but this fake advocate is telling me we have r meeting tomorrow and u r in danger.

and I cannot repay back this big amount,i want to ask you

can settelment be done wth 10,000 or 12,000.as i am going through a very difficult time .

Please reply me soon and give me some suggestion and inspiration.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 6 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

This is for sure that there is no advocate involved directly from the bank but this is bank's direct sales agent, recovery people, collection agencies whatever we say them are doing this. Don't panic and ease off. I don't know about the amount but I have already provided several steps above in the comments that you utilize to go for a settlement. Best of luck.

Sagar 6 years ago

Write to the chairman Mr. Kamath : kamath.kv@icicibank.com He is a nice person...

shraddha bajwa 5 years ago

hi soniji even i ahv same problem my hubbys credit card settlement ttl due was 350000 we paid 50000 and recovery agent said he will settle for 150000 thts half amount after paying 50000 he says its not possible i need to pay full payment.our position is not quiet good,lots of losses cant pay such huge amount.plz suggest and also sagar are u sure this is Mr kamanths email id.thanku

SHARDHA 5 years ago


Ramesh 5 years ago

Hi Soniji,

I think 70 to 80% of the ICICI Bank card holders are facing these problems. Even am also the one. Anyway thank you for the chairman's mail id.

chengs 5 years ago

Hi all ,

I have taken a personal loan of 71000 in 2006 and i have paid 11emi and after that i lost my job i couldn't do it.

In 2008 i got a call from ICICI Bank guys for collection i asked for settlement and i have paid Rs 35000 and he given me the letter,after that till 12-08-11 i have not received any calls last week i got a call for asking for payment,the letter which they given presently i lost it ,i don't know what to do now,they are telling the loan a/c is not closed,i don't remember the collection guys no

Now collection guys are calling all my families and asking for payment and harassing all.

Kindly i requet you to help me on this

prerana 5 years ago

Please consult a lawyer who will help you in this matter. He will help you in coming to a settlement through the court, which will be minimum. The concerned person will also be given two to three years' time to pay the minimum settlement amount. The bankers cannot send anybody home to harass you or your family. In case they do, all you have to do is to show them the copy of the document related to the case filed against them. There are lawyers who are specialised in this. From the time you file the case you can stop paying all the EMIs and when the collection agent comes just show him a copy of the letter the lawyer gives you. All you will need is the lawyer's fees.

Montu 5 years ago

Hi friends. CAn any one help me in axis bank lien amt problem>

ansar m.j 5 years ago

dear sir,

i have icici bank credit card but i never use of it.but one day i got an email that you used credit card for some australian institute about 25000 rs.i send a complaint to bank authorities through email.they cancel all my transaction.i call customer care officer he told me that there is no due.after 3 months again a call come and tell to pay the amount.i clearly said that i will not pay which i don't use of it.again after 2 year later

a call comes to my brother number asking for settle amount 33000 rs.what should i do please anybody help me.

Srinivasan 5 years ago

Even iam facing the same problem, you don't worry check for your principle amount and only pay the same which is pending. Don't pay anything extra which is levied against you. Before payingthem ask them to bring the settlement letter and see that the tracer number is sepcified on that and take a valid receipt from them. your issued will be resolved.

raj 5 years ago

i want to settle my credit card due in minimum amunt

Sandeep kUMAR 5 years ago

Dear debtor,here in mumbai,one KARJADAR-JAMINDAR BACHAV SAMITEE is working under charitable trust for that person who are facing the problem from banks recovery officer/agents or credit society.They can help you for the bank harresment.for contact them 9869053904 / 9702778678 if your friend or relatives are troubling forword them this contact no.Thanks

pawan 5 years ago

Only banking ombudsman can help in all these type of cases.Write the problem to the nodal officer first stating that this is one month notice from your side to get the matter resolved.After one month if you are not satisfied, go to the RBI site,download the banking ombudsman complaint form and complete the process.Your matter will be solved within 2 months overall.

you may contact me at 9681764707


IciciBank My name is Chamarty Viswanadham, aged 45 years, working as Senior Manager in Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, Visakhapatnam (Mobile No.9652514308, 7382295790) residing at the above given address.

M/s ICICI Housing Finance Corporation Limited (ICICIHFCL), 101-A, 1st Floor, 10-1-43, Siripuram Fort, CBM Compound, Visakhapatnam – 530 003 sanctioned a loan of Rs.235000/- upon executing an agreement bearing file No. No.777-1319273, dated 15/03/2003 for take over of loan from M/s Housing Development Finance Corporation. M/s ICICI Bank fixed the repayment schedule of the loan in 48 equal month installments (EMIs) of Rs.5765/- starting from 07/05/2003 to 07/05/2007. M/s ICICI Bank disbursed the loan of Rs.234681/- by deducting pre-EMI interest of Rs.319/- from loan amount of Rs.235000/- by way of cheque No.612144, dated 25/03/2003 in favour of M/s HDFC, Visakhapatnam.

