Highest Paying Investment Choices of 2016


There are many investment choices around the world. The key to investing success is to decipher through all of the options and choose the one that best suits your needs. Some key factors to consider when choosing the right investment path for you are the risks involved, how much interest you get when investing and the time it takes to reap dividends. When considering these factors keep in mind you are using the money you have saved up and worked hard to acquire and you could lose it in a split second. Now since you came across this article, you must be interested in high yield, high risk type of investments. There are many high paying investment choices, but I will dedicate this post to the most abundant and popular choices around.

1) Investing in Peer to Peer Lending Services

Peer to peer lending services can be a great way to get high interest rates by lending to people who are in need of cash to better their personal circumstances. There are a few established sites that offer these types of services. The first one we are going to mention is an aged authority figure; it's name is Prosper. Prosper has been around since 2005 and has generated its members over $65,000,000 in interest alone. This is a great way to invest and receive seasoned interests rates ranging from 5.40% to 14%. The interest rates vary based on the credit scores of the members who are borrowing.

The other key player who is dominating this field is Lending Club. Lending club is a much more popular choice compared to Prosper. They are even listed on the New York Stock Exhchange. It's members have generated over $229,000,000 in interest over the years. That's a lot of interest compared to prosper considering it has been around for less time. That is because Lending Club developed some key features that Prosper didn't have at the start of their existence. The features that set Lending Club apart from Prosper is the fact that you can set up an IRA with Lending Club to reap interests rates that are tax free in most cases. There is also the fact that their loans are more diversified and in higher amounts than Prosper. Their interest rates may be lower, but they have created a sense of safety to their members compared to the other sites around.

2) Investing in Dividend Paying Stocks

There are many other methods of investing I could have included in this post, but dividend paying stocks are the second best option to investing in my opinion. They offer guaranteed returns each quarter but hold the risk of decreasing in value. There are many types of dividend paying stocks. Their rates range anywhere from less than a percent to over 20%. Based on my experience, the higher the dividend, the less successful the stock will perform, but will offer a high short term value. There are many stocks that are safe to purchase, yet offer reasonable returns. They are Apple, AT&T, Cisco, Dr. Pepper & Snapple Group, McDonalds, Microsoft, Wendy's and Pepsi. These stocks are well off as well as established and dominant players in the industries they compete in. I can't guarantee they will be around forever, but in my honest opinion these stocks will yield centuries of top performance.

In conclusion, this article covered the basis of the highest paying investment choices that can be purchased in high volume and offer honest returns compared to the risk involved. As I said before, there are dozens of other options around that people could suggest to you but these are the ones I would put my own money in. These are the safest, yet most rewarding options I have found throughout the course of my life. Again I can't guarantee their efficiency, but these are the ones you would benefit from purchasing.

Is Peer to Peer Lending the Future?

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