In connection to this loan transaction towards security, ICICIHFCL demanded me to deposit the Original Property Documents in respect of property situated at Plot No.41, Netaji Nagar, Bommuru, Rajahmundry – 533101, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. Accordingly I have deposited the following documents after receiving acknowledgement from Shri DVK Madhav, Relationship Officer of ICICIHFCL on 08/09/2003.

(a) Sale Deed No.42/95, Dated 19/05/1995

(b) Link Sale Deed No.7341/83, dated 06/08/1983

(c) Encumbrance Certificate No.493/99, dated 13/04/1999

(d) Encumbrance Certificate No.3541/99, dated 15/04/1999

For initial two years, I have paid loan amount by way of post dated cheques in favour of M/s ICICIHFCL, Visakhapatnam. Later, I was asked to give posted cheques in favour of ICICI Bank Limited (ICICIBL), Visakhapatnam. I have repaid entire loan amount promptly in 48 installments as fixed in the agreement to ICICIHFCL/ICICIBL on 07/04/2007. Then I have demanded the ICICIHFCL/ICICIBL for returning of Original Property Documents. I have sent several reminders to the Bank.

I have filed a case against ICICI Bank Limited in District Consumer Forum, Visakhapatnam and also made an appeal on the verdict of District Consumer Forum in AP State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (APSCDRC), Hyderbad. However, ICICI Bank Limited does not bother to comply with the verdict given by APCDRC, Hyderabad. (Copy of judgments of District Forum & APSCDRC are attached herewith)

The matter was also taken up through National Housing Bank, Mumbai for returning the documents by ICICIHFCL/ICICIBL. There was no reply from NHB or ICICIHFCL/ICICIBL till date.

ICICIHFCL/ICICIBL does not furnish details as regarding where, when, how and in which circumstances the original documents are lost/misplaced. Since beginning of informing the non-tractability of documents in 2007, ICICIHFCL/ICICIBL is asking me for giving consent for obtaining certified duplicate copies of the documents. If the original documents are destroyed due to the reasons such as fire, floods, etc and cannot be traced back under any circumstances, then the question of certified duplicate copies will arise. If the ICICIHFCL/ICICIBL misplaced the original documents or delivered wrongly to a third party, the question of certified duplicate copies will not arise and the ICICIHFCL/ICICIBL is responsible for locating and delivering the documents to me. For the past four and half years, though the matter was taken up in several ways, but the ICICIHFCL/ICICIBL failed to bring out such reasons for loss/misplacement of original documents and circumstances under which original documents lost/misplaced to the my notice immediately and no supporting evidence like extracts of registers, etc was provided by ICICIHFCL/ICICIBL to me.

If the ICICIHFCL/ICICIBL really misplaced original documents in their office, the ICICIHFCL/ICICIBL could have tracked the same down by obtaining the services of independent professional investigators, like chartered accountants etc. ICICIHFCL/ICICIBL neither made any such efforts in the past three and half years nor provided any evidence to me in respect of such efforts made by the ICICIHFCL/ICICIBL.

As aforesaid, since beginning ICICIHFCL/ICICIBL is showing very much interest to obtain the certified duplicate copies of documents, but does not paying any interest for tracing the original documents. The reason might be that once the original documents are recreated, the ICICIHFCL/ICICIBL may definitely avoid its responsibility of tracing back the original documents and delivery of the same to me as well as the loss that may be caused due to me because of misuse of original documents by third parties. In such circumstances, ICICIHFCL/ICICIBL has to establish by way of report of an independent professional investigator that the all documents in their office are verified and my original documents cannot be traced.

Further the behaviour of ICICIHFCL/ICICIBL not responding to the request of the undersigned to furnish evidence of records maintained for recording the movements of original property documents, etc is giving thought that some fraud is going on.

The original property documents and its original link documents are always essential for any future transaction by me. Whenever I try to transact with the property in any manner, certainly the original documents are very much essential and everybody who wants to transact with I will definitely ask for original documents. The loss of such original documents due to careless and negligence on the part of ICICIHFCL/ICICIBL will not solve the future problems that will arise to me. The certified duplicate copies of documents obtained by the ICICIHFCL/ICICIBL cannot be as good as original documents.

Nobody will come forward to do any transaction with the property without original documents. Even if anybody comes forward for transacting with the property, he will take the undue advantage of non-availability of original documents (or certified duplicate copies) with me by paying lesser value for the property. So the loss of original documents is huge irreparable loss not only to me but also to his heirs or successors.

As you are aware that in Satyam Fraud case from news papers and other media. There may be every chance of misuse of original property documents by the ICICIHFCL/ICICIBL for creating fictitious entries in their books of accounts to show more advances, if ICICIHFCL/ICICIBL are allowed to obtain the certified duplicate copies the property documents without proper reason. In such circumstances, the undersigned may have to face a lot of troubles.

Sanjay 5 years ago

if somebody is defaulter of personal loan in one bank,can he get trouble for job in another bank?

Krishna 5 years ago

Hi Soni

I have taken Personal for Kotak, Same those collection agencies are harrsing me saying that they go for legal action against me, if it goes for legal then u need to pay immediately or u will be jail, what is the solution for this. the outstanding is 4lacs , how much they can settle

Raj 5 years ago

is this thread is still active . if yes I have one question. I had icici

Vijay 5 years ago

Dear Friends you have used credit cards, so you are getting calls I am gettins calls and threats without using any credit card what is the cure.

shiva 5 years ago

i have taken personel loan in icici bank before 5 years the total amount was 20,000 i paid for 5 to 6 months unfortunately i got job othere location and my number was changed and my marriage was fixed i am on leave for 2 months and ignored emi,being a new number no one called me,unfortunately i got promotion and i shifted to othere location,totally ignored to pay amount,now after 5 years i got a call from icici bank and they are saying u have to pay 60000 with interst i am shocked,kindly plz help in suggeting me....

Lance Ewing 4 years ago

Thanks for the useful information on credit repair on this amazing site. Some tips i would advice people is to give up the particular mentality that they may buy right now and shell out later. Being a society all of us tend to do that for many issues. This includes vacations, furniture, plus items we want. However, you need to separate your wants from the needs. While you are working to fix your credit score make some sacrifices. For example you may shop online to economize or you can go to second hand suppliers instead of high-priced department stores regarding clothing.


Abhishek Pandey 4 years ago

Hi All,

My name is Abhishek Pandey from Noida. I have taken a personal loan of Rs 30,000 in 2007. After that I went to my native due to some personal problems and I was not able to pay the amount. Now, I want to pay the amount but I am getting threatening calls to some of your recovery agent’s team of Rohini, Delhi and yesterday a team of your recovery agents visited to my house and misbehaved with my wife as I was in the office. I am continuously receiving threatening calls from your third party recovery team and they all are very un-professional. I am ready to pay the foresaid amount but once this whole scenario will stop. Otherwise, I will lodge a police complaint as I have all the call details of the threatening calls. I am not a fraud for my account and if I have taken something from the bank, I am ready to pay it but without this type of mental harassment. My wife was so much shocked with all this.

Last but not the least, please do it stop from your end otherwise we will meet in court and after that I will pay the whole amount.


Abhishek Pandey,


Sam 4 years ago

These people will charge any amount lying in the eye. People, please don't get scared and pay any amount that is stated. Please check with them and call the concerned bank, using their customer service number and confirm what the exact amount is and then only make a check payment to the bank direct. Don't involve with these cheap DSA as soni explained before

satej99 4 years ago

hello hidayat,

Was your problem solved? You said a tough looking guy came to your house and asked. That is so mean!

These collection agents do whatever is possible to extract money in the wrong fashion

harshal 4 years ago


my name is harshal am working in Egypt, i got one free credit card from ICICI when i was working in chennai in a PVT companay, I never used that card as i hear alot about this mess. i left chennai in 2008, since i was not using this card i broke it and through away. now after 3 year somebody call my home and my father who is aged took the call , they threten him telling they will cancel my passport and put me in jail. my father got scared and asking me the fact which i don't have a clue. How to handle this when i check with bank they told there is due amount . is there is no way to teach a lession to these people.

ICICI Bank Care 4 years ago

Hi Harshal,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please email us your contact details at care@icicibank.com and we will get back to you at the earliest to assist you. Please refer '2709226' in the subject line.


ICICI Bank Customer Service Team

samar 4 years ago

Really It is unjustification with all CC holder from the top to end I go through all cc holder history.

I am the same ,On 2008 my outstading was 1,02,133.58 & today my outsatnding is 2,56,161.84 in between the card has been blocked due to non payment,so the total interest is today 1,54,008 as per bank calculation .

From 2008 till date total amount which I paid RS-1,60,850 in between they have been issued a sattlement letter for RS-1,20,000/-which I apid RS-73,000/- as above paid amount including this.

I had ask for up to date statement of account for that they r charging per statement RS-100/-+tax which I do not want to pay that much of amount.

My quiry is to MR.saini shall I go through any legal option or whatever thay had ask sattelment amount RS-98000/-which I am unable to pay pls help



Qamar 4 years ago

Dear Sirs,

With Great dissappointment and extreme frustration I write this email to you. I used to have an ICICI credit card on my name. whose payments used to be regular and also had a personal loan with your bank whose payments have not been defaulted. However, I have missed my last payment of my credit card which I still cant believe how did I, and then moved to a new house. However, the payments to me was reminded to me by Mr. Rajiv, ph. no. 7600943937. He said that my payment with interest was about 10k odd and I have to make a payment else they will be sending my default report to my company and ask for my termination. He also said that the same will be posted to the passport department which will take my passport and I might lose my identity. On top of that he threatened me by ruinig my credit history by sending the same to the Indian Embassy to avoid me going abroad. Well, I was taken aback by those threats, he was rude and very irated and I agreed to pay and asked him to send an executive to my place few days later. Which he agreed to but did not send me the executive. Later on I called up ICICI bank credit card department and they told me that I will be contacted. However this did not happen.

Few days later on 12th march 2012, one Mr Venkat ph. 7845271323 calls me up. He starts with asking me are you Mr. Mohammed Asif Qamar. I said Yes. Then he says that do you work for IBM. I said Yes. He says that I have some payment to be made. I cordially told him that I have similar call few days earlier and asked for an executive to come to my place for payment. Suddenly his tone changed and he said I will give you just one day of time and you have to pay the amount. I wondered how can a bank employee of a reputed bank like you is talking to me like this. He started addressing me Mr. Mr. Mr. not by my name. I was trying to explain him that I am ready to make this payment to make myself clean but you have to give me sometime. He was not even ready to listen to me. But biggest concern was he knew where I was working, and he was saying"Mr. You eart Rs 75000 a month and cant even pay this amount". Now tha actual threats started. He said I can send this to ensure that you don't get any loans in future for your children and will post this to your company and you may lose this job. I told fine then go ahead, I told you am paying and you don't want to listen. Becos he was so rude I disconnected the call saying if you are talking to me in this tone I am not interested in talking to you I will deal with ICICI directly. He called me again from a landline no.044-39992600, this time he said he is recording this call. Even i was ready to record and kept the phone on my speaker. While the phone on speaker, he started blaming and taunting me that You are a defautler, You are a fraud, and a cheater. You have cheated our bank and are roaming around happily by earning Rs 75000 per month. While he was saying this my wife standing besides me started weeping. What happens if someone calls a woman's husband a cheater, fraud and a defaulter for one single payment in front of may be infront of his staff. She started sobbing. I tried to calm her down but our most beligerent and proactive customer service agent who wants to get you guys the money was not ready to put down the phone. I started crying cos I did not hear these words for myself in my life. He called me multiple times on that day and every call was the repeat of what I am saying. You can have the recording of the calls. At last I knew that you guys will not give me the time and I have decided to borrow some money and pay you. I asked for a closure letter and made the payment eventually by following it up deligently for two days. The settlement was made on 14th of March but with utter hatred towards myself for forgetting to pay and most of it towards ICICI bank. While I felt that everything was over and I have no debt to you, I received another call on 15th March. Again this guy was equally rude and also started with the same reasoning that I work for IBM and I earn so much and when am I making the payment. I cordially told him that I have the settlement letter and asked him to check the records. He rudely asked I have my data base with me When did you make the payment tell me when are you making it?. Then upon my insistence he checked and could see that it is paid. He confirmed the payment and I was telling him that I should not be recieveing these kinds of calls from now on he banged the phone on my face.

I am sorry to make you read all these. but as prize for forgetting one payment of mine, I was belittled, insulted, ruined of my self respect, threatened, and dusted by your efficient staff. I know that banks like you need money and I understand that its my job to make the payment but it was one payment in my entire relation with you. You could have been sober with me. Eventually I would have made the payment if I would have known. You could have shown some remorse for my family I was at home. You could have shown some mercy in dealing with me, I could have paid. You have many customers but did you know how many are dissappointed like me. Have you been ever called as a cheater, Fraud for missing a payment. Imagine, how it will be. Have you experienced the pain if someone bangs the phone on you. I know customer experience is the most neglected one in Indian banking Industry. But, I will work to ensure that no one whom I know deal with you again. I will work my entire life to stop people dealing with ICICI. Be it whatever means. I shall not see anyone suffering like me. I write this email to you with tears in my eyes and heart filled with remorse of being in relation with you, while I had citibank to deal with. My mistake I accept it to ditch a bank which I was loyal to and to come to you. This email shall be sent to all the customer service centers of other banks in India MNCs, National, Local to ensure that they don't treat their customers like this. This email may be one among the thousands of emails of similar nature you might receive and delete. I am not expecting any response. This was also not a complaint. The guys might not have acted like this with a customer if there wasn't any direction from the management. There might be an instruction from the management to the call centers to treat people like this so that they can pay you out of frustration and it is working for you. Might be this is your policy. It might be good for your financials.

However, Thanks for Insulting your once a customer.

Satish 4 years ago

I am going through a same trauma from HDFC but i can handle them well.I think if nothing works out anyways my credit history is spoil so will wait and give them taste of there own medicine.

Sarah 4 years ago

Please raise your complaint to the Bank Nodal officer and To RBI Ombudsman(https://secweb.rbi.org.in/BO/compltindex.htm), with your complains .

Kamal21shekhawat 4 years ago

I too facing the same kind of problem with HDFC Bank Card. I was job less from last two years hence I could not pay them any thing. My total outstanding was around 45000 Rs. Last month I got a job and unfortunatly company has opened my salary account in hdfc bank. When my first salary came in the month of april they holded my entire salary. They holded my 15000. Now every day I am getting a call from someone he is saying that I am head of recovery dept and i wnt you to pay 90000 rs today itself. When i refused to talk to them they started calling on of my cousins mother's no. I don't have an idea that how they get her no. after reading your commenet i sent email to the bank for settelment.but he is saying that ab settelment nahi hoga you have to pay 90000 Rs. Than I asked for two months time for 90000 as well that i will pay this amount but i need two months. Than he said that after two months you need to pay 130000.They are saying that we have a tracing dept we are tracing your no. and we have all of youir relatives contact no. If you will not pay this amount in one or today we will call all your relatives and let them know that you borrowed money from us. He is harrassing me from last 4 to 5 days.Please advice me what should I do. I am in very frustating situation.

venky 4 years ago

Hi my name is venky, i m icici bank credit card holder, i m using frm 3yrs this card. past 1 yr i lost my job so i paid minimum amout when my amount is upto Rs 55000 after few months its increased to 60, 65 to rs 75000, i shocked how is it possible. i din't used more than 40000 but my outstanding showing this much amount. i called cust care and said that pls make emi for all amount they told me its not possible. i said i don't have this much to give. After some days i got calls frm icici agent. they use rude language. i told him to settled my card what i use but they told u need to pay minimum amt then we will settled. its going for 3 months then i share this thing with my friends who have knowledge regarding this. he told to stop paying and tell them to settled first. i don't have to pay 15000. same i did but they not agree. they starting make calls regularly and visit my home and give warraning to my family that if u not pay than we will take all things frm ur home and silled ur home. my family worried abt this. atlast i told i can pay maximum 30000, even then they not agree. i stop paying frm 4months but now they make calls and visit in my add. pls help me to comeout frm this. now a days i m going to depression. some persons told me don't worry they cant do anything just making u to pay money. i m not getting what to do. guys pls help me

satej99 4 years ago

Venky, You need to be street smart. Get an account statement and go for a settlement directly with ICICI bank. If they don't listen, please email K V Kamath ( CEO of ICICI). The truth is that you owe them and they can't harass you for life. Its the settlement that you should aim for with ICICI directly in written form! If they don't I will email you KVKs email/number

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 4 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thank you so much satej99 for helping my visitors in my absence. Yes you have given a very good advice to Venky here.

rahul rathor 4 years ago

Hi Mr. soni

can you suggest me what to do if bank dsa using abusing word ?

satej99 4 years ago

Hi rahul rathor,

First of all, is it citibank or icicibank?

For icicibank in your city/state, please call the customer service number at the website and inform them so they take the right action:


Never get rude on the phone with the dsa as this becomes unprofessional. Unethical standards have to be dealt in the right fashion.

For citi:


rahul rathor 4 years ago

they are from hdfc bank. sombody of them called my brother and using abusing word.

satej99 4 years ago


please follow escalation procedure on this website:


Go to Step 2 first and then if not satisfied go to step 3

Arul 4 years ago

How to get rid of the abusive calls to my native place for the so called non payment for the year 1997!?

Sanjeev Bakshi 4 years ago

I am working In MNC As a DY. Manager A/C & Fin. & i have open so many CA in ICICI bank on Company behalf but this time I am very-2 upset & in fcture I have never advice to any one to open the saving/C/A/CC A/c in ICICI bank , today one person is Calling to me & say I am Calling From ICICI bank Credit Card Department he is Calling more than six time & every time he is abusie & misbehave with me & For what One year ago my elder brother has lost the credit card & some one using the credit card & purchase 25000/- at the same time we are blocked the credit card but ICICI bank never see our point of view the person calling to me his mobile no. is 08962365910. If Senior person of ICICI bank see this mail so please sort out this matter write now , & one more promise to ICICI bank As the earlist I have Close All the bank accounts which is opened by me or open my advice. I have never forget this type of service or call , & i also appreciate to mr. soni2006 .

SanjeevBakshi 4 years ago

My mobile no is 09911022178, my mail ID is sanjeevbakshi1@rediffmial.com,accounts.alpp@anbros.com

Sanjeev Bakshi 4 years ago


satej99 4 years ago

rahul rathore:

please escalate your issue to the nodal officer:


Dinesh 4 years ago

HI All,

Those who are willing to make the settlement for any loan/CC etc, please never listen to the people who are calling over phone.If at all you are interested to settle the amount, 1- tell them to send a loan statement, 2- Tell them to give an offer letter in the Bank Letter head with what amount they can settle the loan. Be very careful to whom you are giving money/DD/cheque because u never know if it will be deposited for your loan settlement or somebody else's loan settlement. And if they are telling that they will file case against you, let them file, because, 1st of all, it's not a criminal offense, 2ndly, even if they file a case, you can make the settlement in the court and in the court also they will give the same offer. So don't worry for any legal action.

Be careful! Be aware! Be safe!

AnkitV 4 years ago

hello all,

i have been suffering with the same problem from a while now.. i am using HDFC bank credit card from last 1 year with Credit Limit of 50,000 i always pay my payment on time but from last 5 months i am unable to make payment due to some finacial family problems. now these days i am getting calls from DSA from Mr. Puneet Kumar Garg and he said he is ready to settle my payments for 30-32k which is now around 69k and gave me an offer to pay this amount in 8 emi but today he started forcing me to pay 2100 ruppees and said i will be providing you a receipt as well.. i am unable to understand if this guy is fooling me or this guy is genuine.. today i received a court letter from T.K.M Sai Krishnan Law firm.. please Soni ji i need your help to advice me what to do as these guys have my official number and i don't wanna any one one in my office about this scene. please need urgent help..

~Ankit V

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 3 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Hi Ankit, don't worry about law firm notices those are fake tactics rather go to banks website and find nos of nodal officers etc and send them all one email telling ur story with all nos from where you receive calls. Send a copy of letter to bank managers, country heads everywhere then you will stop receiving harassment calls. Then you will receive a polite call from some other person to settle your account in 40%. When they say it do pay the money in form of dd and keep a copy of dd. also demand from them a settlement letter first. After reading letter call and confirm from your bank customer care with the no. Mentioned on settlement letter than handle them dd

roy 3 years ago

hi i am holding credit card with hdfc bank 4 years ago i cannot for the hole amount and i called the cust service to reduce the charge but they did not agree with that ... now after that i stop paying them now they have start calling me again and asking me to pay huge amount for NOC and i don't have that kind off money to pay it of please help for that and tell what i can do with that ...

zubair 3 years ago

I wanna buy note 2 on the 15% cash back scheme on galaxy series on icici and stand c bank credit card.If anyone wants hard cash who is having these two banks cards can contact me mob.9891160586

Pradeep 3 years ago

Hi All, i am in UK currently and i moved away from Hyderabad 4 years ago , these ICICI some how got my office friends numbers and reached them and when i ended calling them , they says that 4 years back there was a due of some 8,000 and now its close to 45,000/- , if payment is not made my passport is going to be blocked and cancel my visa , i don't understand what this crap is really , how can some one block my passport and visa , legally how is it possible to do? I was about to blast those ppl , but they do called my parents and started talking all this non sense about passport stuff and they got tensed, please advise how i can take this forward , is it really possible legally to block some one passport and visa status??

satej99 3 years ago


I am so sorry you are being harassed. First off, they can never withhold your visa/passport as that is a tactic used by the collection agency to instil fear in you. I would suggest informing your parents not to worry and then when you go back to india, settle the payment with the bank directly. Don't get worried, this is just bogus tactics used by such fools if you may!

kumar 3 years ago

Dear Soniji,

I had HDFC Credit card due 100000/- and Personal loan dues 200000/- in 2009 and due to job loss and serious health related issue, I was unable to pay the EMI and credit card dues. I sold some property recently and made OTS for both crdit card and personal loan trhough agent. I got the personal loan settlemtn as well as cash receipt from the agent. Now I would like to know, whether my loan and credit card dues are really cleared in bank. I called the customer care, credit card division, they informed me that my card is blocked hence they don't have any information. Please let me know how to find out the status. which no. i have to call.

Syed 3 years ago

I have Card from Citi Bank which out standing is 130000 and now i am job less and recently i had visited my sister in dubai for which i used my CC and now after coming from there i have lost my job and i have nothing to make the payment. I am planning to go for settlement. I have stopped making payment for almost 3 months now and i have changed my number too. I am planning to pay them off once my Provident fund is in but it will not be so much to pay them all. I need advice on this.

CYBRINTELGNS 3 years ago

**************ICICI BANK USING GOONS********************

Bangalore:- Below are the details of it .********* THESE GOONS HAVE BEEN TRACKED. NOW JOIN ME TO TEACH THEM A LESSON OF THEIR LIFE**********.

Name: Renu Gopal







AT TIMES he sells customer's bank account information to third parties for money ! surprised? there is more..... I Spied on these fools without their knowledge and how?

simple i followed them like a shadow as they went to this address, i got into the office, like as i was looking for a job.....peeked around until i was stopped:



Subject located at: Metro Club

No Tfs 3Rd Floor Business Point

No 137 Brigade Road Bangalore

0804110888 9880909299/9900211361

Where i found goons who were into illegal business like mafia, goondaism for banks, peddling, supari activities.

Nxt time, i hope to use a camera tied to my guinea pig to get in and get the work done.

*****Also all of you may check out consumercredit associationplz*****They got some interesting facts about banks and their use of threats********.



Manoj 3 years ago

hello friends,

i have taken 3lakh personal loan from hdfc bank , paid my half EMI's , lost my job and then later on got opportunity for abroad, after that day i am away from India, its been 6 years since i did not pay my loan.

Will i have problem in india, since i already crossed my 3 years time to pay the amount, i am a kind of nervous of thinking one day i will go to jail.

Some private collection companies are using Naukri.com and Monster.com to search for name and calling people and asking for date of birth and then when the details match.... this is how people get caught.

Can somebody advice if there will be problem for me as i have already crossed my 3 years time and running 6th year


manoj 3 years ago

Dear Soni2006 & satej99,

please kindly advice on my above question.

will there be any problem? court case?


satej99 3 years ago

hi manoj,

let me tell you that in good faith if you finish making the other half of EMIs it will be good if you want to keep your credit report clear of any negative accounts. Otherwise you will never get another housing loan / car loan in india ever again. Also collection agencies will be hankering to get hold of you in order to fulfill the bank's debts. So think carefully and act. If you don't wish to make payments, then don't expect any more loans in india.

roshan 3 years ago

hi my hdfc caredit payment was 65k knw it went to 1.15 lkh what to do please suggest me and i paid around 13k and i atopped paying amount from 2 years i want to settle that account knw in hw much amount i can settle its hdfc bank please suggest me

roshan 3 years ago

hi my hdfc caredit payment was 65k knw it went to 1.15 lkh what to do please suggest me and i paid around 13k and i atopped paying amount from 2 years i want to settle that account knw in hw much amount i can settle its hdfc bank please suggest me

satej99 3 years ago

Hi roshan,

Its best if you can go HDFC branch locations in your city and then talk to a banker and find out credit card information. www.hdfcbank.com is the website to locate the nearest branch location

Sahil 3 years ago

Hey Soni / Satej

I have a hdfc credit which I want to make a payment of full amount.But had job opportunity outside and moved .so far have haven't missed out a month .I have a rs 15000 total outstanding as per customer care detail but due to short time and busy schedule couldn't update address and email Id,which leaves me with what amount the customer executives tells me at diff times...so far it's been the same amt.i have requested for an email update via all that drop ur request but as usual they either fail to do or very late...so in this case when I go to make the payment ,will the bank executive furnish me the details of my account from his system?and if I feel that he is correct and wish to pay by dd in return for hand to hand closure letter ,or no due clerance letter ...what if the bank says its not in their rule to give the letter immediately ?As am not going for settlement but a full payment in real time (dd)I feel they should and we have heard a lot of cases on how they don't honor the transparancy laid by rbi .Also many different terms r used...is it settlement letter,due clearance,closure letter?what should they rightfully give me after all the formalities that is required.all I can guess is if I don't get a letter ,stating such amount has been paid and no dues left and account canceled as per ur request,IN HAND then just the receipt of the DD is not going to help me.

Please help me

Thank you.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 3 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Right point added Satej.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 3 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

I don't think it's possible but it is better to ho ahead with a settlement for half the amount or something and get a proper settlement letter from them. Also never pay cash pay draft

Rajesh 3 years ago

Hi Soni2006, i have been following your responses ,i would like to inform you that i am receiving calls for payment of mu dues with ICICI bank not only that they are calling my Landlord,neighbours, family members & threatning them for consequences. My total dues are 72ks & the day i told them about settelment now the amount stands at 102 thousand. At present i am able to pay only a sum of 25k as i have no job since 1year. Pl advise how to go about it.


Narendra 3 years ago

Kindly don't take settlement as this could vanish your entire credit history and you will be still treated as defaulter where in mere future your loan applications will get rejected.

narenvasis 3 years ago

Dear Sahil

Kindly visit the branch and ask for the letter (each bank have their own formats). Kindly insist them to give no due letter instead of settlement letter as this could affect your credit ratings with CIBIL.

srinivas 3 years ago

Hi every one, visiting branch officess will not help, you need to write letter to their addressing banks Deputy general managers & nodal officer, addressing your problems and ask them for final settlement letters , at the end on the same letter


Deputy General manager

Reserve Bank of india

Customer service Division,

Amar Building, 1st floor,

Sir, P.M. Road ,fort Mumbai:400001

You have make three copies of your letter

1stcopy send it to addressing Bank, just mark a single cross on reserve bank adress

2nd Copy send it to reserve bank address, just mark a single cross on adressing bank address

3rd copy keep it in your record

Send these two letters by register post only

after this if any collection person call and demand for money you can ask their address to post the same letter to them tell them you have send a letters to 2 addresss

IMPORTANT : please keep call records and make a FIR in a police station send a FIR copy to bank and reserve bank along with the letter collection people will immediately stops calling you, and bank also will react write to the bank not to useunethical practices otherwise you will compalled to complain to compitent authorities

ramniwas 3 years ago

hi soni ji & others

high reagrds to your for listing and sorting out problem i my self want urgent reply .. iam working in SBI and have credit card due of HDFC

the original principle was abt 70k which is now 1.22 and going up by 5k per month.. advice how to settle for minimum..can it effect my govt job in sbi..

manik shah 3 years ago

please give me urgent reply ,,,

I have get a Credit Card from HDFC Bank in 2006 and get near about rs.12000 in 2007 after that I met with accident and not able to pay dues so after one year I do full and final sattlement with bank with rs 18000 in 6 months but at that time I have job less and don't have money so I did not make it in 6 months and I received a call from Their chandigarh office that I have got 3 months more to pay instalments after 3 months they again call me that I got 2 months more in that period I clear my amount after then no more calls and agent or any latter reach me after 2010 but now before 15 fifteen days some one call me and my relatives from delhi that they are call from Delhi police head quater that they have a non bailable warrant from court for me and said that go to ur bank and pay Rs. 72000 dues of credit card. they make call 3 to 4 times in a day and harras me. I went to bank with my sattlement latter and reciept of that time but recovery staff of the bank said me that I have to pay all the amount other vise face the legal action please tell me what should I do ?

Kamala 3 years ago

I have settled my ICICI bank credit card dues about 3 years ago. I had trouble paying the same as I was jobless. I explained my position to them, but they were not willing to understand. However after I got job in few months, I took settlement and settled the amount. Its been 3 years not, but my name is still in CIBIL. There is no outstanding due from my side. Is there anyway my name can be removed from CIBIL

bharti patel 2 years ago

I had credit card of hdfc bank my credit card Number is 4346781012362034 in Dec 2012 i got my statement of credit card bill in statement somebody misused my credit cards and paid 4000 Rs from my credit card but when i askerd to customer care of bank they could not replid then i did not pay my due payment recently i got call from DSA of HDFC BANK Agent Mr Promod kumar Call no 01166512229 collection / Recovery agents of your bank and Harassing me to make a payment of 48 k appox. They have being calling my office board line abusing and using offensive words with my colleagues to defaming my image in the office which is mental torture and harassment. Also, threatening me and my family for dire Consequence and defaming my social status.

I am not running away anywhere !!! I responds to their calls on my cell phone than why this harassment and mental torture ??? I and am ready to settle if any genuine dues are dues are pending, provided, I get a details statement of the same to reconcile and that credit card used by someone

Please tell me how can one make any payment without know for what is he paying ?

satej99 2 years ago

Hi bharti,

VISA and Mastercard international has rules that say 0 liability for fradulent activity.

Therefore, you aren't liable for fraudulent activity. They have no right to charge you for fraud.

Mahesh 2 years ago

I have taken personal loan for Rs.30000/- in 2006 from ICICI Bank and i have paid for 1year (Emi Rs.1724/- = Rs.20688/-) and Full & Final Settlement Rs.13500/- and they have given the Noc Letter. Now April 2014 they started calling that you have not paid the Loan Amount and due is Rs.52.535/- . Here one problem is there that i am not finding my Noc Letter, Please suggest me what i have to do

Jasraj 2 years ago

I got ICICI credit in 2007 when I was working with ICICI .Iwas used ICICI credit card till 2009 after that I was job less .In nov 2011 I got job till date I was not able to pay ICICI.

I recived lots of call from ICICI DSA and some use to say from rohini,Bombay ,branch. I have attended and my family round about 25 different officers .

But with no solution. Even my ICICI saving account is be leaned by bank I said ok no problem but give me a settlement Amount .

I have tried website I have called and visited ICICI branches but useless.

I need a help which can just take me out of this ICICI mess .

satej99 2 years ago

Hi Mahesh, You have to go the nearest ICICI bank branch in your own and request that they again give your a NOC reprinted. That way you are safe. Don't fall prey to these people who will suck you of your money on purpose.


You have to contact your branch manager nearest and ask for the settlement letter. Since you worked with ICICI bank, you should have some contacts.

Aman-Kaur profile image

Aman-Kaur 2 years ago from Delhi, India

Hello! I am hdfc credit card holder & my outstanding is around 1 lac but the principle amount i spent is arnd 35-40..rest of the amount is the interest they have charged. I am in a big trouble, i hvn't paid my dues from last 2 months bcoz of that i am receiving harassment calls & today some one from bank visited my home & harassed my parents & asked them to sign a legal notice which he got with him. I am ready to make full & final settlement for the principle amount. I hv joined this hub with great hope & expectations..would request some one to pls take me out from this trouble . My mob-9910166318, pls pls help me to end this issue.

lingam13 2 years ago

One year back, I had settled a ICICI credit card without any problems. I have the settlement letter and cash paid challan with me.

The card limit was only 10000/-

Now when I apply for a new loan in a different bank, ICICI had posted that 5 lakhs is pending in cibil.

Somebody advice me as to what is the next step I should take.

Thanks everyone.

satej99 2 years ago

Hi lingam13,

If you have paid ICICI in the past, then you should take the challan and challenge ICICI bank as to why they are incorrectly reporting Rs. 5lac pending in Cibil. Once they correct that information in Cibil, then you can safely apply for newer loans. Please act fast as that information can cause havoc later in life.

lingam13 2 years ago

Hello Satej99,

Thanks for your information.

Shall I ask for compensation?

Priya 13 months ago

Hi i am a defaulter with hdfc bank n i have a outstanding og around 85000 due to some financial issue and my son health problem i was making minimum pay n then april2015 was the last i paid i startd geting ph calls i asked for settlement they denied they started harrasing me and abusing me due to which i lost my job i did file a fir against them now the balance is 320000 i did attend mediations session but it was not helpful and so i didnt go again when i recieved a concilation again .i asked the bank to show me how much i used n payed to them bt they did nt do so yesterday a police constable came to my place said he has a arrest warrant against me n he came alone without a lady police n he gve me a lawyers number who asked me to visit hdfc branch n resolve the matter . The police man said a court notice was sent to u and u did nt accept that that is the resone we have a warrant for you i said i did not get any notice n why would i deny .he took 1500 and went saying resolve it with the bank please help me

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